Chapter 322 - This is My Personal Bodyguard

    Chapter 322 - This is My Personal Bodyguard

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Li Yang's arm was pushed and pulled; it hurt so much that he wanted to die!

    The skin and flesh of his arm was almost torn by the edges of the wooden table. The fresh blood streaming out was frightening to see!

    His expression was malevolent. He breathed heavily, the veins in his forehead bulging, beads of sweat as large as beans dripping from his head. He angrily clenched his teeth as he glared at Qin Feng. However, he was completely helpless against him!

    "C-Could you pull my arm out? And don't push it back this time!" Li Yang said through clenched teeth, seething.

    Qin Feng shook his head, looking at Li Yang with disdain, and said, "Don't bother me anymore! I know you're toying with me. When I pull your arm out, you'll tell me to hit it back in. And after I hit it back in, you'll tell me to pull it back out again... You city people, why do you like playing such senseless games?

    "Though I, Qin Feng, am poor, I have my pride. I won't be played by you like a pawn; this is my bottom line as a human being!" Qin Feng complained as he shook his head. His serious expression made Li Yang want to kill him!

    "Miss Su Xia Tian, I personally made this Seven-colored Rainbow for you. I hope you'll like it!"

    While the audience was focused on Qin Feng, Zhao Yue Sheng, and Li Yang, Wen Xu walked over in a light blue suit, bringing a cocktail!

    Among the Four Talents, he was an expert drink-mixer. The Seven-colored Rainbow in his hand was his specialty. The wine glass contained different spirits of varying alcohol content, with each spirit forming one of seven layers. The layers were incomparably vibrant and as beautiful as a rainbow!

    This beautiful cocktail whetted the viewer's appetite and made them want to taste it. The heiresses all around were practically drooling, and they were increasingly jealous of Su Xia Tian. On this night, all of the Four Talents were trying to gain her favor. It would be so nice if Wen Xu could make me such a beautiful Seven-colored Rainbow too!

    Wen Xu arrived beside Su Xia Tian and extended the wine glass in his hand to her. "Miss Su, because the temperature of the glass will change in a bit, the alcohol content of the spirits will also change, messing up the drink, and the Seven-colored Rainbow won't look good anymore!"

    Wen Xu had a polite expression, and there was a slight smile on his handsome face. He and the other three Talents had their gazes pinned to the glass in Su Xia Tian's hand. All of the Four Talents' plans had been spoiled by Qin Feng tonight. Now, all of their hopes depended on this cocktail!

    Su Xia Tian raised the glass and stared at the rainbow for a while. Then, she slowly moved her lips toward the drink to take a sip. She'd spent an entire night watching this show before her, and she felt a bit thirsty.


    Su Xia Tian's lips hadn't even touched the rim of the glass when Qin Feng walked up to her with a smile.

    Without Su Xia Tian's consent, he grabbed the glass in her hand and lifted it up to examine it in the light.

    "Talent Wen, tell me, if you put drugs in your cocktail, would it be visible in the light?"

    Qin Feng smiled at Wen Xu and in Wen Xu's eyes, the smile was as frightening as a devil. Wen Xu tried to keep his trembling legs from shaking and he feigned calmness as he looked at Qin Feng.

    "What the hell are you saying, brat? Hurry and give the drink back to Miss Su Xia Tian. I made the drink especially for her. You don't have the right to taste it!"

    Qin Feng wagged his index finger and laughed. "No, no, no! I never said I would drink this. This drink contains a potent drug from Africa. My body is already strong enough. I don't need a plaything like this to make me stronger!

    "Hm? You said that you made this drink for Miss Su specifically. Then that means you drugged Miss Su's drink on purpose!"

    Once Qin Feng said this, a wave of gasps arose from all around!

    Everyone present was from Sky City's elite, and they all knew one another. Who didn't know the infamous Sky City Number One She-Devil? Who wasn't afraid of the Su family, the most powerful family in Sky City?

    If what Qin Feng said was true, then was Wen Xu crazy or stupid? He actually had the gall to drug Su Xia Tian's drink? And with some potent drug imported from Africa?

    "Y-You brat, don't slander me!" Wen Xu was a bit frazzled, and alarm flashed through the other three Talents' faces.

    If Su Xia Tian discovered tonight's plan to drug her, they didn't dare imagine the consequences!

    Jiang Man Hong and Zhao Yue Sheng now arrived beside Wen Xu. The three of them confronted Qin Feng together. Li Yang also wanted to join the fight, but his arm remained embedded in the coffee table and he still couldn't get it out!

    "Qin Feng, where the hell did you come from? Why have we never seen you in Sky City? You didn't come here to purposely frame Wen Xu, did you?"

    "Brother Jiang is right. Your identity is very suspicious. Who are you exactly?"

    Jiang Man Hong and Zhao Yue Sheng changed the topic and pointed the tip of the spear at Qin Feng's head!

    In the First Clubhouse, everyone had money and power. How could an irrelevant person come in so easily? Unless this person was a bad guy and he snuck into the clubhouse to kill someone and cause trouble! Then who would assume the responsibility for this?

    Since the Four Talents stepped forward and questioned Qin Feng's identity, the beautiful manager of the First Clubhouse showed up immediately. If there was something problematic about Qin Feng's identity, then the First Clubhouse would bear all the responsibility.

    "Manager Lin, perfect timing. I'm suspicious of this brat's identity, I want to see his membership card!" said Zhao Yue Sheng as he looked at Manager Lin.

    A membership card was necessary to enter the First Clubhouse. However, Qin Feng was a new face at the clubhouse, so it was the first time everyone had seen him. Zhao Yue Sheng had reason to believe that Qin Feng snuck his way in!

    In a difficult situation, Manager Lin looked at Qin Feng. "Sir, may I please trouble you to present your membership card?"

    According to the clubhouse's rules, since everyone that entered had a membership card, she had no right to reinspect it. However, between Qin Feng and Sky City's Four Talents, of course Manager Lin would choose the Four Talents!

    "Membership card? It's not too late to make one now, right?" Qin Feng laughed.

    Surprised cries and discussion arose in the crowd. This person really didn't have a membership card and he easily admitted it. But how did he get in?

    The audience kept guessing at Qin Feng's identity, and the Four Talents finally smiled. Zhao Yue Sheng turned to the beautiful manager and said, "Manager Lin, this is your First Clubhouse's dereliction of duty, and your negligence at work... How could you let someone without a membership card in so easily?

    "Look at what this hoodlum has done after coming in. Look at how Talent Li's arm is still stuck! The First Clubhouse won't be able to shirk responsibility for this. What do you have to say about this?"

    Manager Lin's clear forehead was covered with small beads of sweat. She couldn't understand how Qin Feng had gotten in without a membership card. When she saw how he'd beaten up Talent Li Yang, she thought his methods were quite... funny!

    Manager Lin used all her might to suppress her laughter, then looked coldly at the two guards behind her and said, "Take Mr. Qin to the lobby. I'll call the police right now and have them take care of this!

    "Talent Zhao, are you satisfied with this?"

    "It's not about my satisfaction; this is negligence by the First Clubhouse... Send a couple more guards to watch the brat; he's really strong. Who knows whether or not he'll escape!" murmured Zhao Yue Sheng.

    "Okay! I'll take care of it right now!"

    Originally, Qin Feng caught Wen Xu red-handed and was going to reveal the Four Talents for what they really were, but now the Four Talents joined forces to control Qin Feng and get him arrested and detained.

    And it had to be mentioned that this meeting of the rich was like the Feast at Hongmen; with a bit of carelessness, it became a mess! [TN: The Feast at Hongmen refers an event in 206 BC when Xiang Yu, a warlord in the late Qin Dynasty, set up a banquet to kill his rival Liu Bang, who escapes and comes to be the first emperor of the Han Dynasty. The Feast at Hongmen represents a situation that seems joyous but is actually a trap.]

    "Wait!" When Su Xia Tian, who had kept quiet until now, saw the two guards restraining Qin Feng, she stood up suddenly, looked indifferently at Qin Feng, then said emotionlessly, "This person is my bodyguard. I brought him here secretly to protect me!"

    The Four Talents were stunned, and so was everyone else present!

    The two guards who were holding Qin Feng's arms immediately released him in fright. They looked as though they had touched a scalding taro!

    Who was Su Xia Tian? Sky City's Number One She-Devil! The Su elder's precious granddaughter!

    Who the hell would have the guts to oppose her?

    If Qin Feng really was Su Xia Tian's bodyguard, then he was of a higher status than even some of the rich young masters and heiresses present! What right did the two security guards have to detain Qin Feng? Even the First Clubhouse's Manager Lin was at a loss!

    Bodyguard? Su Xia Tian's undercover bodyguard!

    At this time, the Four Talents were dumbstruck, and Su Xia Tian's words played in their heads in an endless loop!

    They were so shocked that their legs turned to jelly. And here they were, carrying out some stupid plan to drug Su Xia Tian? This plan had been discovered by Su Xia Tian's bodyguard in the restroom right from the beginning! When they thought about how strange Su Xia Tian was acting today and how she intentionally let everyone compete with Qin Feng, the Four Talents suddenly realized the truth: tonight, they had been played by the little she-devil!

    And she kept everyone in the dark the whole time. This was blatant humiliation!

    But the Four Talents had no time to care about whether or not it was humiliating. Now that Su Xia Tian knew about the drugging plan, they didn't dare continue with it. How would Sky City's Number One She-Devil punish them?

    "That's right! Qin Feng is my undercover bodyguard. Do you still want to arrest him?" Su Xia Tian noticed everyone standing there stupidly, so she repeated herself in an even stronger manner!

    She hated Qin Feng, and she wanted to see him make a fool of himself. Seeing him get taken away by the First Clubhouse's security guards would be great, but she felt apprehensive due to one problem!

    Since Qin Feng was her older sister's guest, if he really was taken away by the First Clubhouse's security guards and sent to the police station, her older sister would have to personally come out and have him released. Then, when her sister speaks to Qin Feng and discovers that she brought Qin Feng to the First Clubhouse and didn't save him, wouldn't she be the one to get punished in the end?

    Su Xia Tian wasn't that stupid! Thus, she stepped forward to protect Qin Feng!
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