Chapter 332 - Luring the Snake Out of Its Hole

    Chapter 332 - Luring the Snake Out of Its Hole

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Not long later, Uncle Li rushed back carrying a bowl of steaming hot, plain noodles!

    Su Hao Nan had already eaten all the snacks on the table. When he saw the noodles topped with two eggs and covered in Chinese cabbage and green onions, he was so ravenous that he almost drooled.

    "Old Li, you're finally here. I was so hungry I couldn't wait. I was about to go to the kitchen to hurry you up!" Su Hao Nan accepted the bowl of plain noodles and began to take large bites of it.

    Uncle Li stood to the side and watched. "I've made Master wait too long! If you think it's not enough, I can tell the chef to make another bowl!"

    Su Hao Nan took large bites of his noodles while shaking his head. He said, "If such a large bowl of noodles isn't enough for me, then I'll really become a pig!"

    "Then take your time eating, Master. And be careful; it's hot!"

    Uncle Li bowed slightly and stood to the side. Su Hao Nan stopped talking and ate the noodles. Uncle Li didn't say anything else. Su Hao Nan finished the noodles really quickly, and he even drank all the soup in the bowl.

    "Ah! How refreshing... It really is refreshing!" Su Hao Nan tossed the bowl aside after he finished eating. Then, he shouted with delight, "When I was young, I would've needed three full bowls to fill me up. Now, I've truly grown old. My appetite wasn't what it used to be!"

    "Your appetite is good, Master. You can eat even more than me!" Uncle Li took the bowl and said, "Then I'll go put the bowl away. Rest early, Master!"

    Uncle Li quickly retreated with the bowl. Su Hao Nan washed his face, hands, and legs, then lay on the bed and went to sleep!

    All the lanterns in the Su family mansion were extinguished, and the only light was that of the cold and cheerless moonlight!

    A black shadow suddenly leaped out. It squatted outside a room door and picked the door's lock with a long, thin needle.

    With a crisp "click," the door was pushed open and the person in black waited silently at the doorway for a long while. When he were certain there was no danger, he lightly pushed the door open.

    He entered and shut the door!

    The person in black had very light movements like a cat. After shutting the door, the shadow flashed and arrived at the bedside. A white-haired elderly man lay peacefully asleep on the bed. It was the Su family's Head of Household, Su Hao Nan!


    A dagger suddenly appeared in the man in black's hand and stabbed toward the elder's heart. Su Hao Nan suddenly opened his eyes. His gaze swept over the face and figure of the person in black, and he internally lamented.

    Even though the person had his face covered and was dressed in black-even his shoes were black-Su Hao Nan could still recognize him!

    After all, he was his good servant of 46 years. Su Hao Nan couldn't pretend he couldn't recognize him even if he wanted to!

    "Old Li, you've really let me down!" Su Hao Nan suddenly sat up.

    The person in black held a dagger with wintry light against his neck. Qin Feng held the dagger with one hand, and the man in black's wrist that was about to stab Su Hao Nan with his other hand, preventing his attack.

    Su Hao Nan slowly extended his aged, withered hand and grabbed the person in black's face mask. When the mask was removed, the face revealed was the one Su Hao Nan was dreading the most: Uncle Li!

    The gloomy yet tranquil moonlight fell on Uncle Li's face. The face was filled with a hundred conflicting emotions. Helplessness, anger, despair, and malevolence all mixed together. This was the first time Su Hao Nan saw so many expressions on Uncle Li's face!


    The room light was suddenly switched on, and the blinding light force Uncle Li shut his eyes!

    Su Qiu Yue and Su Xia Tian rushed up beside Uncle Li. Su Qiu Yue said nothing. Her eyes were filled with despair. Uncle Li had watched her and her younger sister grow up. In Su Qiu Yue's eyes, Uncle Li was like family. She'd never thought he would ever do this!

    Su Xia Tian's temper exploded. She now began to throw a flurry of punches and kicks at Uncle Li.

    Uncle Li tossed the dagger in his hand to the side and allowed Su Xia Tian to hit him. His face was filled with tears!

    "Xia Tian, stop!" Su Hao Nan couldn't sit still and watch the scene, so he urged Su Xia Tian to stop. "Old Li isn't acting of his own volition. Though he stepped on the wrong path, we can't forget the hard work and contributions he made to the Su family. He's still the Uncle Li in your hearts. However, from here on out, you will no longer have an Uncle Li!"

    Su Hao Nan waved his hand, and Qin Feng released Uncle Li!

    "Old Li, was this worth the trouble?" Su Hao Nan's expression was sincere as he looked at Uncle Li.

    Uncle Li choked on his sobs and couldn't say a word. This was the scene he'd been most terrified of experiencing!

    "Actually, I knew I was poisoned long ago, and I suspected you then as well! However, I didn't dare make a move previously, for fear that if a fight began, I'd have to get ahold of some people I would rather die than see again!"

    Uncle Li couldn't say anything. Su Hao Nan raised his head, looked at the waning moon, and seemed to mumble to himself:

    "Afterwards, I kept putting it off again and again until I collapsed and fell into a coma. If Qin Feng hadn't appeared, you would have won the fight!

    "Qin Feng woke me up, and I was determined to root you cruel people out. If I'd really died, what would have happened to Qiu Yue and Xia Tian, the pitiful children? Old Li! At our ages, what haven't we experienced? You know well that a lot of things are out of our hands at our age!

    "Thus, Qin Feng and I made a plan to prepare a family feast to surprise you all, then harshly beat you up and suppress you... At night, I intentionally called you to my room to show you my lively appearance and intentionally state my intention to pass the Head of Household position to Qiu Yue. I wanted to make the people backing you anxious. I wanted to make them lose their bearings!

    "As expected, they couldn't wait to kill me. You poisoned the plain noodles, and I ate it all even though I knew it was poisoned, to ease your vigilance and make you negligent!

    "After you left, Qin Feng forced the poison out of my body and told me he was certain you'd come for me again tonight. Thus, he and the two girls stayed in my room. Who would've thought that you'd really come!"

    Su Hao Nan detailed everything that occurred after he woke up; he detailed the plan between him and Qin Feng. After hearing this, Uncle Li's expression shifted slightly, he looked at Qin Feng several times. I can't believe that we plotted for so long, yet our plan was ruined by a damn brat!

    "Haha! Old Li, I know what you're thinking. Now is the time of the youth. You can't be bitter. Qin Feng is a really outstanding young lad. I've decided to marry Xia Tian to him!"

    "Grandpa!" Su Xia Tian pursed her lips, looking like she was dissatisfied with her grandfather's decision.

    "Master, please grant me death!" Uncle Li suddenly spoke, wanting to die!

    Disappointment flashed in Su Hao Nan's eyes. He glared fiercely at Uncle Li. "You'd rather die than say who you're working for?"

    "Every person has someone who holds information over them. I hope Master will honor my request!" Uncle Li's conflicted expression calmed, and his gaze became bleak. He looked like a soulless, empty shell of a person.

    "Old Li! What can I say! I didn't think you'd go first since you're younger than me... Actually, I know who you're working for. When you were putting away the empty bowl, Qin Feng followed you. Go without worry; I'll have people take care of your wife and child!"


    Su Hao Nan's expression suddenly became ferocious. He was a 70-year-old man, but when he was angry, he was like a dangerous beast.

    Without warning, he picked up the dagger from the ground and ruthlessly stabbed it into Uncle Li's heart. Fresh blood shot out and sprayed Su Hao Nan. Though Su Hao Nan's face was covered in blood, he didn't wipe it off!

    Uncle Li was dead! When he died, he didn't even shout in pain, he just clenched his teeth and held it in!

    This was all he could do for Su Hao Nan before he died. He didn't want to shock any other Su family member. He slipped away quietly and allowed the Su family to fight among themselves with regard to the other matters!

    Once Su Qiu Yue saw this, her lovely eyes became slightly red. She was so startled that she almost shouted aloud. On the other hand, Qin Feng stepped up and covered her mouth!

    "Qin Feng, I'll have to trouble you again tonight!" Su Hao Nan said while looking at Qin Feng.

    "Don't worry, Elder. Deeper into the night, I'll go bury him in the mountains and erect a gravestone for him. That way, it'll be convenient for his wife and son to visit him!"

    Su Hao Nan nodded, gratified. He liked Qin Feng more and more, and he quite wanted to marry both of his granddaughters to him. However, it wasn't for him to determine; he had to ask Qiu Yue what she wanted!

    "Old Li was sacrificed and the person behind the scenes was found... When will this all end?" Su Hao Nan suddenly sighed ruefully.

    "We won't be able to hide Uncle Li's disappearance for very long. We should gather the family clan for a meeting tomorrow and end this!" said Qin Feng.

    "How should we handle it?"

    "That is your problem, Elder. You probably already have a method in mind." Qin Feng smiled slightly and said, "I think we should dig up his criminal record and put him in jail for the rest of his life!"

    Su Hao Nan nodded. Then, his expression became solemn. "I'm afraid it won't be that easy!"

    "Different situations call for different measures. Elder was once an all-powerful person. Are you afraid it won't work out?" Qin Feng said to Su Hao Nan, smiling.

    Su Hao Nan stared at Qin Feng and yelled while laughing, "Brat, no one has ever dared to say that I, Su Hao Nan, am afraid of anything. You really are to my liking!"

    Seeing Elder Su's mood improve, Qin Feng lifted Uncle Li and walked nimbly out the door. "The red sandalwood scent in the house isn't bad!"

    Qin Feng mumbled this to himself, yet Su Hao Nan came to a sudden realization. A fierce glint appeared in his gaze!

    Once Qin Feng left, only the elder and the lovely sisters were left in the house!

    When Uncle Li died before their eyes, the two sisters were frightened. At this time, they dove into their grandfather's embrace and clung tightly to his arms.

    Su Hao Nan's deep-set eyes were fierce and bright. He had to stand up again and shake up the Su family for his two precious granddaughters!

    "Xia Tian, that guy Qin Feng isn't bad. Stick with him. You can be stubborn about the minor issues, but listen to Qin Feng for the more important ones!" said the elder as he lovingly caressed Su Xia Tian's head.

    "Grandpa... I don't want to be with him!" Su Xia Tian's charming face flushed. She was as beautiful as the clouds at sunrise!

    "Haha! If Xia Tian really doesn't like Qin Feng, then I'll give Qin Feng your big sister. When the time comes, don't come crying to your grandpa!" Su Hao Nan joked.

    Su Qiu Yue lowered her head slightly, and no one saw the blush that flashed across her features. Then, she lifted her head, smiled, and said, "Grandpa, I also think well of Qin Feng with Xia Tian; I won't fight with her!"
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