Chapter 325 - Strife within the Su Family

    Chapter 325 - Strife within the Su Family

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    With a vulgar smile, Qin Feng impatiently unbuttoned his clothes. After he took off his blazer, he realized Su Xia Tian was putting on clothes!

    Before, Su Xia Tian had worn a black tracksuit; when they arrived at the First Clubhouse, she'd changed into an alluring, trendy mini skirt with a pair of black stockings. Qin Feng had been puzzled at that time: where had her tracksuit gone?

    Qin Feng finally understood now-Su Xia Tian left her tracksuit in the sports car. She changed into a tracksuit and pretended to be a good girl when she was home!

    This woman! When she was home, she was a little sheep; when she was outside, she was a tigress!

    Confused by Qin Feng's action, Su Xia Tian asked after she finished donning her tracksuit, "Why'd you take your blazer off, Qin Feng?" Apparently, Su Xia Tian had always done this kind of stuff as she managed to put on her tracksuit within two or three minutes.

    Embarrassed, Qin Feng scratched his head and chuckled, "Haha! It's hot here. Doesn't Little Wife think so?"

    "Hot your head!" Su Xia Tian stared scornfully at Qin Feng. "It was hot in the First Clubhouse just now; why didn't you take off your blazer, then? It's windy at night now and you say it's hot; you're really out of your mind!"

    After she mocked Qin Feng, Su Xia Tian then alighted from the car. Qin Feng hastily put on his blazer and followed her!

    When they entered the Su family mansion, Qin Feng looked around in curiosity. The exterior of this mansion was spectacular, but he'd never imagined the interior would be even more magnificent and vast!

    The compound consisted of many ancient wooden-brick buildings and villas. It had the air of a royal courtyard, low-profile yet without losing impact!

    However, Qin Feng wondered at the security system of this compound, which wasn't that good. He'd expected this compound to be guarded by many black-suited bodyguards, but he only saw a few along the way!

    "Your house seems not to have much staff, Little Wife? Don't tell me only the two of you stay in this humongous mansion!" Qin Feng was happy as a lark in his heart. If that's true, I can play to my heart's content tonight!

    "The Su family's old mansion hold hundreds of people. Normally it's heavily guarded and very lively... But, you're right, tonight is a little bit weird. Let's hurry to the main building. Sister must be waiting on me for dinner!" Su Xia Tian furrowed her eyebrows, a bad premonition suddenly stirring within her.

    Su Xia Tian walked faster and faster with Qin Feng beside her. Very soon, both of them arrived at a grand main building under Su Xia Tian's lead. The duo was stunned by the situation they encountered as soon as they entered main building's lobby!

    This definitely was a family meeting!

    And it was not just the gathering of the family's core members; even the collateral members were here!

    The vast lobby was now packed with 40 to 50 peoples. All of them had grave and cold countenances, while the person standing in front of them was a beauty that could overrun cities and topple nations. She was the Sky City's Number One Noble Beauty, Su Qiu Yue!

    The sight was bizarre, as if Su Qiu Yue was teaching a class of students!

    Regaining her senses very quickly, Su Xia Tian hastily ran to Su Qiu Yue's side. "Sister! What's going on?"

    Su Qiu Yue's brows eased when she saw that her little sister had returned. She pulled Su Xia Tian by the arm, to her side. She then shook her head to keep her sister silent!

    "Now that your little sister has returned, the core members of our Su family's immediate and collateral members have all arrived as well. It's time for you to give us an explanation, Qiu Yue!"

    A middle-aged man in the crowd suddenly stood up, his expression was mighty and cold, and a strong aura was emanating from his body. His underlings' morale were heightened by his action and they stood up as well. All of them focused their attention on Su Qiu Yue.

    Su Qiu Yue was calm when facing more than 50 people and hundreds of eyes. This woman was only 23 years old, but she had a calm and impressive demeanor that belied her age.

    She held tightly to her little sister's hand. Only Su Xia Tian could feel her sister's nervousness from the cold sweat oozing from Su Qiu Yue's hand.

    "You suddenly bring your family members to Grandpa's room at this late hour and ask for an explanation from me. To be honest, I'm not sure what kind of explanation you want from me, Second Uncle." Su Qiu Yue returned the question to Su Ming.

    Her grandpa was bedridden, and showed no sign of improvement after three months. Su Qiu Yue had invited many famous doctors from Sky City to treat her grandpa, but to no avail; none of them could cure her grandpa. She had even invited some top experts from abroad to have a look at him. However, her efforts proved futile as her grandpa's condition didn't improve, worsening day by day.

    Now, the elder had fallen into a coma and these sons, who never cared for his condition, were instead only focused on dividing his properties and attempting to take over the Su family. Seeing their unfilial actions, Su Qiu Yue felt sad, angry, and helpless.

    She was just a 23-year-old beauty; only she could understand how powerless she was when fighting these uncles and aunties of the Su family!

    "What explanation?" Second Uncle fell silent for a minute. He then said in a stern voice, "Don't you know better than any of us?

    "We hadn't seen the elder ever since he was bedridden more than three months ago. What's your motive for blocking everyone from visiting the old man?

    "The Su family is headless once the elder has fallen. Now, all the Su family's businesses are in turmoil; the pharmaceutical sector, in particular, experienced a sharp drop in turnover this quarter. You claimed that grandpa has asked you to take over the Su family, but we hadn't heard anything from him before. So, how can we believe you?

    "You're young, and on top of that, you're a woman. How can we entrust the whole Su family to your hands?

    "Qiu Yue, the Su family is in bad condition and we should join together to overcome this hardship! Now, let's go in and visit the elder. If he's at the point of death, then we should let him make out a testament and determine the next leader as soon as possible. Otherwise, the Su family will go downhill!"

    Su Qiu Yue's countenance changed slightly after she heard what Second Uncle had said. Her calm and dignified face became frosty!

    How could she be not willing to allow these bunch of people to visit the elder? But she was worried that there was a traitor in the family who might harm the elder!

    Su Qiu Yue was in her prime, an age where she should get into a romantic relationship and lead a carefree lifestyle. Did she want to be a capable woman who worked day and night to support the whole Su family?

    She didn't want to! But she had to!

    This was because of the last words the elder had said to her before he fell into a coma three months ago: take care of and support the Su family until he wakes up! Su Qiu Yue would be the next family head if the elder couldn't make it!

    Although the elder was old, his mind was clear. He'd already seen through his two surviving sons, who were looking forward to his death, eager to divide the property of Su family!

    "None of you are allowed to visit Grandpa now!" Su Qiu Yue's voice was cold, emitting a strong aura. "I'll continue to be in charge of the family business. Grandpa's condition has improved, and I believe he will wake up within a month!

    "Can't Second Uncle even wait for a month? Or do you have other intentions in your mind?"

    "You bastard!" A woman suddenly appeared beside her Second Uncle, Su Ming; it was Su Qiu Yue's second auntie, Liu Yan.

    As a member of an aristocratic family, Liu Yan was 45 years old but she looked like a 25-year-old young girl. She was gorgeous in dress, tall and beautiful, but she revealed her sharp and unkind personality as soon as she spoke.

    "How dare you speak like that to your second uncle. You even tried to slander him?"

    "What do you mean by we can't wait for a month? We have been worried about him ever since he fell sick. And now, three months have passed and you want us to wait another month?"

    "I suspect it's you who put Dad under house arrest. You're such a vicious, black-hearted woman. How unfortunate for Dad who loves you and Xia Tian the most, and you do this kind of unfilial thing to him?"

    Second Uncle and Second Auntie echoed each other; Su Qiu Yue couldn't counter them!

    "Qiu Yue, I'm ordering you to step aside as your uncle. I won't leave unless I get to see Dad today!" yelled Su Ming.

    "Yes! We must see Dad today. I want him to give us an explanation. How could he leave the Su family in your hands, in the hands of a woman?! Could it be you have already done something to the elder because you want to take over the Su family?!" Su Qiu Yue's third uncle, Su Hai, had stepped forward as well.

    Since the second brother and third brother of the Su family had stepped forward, the rest of the members from the collateral families were emboldened and joined them in pressuring Su Qiu Yue.

    "Move aside, Qiu Yue. We must see the elder today!"

    "Move away now, or else we'll enter by force!"

    "The Su family is the biggest family in Sky City. If we let you continue to control the Su family, sooner or later, the Su family will become like those unworthy small family clans. You're committing a sin, you know?"


    More and more Su family members began to oppose Su Qiu Yue. In the end, the whole Su family was pressuring Su Qiu Yue!

    No matter how profound or clever she was, Su Qiu Yue was only a woman. When she saw the entire family questioning her, scolding her, and insulting her, she felt pain in her heart as if it was stung by needles!

    She had no one to rely on; her parents had died in a car crash when she was young, and only her little sister and grandpa were left in the world. However, her grandpa was bedridden, her little sister was playful and willful, her uncles and aunties only cared about the family business and not about grandpa's health. This kind of battle within the rich and powerful, of dog eat dog, and the devil take the hindmost...

    All the accusations, charges, incomprehension, and contempt...

    All of these fell on Su Qiu Yue, a 23-year-old girl. She really wanted to find a place where she could cry out loud, but she knew she couldn't!

    She refused to lower her head, because the crown would fall!

    She refused to cry, because those sluts would laugh at her!

    "Sister!" Su Xia Tian felt her big sister's helplessness. With reddened eyes, she held tightly to her sister's wrist, trying to give Su Qiu Yue some strength and support!

    Those Su family members who were blinded by wealth and power had surrounded them. In their eyes, these two sisters were just two little lambs ready to be slaughtered!

    "Aiya! Is the Su family holding a feast today? I'm just in time, then! Come, come, come! Prepare another set of cutlery for me. Let's talk while we eat!" Suddenly, a languid voice echoed in the lobby.

    Everybody was stunned, and stared blankly at the door!
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