Chapter 319 - Courting Envy!

    Chapter 319 - Courting Envy!

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng looked over in curiosity!

    He was one of the Four Princes in Acropolis City, and the top-ranked playboy.

    He never expected Sky City had a F4 group as well; they even called themselves the Four Talents of Sky City. The corner of Qin Feng's mouth quirked vigorously when he heard their title. These people are even more shameless than I am! [TN: F4 is a Taiwanese boy band consisting of Jerry Yan Cheng Xu, Vic Zhou Yu Ming, Ken Chu Xiao Tian, and Vanness Wu Jian Hao, who acted in the famous Taiwanese TV drama Meteor Garden, a live-action adaptation of the manga Hana Yori Dango.]

    "So they are the so-called Four Talents? Tsk tsk tsk, that really disappoints me!"

    Qin Feng's gaze fell on the Four Talents. When he saw their appearance, Qin Feng's smile grew even broader!

    Sky City's Four Talents were those four bad guys whom Qin Feng had met in the restroom. They were plotting to do something to Su Xia Tian.

    These four fellows got splashed from top to bottom by Qin Feng not long ago. But now, they showed up in tuxedos and leather shoes. Li Yang, in particular, who had been the first to rush up and get his head drenched by Qin Feng in the restroom, had washed and restyled his hair already.

    The Four Talents walked in formation with a 50 cm spacing between each of them. All of them strided with their heads high and chests puffed out. Their expressions were either cold and prideful or smiling gentlemanly... They were nothing like that bunch of pitiful people in restroom before!

    "Wow! The Four Talents are here! They're so handsome!"

    "This person likes the fitness prince the most! He's so hot in a tuxedo. Only his strong physical build could do justice to a tuxedo!"

    "I like Jiang Man Hong. His piano playing is outstanding!"

    "I like Wen Xu, then. His appearance when making a cocktail is so cool!"

    "Zhao Yue Sheng's great as well! His proficiency in calligraphy is almost as great as those masters!"

    Sky City's Four Talents represented the younger generation of four big families in Sky City!

    Their family backgrounds might not be top notch when the foursome was considered individually. It was only because the four of them had formed a group, and at the same time the families backing them collaborated each other, that they could become well-known in Sky City, almost as famous as the Number One Noble Beauty Su Qiu Yue and the Number One She-Devil Su Xia Tian!

    These four guys were tall and handsome. Moreover, each of them had their own specialties and different personalities!

    Their entrance had caused the beauties to scream with joy. Several beauties had already encircled them and welcomed their arrival before they could enter the ballroom!

    Four Talents had looked at Su Xia Tian as soon as they entered the ballroom. The four of them then approached her after they ascertained that there were no bodyguards near her.

    "It has been a long time, Miss Su Xia Tian! You're getting more and more beautiful!"

    Four Talents hailed Su Xia Tian casually and sat beside her. On the other hand, Su Xia Tian wasn't that enthusiastic; she just glanced at the four indifferently in reply!

    "Allow me to play you a wonderful piano piece to show my admiration and respect for you, Miss Su." Jiang Man Hong got to his feet and gazed fondly at Su Xia Tian!

    He was renowned as the Prince of Piano. He was the most handsome among the four, cultured and refined, and good at the piano!


    His request caused a commotion among the beauties. It was such a wonderful experience for a woman to have Jiang Man Hong personally perform a piano piece! These women eagerly wished he would perform something just for themselves!

    Su Xia Tian suddenly looked at Jiang Man Hong. "You want to play the piano for me?"

    As she talked, she cast a faint smile at Jiang Man Hong, startling him!

    This was the first time this woman smile at him since he'd known her!

    However, those who knew Su Xia Tian knew that you had to watch out when this she-devil smiled at you. This was because she was planning to prank you!

    "Of course. It's my greatest honor to play a piano piece for Miss Su!" Jiang Man Hong agreed after he pondered for a while.

    This was the first step of their plan: to acquire Su Xia Tian's favor through his piano performance. How could the plan fail at his hands?

    "However, a man performed a piece for me earlier on, and he did well!" Su Xia Tian's smile became more intense. She then added, "I advise you not to make a fool of yourself if your piano skills aren't as great as his!"

    Jiang Man Hong's countenance sank. He was reputed for his piano skills among the four. How could he tolerate another man stealing his thunder?

    "Where is the man Miss Su mentioned just now? This talent would like meet him in person and see where that little brat comes from!"

    Su Xia Tian was happy when she saw the infuriated Jiang Man Hong.

    She would normally give the Four Talents the cold shoulder. This was because she thought these four fellows were too childish and pretentious. She deliberately agreed to Jiang Man Hong's suggestion to play her a piano piece today because she wanted to put Qin Feng in a sticky situation!

    Su Xia Tian's mind was occupied by Qin Feng today; she was almost enraged to death by Qin Feng and she intended to vent her fury by punishing him!

    "There! That guy sitting at the piano... I felt he was so handsome when he was playing it!" Su Xia Tian gazed at Qin Feng like an infatuated girl.

    Jiang Man Hong sent Qin Feng a fiendish look!

    "Hmph! There is no one in this Sky City who could play piano better than..."

    Jiang Man Hong was dumbstruck before he could finish his words. He almost ran away instinctively the moment he saw Qin Feng!

    Isn't this the bastard who urinated on everyone in the restroom?!

    However, he calmed down right away. First, this place was Sky City, his territory. Second, he was the most successful man among the younger generation in Sky City, and one of the members of Sky City's Four Talents, how could he be afraid of some nameless little brat?

    "You just sit here and watch, Princess Xia Tian! I'll certainly play a masterpiece, and crush his ego!" Jiang Man Hong vowed solemnly to Su Xia Tian.

    "I'm looking forward to your show, Talent Jiang!" Su Xia Tian winked mischievously at Jiang Man Hong!

    Jiang Man Hong staggered when Su Xia Tian smiled at him. Su Xia Tian smiled at me? She even winked at me! Does this mean she's fallen in love with me?

    Jiang Man Hong suddenly felt full of energy. Even without Su Xia Tian, he'd already planned to get his revenge on Qin Feng. This fellow dared to pee on the four of them, a feat which no other man in Sky City would dare to do!

    Not even Su Qiu Yue or Su Xia Tian! Of course, the Four Talents were willing to be peed on by both of them...

    "Move away, brat!" Jiang Man Hong arrived at Qin Feng's side as everybody looked on.

    "Hey! Were you guys done bathing so soon?" Qin Feng refused to stand up. Instead, he smiled at Jiang Man Hong. "People from the city really know how to enjoy life. Bodyguards sleeping outside restrooms and their masters bathing inside it. Don't tell me you guys even pee and poop in the shower room!"

    Qin Feng's words raised a hubbub among the audience. They were not jeering at Jiang Man Hong but angered by Qin Feng's vulgar and confusing words. In their perspective, these words were a pain in the ears and one shouldn't simply speak such indelicate words at a high-class gathering like this. None of them could restrain themselves, casting disdainful looks at Qin Feng!

    The awkwardness inside Jiang Man Hong's heart faded after he noticed the reaction of the crowd. With a scornful look, he yelled, "I can't fathom why the First Clubhouse allowed a peasant worker like you to enter! A rat's dropping can spoil a whole pot of soup; the level of this ballroom has been pulled down by your intolerably vulgar attitude!" [TN: A rat's dropping can spoil a whole pot of soup - A single bad influence can ruin what would otherwise remain good.]

    It was obvious that Jiang Man Hong was targeting Qin Feng, and the onlookers naturally would side with Jiang Man Hong. All of them started gesticulating at Qin Feng and belittling him. Amused by this scene, Su Xia Tian smiled, her big eyes narrowed into two small crescent moons, and tears almost fell from her eyes!

    However, Qin Feng retained his composure, seemingly ignoring their discussion. He then looked indifferently at Jiang Man Hong and said, "Are you looking down on peasant workers?"

    After that, he glanced at the crowd with a serious demeanor. "All of you, are you looking down on peasant workers?"

    Qin Feng's voice wasn't loud. But he spoke with Inner Qi, so his words fell clearly and loudly in the ears of everyone in the ballroom. His voice was sonorous and forceful, full of vigor!

    "How dare all of you look down on peasant workers?!

    "Do you think you're better than them?

    "This club house provided a platform for all of you to play, to act pretentious, to hook up for one-night stands, and to flaunt your wealth! But who built this clubhouse? It was built by those peasant workers, piece by piece, day after day! They earned their pay with their own hands, and worked tirelessly for day and night!

    "You guys are human; are you not?

    "Did you all ever earn a single penny with your own hands? Never! All of you just get money from your parents! You all are a bunch of spendthrifts, hypocrites. You're all over twenty yet you've achieved nothing! Do you guys still think you're superior to those peasant workers?

    "The way I see it, you're all the scum of the world, a horde of gluttonous, blood-sucking maggots. What's good about you if the noble status of yours were taken away?

    "Let me tell you guys: this elder hates hedonist young masters the most. Why hasn't lightning struck..."


    Qin Feng halted abruptly before he could finish his speech. He suddenly realized he was a hedonist young master himself!

    The originally lively clubhouse fell silent!

    Only a couple of angry and fiendish expressions could be seen and the sound of panting could be heard!

    All of them were a bunch of good-for-nothing young masters and misses who led hedonistic and dissolute lives for more than a decade. They wouldn't felt ashamed and shed tears simply because of Qin Feng's words; they'd only hate him more. What right and position did a bratty little nobody like him have to lecture them?

    Su Xia Tian's pupils constricted as she looked fixedly at Qin Feng. He wasn't the usually vulgar and frivolous Qin Feng. He seemed to have a golden halo surrounding his body, and his aura was so intense that people couldn't breathe!

    "Hmph! You're such a glib talker, but you're no better than us, either... Also, please don't twist the meaning of what I just said. I definitely don't despise any profession. I just think you shouldn't appear in a place like this. Your very existence at here is a disgrace to everybody and you even insulted yourself!" Jiang Man Hong glared icily at Qin Feng.

    "I don't feel any discomfort here! There are so many beauties for me to admire; even the Number One She-Devil of Sky City is here. I like this place very much!" Qin Feng shrugged his shoulders.
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