Chapter 333 - The Su Familys Meeting

    Chapter 333 - The Su Family's Meeting

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    In the parlor of Su family mansion's main building!

    The Su family's VIPs gathered in the parlor early in the morning. Their countenances were grave, sober, and nervous. This was because everybody noticed that the old butler, Uncle Li, was gone!

    It wasn't because they valued Uncle Li. It was just that Uncle Li was the one who would bring them water, pour them tea, and perform other services for them whenever they had a family meeting. They were not accustomed to his sudden absence.

    "Old Li took a few days' leave and went back to his hometown! Ai! You see, nobody lit the incense after he left." Su Hao Nan, who sat at the head of the big oval-shaped table, suddenly said, "Ming'er, replace the red sandalwood incense at the altar. We need to dissipate the foul odor in this parlor!"

    "Okay, Dad!" Su Ming got up and went to the altar.

    There were dozens of drawers under the altar. Su Ming unhesitatingly opened the second drawer in the third row, took the red sandalwood incense, and lit it!

    When Su Hao Nan and Qin Feng saw his slick as whistle movements, both of them were surprised!

    Su Hao Nan had called a family meeting early in the morning. All the Su family members sat at the big oval-shaped table. The higher their position, the nearer they sat to Su Hao Nan, while the lower positions sat accordingly.

    Su Qiu Yue and Su Xia Tian sat beside the elder. Qin Feng didn't take a seat; instead, he stood behind Elder Su, keep an eye on everybody's actions, guarding the elder and the twin sisters!

    "We had a family feast yesterday morning, and I called for a family meeting this morning. Do any of you have anything to say?" asked Su Hao Nan after Su Ming lit the incense and returned to his seat.

    Su Hao Nan's complexion was rosy. He was high in spirits. His voice was robust and strong!

    The rest of the people lowered their heads dispiritedly, refusing to talk. All of them knew the elder was going to punish them by the family laws today.

    "I haven't seen everybody for three months. Yesterday I heard you all making a racket at the parlor, so I thought all of you had a lot of things and opinions to say to me. Why are you all remaining silent now?" Su Hao Nan continued after waiting for a few moments.

    It was dead silent; nobody dared to utter a word. Since neither Su Ming nor Su Hai spoke, how would the rest have the guts to come forward?

    "Su Ming, didn't you want to speak with me?" Su Hao Nan suddenly looked at Su Ming.

    Su Ming's heart sank. However, he retained calm and frosty. "Dad, I came to your room these few days because I wanted to ask Qiu Yue about your condition. I'm worried about your health since I haven't heard from you for three months!"

    "Hehe! Well, thanks for your concern!" Su Hao Nan smiled. He turned his head and looked at Su Hai and said, "How about you, Hai'er?"

    "Dad! Just like Second Brother, I'm worried about you. Since Dad has recovered now, I don't have other questions, then!" replied Su Hai, smiling.

    "Then I guess everybody is worried about my condition and that's the reason you're all gathered here, right?"

    Su Hao Nan glanced through the crowd and everybody nodded their heads!

    "Hehe! I'm so gratified to know that I'm still welcomed by everybody and you're all so concerned about my health!" Su Hao Nan laughed. His countenance suddenly changed, and he switched topics abruptly. "Since you have no other questions anymore, then I'll make my announcement now. Effective today, I'll appoint my granddaughter Su Qiu Yue to be the next Head of Household! I guess all of you have no objection, right?"


    Su Hao Nan's statement stirred up everybody!

    Earlier, these people lowered down their heads, afraid to speak. But now, all of them started whispering with one another, discussing Su Hao Nan's announcement. They all thought the elder did not have much time left, so they had joined forces in order to overthrow Su Qiu Yue!

    If Su Qiu Yue really became the Head of Household, they might had a rough time afterward!

    Su Qiu Yue was renowned as the most talented girl in Sky City, even-handed, viewing issues in black and white. She would never open the net on one side to anyone, regardless of their relationship to her. This kind of person could bring the family soaring into a higher level, but was also the most hated by the family members.

    "What's up? Everybody seems to have an issue with my decision!" Su Hao Nan growled, looking around the table.

    "Dad! Please think it over. How can you decide so casually without discussing it with us beforehand?" Su Ming spoke up.

    He might lose the position if he continued to remain silent.

    "Second Brother's right! Dad, choosing an heir affects the future of our Su family! Please don't act before you've thought it through carefully, Dad!"


    When Su Xia Tian saw these uncles and aunties looking down at her sister, she didn't conceal her dissatisfaction in the slightest and pouted sullenly. If it weren't for Qin Feng playing his eyes on her, Su Xia Tian might have barged in and argued with her second uncle and third uncle already.

    On the other hand, Su Qiu Yue's countenance was as calm as water; nobody could make out what she felt!

    "Nobody speaks today, and I thought you had no opinion on the matter. So why you're all butting in now?" Su Hao Nan looked at the crowd indifferently. His heart was aching.

    Qiu Yue must have suffered a lot these three months! What did this bunch of ingrates do to my Qiu Yue while I was sick?!

    "I decided to appoint Qiu Yue as the Head of Household after I thinking it through. I'm certain that Qiu Yue's capable of being the Head of Household!" Su Hao Nan spoke resolutely!

    "Qiu Yue is a woman, Dad! How can you appoint a woman as the head of the Su family?" countered Su Ming, his brows furrowing.

    "That's right, Dad! A married daughter is like water that has been poured. If Qiu Yue becomes the Head of Household, aren't we handing over the Su family to another person? Dad, the Su family's business is the legacy left by our ancestors. You mustn't do this!"

    "Elder, please think twice!"


    Nobody agreed with appointing Su Qiu Yue as the Head of Household. Su Hao Nan had long anticipated this situation, so he was calm.

    "Grandpa, I'll remain unmarried for the rest of my life if I become the Head of Household!" Su Qiu Yue's tepid voice wafted over and struck everybody like a bolt of lightning!

    The quiet ones always snuck up to you. This woman was indeed the Number One Noble Beauty of Sky City. Su Qiu Yue would amaze everyone once she spoke!

    Su Qiu Yue would remain unmarried for the rest of her life! This meant she would remain a member of the Su family and the Su family wouldn't be taken by an outsider.

    She shattered everybody's doubts and dissolved their attacks with simple words!

    "In addition, I'll pick my successor from both the main and collateral members of the Su family. After I retire from my position, I'll make him the next Head of Household... So, the descendants of both the main and collateral families will have an equal opportunity to fight for the position!"

    Another storm of thunder crashed down on them!

    Su Qiu Yue's speech was lethal, especially to those members of the main Su family; she devastated them.

    Descendants of main and collateral members would have equal chances to vie for the Head of Household. It was such an enticing condition. Those collateral members' eyes brimmed with light as their hearts began to waver!

    Before, all of them objected to Su Qiu Yue to being the Head of Household. But now, some of them switched sides. This was because their descendants might have the opportunity to become the next Head of Household if Su Qiu Yue became the successor. This was a thing hadn't occurred to them last time!

    "I strongly recommend Qiu Yue as my successor. I'll step down if she becomes the Head of Household today. So from now on, the Su family will be hers to command! She's the boss!" Su Hao Nan's attitude acted on the collateral family members like a shot of adrenaline.

    Those restless stepped forward and made their stand!

    "Elder, the Su family flourished and created countless legends under your leadership throughout these years. Your vision must be keener than ours. Since you think Qiu Yue is a good choice to be the Head of Household, I don't have any objection anymore! I support your decision!"

    "Elder, I think Qiu Yue is good as well!"

    "Before Big Brother Su Xun passed away, he was acknowledged by everyone as the next Head of Household. Unfortunately, that car accident happened... Ai! I think it's fine to let Big Brother Su Xun's daughter be the next Head of Household!"


    Among the 50 Su family relatives, half of them sided with Su Qiu Yue!

    The other half wanted to switch sides to stand with Su Qiu Yue, but since they had made a pact with Su Ming or Su Hai to get their profit shares, they wouldn't step forward readily until the last moments!

    "Dad! The Su family's business has prospered for more than a century. How could we leave such a large family clan in the hands of Qiu Yue because of her oath? She said she will remain unmarried for the rest of her life. Can we really believe in her? Do you all believe that she will really give the descendants from collateral families a chance to vie for the Head of Household?"

    Seeing the tide starting to turn, Su Ming hastily added, "It's obvious she'll promise anything in order to become the Head of Household!"

    Su Hai sided with his second brother, arguing, "Dad! Let's set aside whether should we nominate a woman as the next Head of Household. Let's talk about whether Qiu Yue is fit to be the Head of Household!

    "The Su family's business is in turmoil and has been declining sharply these three months when you were bedridden, Dad. During this time, it was Qiu Yue who presided over the Su family's business!

    "The whole Su family is in total chaos. Besides, almost every industry the Su family has involved in is affected. Some small industries couldn't bear the losses and collapsed... I estimate our Su family has lost roughly 2 million yuan in these three months!

    "And this is the loss after Second Brother and I assisted Qiu Yue. I can't imagine what will happen to the Su family once Qiu Yue becomes the Head of Household!

    "Dad! You must think reconsider the matter!"
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