Chapter 316 - So Theyre Beautiful Sisters!

    Chapter 316 - So They're Beautiful Sisters!

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Sky City's Number One Noble Beauty, Su Qiu Yue!

    She was gentle and cultured, dignified and virtuous, and an outstanding beauty!

    When Qin Feng saw from the caller ID that it was Su Qiu Yue calling, her exquisite features came to mind.

    The two of them had first met on Coiled Snake Mountain. At the time, Wei Xiao Lei set up an illegal car race to harm Qin Feng, but not only had Qin Feng won the race, he also got rid of Wei Xiao Lei and Williams!

    Before leaving, Su Qiu Yue had taken the initiative to hug Qin Feng. In reality, she shoved a sprig of Hundred Year Blood Lotus into his arms. This was the main ingredient in cultivating Blood Qi Pills. Qin Feng was in a rush to break through Stage Four Inner Qi so he could cultivate a Blood Qi Pill and awaken Lin Bei Bei!

    "Is this Qin Feng?" A woman's gentle voice came from the phone; it was neither pleasantly surprised nor cold.

    "It's me. Is Beauty Su Qiu Yue looking for me for something?" Nervousness flashed in Qin Feng's eyes. He was worried that Su Qiu Yue was calling about the Hundred Year Blood Lotus. If this was the case, should he give it to her or not?

    "Young Master Qin, would you happen to have time to come visit the Su household in Sky City?"

    "Visit Sky City? Ah! I've had a lot of things on my hands recently, I'm kind of-"

    "I'm afraid I'll have to invite Young Master Qin to stay a couple of nights. I've prepared a room for you. If you aren't used to it, I can chat with you all through the night!" Qin Feng hadn't finished speaking when Su Qiu Yue's pleasant voice was heard!

    "Hey! Though I've had a lot of things on my plate and work is busy, since Miss Su Qiu Yue is so sincere, I couldn't possibly refuse!

    "Give me a sec, Miss Su, I'll drive over right now!"

    "Thank you for giving this humble girl face, Young Master Qin. Then I'll wait for you at the Su family mansion!" Su Qiu Yue hung up, and a hint of anxiety appeared in her lovely features.

    On Coiled Snake Mountain, Su Qiu Yue had seen Qin Feng's skill and ability, so she took the risk of giving Qin Feng the Su family's most valuable treasure, the Hundred Year Blood Lotus. However, after the fact, Su Qiu Yue researched Qin Feng. It turned out that he was Acropolis City's super hedonistic young master.

    Once she thought of Qin Feng's vulgar behavior over the phone, Su Qiu Yue shook her head and sighed. "I really don't know if I've chosen the right person, or if I've made a mistake!"

    Qin Feng now rode his 28" bicycle and set off for Sky City.

    Acropolis and Sky City were over 200 kilometers apart. If a normal person were to bike from one place to the other, they probably wouldn't get there until the middle of the night. However, Qin Feng rode at a speed even faster than cars, and he entered Sky City limits in a little less than two hours.

    Yun Province had four big cities: Acropolis City, Jincheng City, and Sky City were surrounded on three sides by mountains, while Yunhai City faced the ocean.

    All the denizens of Sky City knew that Sky City had a powerful family clan: the Su family. And even more famous were the beautiful twin sisters: one was "Sky City's Number One Noble Beauty" Su Qiu Yue; the other was "Sky City's Number One She-Devil" Su Xia Tian! [TN: "Qiu Yue" means "Autumn Moon" and "Xia Tian" means "Summer Day."]

    The two sisters were twins. If they stood together and said nothing, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart!

    However, the two of them had vastly different personalities. The older sister was dignified and virtuous, gentle and cultured; familiar with the Four Books and Five Classics; and proficient in the four arts of the zither, Go, calligraphy, and painting. She was entirely worthy of her title, Sky City's most talented woman! [TN: The Four Books and Five Classics are the canonical classical Chinese texts of Confucianism.]

    The younger sister was an oddball. She was a mischievous troublemaker!

    Typically, the younger sister caused trouble in Sky City, and the older sister arrived and resolved the problems.

    The two sisters were outstanding beauties with slender figures. All the princes of Sky City had their eyes on the two sisters, but they worried because the Su family was so powerful in Sky City. These princes were well versed in business, so they could only admire the two sisters from afar. They didn't dare do anything excessive to them.

    After arriving in Sky City, Qin Feng got the Su mansion address by asking several people on the roadsides. These people all knew its location, but they sneered at Qin Feng when they saw the broken-down 28" bicycle he rode while inquiring about the Su family mansion. In fact, a well-intentioned granny directly told Qin Feng that the Su family wasn't short on servants or guards...

    Qin Feng disregarded the ignorance of these lowly people. Not everyone could become a super hedonistic young master. On the path to becoming the Hedonist Sovereign, Qin Feng was different from the masses!

    When he got to the Su family mansion, Qin Feng parked his 28" bicycle by the door. He raised his head slightly to look at the enormous red-brick mansion. Four large, gleaming gold characters were engraved into the mansion entrance: "Su Family Old Mansion."

    This district was extremely expansive. The mansion grounds spread over such a large tract of land that it was an iconic landmark in Sky City. Quite a few tourists purposely came from far away to see the ancient Su family mansion in Sky City. However, other than the Su family, no one could casually enter the mansion!

    Qin Feng had just dismounted from his 28" bike and pushed it toward the mansion's courtyard. When he got to the entrance, someone blocked him! "Hey! You stinking beggar. This is the Su family mansion. If you're looking for food, go elsewhere!"

    After seeing the woman who was blocking him, Qin Feng's eyes brightened. He tossed his 28" bicycle aside, excitedly rushed up to the woman, and wrapped her into a tight hug.

    "Beauty Su Qiu Yue, long time no see. I've missed you!"

    Su Xia Tian never thought she'd ever be hugged by a strange man at her doorstep. Has this person eaten bear heart and leopard gall to be so gutsy, or is he coming to the Su family with a death wish?

    How dare he hug her?

    This was her "first hug." In the middle of the night, she imagined countless times that she would save her first hug for a handsome and godlike man like Daniel Wu or an imposing muscle man like Jason Statham! How could she have given it to some man pushing a broken-down bicycle?!

    Su Xia Tian was infuriated. She was so angry that she wanted to bite the stinking man before her to death.

    "Ah ah ah... ah ah ah! F*ck off, f*ck off right now! Get your grubby paws off me. I'm going to kill you!"

    Su Xia Tian roared in anger, scaring even Qin Feng!

    Qin Feng pushed Su Xia Tian away, then looked at her in confusion. Was this the Goddess Qiu Yue that he'd yearned for day and night? Was this still the cultured and refined Number One Noble Beauty Su Qiu Yue who always spoke with a polite smile and two little dimples?

    "Who are you?" Qin Feng looked at Su Xia Tian with alarm, and appeared as though he'd seen a ghost.

    We haven't seen each other for only a month, so why does this woman seem completely different?

    "Ah ah ah! You stinking man. Damn man, you hugged me and you're asking who I am? You're in Sky City and and you don't know me? Do you really want to die?"

    Su Xia Tian was even angrier-angrier than when Qin Feng hugged her!

    Her nickname, "Sky City's Number One She-Devil," was notorious throughout the city. No man between toddler age and 99 didn't know Su Xia Tian, but this stinking man didn't? This was an insult to Su Xia Tian!

    "I-I might know you, but you don't have this kind of personality? Aren't you dignified, virtuous, noble, and refined? Are you Su Qiu Yue or not? You just called me and told me to come find you!" Qin Feng was brimming with questions.

    Su Xia Tian finally calmed down a bit. So this stinking man was looking for Big Sister. Before leaving, she had mentioned that a very important guest was coming over and told her to keep her temper in check. She never imagined this important guest would be the vulgar man before her.

    "Hmph! Why are you looking for my older sister? You pervert, if you hug my big sister once you see her, I'll thrash you!" Su Xia Tian glared domineeringly at Qin Feng with the air of a high and mighty heiress!

    Qin Feng's brain went dead. Older sister? This girl had an older sister?

    F*ck! Were they beautiful twin sisters?

    Qin Feng suddenly was so happy that he wanted to shout out loud. The Hedonist Sovereign System had a quest regarding Su Qiu Yue: to take down the Sky City Su family's business!

    The quickest and most direct way to take down the Su family business was to take down the Su family's women. Qin Feng was originally prepared to take the beauty Su Qiu Yue, and now it seemed that incidentally there was a lookalike sister!

    When Qin Feng thought about the beautiful twin sisters, one gentle and cultured and one with an explosive temper, Qin Feng was afraid he'd find it hard to manage when they all lived together!

    "Haha! So you're Miss Qiu Yue's younger sister. Little sister, what is your name? Tell this big brother!" Qin Feng looked at Su Xia Tian with a smile. He really liked this woman's personality.

    "You piece of trash, put your vulgar gaze away. If you keep looking at me like that, I'll gouge your eyeballs out... You haven't even heard my name; I'm Sky City's 'Number One She-devil' Su Xia Tian!"

    Su Xia Tian was always particularly proud when she introduced herself because she'd always dreamed of being China's Number One She-Devil!

    "So you're Little Sister Xia Tian!" Qin Feng smiled and walked closer to Su Xia Tian. Other men did what they could to hide from this she-devil, but Qin Feng was the opposite; he took the initiative to take Su Xia Tian's soft hand. "You must not know that your older sister and I have a great relationship! She purposely called me over to visit, and insisted I stay several nights. She even said she wanted to chat with me throughout the night. Little Sister Xia Tian, from now on, we're family. My name is Qin Feng. You can call me 'dearest,' 'husband,' or whatever you'd like..."

    "Ah ah ah... Ah ah ah! Pervert, beast, human trash. Let go of my hand, bastard. Who wants to call you 'dearest'? And you want me to call you 'husband'? Pooh pooh pooh, hurry up and die!"

    Qin Feng made Su Qiu Yue so angry that she wanted to spit blood. She had lived for so long, yet no man had ever hugged or touched her like that before. As a result, the person she currently hated the most had hugged her and held her hand. She was so angry that she gnashed her teeth!

    However, Su Qiu Yue found that this man's hands were quite strong. No matter how much she wanted to escape his grasp, she couldn't. Also, he could react very quickly. She wanted to kick him, but after tens of kicks, none of them touched Qin Feng!

    "Little Sister Xia Tian, I know it's our first time meeting, so it must be hard to suppress your excitement at how handsome, distinguished, and elegant I am. But we still have a lot of time to get to know each other during the day, and we'll have lots of time to sleep together at night. Don't collapse from overexcitement!" Qin Feng smiled shamelessly at Su Xia Tian. This girl was too cute when she was mad!
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