Chapter 320 - The Four Talents Are Pitiful

    Chapter 320 - The Four Talents Are Pitiful

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Hmph! I'm too lazy to talk nonsense with a person with a background like yours. Hurry and f*ck off. I want to play a piano piece for Miss Su!" Jiang Man Hong felt that he couldn't beat Qin Feng verbally, so he was going to suppress him by playing the piano.

    He hadn't heard Qin Feng's performance, but seeing how unpresentable Qin Feng looked, Jiang Man Hong didn't even take Qin Feng into any sort of consideration. He was certain this person just casually learned to play a couple of songs to pick up girls.

    Jiang Man Hong achieved level six in the nationally recognized piano standard, how could a noob like Qin Feng compare to him?

    "Then play a song, Talent Jiang! Good thing I'm here. I can give you some pointers!" Qin Feng stood.

    Jiang Man Hong was about to sit down, but when he heard Qin Feng's words, he almost stumbled and fell!

    This brat was too f*cking savage! No, this brat's skin was too f*cking thick!

    Jiang Man Hong quickly composed himself. He had an important plan to execute today, and it couldn't be messed up by this lunatic Qin Feng!

    He wore a white suit, and even his dress shoes and belt were white. He looked like Prince Charming on a white horse as he sat at the piano with the soft light shining on his handsome face. Before he even began to play, a sea of gasps arose from all around.

    Jiang Man Hong revealed a gentlemanly smile and basked in the feeling of being the center of attention. He slowly lifted his arms, quickly set them on the black and white keys, and began to play dexterously.

    This was a well-known piece, the piano version of "Castle in the Sky." The melody rose and fell, unconstrained. It contained a slightly melancholic rhythm, quickly quieting the audience and made them listen attentively!

    After the song was over, many people clapped!

    Many of the heiresses present were expert pianists. They could tell that Qin Feng's world-famous piece was much more difficult than Jiang Man Hong's "Castle in the Sky." Also, Qin Feng's fingers were much more nimble, and his control and understanding of music were levels above Jiang Man Hong's.

    However, since Qin Feng made everyone mad earlier, even if they noticed, they wouldn't mention it!

    "Brat, let's consider this a lesson your big brother has for you today. Now you know what a real piano performance is!"

    Jiang Man Hong basked proudly in all the applause he received, and even provoked Qin Feng. Qin Feng smiled lightly, then sat at the piano once again!

    "I, Qin Feng, am a person who stands by my word. Earlier, I said I was going to instruct you, so I'm not going to eat my words. As such, the song you played... was horrible!"

    Qin Feng had just finished speaking when his fingers began to dance across the piano keys. If one were to rank Qin Feng's Elementary Piano Skills, it would be equivalent to a nationally recognized level 10 expert. How could Jiang Man Hong, a level six pianist, compare?

    Tinkle tinkle tinkle!

    An elegant and beautiful tune was heard once again, and it was "Castle in the Sky," which Jiang Man Hong had just played. However, when Qin Feng played, the song had a very different feel to it!

    It was animated and happy with a distant hint of worried consideration...

    It didn't only elicit one emotion, but drew out a complex variety of them, like an unopened can of rainbow candy: every color represented an emotion, and they surged from the depths of everyone's souls.

    "H-He's actually playing with one hand!"

    Someone shouted in surprise, causing the audience to regain their senses.

    Qin Feng had a hand behind his back and was playing the iconic song with just his right hand and his feet, pushing the piece to new heights!

    Though many people disliked Qin Feng, they couldn't help but admit that they had to bow down to Qin Feng's superb piano performance!

    They had either expressions of contentment or faces of excited immersion in the beautiful music. They had no way of getting themselves out. As long as Qin Feng didn't stop, they seemed to be unable to escape of their trance.

    Jiang Man Hong was stunned, and his eyes almost fell out of his skull!

    The other three Talents were also stunned. They could all tell that Qin Feng's performance was far superior to Jiang Man Hong's.

    Su Xia Tian was also briefly dazed. Listening to the song evoked memories of her colorful childhood, the happy days when she still had her parents with her.


    The last note fell, and Qin Feng stood.

    He wandered up to Jiang Man Hong and smiled lightly at him as he asked, "Talent Jiang, did you learn something?"

    At this, Jiang Man Hong regained his senses and stared coldly at Qin Feng. He knew that his piano skills were indeed inferior to Qin Feng's, and his prior words were like needles stabbing him in the chest. Though he was angry and unwilling to accept the reality, he couldn't utter a word!

    "I'd like to gift that song I just played to Miss Su Xia Tian as well. I hope you liked it, Miss Su!" Qin Feng spoke gently, and the audience slowly came back to themselves!

    Many people began to look at Qin Feng differently. In particular, some heiresses were sending Qin Feng coquettish glances!

    "Haha! They're both expert pianists and they both played equally well!" Since Jiang Man Hong failed, Li Yang immediately stepped forward.

    With a flourish, he removed his purple jacket and tossed it aside. He wore a white dress shirt, and the shirt was extremely thin. Under the magnificent lights, one could make out his firm pecs and sexy eight-pack!

    "Wow! Li Yang is my favorite among the Four Talents. Look at his muscles. I want to go up and feel them!"

    "He truly is a fitness god; his body is such a perfect inverted triangle! How nice it would be if he took off his shirt as well!"

    Li Yang had the best body among the Four Talents and was known as the "Fitness God." He purposely flexed his muscles after taking off his jacket, immediately eliciting a wave of cheers!

    "Miss Su, you're the top heiress in Sky City. Let me, Li Yang, stay by your side and act as your personal bodyguard!"

    Li Yang's words made the other beautiful women jealous. The mere thought of one of the Four Talents, Li Yang, volunteering to be their personal bodyguard made many women blush!

    "I don't have much of an opinion regarding your becoming my personal bodyguard, but you have to first prove your abilities!" Su Xia Tian looked nonchalantly at Li Yang; she didn't care much about his muscles.

    "How do you want me to prove myself, Miss Su?" Li Yang's eyes brightened. Su Xia Tian really was different today; she agreed so easily!

    "You saw that piano-playing guy from earlier, he looks really cocky and he embarrassed Jiang Man Hong, one of your Four Talents. Go suppress him. If you can make him lose face once, that'll prove that you're capable and I'll consider making you my personal bodyguard!" said Su Xia Tian indifferently.

    Li Yang laughed sneered internally. He hated Qin Feng the most because in the restroom earlier, Qin Feng soaked his entire head!

    Now that Su Xia Tian also hated the guy, and even told him to teach the guy a lesson, Li Yang was unspeakably happy!

    "Qin Feng, right? Your piano skills aren't bad. Would you be interested in competing with me as well?" Li Yang smiled and arrived before Qin Feng.

    "Oho! You changed your hairstyle quick. Didn't you have a bowl cut earlier? Now you have an afro!" Qin Feng smiled at Li Yang. "Not bad, not bad. Rich people really are willful. You even change your hairstyle three times a day!"

    "You..." Li Yang was so angry at Qin Feng that he almost spat blood!

    How could he not tell what Qin Feng was alluding to? The scene in the restroom where Li Yang got his head soaked immediately came to mind, and his stomach churned with anger!

    "Do you have the guts to compete with me or not?!"

    "Why would I compete with you? If I win, will I gain a lot of face?" Qin Feng looked at Li Yang like he was looking at a fool.

    The audience surrounded and watched the two of them converse. When have the Four Talents ever been slapped in the face by someone? But they seem to be out of luck today!

    "You... If you beat me, then I'll give you a hundred-thousand yuan!" Li Yang was desperate. He had to lure Qin Feng into competing with him. Otherwise, how else could he miss the opportunity to defeat Qin Feng and become Su Xia Tian's personal bodyguard?

    "What poor taste! What childishness!" Qin Feng glanced at Li Yang.

    A mouthful of fresh blood almost sprayed out of Li Yang's mouth. This guy was actually calling him childish?

    "Y-You're afraid of me; that's why you don't want to compete. Am I right?!" Li Yang now attempted to use psychological methods to tempt Qin Feng.

    "You're right. I'm afraid of you! There's something wrong with your brain. I'm really afraid that if you keep talking, I'll go crazy as well!" Qin Feng spoke while walking up to Su Xia Tian.

    Li Yang had an icy expression as he followed Qin Feng, looking like his underling. Wherever Qin Feng went, he went as well!

    "Then tell me what you want me to do to get you to compete with me!" Li Yang felt defeated by Qin Feng. In the face of this guy, he was helpless.

    "Beg me, and be sincere. If you can move me, then I'll think about it!" Qin Feng sat at a table and smiled as he cast flirty glances at Su Xia Tian.

    Su Xia Tian was so angry that she stamped her foot, turned away, and pretended not to know Qin Feng.

    All the rich young masters and heiresses were stunned. They were all wide-eyed, their mouths were agape, and they looked like they wanted to eat their fists.

    Were these really Sky City's distinguished, uninhibited, and insufferably arrogant Four Talents?

    Why were they all so pitiful today?

    First, Jiang Man Hong's piano skills were subpar and Qin Feng taught him a lesson; now, Li Yang was like an underling begging Qin Feng to fight him?

    Who was this Qin Feng that the Four Talents were so set on him? Did he really have that strong a reputation?

    Li Yang's fists were clenched so tightly that they made cracking noises. For a Talent like him, begging Qin Feng to compete with him was worse than death. However, when Li Yang saw the looks the other three Talents cast his way, he could only internally admit his mistake!

    Since they still had a plan to complete today, and Li Yang was certain he wouldn't lose this competition, he didn't really mind begging Qin Feng for now. Later, when they competed, he would ruthlessly slap this brat in the face and release the rage within him. He would make sure Qin Feng couldn't even lift his head!

    "Okay! I'm begging you to compete with me!"

    Once Li Yang said this, a sea of gasps came from all around.
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