Chapter 329 - I Like To Be Humiliated!

    Chapter 329 - I Like To Be Humiliated!

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    Su Qiu Yue waited outside her grandpa's room for two hours!

    The moon was getting higher; suddenly, a bad hunch stirred within Su Qiu Yue!

    Could it be Qin Feng is pansexual? This person is frivolous and perverted. Will Grandpa be fine staying alone with him in a room?

    Outside the room, Su Qiu Yue's imagination was running amok while inside, Qin Feng was so tired that he was bathed in sweat!

    If he learned of Su Qiu Yue's notions about him, Qin Feng would be so angry that he'd vomit blood and die from qi explosion. This was because she had insulted his personality!

    Qin Feng and the elder sat face to face with their legs crossed on a red wooden bed. The elder was leaning back against the wall while Qin Feng had his hands on the elder's chest. A cloud of steam was emanating from Qin Feng's body, as if he just came out from sauna.

    Qin Feng had been forcing the poison out from the elder's body according to Little Pig's method. This was his first time utilizing his qi to heal a person, so the process was rather slow. Besides, Qin Feng was merely a Stage Three Inner Qi expert and he was weak at releasing qi. So, it was even harder for him to circulate his qi within Elder Su's body and force the poison out.

    Qin Feng had just succeeded in forcing the elder to spit out two mouthfuls of blood, after working hard for two hours straight. Plus, this was blood that circulated in the elder's veins. Qin Feng didn't dare to touch the poison in the elder's organs as he was afraid he might crush them!


    Qin Feng released a long impure breath. This was the third treatment!

    Qin Feng had been repeating the process of inhale qi, exhale qi, circulate qi, and transfer qi into the elder's body to force the poison out. This process seemed like nothing but only Qin Feng knew how tiring it was! He even felt it was ten times more tiring than when he played with three women in one night previously!

    But repeating this process was beneficial to Qin Feng. He noticed the qi within his body had become thicker and he was another step closer to breaking through to Stage Four. Qin Feng had finally found an ingenious method to cultivate his qi faster, which he hadn't known last time!


    Elder Su spurted another mouthful of poisonous blood!

    The blood was black and smelly. Even though Qin Feng had placed a couple of bowls between them to catch the elder's blood, he still got showered from top to bottom by this mouthful of bad blood!


    The door was opened by somebody at the same time. Su Qiu Yue came in to take a look because she was impatient. When she saw that her grandpa had spewed blood, she was so frightened that she rushed forward and hugged her grandpa, and sent a furious glare at Qin Feng.

    "What're you doing, Qin Feng? Why did you harm my grandpa? Who sent you here?!"

    Qin Feng hadn't explained to Su Qiu Yue that her grandpa was poisoned, so she didn't know that Qin Feng was actually helping Elder Su to force the poison out of his body. She thought Qin Feng harmed her grandpa when she saw he'd vomited blood!

    Su Qiu Yue had never been so afraid and in despair as she was now. She'd placed all her hope in Qin Feng and she never expected that this guy was a bad person too. She was lost and didn't know what to do!

    "Qiu Yue, give me some tissue paper. Your grandpa's bad blood almost blew my head off!" Qin Feng brushed off Su Qiu Yue's accusation and urged her to get him some tissue paper.

    "Why should I harm your grandpa? Besides, I can easily kill the elder with a palm strike if I really want to. Why would I wait this long?"

    Su Qiu Yue regained her senses after she heard Qin Feng's grumble. Indeed, Qin Feng had a point. He should have made his move earlier if he wanted to harm her grandpa. How could he sit still in the room for two hours?

    "What happened, Qin Feng?" Su Qiu Yue was ashamed for misunderstanding Qin Feng.

    When she saw that Qin Feng's whole body was soaked in bad blood, she then pulled out her silk handkerchief and wiped off the blood on Qin Feng's face carefully, regardless of the bad smell.

    Su Qiu Yue's body fragrance lingered on her handkerchief. Qin Feng, who had been shrouded in the smell of poisonous blood, regained his vitality after he was exposed to Su Qiu Yue's fresh fragrance!

    "Qiu Yue, your grandpa was poisoned!" said Qin Feng, looking at Su Qiu Yue after he had recovered from dizziness.

    "What? Grandpa was poisoned?" Su Qiu Yue halted her movement abruptly. This was the first time Qin Feng saw a shocked expression on her face.

    "How could that be? Who poisoned Grandpa? His diet was specially prepared by his own chef and delivered by the old butler, Uncle Li, to his room. How could he be poisoned?

    "Did you guess it wrongly, Qin Feng?" Su Qiu Yue was so nervous she clung tightly to Qin Feng's arm.

    Qin Feng felt a sudden leap of sympathy for her. He looked fixedly at Su Qiu Yue, and pondered in his heart, "How come this dignified, wise, and calm woman suddenly became so restless?"

    Qin Feng knew the reason; of course, Su Qiu Yue knew it herself as well!

    Both of them were smart people; they had already seen through the filthy conspiracy behind this incident!

    "Qiu Yue, why do you have to ask me if you already have the answer? It's just that you don't want to accept the truth!" Qin Feng placed his hands on Su Qiu Yue's shoulders and said earnestly, "Fighting between the rich and powerful, killing among siblings! These are common in aristocratic families. If your second uncle could bring people to force you to submit to him and step down from the position as the Head of Household, why couldn't others have poisoned the elder in secret?"

    Exactly. Qin Feng had known the elder was poisoned by none other than the people in the Su family. On top of that, that culprit had to be very close to the elder. As for Su Qiu Yue, she'd thought of the same thing as well when she learned the elder was poisoned. It was just that she refused to accept the truth, so she lost control!

    "Qin Feng, do you think Grandpa was poisoned by Second Uncle and his family?" Su Qiu Yue had been trained by her grandpa for a long time to preside over the Su family's matters. As a result, she was exceptionally good at controlling her own emotions; she had already recovered her usual calm demeanor.

    "Hmm, I'm not very sure about that. After all, I just came to your Su mansion not long ago and I'm not very familiar with your relatives!" Qin Feng shook his head and continued, "But I think you can start from the old butler, Uncle Li. He played an important role in this incident!"

    Qin Feng's words enlightened Su Qiu Yue but startled her as well!

    She'd never suspected Uncle Li to be the culprit. It wasn't because Su Qiu Yue was stupid but because Uncle Li was very loyal to her grandpa and had followed him for more than 30 years. Su Qiu Yue really didn't want Uncle Li to be the culprit.

    "Qin Feng, this incident may involve some very important people of the Su family. All of them are my relatives and Grandpa's children. On top of that, I'm a woman. So, I'm afraid I can't handle this problem calmly... Can you help me to think of a plan to smoke out the mastermind?"

    Qin Feng pondered for a while before nodded his head. "I've an idea. Tomorrow..."

    Qin Feng told Su Qiu Yue his plan. Su Qiu Yue's dim eyes suddenly shone brightly. At last, Su Qiu Yue nodded her head firmly and exclaimed, "What a good plan! Let's follow it tomorrow!"

    After they'd settled on a plan, Su Qiu Yue then laid her grandpa on the bed and combed his hair carefully. She noticed that Qin Feng's treatment was effective. The elder's face had become ruddy and his breathing had become smoother. Su Qiu Yue was very excited and happy at her grandpa's changes!

    "Your grandpa was poisoned for too long. Some poison has spread into his organs!"

    With an indifferent demeanor, Qin Feng then added, "These poisons are weird and can't be detected by normal medical devices. Normally, these poison would spread across the whole body within three months, fully paralyzing the nervous and visceral systems, and kill your grandpa. However, the man behind this incident is a cautious person. He's afraid somebody might notice your grandpa's condition, so he only used a very small amount of slow-acting poison. That's the reason why your grandpa could hold out until now!

    "Earlier, I successfully forced some poison out of your grandpa's body with my inner qi. However, my current power is limited. So for now, I could only force the poison out from his veins. As for the poison in his organs, the most thing I can do is suppress it and prevent it from spreading even further. But rest assured, as soon as I break through to Stage Four, I promise I'll heal the elder completely!"

    Qin Feng reported the elder's condition to Su Qiu Yue. She looked at Qin Feng with a grateful expression.

    "Thank you, Qin Feng! I'll marry you as long as you can save my grandpa!"

    Qin Feng had gotten to his feet. He then stood with his hands clasped behind him, tilted his head 45 degrees, looked at the waning moon, and talked with a soft tone, "It isn't necessary, Miss Qiu Yue! A forced marriage isn't a perfect marriage. I do not wish for Miss Qiu Yue to marry me just because I saved your grandpa! By doing that, I will only get your body but not your heart and your soul, and this will humiliate me greatly!"

    Qin Feng spoke earnestly; his countenance was grave!

    With the beauty of the hazy crescent moon behind him, Qin Feng's handsome face was even more distinctive, and a holy aura seemed to emanate from his body!

    This was a classic move on Qin Feng's part: playing hard-to-get!

    Although he looked like he was letting Su Qiu Yue go, he was actually trying to impress Su Qiu Yue and allow the seed of love to slip into the depths of her heart and sprout!

    "Miss Qiu Yue! You don't have to be touched by or thank me. In my eyes, it's normal for me to do all this for you!"

    Seeing Su Qiu Yue's eyes were slightly reddened, Qin Feng knew he'd succeeded with his petty trick. Qin Feng was kind of fed up with this ever-victorious feeling. When would he meet a perfect woman who would reject him once, allowing him to taste failure in love...

    "Qin Feng! Sand went into my eyes just now. I'm sorry!"

    Su Qiu Yue rubbed her eyes lightly and looked at Qin Feng with a calm expression. "Thank you, then! You're such a gentleman! I'll certainly reward you handsomely when everything is done!

    "To be honest, I don't really like you and it'll be a disgrace to you even if I marry you! I'm very sorry for my lack of consideration earlier on. I do hope for Young Master Qin's forgiveness!"

    Qin Feng was dumbstruck, his smile became stiff. He froze for a moment and spoke shamelessly, "Err... Actually I like to be humiliated by other people. How about we stick to Miss Qiu Yue's suggestion and get married as soon as we finished our task!"
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