Chapter 328 - Poisoned

    Chapter 328 - Poisoned

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    Little Pig was a cute, soft pink pig, but you mustn't belittle it!

    As the Hedonist Sovereign System's battle pet and NPC with multiple roles, he had the System's various techniques, pills, martial skills, equipment, and so on in his grasp.

    Every time Qin Feng didn't understand something, he had to ask Little Pig to explain it to him!

    "Master, you're now a Stage Three Inner Qi expert, you can use your inner qi to help the elder force the poison out of his body!" continued Little Pig.

    "It's that easy? Just force the poison out?" Qin Feng became excited.

    If he could use inner qi to help force out the poison and save the elder, then the Su family would escape their crisis, and he would become the elder's savior and the entire Su family's VIP! Then, Xia Tian and Qiu Yue would be extremely thankful toward him!

    The two sisters could only give their lives to repay such a large favor. Then, Su Qiu Yue wouldn't reject him like she did before!

    "Master, forcing out the poison is just the first step. At most, it would alleviate the elder's condition. If you're lucky, the elder might come to; if you're unlucky, he'll remain in a coma." Little Pig immediately splashed a bucket of ice water on Qin Feng's excitement and added with disdain, "The elder has been sick for over three months, so he's been poisoned for at least three months as well. At this point, the poison is probably spreading into his vital organs. It won't be easy to force the poison out!

    "Master, you must break through to Stage Four Inner Qi. Then, you can perfect your ability to release inner qi and force the poison out of the elder's organs!"

    Stage Four Inner Qi was an important threshold to cross!

    Martial artists in the stages prior to Internal Stage Four only practiced "qi control" and they couldn't release their inner qi that well. In other words, even if they could release qi, it would only be in a small area and it would be an uncontrolled release!

    When Qin Feng was dealing with the Su family guards in the parlor, he "released qi." However, the qi was powerful, and Qin Feng couldn't accurately control it. Also, it only emerged around Qin Feng and couldn't be released any farther!

    After Internal Stage Four, one could "release qi" as one wished. With the breakthroughs of each stage of inner qi, the qi attack power became stronger and stronger and extended farther and farther!

    "F*ck! Can't you say everything in one go next time?" Qin Feng's great mood instantly plunged, and his fantasies were also immediately annihilated!

    How could he not want to break into Stage Four Inner Qi sooner? He still had to cultivate pills to awaken Lin Bei Bei. But how could breaking into Stage Four Inner Qi by so easy? Countless inner qi cultivators cultivated for their entire lives but never broke through to it!

    "Hmph... Since you're being mean, I'll go back and continue sleeping. I certainly don't want to help you pick up girls!" Little Pig harrumphed coldly, swayed its sexy pink butt, climbed back into his den in the System, and said nothing more.

    Qin Feng promptly changed his demeanor to coax out Little Pig, but the pig ignored him no matter how he coaxed!

    "Qin Feng, how is Grandpa?" Su Qiu Yue knew Qin Feng was strong and had extraordinary abilities.

    Seeing him feel her grandfather's pulse, she now set all her hopes on Qin Feng. Who knew if this man that always brought about miracles could amaze them again!

    "I can't be certain yet. Let me try!" Qin Feng looked at Su Qiu Yue. "Go outside and guard the door. I want to treat the elder by transferring qi to him. During that time, I can't be disturbed by anyone!"

    This was Qin Feng's first time using inner qi to expel poison, so he was cautious! If he didn't do it right, he might die, not to mention the elder.

    Su Qiu Yue gazed into Qin Feng's eyes and hesitated for a good while before standing up. Before she left, she hugged Qin Feng. "If you can save Grandpa, I'll promise you anything!"


    After leaving the parlor, Su Ming returned to his house and sat on the sofa for a short while. Liu Yan then brought their son, Su Tao, into the house!

    "Son, go back to your room and rest!" Liu Yan pushed Su Tao. After seeing her son run into the house, she suddenly knelt in front of Su Ming with a "ker-plunk."

    "Husband, I'm sorry! K-Kill me!" Liu Yan didn't dare look at Su Ming's cold expression. Liu Yan couldn't be more familiar with how cold and ruthless this man was.

    Her adultery was exposed, and the other man was Su Ming's younger brother. Liu Yan was afraid to imagine the terrifying consequences!

    "The situation has already passed; what's the use of apologizing?" Su Ming wasn't as furious as she imagined. On the other hand, a strange smile was on his face.

    "Get up! The family is in chaos, but we're still husband and wife, so we have to join hands in fighting for the Head of Household position. Acquiring more of the family business is our focus, and everything else can be put aside. Compared to the Head of Household position, the rest isn't worth mentioning!"

    Su Ming noticed that Liu Yan didn't dare stand up, so he walked up to her and helped her to her feet. "Liu Yan, you were too much this time, but since it happened already, I won't blame you. In the future, make sure you don't do it again!"

    "You aren't the only one who had an affair. At social events outside, I've touched lots of women, so we can be considered even... From now on, our goal is the same: to work as one to fight for the Head of Household position!"

    Was Su Ming really not angry anymore? He was so angry that his lungs were about to explode!

    His own younger brother did his woman. Any man would be furious!

    However, Su Ming was born into a rich family; he'd grown up under the spotlight. His restraint was extremely high, and he had a ruthless mindset. How could he trade a woman for the entire Su family business?

    Of course knowing about Liu Yan and his third younger brother Su Hai's adultery, he was afraid that Third Brother was trying to vie for the Head of Household position and had purposely seduced Liu Yan to rope her in with his people. Liu Yan was just a pawn Su Hai wanted on his side. He wanted to use her to find out Su Ming's plans and tarnish his name...

    "Hubby, you... you're really willing to forgive me this once?" Liu Yan trembled and looked at Su Ming. She was still terrified of him!

    Su Ming smiled, extended a hand, and tenderly caressed Liu Yan's charming face. "Of course I forgive you! I won't forget the help you've provided me and the contributions you've made to the Su family. How could I throw you in prison because of a momentary lapse in judgement?"

    Liu Yan's eyes began to redden. She said while choking with sobs, "T-Then why did you leave the parlor without our son and me earlier? I thought you never wanted me again!"

    "I was pretending to be angry because tonight's plans have changed due to the appearance of that wild brat Qin Feng. He's an internal cultivation expert fearlessly helping the sisters. With him, we can't force Su Qiu Yue to submit tonight. Thus, I thought it was better to step back and prevent myself from getting humiliated any further!"

    Every rich son is an expert actor, so Su Ming was naturally a solid acting expert!

    He was willing to throw everything away to fight for the role as Head of Household. Self-respect, face, integrity? Could these things be traded for money? Could they be eaten when one was hungry?

    "Hubby... I was wrong. I'm sorry, to you and our son. I won't do it again!" After Liu Yan understood his reasoning, she immediately burrowed into Su Ming's embrace.

    Su Ming rubbed Liu Yan's back affectionately with a murderous expression!

    "Liu Yan, you were silly! That brat Su Hai was clearly getting close to you on purpose. Don't you know why? Was it really for your body? He isn't lacking in money. He could spend money and get A- or B-list actresses to play with. Why would he risk having an affair with you?"

    Liu Yan suddenly trembled. She realized that her plot couldn't compare to the two Su family men. Who knew that with one act of carelessness, she would become Su Hai's pawn?

    "Hubby, Su Hai really is a bastard... I-I'll stay unswervingly by your side from now on. I want to personally take revenge on that stinking brat and make him die a premature death!" Liu Yan immediately changed her demeanor.

    "Okay! I've seen your sincerity, and I believe that you just had a lapse in judgement!" Su Ming smiled at Liu Yan and said, "You suffered a fright today, so rest early!"

    Liu Yan nodded and immediately went into a room in the house!

    Su Ming smoked in the empty parlor for a long time. Then, he pulled out his phone and called a number!

    "Hey, you're done, right? You're the Su family head now!" An elderly voice came over the phone.

    "There was a mistake in the plan. Now the situation has changed enormously. The beautiful sisters found an expert to help them. I'm afraid I won't be able to get the Head of Household position on my own!" replied Su Ming sadly.

    "Nonsense!" the elder's voice rebuked. He was quiet for a while before continuing, "How is that old man that refuses to die?"

    "Ever since he became bedridden three months ago, no one in the Su family has seen him. It's unclear whether he's alive or dead right now!"

    "He's probably not dead after three months, but if no one saves him, this elder is certainly going to die in less than half a month... Who did the sisters invite?"

    "All I know is that the brat's name is Qin Feng. His identity is unclear!" replied Su Ming honestly.

    The other line fell quiet for a good while, then laughter was heard. "Haha, so we meet again. That brat has your Hundred Year Blood Lotus. My abilities have just recovered, and I was about to settle with the brat. Who would have thought he'd deliver himself to our doorstep. Hold back for now. I'll be there as soon as possible!"

    The call already ended. Su Ming tossed the phone to the side, and his whole body fell limp!

    Though it was only over the phone, he could still feel a powerful oppression. Those two people were too powerful; even Su Ming felt like an ant before him. That man could use one hand to strangle him to death!

    He originally hadn't wanted to call out the person behind him, but Qin Feng's sudden appearance caught him unprepared. When facing a martial artist like Qin Feng, Su Ming could only hire martial artists to deal with Qin Feng.

    This would be a violent internal conflict. An intense massacre was about to begin...
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