Chapter 317 - Confrontation of the She-Devil and the Hedonist Young Master

    Chapter 317 - Confrontation of the She-Devil and the Hedonist Young Master

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Su Xia Tian received 20,000 points damage to her heart. She'd always thought she was the Number One She-Devil in Sky City, the earliest ancestress of unreasonability, ruthless and vandalistic. However, she seemed to have encountered her nemesis today; she was almost enraged to death by Qin Feng as soon as she saw him!

    "Scumbag, rascal, release me right away... I'll call the guards to get rid of you if you don't let go now!" Su Xia Tian started to threaten Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng was rather unaffected. Instead, his smile grew even broader. "Little Wife Xia Tian, your good hubby came in too much of a hurry and didn't bring any gift for you. Let me give you a sweet kiss first. I think Little Wife would like it very much!"

    Qin Feng had brought his face close to Su Xia Tian's exquisite one as he talked. Su Xia Tian was so frightened that she sprang up. She covered her mouth with her tiny hand, and opened her eyes as big as saucers, staring at Qin Feng. Her eyes were emanating a cold, murderous intent as if she was saying "if you dare kiss your mother now, I'll bite your tongue off!"


    Qin Feng kissed her, ignoring her fiendish look. However, he didn't kiss Su Xia Tian's sexy cherry lips but her tender hand. Su Xia Tian's body had a fruity fragrance. Paired with her lively and cheerful personality, Qin Feng felt this lass was a little girl who hadn't grown up!

    "Wah wah! Y-You son of a b*tch, you're so dead today! I'm going to tell my sister now and ask her to kick your ass!"

    Su Xia Tian was devastated. This scumbag hugged me, pulled and kissed my hand! Argh! My hand! I want to chop off my hand!

    "Little Wife Xia Tian wants to file a complaint? Let me tag along, then. Your big sister, Qiu Yue, is my eldest wife. On second thought, she might stand on my side to give you a lesson!" Qin Feng talked as he dragged Su Xia Tian into the Su family mansion.

    Su Xia Tian stopped abruptly!

    Qin Feng was right. He was her sister's most important guest, and her sister knew her personality so well. She certainly wouldn't blame Qin Feng; perhaps she might even lecture her!

    "Hmph! This young miss doesn't wish to go home right now. I'm going out. Do you want to come with me?" Su Xia Tian gazed carefully at Qin Feng.

    "It's my greatest pleasure to walk the streets with Little Wife!" Qin Feng followed her.

    "Scumbag, don't ever call me Little Wife again. I'll beat you to death!" Su Xia Tian stormed to a flashy Mercedes Benz SKL red sports car parked outside the mansion.

    Qin Feng followed her into the car!

    "Okay, fine. I won't call you Little Wife ever again if you don't wish to hear that!" Ignoring Su Xia Tian's cute infuriated expression, Qin Feng touched the car interior and exclaimed, "Little Wife, you're so rich! This car must be very expensive. I'm so excited when I think you're going to be my sugar mommy!"

    "It's such a shame for a macho man like you to be willing to be somebody's kept man!" Su Xia Tian countered Qin Feng as she waved her pink little fist triumphantly at him.

    "It'll be my greatest honor to be kept by a little beauty like Xia Tian!" Qin Feng looked at Su Xia Tian with a smile, totally unaffected by her mockery.

    "Hmph! I'm tired of talking to you. Buckle up and hold on tight, and don't scream like a woman later!" Su Xia Tian stomped on the accelerator with her high heels.

    The car suddenly darted off like a roaring beast!

    Su Xia Tian's eyes gleamed with subtle mirth. How could she be willing to bring Qin Feng along with her? She was attending a party organized by the Four Talents of Sky City, a party that only those young masters and misses who came from wealthy families could attend. A country bumpkin like Qin Feng would be blocked by guards before he could enter the venue!

    Su Xia Tian was itching to see the sight of Qin Feng being ridiculed by the guard and despised by everybody in the club!

    As she giggled, Su Xia Tian suddenly felt a warm sensation spreading from her thigh. When she saw a filthy hand on her thigh, she yelled, "Ah ah ah! What're you doing, Qin Feng? Keep your grubby paws off this mother's thigh!"

    This Qin Feng was bold. No one had ever dared to act vulgar in front of Su Xia Tian since she was born.

    "Please drive nicely, Little Wife. You almost rammed the car into a tree just now... Do you know how to drive a car? Please don't tell me that you don't have a driving license... I'll have you know, your little hubby's life is very precious. Please don't ever kill me in a car crash!" Qin Feng looked at Su Xia Tian nervously, but he didn't even move his hand an inch from her thigh!

    "Scumbag! I got my license when I was 18 years old, and I've driven for five years! My driving skill is number one among women in Sky City. If it weren't for you, how could I possibly drive the car off the road... Ah ah ah! Get your filthy hand off me right now, you rascal!"

    Su Xia Tian deliberately drove at top speed because she thought Qin Feng had never been in a sports car before. So, she wanted to see Qin Feng scream and whimper like a little girl.

    However, Qin Feng wasn't afraid at all. In fact, he even got fresh with Su Xia Tian. She was so infuriated that she screamed nonstop along the trip!


    The car arrived at First Clubhouse at last. In order to vent her feelings, Su Xia Tian performed a cool tail-flicked parking trick.

    Indeed, her driving skill was excellent-she drifted 360 degrees and parked perfectly in the middle of two parking spaces.

    "Get off my car now, scumbag. Later, you go into the club on your own. Starting from now, we're strangers... No, what it should be is-I've never known you, asshole!"

    Su Xia Tian furiously pushed Qin Feng out the car. After she shut the door, she started to change her clothes.

    Before, she wore a conservative black tracksuit. Now, she tore off the tracksuit, revealing the alluring braces skirt inside. The braces skirt was a miniskirt, exposing her white-as-snow, slender legs to the air after she removed her sports pants. Paired with crystal high heels on her feet, Su Xia Tian really didn't fail her title as the "Number One She-Devil" in Sky City-she was sexy and energetic!

    Qin Feng arrived at the First Clubhouse's entrance after he alighted from the car. He was halted by the guard before he could enter the building!

    "Please show us your member card, mister!"

    As a hedonist young master himself, of course Qin Feng knew entering a private high-end club like this required a member card. He also knew Su Xia Tian intentionally brought him here to get her revenge.

    "Please wait for a moment, brother. My lady is on her way. I'm her personal bodyguard, tasked with protecting the lady. I'll go in with Miss Su later on!"

    After Qin Feng replied to the guard with a smile, he then stood aside with a calm expression, waiting for Su Xia Tian!

    Very soon, a sexy and stylish little beauty walked over on happy feet. Sunlight fell on her body, forming a layer of golden light around her, making the stunning Su Xia Tian even more dazzling and brilliant. All the passersby couldn't restrain themselves and fixed their sights on her.

    However, Xu Xia Tian ignored these people. She was looking gleefully at Qin Feng who stood outside the club and couldn't get in!

    Su Xia Tian was so excited she wanted to shout, "Karma, this is karma! Who asked you to have the guts to infuriate this young miss, you little brat! Do you think the title of 'Number One She-Devil' was just all hype? Just see how I'm going to punish you today!"

    "Miss Su, you've come! Please get inside now!" Qin Feng walked forward as soon as Su Xia Tian arrived.

    Su Xia Tian had to mask her happy-as-lark feeling with a cold and indifferent demeanor. She didn't even give Qin Feng a glance; she just walked directly into the building.

    She'd said she'd pretend not to know Qin Feng after they alighted from the car. She didn't want to walk together with a rascal like him. It'd be shameful if her friends and those suitors knew she was acquainted with Qin Feng!

    "Welcome, Miss Su!" All the guards knew Su Xia Tian. She wasn't required to show her member card as her face was practically a diamond card!

    Qin Feng trailed her leisurely after he saw Su Xia Qian walk inside!

    "You guys have worked hard, brothers! Since we are all on the same boat, I understand you two!" With a beaming smile, Qin Feng patted the shoulders of those two guards.

    Neither of them stopped Qin Feng this time. They even hailed him with a smile, "Our job is nothing compared to Big Brother's. You're tasked with taking care of the young miss from the Su family; you're our senior, our role model!"

    "It's our fault for not recognizing you earlier. Please don't be angry."

    "It's ok, it's ok. I should get going to protect my lady. Bye!"

    "Be at ease!"

    Su Xia Tian wanted to see a ridiculed Qin Feng. So she didn't walk farther into the building; instead, she deliberately sat on a couch in the parlor. However, she only saw Qin Feng chit-chatting happily with the two guards, and they were polite to him. The degree of their enthusiasm was like they were seeing her!

    This enraged Su Xia Tian greatly. She was so angry that she almost asked this club's manager to fire both guards!

    "Why didn't you wait for me, Little Wife?" Qin Feng had already reached her side and was looking at her with a grin.

    Su Xia Tian was so startled she almost jumped. She was okay when Qin Feng addressed her as Little Wife if there was no one around. But now, they were inside the Cardinal Club, a place where the people from Sky City's upper crust gathered. Who there didn't know who she was?

    She'd rather die than let others hear this appellation!

    She was just 23 years old, as beautiful as a flower, and her suitors could be lined up from the south gate to the north gate of the city. How could she suddenly become somebody's wife? Moreover, she was a second wife!

    "S-Stop this nonsense, Qin Feng. I'll tell you now: we're strangers from hereon. If not, I'll ask the manager of this club to kick you out!" Su Xia Tian glared at Qin Feng. She wanted to slice his tongue off!

    "Okay, fine. Since Little Sister Xia Tian doesn't know how to admire my handsomeness, I should go to flirt with other beauties, then... Don't you be jealous later!" Qin Feng countered with a grin.

    Who was he? He was the Number One Seducer in Acropolis City. Since he was in Sky City now, Qin Feng felt he might as well become the Number One Seducer in Sky City.

    "Hmph! In your dreams! Get lost now. Just looking at you makes me want to puke!

    "You're penniless and you want to hook up with a beauty in this club? Hah! You're such a fool! You tickled your mother so much that my canines almost fell out!"

    Su Xia Tian sneered at Qin Feng, as if she heard a big joke. After that, she stood up and walked into the club, too lazy to say even one more word to Qin Feng!
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