Chapter 324 - Slowly Torment Them

    Chapter 324 - Slowly Torment Them

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng stopped the car at an empty spot on the roadside, and Su Xia Tian regained her senses.

    She looked at Qin Feng in alarm. "Tell me, who the hell are you? Are you a secret agent from the 'Dragon Group'? So the 'Dragon Group' really exists! How do you train? Do you have a twelve-pack? ...Are you hiding a gun in your pocket? Let me see!" [TN: The "Dragon Group" is a fictional secret group of elites in China popularized in web novels.]

    Qin Feng blushed a bit. Did he want to show this girl his hidden gun?

    What if she took a liking to it after seeing it?

    "Xia Tian, I stopped the car to talk to you about serious matters!" Qin Feng put his dirty thoughts away and became serious!

    He'd come all the way to Sky City to complete the System's quest. He had to take down Sky City's Su family's business!

    Thus, the moment Qin Feng stepped into Sky City, he'd been gauging the power dynamics. Since he participated in the gathering of the rich in the First Clubhouse earlier, Qin Feng had a much better picture of Sky City's power structure. And now that Qin Feng had information to use against the Four Talents, this would be very helpful in taking down the Su family in the future!

    "That's right! Since those four beasts wanted to rape me, Qin Feng, rush back to the First Clubhouse. I want to kick their balls until they burst!" Su Xia Tian thought of the Four Talents' plan and was infuriated once again.

    Qin Feng's face darkened. This Su Xia Tian really is the Number One She-Devil; she can say anything. Qin Feng felt really lucky. Good thing I haven't offended this fiery chili pepper, hahaha!

    "Let's not go back!"

    "Why are we not going back? Are you afraid of those four pieces of trash? ...Hmph! If you're afraid, get the hell out of the car. I'll go kill them myself!" Su Xia Tian stared coldly at Qin Feng.

    "I'm not afraid of them. It's just that the situation has already passed, so if we go back and look for trouble, that would be really low!" said Qin Feng calmly.

    "I was almost raped by those four beasts, and you're saying that taking revenge on them is low? Have you ever thought about how I feel? I'm a virgin maiden. I don't care. I want to go back right now!"

    Su Xia Tian wouldn't listen to reason. She pouted and fought for the driver's seat. The skin of Qin Feng's waist was almost pinched off by this woman. In his anger, he wrapped her in his embrace and held her arms so she couldn't move.

    This girl got really angry! She was so angry that small beads of sweat formed on her forehead!

    A fruity fragrance wafted from her body, and her chest heaved. The proximity of the sight almost made Qin Feng lose control of himself!

    "Stinking trash, let go! What are you trying to do to me?" Su Xia Tian kicked her slender legs and struggled. Qin Feng let her do what she wanted.

    "Xia Tian, if you go back now, they'll probably still be there. Then, you'll rush up and slap them ten times each. They probably won't retaliate. After all, we have information that implicates them!

    "Then the four originally handsome faces get slapped so much that even their moms won't recognize them, and you'll send four kicks at them to ruin their happiness for the rest of their lives. That would be so cathartic, and you'd finally be satisfied..."

    "Right! I want to punish them like that!" Su Xia Tian nodded earnestly. "Let go. I'm going to go back now and cripple them!"

    Qin Feng didn't let go. He looked earnestly at Su Xia Tian and said, "And then?"

    Su Xia Tian ground her teeth and stared at Qin Feng. "What do you mean by 'and then'? There's no 'then'!"

    "You probably haven't thought of this problem because your big sister always cleaned your behind after you caused trouble... Since I'm your good husband, then I'll break it down for you this time!

    "Then, the Four Talents would have their family lines ended and the four family clans behind them would be furious. Each of the clans is an opponent of the Su family, so they'll join hands to attack the Su family!

    "For a momentary thrill, you'd send the Su family into the heart of a storm; you'd push your sister and family into a living hell... Maybe the Su family would win the war, but it would suffer greatly. Sooner or later, it would no longer have the power and wealth of the number one family in Sky City. Many families coveting the role of "Number One Family" would stir and mobilize against you. They'd all continue to suppress you and seize and split your power and wealth.

    "The end would be tragic. The Su family would fall from the ranks of the powerful family clans! The rich young masters that coveted your older sister's beauty and yours would then have no more reservations. They would kidnap you two and forcefully ravish your bodies. They might even sell you to Africa and make you prostitutes. Then, they'll sell you to Vietnam and make you cheap wives-"

    "Say no more. Don't saying anything else!" Su Xia Tian blanched. She was so afraid that she cut Qin Feng off.

    Though she was mischievous and immature by nature, her intellect was sound and mature. She understood everything that Qin Feng explained. Also, she felt that the possibility Qin Feng spoke of was very high. If she went back to cripple the Four Talents right now, the Su family would really fall into the pits of hell!

    When Su Xia Tian was really young, her parents died in a car accident. She had a thoughtless personality, but in this world, there were still two people whom she loved and cherished, and would use her life to protect:

    One was her older sister, Su Qiu Yue, and the other was the Su elder, Su Hao Nan!

    Su Xia Tian could be stubborn and irrational, but she couldn't hurt her two family members!

    "Qin Feng, then what should I do? They went too far, so we can't let them get away with it, right?" Su Xia Tian never thought her headstrongness would be so problematic.

    After hearing Qin Feng's explanation, her entire head felt muddled. She pinned her large, vibrant eyes on Qin Feng, waiting for him to make a decision for her!

    "Little Wife, now you know how useful your good husband is!" Qin Feng smiled and traced Su Xia Tian's pointed chin. He said, "Wifey, first kiss me, and then I'll tell you how to take care of those four beasts!"

    As Sky City's Number One She-Devil, had Su Xia Tian ever let a man touch her chin? She was about to explode with anger, but at the moment, she could only rely on Qin Feng and suppress her anger. She pursed her lips and mumbled, "T-Tell me what the plan is first... What if you're tricking me and you haven't actually thought of anything yet? Then I'll have kissed you for nothing!

    "I'll kiss you after I've heard your plan and confirmed its feasibility!"

    Su Xia Tian's lovely eyes darted about, and a crafty look even flashed through them. How could Qin Feng not know what this girl was thinking? However, he had only been joking. He didn't actually want to force Su Xia Tian into kissing him. After all, the two of them had just met, and Su Xia Tian had such a strong personality. Sometimes, it was better not to overdo it!

    "Alright, then seeing how good our little wifey is, I'll tell you!"

    Qin Feng smiled and said, "We have this recording on hand, this is the worry that the four beasts can't get rid of!

    "As long as the recording is in our possession, they wouldn't be able to sleep properly! We'll use this and have them groveling... If you've taken a liking to any business or power their family clans possess, then with this evidence, you'd be sure to gain unimaginable benefits!

    "This evidence will trap the four beasts' family clans and make them Little Wifey's prisoner. Since they had dirty thoughts about you, let's deal with them slowly and let them feel the consequences of offending Sky City's Number One She-Devil. We'll make them wish they were dead!"

    Qin Feng's plan was completely reasonable, and also extremely feasible!

    Su Xia Tian originally had her lips pursed in irritation, but she was blooming with happiness soon after. Her smile was radiant, and she smiled so widely that her mouth was about to tear!

    "Haha! Qin Feng, your idea is great! You're right. You're doomed if you offend me, Sky City's Number One She-Devil!"

    Su Xia Tian was extremely elated. The anger in her heart dispersed. She hugged Qin Feng's neck emotionally and bounced in her seat!

    Qin Feng felt the girl's smooth arms and saw the large, bouncing white rabbits before his eyes. He felt a bloody nose coming!

    "Ah! You pervert, where are you looking? I'll gouge your eyes out... And when did you put my arms around your neck?


    Qin Feng felt very wronged. Thus, he fiercely stole two more glances at Su Xia Tian's long legs to make up for it!

    "Little Wifey, you change faster than flipping the page of a book! I had just thought of a good plan to deal with the beasts, and now you've become hostile. You even said you were going to kiss me at first!"

    Su Xia Tian really had said that. Flustered, she demurred, "When did I say that? Why don't I remember?

    "Oh no! The sky's getting dark. Hurry and take me home. I'm a good child; when it's time, I have to go home for dinner!"

    Qin Feng knew Su Xia Tian would feign ignorance, so he smiled and drove. Since he called Su Xia Tian "little wifey" a good number of times earlier, the girl had gotten used to it and didn't pursue the matter anymore!

    With Qin Feng's many years of experience courting girls, he was sure that not long from now this girl Su Xia Tian will fall into his clutches-and she won't be able to escape!

    Under Su Xia Tian's guidance, Qin Feng quickly drove back to the Su Family Old Mansion.

    On the way back, Qin Feng exhibited his startling and mysterious driving skills. Even Su Xia Tian screamed a couple of times in fright. She discovered that Qin Feng was in no way as simple as he seemed on the outside. This guy was pretty much capable at anything. He was unflustered and far-sighted, reasoning clearly and planning thoroughly-he was truly a formidable person!

    "Qin Feng, wait!" As Qin Feng was about to get out of the car, Su Xia Tian held him back.

    Qin Feng looked at Su Xia Tian with a distrustful and happy expression. Has this girl been tempted by my handsomeness into wanting to shake the car?
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