Chapter 323 - Is This Guy an International Secret Agent?

    Chapter 323 - Is This Guy an International Secret Agent?

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Four Talents' brains were spinning fast in puzzlement. With Su Xia Tian's fiery and strong temperament, she would have started a war against everybody if she'd learned their plan!

    How come she was so calm?

    Manager Lin had regained her senses. "Oh! So Mister Qin is Miss Su's personal bodyguard. I'm very sorry for the misunderstanding!" Manager Lin would rather be dead than be caught in this kind of sticky situation!

    "Shall we end it here, Talent Zhao?" Manager Lin sought Zhao Yue Sheng's opinion after she'd apologized to Su Xia Tian.

    Zhao Yue Sheng was analyzing Su Xia Tian's mind and predicting her next actions. However, he waited for a long time but this missy didn't make any moves!

    "Hehe! Since Mister Qin is Miss Su's personal bodyguard, then we should end it here!" Zhao Yue Sheng bowed slightly to Su Xia Tian. "We didn't know Mister Qin's identity earlier on, so please kindly forgive us for any trouble we may have brought you, Miss Su!"

    Su Xia Tian loathed the Four Talents, who'd only speak platitudes. She stood up and arrived at Qin Feng's side as everybody looked on. "See what you have done, rascal. Let's go home now!"

    Su Xia Tian glared at Qin Feng and bustled out from the clubhouse. Qin Feng smiled at the Four Talents and followed her out!

    Su Xia Tian and Qin Feng were the highlights of the night; many people sighed at their departure. The Four Talents, on the other hand, couldn't maintain their composure anymore!

    "What the hell is going on?" The Four Talents went to the restroom again, gathering in a circle with troubled expressions!

    "I'm very sure that Qin Feng overheard our secret plan!" Zhao Yue Sheng said with a stern voice. His face was so frosty that everything near him might freeze!

    "What a cunning man. He knocked out our bodyguards, hid behind the door, and eavesdropped on our plan. I never expected him to be Su Xia Tian's personal bodyguard! Does this mean our secret plan has been laid bare?" Jiang Man Hong shed his gentlemanly facade, revealing a demonically fiendish expression!

    "I don't think he'd just listen!" Zhao Yue Sheng sighed, "He must have recorded our conversation and will use it as blackmailing material!"


    The other three cursed, frightened by Zhao Yue Sheng's words!

    This secret was lethal to them; the Su family could eliminate their families at any time if that family ever learned of this secret!

    "But I wonder why Su Xia Tian didn't throw a tantrum just now. It's so totally unlike her!" Wen Xu pondered after the atmosphere fell silent for a moment.

    All of them had the same doubt, unable to get it through their heads. Three of them then looked at Zhao Yue Sheng. This person was the brain of Four Talents; he was quick-witted and most of the time it was he who would make the decisions!

    "Maybe Su Xia Tian was reluctant to!" Zhao Yue Sheng let out a long sigh. The plan for tonight had failed miserably and this cracked his confidence. This was the first time he'd lost to someone!

    "The Su family is the largest and most influential family in Sky City, immensely powerful, with the wealth of a nation!

    "They are totally out of our league if our families split up. However, each of us represents our respective families, we're united as one, and the families backing us are allies... So, even though Su Xia Tian knew our plan, she couldn't act carelessly. This is because it'd be considered a declaration of war against our four families if she really flipped out at the First Clubhouse!

    "There'd be no winner in this war. It'd just be an arduous and thankless task that would only damage the strength of both sides badly.

    "So Su Xia Tian decided to step down. She didn't explode, but will be holding on to the secret of our four families, and she will certainly use this secret to threaten us, or to seek some benefits from our families!"

    Zhao Yue Sheng's countenance became grave as he spoke. "Before, I thought Su Xia Tian was a willful chick that hadn't grown up, and that she was a lot worse than her mature sister! Now it seems that those two women of the Su family are profound. We might have a rough time after this!"

    The three other talents' faces became ill after they heard Zhao Yue Sheng's analysis. They'd concocted a secret plan against Su Xia Tian and at the end of the day, they'd fallen into her trap instead.

    They were like a bunch of dumb people tasting bitter herbs, unable to express their suffering!


    "Hey! Did I allow you to get into my car, rascal? Get the f*ck out of my car now!"

    Su Xia Tian started bickering with Qin Feng as soon as she came out from the clubhouse!

    However, only Su Xia Tian kicked up a fuss; Qin Feng was happy!

    "It's very impolite not to bring me back after you took me out, Little Wife. You're an heiress from a reputable family. I think your sister will be very mad if I tell her about your bad attitude!"

    Qin Feng leaned into the passenger seat comfortably and stared at Su Xia Tian's legs without the slightest scruple!

    "Scoundrel, big bad wolf! Hmph!" After Su Xia Tian sent a frosty glare at Qin Feng, she stomped on the accelerator and the sports car hurtled forward like a beast!

    Qin Feng admired the sight racing past outside the window, his head pillowed on his hands. His countenance suddenly became grave!

    "Please be extra cautious with those Four Talents next time, Xia Tian!"

    Su Xia Tian was slightly stunned. Qin Feng had been a frivolous, lascivious rascal in her mind. She was not used to it when Qin Feng called her name instead of "Little Wife" with a stern expression!

    "Seems like you're not accustomed to my sudden change.  Aren't you?" Qin Feng looked at Su Xia Tian.

    Su Xia Tian nodded her head. She noticed that she didn't really know Qin Feng!

    "Haha! Me too! I think calling you Little Wife is much nicer!"

    Qin Feng suddenly guffawed. The corner of Su Xia Tian's mouth quirked and she almost flipped the car!

    "Rascal, pervert, shameless, beast..."

    Su Xia Tian blurted out all the vulgarities she knew. Even so, she still couldn't vent the discontent that had built up all afternoon. Qin Feng gazed at Su Xia Tian's curled cherry lips when she was angry, then he became serious again!

    "Xia Tian, I really mean it. Please stay away from those Four Talents!"

    Su Xia Tian wouldn't believe Qin Feng as she was just ridiculed by him. She stared at him and scoffed, "It's none of your business! Although I think those Four Talents don't deserve their reputation, I believe they are hundred times better than you, you little brat! You rascal..."

    Qin Feng played the recording in his cell phone without waiting for Su Xia Tian to finish her words!

    "Su Xia Tian is here!" This was Li Yang's voice.

    Su Xia Tian's countenance became grave in an instant when she heard the voice!

    "The girl really is here! We can implement our plans for today!" Wen Xu's voice followed.

    "Li Yang, did you see whether or not Su Xia Tian came alone?" Jiang Man Hong spoke as well.

    "Yup, alone. She's talking to some women in the clubhouse!"

    "Then according to the plan, let Talent Jiang play Su Xia Tian a song first and bring her into our circle. Then, Li Yang, use your perfect body to attract her. At the same time, I'll write her something in calligraphy. Lastly, Wen Xu will give her a good cocktail, and our plan will be mostly complete!" said Zhao Yue Sheng.

    Su Xia Tian's countenance became graver when she heard the voices of Sky City's Four Talents!

    Although she was willful and playful, when it came to important issues, she took them seriously. A bad premonition arose within her when Su Xia Tian heard the Four Talents furtively plotting to do something on her!

    "Wen Xu, put more of the drug in the drink. We four brothers have to take her tonight. Don't make it so that the drug wears off after the first person is done!"

    "Don't worry, I specifically got this strong medicine from Africa, so this girl will be in a drunken stupor tonight!"



    Su Xia Tian's face had darkened totally. She slammed on the brake, and the car spun around in place. She then swiveled the steering wheel and shot back toward the First Clubhouse in the reverse direction!

    "What are you doing?" Seeing her dangerous action, Qin Feng hastily pulled the steering wheel.

    Su Xia Tian glared icily at Qin Feng. "Let go! I'm going back to the First Clubhouse to f*cking kill those four bastards!"

    Qin Feng's face turned grim. He'd known this lass couldn't hold her fury. He then thought to himself, "I should have waited until we got back to the Su mansion before playing this recording for her!"

    "You're going against the traffic! It's very dangerous. Pull over now!" Qin Feng exchanged glances with Su Xia Tian, refusing to back down.

    Su Xia Tian was extremely stubborn, not even ten cows could pull her back if she was determined to do something. Her high heel was firm on the accelerator, and the sports car was still speeding against the traffic!

    Qin Feng was angered. He waved his large hand, and pulled Su Xia Tian directly from the driver's seat.

    It was just that he was unsure which part of her body he grabbed in desperation. He just felt it was soft and spongy!

    "Ah ah ah... Ah ah ah! Release your hand, Qin Feng! It's too painful! How dare you attack my boobs, you pervert bastard! I'm going to f*cking kill you!"

    Su Xia Tian sat in Qin Feng's arms and hammered her little pink fists on Qin Feng's pecs. Qin Feng didn't feel anything as he was wearing his Flying Dragon Armour. He hastily slid into the driver's seat and took control of the sports car. With a beautiful and clean tail-flick, he flung the sports car back to the original driving lane!

    Su Xia Tian stopped her attack; she sat in the passenger seat and stared blankly at Qin Feng!

    The drift Qin Feng performed just now was too cool! He was able to complete a series of movements in such a short distance, and that virtuosic driving skill robbed Su Xia Tian of speech!

    Suddenly, Su Xia Tian thought back to Qin Feng's amazing feats at the First Clubhouse!

    Prince of piano! King of power! Master of calligraphy! Highly skilled driver!

    Su Xia Tian suddenly realized Qin Feng couldn't be a penniless peasant worker. This person must be an international secret agent!
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