Chapter 326 - Lifes Most Depressing Matter

    Chapter 326 - Life's Most Depressing Matter

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng returned with Su Xia Tian!

    But Su Xia Tian discovered something was wrong once she walked through the entrance of the mansion's main building. She abandoned Qin Feng and ran up to her sister. By the time Qin Feng walked to the mansion door everyone was confronting Su Qiu Yue. No one noticed Qin Feng, who stood at the entrance for over 10 minutes!

    Qin Feng was furious. When had he ever been neglected this way?

    If this were Acropolis, Qin Feng would have used the Qin family's strength to exterminate the whole family!

    With one cry, he amazed everyone present.

    His simple utterance made everyone look at him. Everyone looked at him with different expressions. Most of them were distrustful, wondering where this idiot had come from.

    Only the beautiful Su family sisters were swept with happiness. Su Xia Tian had seen how capable Qin Feng was in all aspects. Now she counted on Qin Feng to put these aunts and uncles in their places.

    And Su Qiu Yue was mostly surprised. In the morning, she'd called Qin Feng, but she waited for an entire day and he still hadn't come. She thought that she'd gotten the wrong idea about him and that he wouldn't come.

    Who knew that he'd arrive at the most important moment!

    But could one Qin Feng turn the situation around?

    "Who is this guy? Uncle Li, how did this person get in here? Where are the Su family guards? How could they let in every Tom, Dick, and Harry?" Second Uncle regained his senses first, and yelled the name of the Su family's elderly butler.

    A gray-haired elder immediately ran out with four guards in black trailing him.

    "Mister, this is the heart of the Su household. If you have no business here, leave this instant!" said Uncle Li as he looked at Qin Feng.

    "I know this is the Su household; why else would I come here?" Qin Feng waved his hand carelessly under countless stares, looking like he was in his own house. He minded his own business and walked up to Su Xia Tian, extended an arm, and wrapped her into his embrace. "My little wife is here. I was looking to play with her!"


    Once Qin Feng said this, everyone in the house gasped in surprise!

    They all stared at Qin Feng in shock and looked as if they wanted to eat him alive!

    Su Qiu Yue's calm expression changed greatly, becoming stormy. Since when did her little sister hang out with Qin Feng?

    Su Xia Tian, on the other hand, ground her teeth angrily. If looks could kill, Qin Feng would have died hundreds of times over!

    Su Xia Tian wanted to fight her way out of Qin Feng's embrace, but he was too strong. The more she struggled, the more it looked like she was leaning into Qin Feng's arms, resulting in an even more tender and lovey-dovey scene.

    "Sinful woman, you really are a sinful woman!" Second Uncle finally regained his senses and glared ferociously at Su Xia Tian.

    "You've been learning bad things day and night, and now you even have the guts to bring home a wild man? A-And you're someone's 'little wife'? How unlucky this is for our family clan, how unlucky!"

    Second Uncle's denunciation made the others lament again and again!

    "Qiu Yue, you and your sister lost your parents early. Xia Tian became such a frivolous woman because you as her older sister didn't teach her properly. Since you can't even control your little sister, how can we let you manage a large family business? ...Today, as your second uncle, I revoke your position as Acting Head of Household. The Su family needs to elect a new Head of Household.

    "Your father is the eldest son of the Su family, but he died early in a car accident. Now, as the second son, the Head of Household position should be mine. Today, the Su family is a mess; every aspect of our business is in terrible shape. At this time, I'll stand forth to bear too much danger and responsibility. Thus, I hope everyone will support me. In the future, I'll do everything I can to manage the Su family business!"

    Su Qiu Yue's face fell, and cold sweat was about to drip out of her head!

    She knew Second Uncle gathered and brought the Su family here tonight to steal the Head of Household position. Now, he finally could wait no more. He finally revealed his fox tail.


    Before the spectators could express their support for Second Uncle, Su Ming, and before Su Qiu Yue had to make her difficult decision, a slap echoed through the parlor!

    The originally noisy scene instantly fell quiet. The only sound that could be heard was the spectators' heavy panting!

    Su Ming was slapped by someone, and he was slapped in the head... And Qin Feng did it!

    No one saw when Qin Feng had gone from beside the beautiful sisters to Su Ming's side, but no one cared about this. They stared with their mouths agape, so shocked that they wanted to eat their fists. This wild brat, who was an outsider, actually had the gall to hit Su Ming?

    And he hit him so resolutely. A little 20-year-old brat hit an almost 50-year-old man. This scene was like that of a teacher reprimanding his student.

    Even the beautiful Su family sisters covered their mouths in shock. They felt that there was something wrong with Qin Feng's brain!

    "H-How dare you hit your elder, brat? You actually f*cking-" Su Ming finally regained his senses, and his eyes almost bugged out of his skull. He'd uttered half of what he wanted to say when Qin Feng slapped him in the head again!


    The sound was crisp, and it was clear that this slap was stronger than the last.

    "Say, uncle, I'm not quite familiar with you, so don't joke around with me, okay?" Qin Feng looked impatiently at Su Ming. "You say I'm a wild man? Where's your evidence? What right do you have to slander a person's integrity and soul?

    "You don't know how pure and outstanding of a man I am! Do you know that I concentrated on emotion from beginning to end? Do you know how easy it is to destroy someone when you so easily slander them without fully understanding them? ...Especially an outstanding and ambitious youth like me!

    "Plus, I have my own personal lawyer! I'll call my lawyer over right now and sue you for bringing your family to ruin. Even your wife will have to run off with another man, and your son would have to acknowledge a grandma over seventy as his godmother... Don't make me mad!

    "Why aren't you saying anything? Are you frightened by my might and talent?"

    Su Ming really wasn't speaking. However, this wasn't because he was startled by Qin Feng's background, but he was shocked by the guy's intelligence. He didn't even know how to refute Qin Feng!

    This person was unreasonable-more so than the she-devil. And he didn't use common sense, hitting whenever he wished to. When he spoke, it was incoherent and senseless. Most importantly, the guy was good at fighting; Su Ming didn't even know how he ended up in front of him, much less dodge Qin Feng's two slaps!

    "Ah! Uncle Li, why are you standing there like a dummy? Did you not see the brat hit me? Hurry and cripple him!" Su Ming was stunned for a while, but he didn't think to refute Qin Feng. In the end, he shouted angrily and wanted to use brute force to kill Qin Feng!

    Su Qiu Yue didn't have the time to stop Uncle Li when the four guards pounced at Qin Feng!

    As the Su family's guards, these four people were not ordinary people. Two were underground streetfighting experts, and the other two were retired soldiers from the Special Forces. With the four of them working together, their power was frightening!


    One of the streetfighting experts arrived beside Qin Feng and sent a punch at him. Qin Feng punched the man's iron fist and sent the man flying!


    The second, a retired soldier, aimed a flying kick at Qin Feng's head. Qin Feng remained standing in place without moving, and then an airy fist hit the retired soldier's thigh and sent him hurtling toward the three-meter-high rooftop and splitting the roof!

    The remaining two men froze briefly. They were startled by Qin Feng's strength, but as the Su family's guards, the two men weren't cowards. After freezing for an instant, they rushed toward Qin Feng again.

    One of them pulled out a dagger and the other took off his belt. They attacked Qin Feng simultaneously from the right and left, respectively.

    Qin Feng made no moves this time; he merely stood in place, straight and tall like a pine tree!

    When the two guards arrived ferociously before Qin Feng, they jerked to a stop. It seemed as though there was an invisible qi barrier, preventing them from getting even half a step closer. They could only be seen using a lot of effort, but they couldn't be seen attacking Qin Feng!

    "F*ck, are you two filming a movie? Is there a need to make it so fake?"

    "You two, attack and whip that wild brat to death with your belts!"

    "What the f*ck are you doing? The Su family spent so much money to hire you men as guards, and this is what you're showing us?"


    Most of the Su family members were business people, so they didn't understand martial arts. Even if they did practice the martial arts, they knew only the basics. They probably hadn't even achieved Stage One Inner Qi, so they didn't understand the current situation.

    They definitely wouldn't believe that Qin Feng was using inner qi to prevent the two from attacking!

    "U-Unless he's an inner qi expert? A real martial artist?" Most of the people didn't understand, but this didn't mean that none of them did. In the crowd, an attentive elder saw the clues.

    This shout frightened the remaining people and made them impatient. In particular, Second Uncle's family's gazes became icy.

    Everyone heard of martial artists, but weren't they amazing people that only existed in Chinese legends?

    Could it be that these stories weren't legends, but real events in history? Just thinking about this shocked everyone so badly that they couldn't speak!


    An enormous sound was heard. Qin Feng's body seemed to suddenly explode, and a powerful rush of qi shot out of it, sending the two flying away!

    "He really is an inner qi expert, a martial artist from the legends!" The elder exclaimed again, and everyone panted heavily!

    Qin Feng injured people without touching them, like the moves in wuxia novels. This was truly eyeopening!

    Uncle Li was stunned, the Su family was stunned, and Su Xia Tian was stunned. They never thought Qin Feng was so powerful. Only Su Qiu Yue was calm, because she knew Qin Feng was powerful.


    "Hey! What are you doing, you wild brat? Do you know who he is? He's the Su Family's second in command, and he's about to become the Su family's new Head of Household. How dare you hit my husband? I'll get you!

    "You human trash. If you even hit a woman, then wait to die!"

    The atmosphere became awkward as Su Ming's wife, Liu Yan, suddenly stepped forward!

    Seeing that Qin Feng ruined her family's happy moment, Liu Yan immediately went from being a refined noblewoman to a violent and unreasonable shrew! As they say, money and power can change one's personality and soul.

    Liu Yan threw caution to the wind. She knew she couldn't beat Qin Feng in a fight, but she wanted to get him mad. If Qin Feng dared to hit a woman, he would be publicly shamed. Then, the Su family would all attack Qin Feng. Then what could the brat do?"

    "Wait! Don't touch me, you dirty woman!" Qin Feng never hit women-especially dirty ones.

    He moved slightly and dodged Liu Yan's attack.

    "Don't think I don't know that you've slept with a lot of men. You're having an affair with that man!" Qin Feng pointed at Su Qiu Yue's third uncle, Su Hai. Su Hai was so shocked that he almost ran. Liu Yan was even more shocked, and she stopped attacking Qin Feng.

    "Seems like I hit the nail in the head. And that man, that man... You've slept with them all!" Qin Feng pointed at several men, and Liu Yan's expression changed again and again. In the end, she looked as malevolent as a beast!

    "Third Younger Brother, get the f*ck over here!" Su Ming was angry and suddenly dragged the third brother, Su Hai, out. "Is this wild brat telling the truth? I treat you well, and you actually had the guts to have an affair with your sister-in-law behind my back?"

    "Second Big Brother, how can you listen to this wild brat's crazy talk? I think the sisters just found him and brought him back to deal with us!" Su Hai was so afraid that cold sweat streamed from his forehead.

    Liu Yan immediately ran up to Su Ming, hugged his arm, and spoke coquettishly, "Hubby, how could you doubt me? I never did anything to you that I would have to apologize for!"

    Si Ming was previously consumed by his anger, but he now calmed down and his mind cleared. He looked coldly at Qin Feng with a playful smile. "Hmph! You think this elder will listen to your bullsh*t? Uncle Li, call the police and have this brat arrested!"

    After hearing the command, Uncle Li was about to make the call. Then, Qin Feng spoke again.

    "Are you dumb or what? I helped to capture your wife's man, and you're still letting them make a fool of you!" Qin Feng looked at Su Ming and shook his head. Then, he pointed at Third Uncle Su Hai and said, "Don't make excuses for yourself. I came into this mansion awhile ago, and when I was at a window, I saw you two carrying on your affair... Let me ask you, she's wearing purple underwear today, right?"

    Su Hai was frightened to death because he really had just secretly frolicked with his sister-in-law before coming to the mansion parlor. Now that Qin Feng accurately pointed it out, he was extremely anxious.

    "D-Don't speak nonsense, brat. Sister-in-Law is wearing black underwear; she definitely isn't wearing purple underwear. Thus, I most definitely didn't have any relations with Sister-in-Law tonight!"

    Su Hai had just spoken when a wave of sighs arose from all around.


    Su Ming gave Su Hai a strong slap in the face. "You beast, you're not even f*cking comparable to a beast!"

    Life's most helpless moments: when you discover during the wedding night that your wife isn't a virgin, and when you're taking the Head of Household position and discover that your younger brother and your wife are having an affair!

    Su Ming had imagined this glorious moment countless times!

    He was going to take the Head of Household position in front of all the Su family members and gain control of the Su family.

    However, now that the situation had come to this, Su Ming wanted to die. How could he be in the mood to stay? Though the relatives behind him no longer saying anything, Su Ming could feel that they were silently jeering him.

    "Hmph! Human trash, adulterers!" Su Ming scoffed coldly, turned, and left the parlor.

    His son, Su Tao, looked at his mother and third uncle, then looked at his father. He was depressed; who should he acknowledge as his father?
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