Chapter 330 - Su Hao Nan Awakens

    Chapter 330 - Su Hao Nan Awakens

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    In the parlor of the Su family mansion's main building!

    Early in the morning, the Su relatives gathered once again to continue last night's unfinished business!

    Su Ming's family stood at the head of the group once again. The husband and wife had their arms intertwined and looked sweet and happy as if the person who committed adultery wasn't Liu Yan, and the person who got slapped in the face wasn't Su Ming!

    Across from the group were three people: Qin Feng and the beautiful Su sisters!

    Qin Feng stood to the side with his arm around Su Xia Tian, pretending they were a couple. Su Qiu Yue stood in the middle and looked at her aunts and uncles with a neutral expression.

    "Aunties and Uncles, you probably haven't eaten yet since it's so early. Uncle Li, is breakfast ready? The Su family clan hasn't had a dinner together in a while!" Su Qiu Yue glanced at Uncle Li.

    Uncle Li didn't immediately heed Su Qiu Yue's implicit command. He looked at her hesitantly.

    "Qiu Yue! Second Uncle isn't criticizing you, but look at what you've become? The Su family is in the middle of a calamity. We aunts and uncles are very busy and so anxious we are losing sleep and forget to eat... On the other hand, you sleep and eat well, and you're in the mood for a family meal? Hmph!"

    "As expected, this girl Qiu Yue doesn't have her mind on the family business. With a girl like you as Head of Household, the Su business could collapse anytime!" Su Ming had just finished speaking when Liu Yan voiced her agreement. "The Su family's prestige has existed for decades in Sky City. This enormous business was built generation after generation with blood, sweat, and tears. How could it fall during our generation? ...Qiu Yue, listen to Second Auntie and give your second uncle the Head of Household position. He's the most capable and qualified in the Su family to take on the role. I'm sure that after he takes up the position, the Su family will quickly go back to normal!"

    Su Ming's wife expressed her opinion, so the other people naturally chimed in with their exclamations of denunciation!

    They all opposed Su Qiu Yue's continuing to hold the power in the family, and insisted she give up the Head of Household role!

    In the face of these challenges and heartlessness, Su Qiu Yue was calm as usual. It was almost as if they weren't talking about her!

    "Do you really not want to eat breakfast together? I remember the last time the Su family had a feast was New Year's last year... Since it's rare that we've come together today, how could we not have a meal?" With a calm voice, Su Qiu Yue continued to talk about the meal.

    "Hmph! Meal, meal, you really are pigheaded. You may have food to eat now, but after some time passes, our Su family won't even have food to eat!" Su Ming roared coldly.

    Then, step by step, he led the crowd closer to Su Qiu Yue. "Qiu Yue, get out of Second Uncle's way. Today, I must go into the inner part of the house and see how Dad is doing. I want to talk to him personally and have him transfer the Head of Household role to me!"

    Su Ming couldn't wait. He didn't know how many years he'd been fighting for this role!

    In the beginning, Su Qiu Yue's parents were still alive. Eldest Brother had just been chosen as the successor. Then, Eldest Brother and Sister-in-Law died in a car crash and the elder began raising Su Qiu Yue. Then, he even gave Su Qiu Yue control of the family's important business sectors.

    Su Ming felt unbalanced. In order to take the Head of Household position, he'd plotted day and night. Today was the best opportunity, and he couldn't wait any longer!

    "Second Uncle, it would be best if you stopped coming forward. Otherwise, Xia Tian's boyfriend is going to make a move!" Su Qiu Yue looked coldly at the crowd.

    "Haha! You think we're really afraid of that wild brat? He wants to make a move? Then come. I want to see if you can kill me right here!" Su Ming wasn't afraid of Qin Feng today. He even wanted the brat to quickly make a move!

    Because there were policemen that Su Ming personally requested outside, as long Qin Feng made a move, the police would rush over and arrest Qin Feng for deliberately injuring someone.

    "Uncle Cuckold, you seem to want me to make a move!" Qin Feng suddenly looked toward Su Ming with a smile.

    He hugged Su Xia Tian the whole time and enjoyed it. This girl's body was soft and the fruity scent on her body was invigorating. If the situation wasn't reaching a stage that Siu Qiu Yue couldn't control, Qin Feng would be too lazy to concern himself over these uncles and aunts.

    Su Xia Tian rested in Qin Feng's embrace with extreme anger-especially since his hands were dishonest. They kept touching her small waist or pinched her perky behind. If her sister didn't tell her to cooperate with Qin Feng, she would have bitten this human trash to death!

    "Hmph! You scoundrel. What can you do other than martial arts? For the Su family's continued existence, I have to force my way into Dad's room even if I have to fight to the death. If you want to hit me, then hurry up. Don't be wishy-washy like a woman!"

    Su Ming did all he could to control his emotions. However, the instant he heard "Uncle Cuckold," a flash of frost chilled his expression. Outwardly, he didn't care about this matter, but he actually cared about it a lot.

    "Don't get too excited, Uncle Cuckold. I was originally a rough person. However, now that I'm with Little Sister Xia Tian, I'm the son-in-law of the Su family. The Su family is the most powerful family in Sky City, so I need to learn to control my temper and learn the hypocritical fronts that this large family puts on....Otherwise, if I hit someone and get arrested, then that'll be troublesome!"

    Su Ming's expression changed again. He suddenly realized that he'd underestimated Qin Feng and Su Qiu Yue. He didn't think the two of them would discover his intentions so early. However, that was no big deal because Su Ming was going to force his way into the inner room and see what the three people could do about it.

    "I don't have time to talk nonsense with you, I'm going inside to see Dad!"

    Set on no more nonsense, Su Ming rushed into the inner room!

    Qin Feng and the beautiful sisters didn't stop him. Instead, they stepped out of his way. This action shocked Su Ming and the spectators a bit. They still hadn't gotten a grasp of the situation when an elderly but robust voice came from within the house!

    What a familiar sound!

    "Little Ming'er, is there a reason why you're so anxious to see me?"

    Elder Su's voice was suddenly heard. Some of the cowardly Su family members almost pissed themselves!

    Su Ming froze, and his legs began to tremble. He never thought that his father would have awoken!

    A golden path was formed by the parting of the masses. Passing through the crowd, Su Hao Nan walked over to the sisters with his head high and chest puffed out. All of the eyes fell on the elder's body.

    His complexion was rosy, and his steps were measured and healthy!

    His breathing was strong and stable, and his voice was loud and clear! Every step he took was light and soundless, but it struck the spectators' hearts like thunder. He is the Su family's backbone. After three months of silence, he stood before the audience again with indomitable spirit!

    "Little Ming'er, why aren't you saying anything? Weren't you complaining about seeing me? Now you look like you've seen a ghost. Do you not want to see me, or did you think you'd never see me again?" Su Hao Nan smiled affectionately at Su Ming.

    Su Ming was so shocked that his teeth chattered. His brain was addled, and even after a long time, he couldn't even utter a syllable!

    Su Hao Nan smiled for a while, then looked away. His gaze swept across the faces of the spectators in the parlor. "Early this morning, I heard from Qiu Yue that a lot of relatives have come to the house. I considered setting up a table and having a family feast. We haven't gathered in a while, and this is a rare opportunity!

    "But just as I was dressing in the room, I heard the noise outside as if you didn't want to eat this meal. Since this is the case, then why are you all standing here? Go home!"

    Only Elder Su's voice was present in the large parlor. The rest of the sounds were those of the Su family members breathing heavily with their heads lowered. They all thought the Su elder was on his last leg and wanted to use the opportunity to fight for the family business. Now that the elder stood vigorous and alive before them, how could they not be nervous and afraid?

    "Qiu Yue, Xia Tian, sit at the table with Grandpa. Sit next to me. Since these people don't like eating family feasts, then the three of us can just eat!

    "Right, Qin Feng, come sit here as well. Sit beside Xia Tian. Xia Tian is my precious granddaughter; you have to treat her well!"

    Elder Su said these words casually, but it surprised the audience so much that they almost shouted aloud!

    The elder usually loved the beautiful twin sisters the most, but they were women, so everyone was dissatisfied with having them take over the Su family business. However, the elder acknowledged Qin Feng and Su Xia Tian's relationship in front of everyone. What did that mean?

    Did he mean to pass the Su family's massive family business to an outsider?

    "Dad! So you were actually fine? That's too great. I'm elated!" While the spectators were still stunned, the third brother, Su Hai, led the whole family to sit at the table.

    "You didn't go outside for three months, and Qiu Yue didn't give us an accurate statement. I was unable to sleep at night due to worry, and my appetite was gone as well. Now that I see that you're healthy with more vitality than ever, I can finally eat a meal without worry!"

    "That's not right! Our whole family was worried to death! I don't know how long we were waiting for this meal. Liu Yan, Su Tao, come sit." Regaining his senses, Su Ming then put on a smile and sat down.

    "Tao'er, didn't you repeat every day your wish for Grandpa to wake up soon? Now Grandpa is awake! Hurry and greet him!"

    "Grandpa!" said Su Tao while looking at Su Hao Nan!

    Su Hao Nan smiled and nodded.

    "Su Cheng, your second brother greeted your grandpa; you greet him too!" Su Hai slapped his son in the head.

    "Grandpa! We're all really happy that you're better!" Su Cheng smiled and greeted his grandfather as well.

    More and more people sat at the table and began complimenting Su Hao Nan to curry favor with him. At some point the butler, Uncle Li, ran off, but he went to the kitchen to instruct that the food be brought out!

    Su Qiu Yue ignored these people's feigned affection. She kept an eye on her grandfather's condition, then brought him food and poured him spirits. On the other hand, Su Xia Tian stomped powerfully on Qin Feng's foot with her high heels. The brat was being dishonest and placing his hand on her purple-stocking-clad thighs!
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