Chapter 331 - I Hope It Wasnt You!

    Chapter 331 - I Hope It Wasn't You!

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    On the face of it, the breakfast was lively-everybody toasted and chit-chatted nonstop with the elder. But, in fact, everybody was very depressed and hoped to finish this meal as soon as possible!

    "Qiu Yue, Xia Tian, Qin Feng, follow me to my room! I'm getting old, and I'm sleepy after having some beer. Everyone, please enjoy the meal. Don't mind this old man!"

    Su Qiu Yue and Su Xia Tian hastily stood up, held their grandpa by his left and right arms, and accompanied him to his room. Qin Feng, on the other hand, trailed behind them, protecting the elder!


    Sighing voices and wailing breaths filled the parlor as soon as the elder left! All of them couldn't accept the fact that the elder had awakened from his coma. They were anxious about what the elder might do after he learned of their attempt to contest over his property!

    "Hehe! I'm getting older as well. I'm a little buzzed as I'm overjoyed about Dad's recovery. Help me home, Liu Yan. Everybody, please enjoy the meal!"

    "I'm so full! I haven't had a good rest since Dad fell into coma. I can finally rest well tonight!"

    Since Second Brother and Third Brother had left, the remaining collateral family members gave various excuses and took their leave one after another. Very soon, the happening, lively parlor fell cold and cheerless!


    Su Hao Nan spewed blood when he arrived at his room!

    The elder was weak. He just woke up yesterday after Qin Feng had forced some poison out of his body. The elder pushed himself to present a strong and dynamic front at the family feast!


    Su Qiu Yue and Su Xia Tian were astonished. Both of them rushed forward and help their grandpa. Su Qiu Yue pulled out her handkerchief to wipe off the blood around his mouth!

    "Hahaha! Don't worry, don't worry. I'm fine!" Su Hao Nan waved his hand and sat on the bed.

    He was so happy that he even burst out in bubbling laughter!

    "Qin Feng! Thank you for saving my life! If it wasn't for you, I can't imagine what those bastards would have done to Qiu Yue and Xia Tian! I treasure these twin sisters the most. Too bad, their parents passed away early. I'd be too ashamed to face my Xun'er if I failed to take a good care of them!"

    "Please lie down, elder. I'll transfer some of my qi into your body to heal you even further!" Qin Feng walked over to sit by the bed.

    Elder Su believed Qin Feng, so he lay down on the bed without the slightest hesitation. Qin Feng held the elder's wrist and started to revitalize his Blood Qi. On the other hand, the sisters stood behind Qin Feng, watching him treating their grandpa!

    The family feast was Qin Feng's idea. He attempted to use the elder's indominant aura to pressure the restless Su family members! Qin Feng's plan was considerate. After all, the Su family members were the twin sisters' relatives and they were just temporarily blinded by the wealth and power. So, Qin Feng simply beat them down instead of punishing them harshly!

    If the Su family members had any conscience, they would certainly give up their plan and listen obediently to the elder's instructions in the future. This was the result that everybody would like to see!

    However, if they didn't cherish this opportunity and continued to harm the elder even after he had awakened from his coma, then it was the time for the elder to expel this bunch of ingrates!

    The elder's face became rosy and he regained most of his vigor after Qin Feng treated him for 30 minutes. However, releasing qi taxed Qin Fen greatly. It was merely 30 minutes and he was bathed in sweat already!

    "Qin Feng, come over here! Let me wipe off your sweat!" Su Xia Tian proactively pulled out her handkerchief and helped Qin Feng clean up.

    Su Xia Tian's action warmed Qin Feng. Seems like helping the twin sisters isn't a waste!

    After Su Hao Nan's vitality was restored, he looked at Qin Feng and Su Xia Tian with glowing spirits and exclaimed, "Fate! This is fate!" He then added joyfully, "I was worried that Xia Tian wouldn't be able to find a good partner since she's so fierce and willful and nobody can control her. But now, I'm relieved. Look at my good granddaughter's husband... Qin Feng, I really like you a lot!"

    "Grandpa!" Like a startled deer, Su Xia Tian's face suddenly flushed. She pouted and sneered at Qin Feng. "Who wants to marry this rascal! It was just a show, Grandpa! This fellow is a pervert and extremely frivolous. I don't want to marry him!"

    As Su Xia Tian spoke, she buried her head in her sister's arms, snuggling. Both Su Qiu Yue and Su Hao Nan cast meaningful smiles at each other when they saw her reaction!

    "Grandpa, Qin Feng helped us a lot this time. If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't have been able to wake up so soon!" Su Qiu Yue could distinguish right from wrong. She was a grateful person and she acknowledged Qin Feng's contribution. So, she began to praise him before her grandpa!

    Su Hao Nan nodded his head repeatedly. "Indeed, I could tell that Qin Feng is a remarkable and promising young man from the way he handled this incident!

    "Not only did we deter them through the family feast, but it also gave both sides a chance to step down... This will be a tough fight. I earnestly hope the war between Su family members will never happen!"

    Su Hao Nan sighed lightly. It was hard for him to accept being betrayed by his own son. His heart was in so much pain that he felt it was pricked by countless needles!

    "However, I won't back down even if I have to fight! I won't be lenient with them and I will protect Qiu Yue and Xia Tian at all costs!" Su Hao Nan's countenance changed; his eyes filled with determination!

    The sisters' eyes reddened. Both of them threw themselves into their grandpa's arms. One of them was a dignified and calm woman while the other was a willful and stubborn woman in other people's eyes. However, from their grandpa's perspective, both of them were little girls who hadn't grown up!

    "Can you promise this elder one thing, Qin Feng?" Su Hao Nan patted the twin sisters' shoulders lightly and gazed ardently at Qin Feng.

    "If I don't emerge victorious in this internal strife of Su family, can you help me take care of these twin sisters?"

    Qin Feng's eyes instantly brimmed with light. How could he reject this kind of important task? He'd feel embarrassed if he ever rejected it!

    "Don't you worry, elder. I'll take care of the twins forever if anything ever happens to you!"

    Su Qiu Yue and Su Xia Tian felt Qin Feng's words were weird! The elder's expression changed slightly. He stroked his beard and laughed suddenly. "Haha! That's fine! You must take care of Xia Tian and help me to find a good husband for Qiu Yue!"

    "Ahem ahem! Yes, yes. I will!" Qin Feng noticed this old sly fox had seen through his intention; he felt a little bit awkward.

    The main reason was because this elder didn't agree to his suggestion. He even intentionally asked Qin Feng to help Su Qiu Yue find another man!


    The moon was hazy; it was early autumn!

    The autumn wind was soughing through the large Su family mansion, and the compound was cold and silent.

    In the wee hours, most of the rooms were dark. However, there was one room with its lights on.

    A plate of snacks was placed on a small table beside Su Hao Nan as he sat by the bed. Meanwhile, the old butler of Su family, Uncle Li, stood on one side silently. As long as the elder didn't speak, he wouldn't take the initiative to break the silence!

    "It was a hard time for you, Old Li." Su Hao Nan suddenly smiled at Uncle Li.

    "I faked being sick and rested because I'm tired of handling the Su family's affairs. I'm already a 70-year-old geezer and I feel I'm incapable of taking care of the Su family's business!

    "I'm sorry for keeping you in the dark all this way, Old Li. Also, thank you for supporting Qiu Yue by handling the household!"

    Uncle Li hastily bowed and replied politely to Su Hao Nan, "Please don't say that, Master. It'll shorten my life!

    "I know my place, Master. You have your own notions and I'm merely a servant. I should do my own duty as a servant industriously and conscientiously!"

    "What nice words you have there, Old Li! A person should just mind his own business!" Su Hao Nan stroked his beard and said indifferently, "I faked being sick because I wanted to see what would become of the family after I've fallen. Their reactions in these three months truly break my heart!

    "It's because of all of us uniting as one and working together; only then could the Su family prosper and stand above the masses. But look at my sons now... Ai! Let's not talk about them!

    "I'm getting older and I should leave the Su family to the next generation. Do you have any candidate in mind, Old Li?" Su Hao Nan suddenly looked at Uncle Li.

    Uncle Li hastily replied, "This is a big deal, Master. It's better for you to decide!

    "I'm merely a servant of the Su family. No matter who the next Head of Household will be, I'll serve him or her loyally!"

    "Hehe! I think Qiu Yue is a good choice. I really wanted to pass this position to her!" Su Hao Nan began to reminisce. "How many years have we known each other, Old Li?"

    "Forty-six years." Uncle Li's countenance became grave. "I've been following Master since master became the Head of Household!"

    Su Hao Nan's eyes became hazy and distant, as if he was recalling memories of his youth. "It has been 46 years; time sure flies fast! During that time, I was just a playful 23- or 24-year-old brat. Then my dad wanted me to be the next Head of Household, taking care of the Su family! I wasn't accustomed to it at first and hard-pressed by various kinds of people!

    "Ai... Time passes in the blink of an eye! I'm gratified that the Su family hasn't gone downhill under my watch!"

    "You're a great Head of Household, Master. Not only hasn't the Su family gone downhill, it's becoming more prosperous day by day!" Uncle Li fawned over Su Hao Nan!

    Trembling with excitement, Su Hao Man laughed, "Haha! Old Li, now even you have learned how to kiss someone's ass!"

    "What I've said is true, Master. We can all see your contributions to the Su family!"

    "Fine, fine! I feel better after being acknowledged by you. I haven't eaten anything since this afternoon. Old Li, ask the kitchen to prepare a plain noodle soup for me, topped with an egg and veggies! I want to eat a large bowl of it!"

    "Understood, Master! I'll have the kitchen to prepare it for you now!" Uncle Li bowed slightly to Su Hao Nan and retreated from the room to fetch the plain noodle soup.

    Seeing his back, Su Hao Nan's eyes brimmed with light. He then murmured to himself, "I really hope it isn't you, Old Li!"
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