Chapter 334 - Head of Household Qiu Yue

    Chapter 334 - Head of Household Qiu Yue

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    During the three months that Su Qiu Yue was the Acting Head of Household, every sector of the Su family business really had declined. However, Su Qiu Yue knew exactly why!

    And everyone in the Su family knew as well!

    "Second Uncle, Third Uncle, I didn't plan on bringing this up earlier, so I was going to let it slide. But since you brought it up, I'll evaluate it with you all!"

    Su Qiu Yue suddenly stood up. She had come today bearing a stack of documents, and she tossed it on the table. She took one of the reports and began to read the information aloud!

    "Kai Rui Leather Factory, Chairman Liu Yun: five million yuan in losses over three months; currently shut down. Liu Yun has disappeared, but the day before his disappearance, he secretly met with someone from the Su family!

    "Rui De Distribution, Chairman Ma Xing: 12 million yuan in losses over three months; still barely accepting orders. It originally had a large quantity of orders to deliver, but Ma Xing instructed that the monthly orders could not exceed one million... The research indicates that Ma Xing has an extremely close relationship with a Su family member sitting here right now!

    "Beihai Real Estate, Chairman Zhang Hai Qiang: almost 100 million yuan in losses over three months. They are specifically investing in mansions developed on abandoned wastelands, and this was done without my approval. Now, Zhang Hai Qiang is missing. Before he went missing, he had a close relationship with a Su family member sitting here!"


    Su Qiu Yue's figure was tall and proud, with curves in all the right places!

    Today, she dressed professionally in a pantsuit and stood tall and straight in front of the spectators like a beautiful chairman! She held tens of these reports that detailed the losses and bankruptcies in the past three months. The reports explained the losses, and the most startling were the reasons for the losses.

    Practically all the chairmen of the companies that shut down had close relations with a particular Su family member, and it was obvious that the results were premeditated!

    After the Su elder fell ill, the Su family members had colluded against Su Qiu Yue!

    They purposely did things behind the scenes to make various sectors of the Su family business decline and force Su Qiu Yue out of her position by blaming her for failing to properly manage the company!

    Su Qiu Yue read each report, and the Su family members' expressions became unsettled. Quite a few of them began to sweat. At this point, Su Qiu Yue hadn't reported anyone's names, but everyone knew the names were printed clearly on the reports.

    Su Qiu Yue didn't say the names aloud to give everyone present one more chance to return to the fold!


    Once Su Qiu Yue finished speaking, Su Hao Nan slammed the table and stood!

    His expression was fierce, and the veins in his forehead bulged. His deep-set eyes raked over everyone present, and a cold fierceness glinted in them!

    "Sinners! You're all sinners!

    "I was gone for a mere three months and the Su family has come to this. If I didn't come back, then the Su family would have fallen to the likes of you!

    "You say Su Qiu Yue's not capable enough, and you discriminate against her based on gender. Have any of you truly helped her or listened to her instructions? In Qiu Yue's eyes, you're all dear aunts and uncles. What is Qiu Yue in your eyes? Her parents died early, so you should all treat her like your own daughter!

    "Now, I'm set on passing Qiu Yue the Head of Household position. If anyone is dissatisfied with this, stand up and tell me!" Su Hao Nan's speech was bone-chilling. In the large parlor, only he and Qin Feng were standing.

    "Dad, I can do whatever Qiu Yue can do!" Su Ming stood up.

    "And I can also do whatever Second Brother can!" Su Hai got to his feet as well!

    Su Hao Nan was in no hurry to speak to his sons. He waited a long while, and when no one else stood up, he looked thoughtfully at his two sons and asked, "Can you two really do what Qiu Yue can?"

    "As long it's regarding business, I can do whatever Qiu Yue can! All in all, Qiu Yue is a girl. It's not that we're sexist, but the Su family tradition is to pass the Head of Household position only to men, not women!" Su Ming spoke as though he had something up his sleeve.

    "Dad! Second Brother's business abilities are inferior to mine; please reconsider!" It had already come to this, so Su Hai didn't beat around the bush. He clearly expressed his intentions to fight Su Ming for the Head of Household position!

    "Then if you two can't do something Qiu Yue has, will you agree to let the lass become the Head of Household?" Su Hao Nan looked domineeringly at his two sons.

    The two of them hesitated briefly, then nodded simultaneously!

    "But if there's nothing Qiu Yue has done that we can't do, then she loses her right to continue fighting for the position. I hope you'll cancel your previous decision, Dad!"

    After receiving his sons' definite responses, Su Hao Nan suddenly smiled brightly. "Xia Tian, go outside with Qin Feng to welcome our important guests!"

    "Yes, Grandpa!" Su Xia Tian went up to Qin Feng, stared at him to emphasize her distaste, then grabbed his arm and walked outside with him!

    Their sudden actions gave Su Hai and Su Ming a bad premonition. What kind of important guests would be at our doorstep?

    Qin Feng and Su Xia Tian weren't gone for long before they returned again. However, four more handsome men with an air of nobility came in behind them. After seeing these four people, the Su family members in the parlor were startled!

    Su Hai and Su Ming were even more stunned. They never thought that these four would rush over the the Su household at this time!

    The people that came were Sky City's Four Talents!

    Jiang Man Hong, Zhao Yue Sheng, Li Yang, Wen Xu, they all stood in a row with their heads high and chests puffed out. They all wore polite smiles and looked at the audience!

    Su Xia Tian called the four people over, and the Su family members had their answer. They never thought this girl, Su Qiu Yue, was so sophisticated and had planned so far ahead.

    Not only did she have information about everyone plotting behind her back, she also secretly formed relationships with four of Sky City's largest families. This woman really couldn't be underestimated!

    "Jiang Man Hong is here to greet Elder Su!"

    "Zhao Yue Sheng is here to greet Elder Su!"


    The Four Talents all took turns paying their respects to Su Hao Nan. The Su elder smiled and waved. "You are guests; don't be so polite! May I ask why you have come today?"

    Su Xia Tian asked the Four Talents to come because she had blackmail material on them. Now, when these four saw Su Xia Tian, they were as frightened as mice upon seeing a cat!

    They didn't know that the Su family was in the middle of a clan meeting, much less know that there was internal strife in the Su clan. They were forced here by Su Xia Tian to say that they would work closely with Su Qiu Yue in the future and to promote her as the Head of Household!

    "Elder, if we four have disturbed you by visiting so presumptuously today, please forgive us!" Zhao Yue Sheng stepped up as the Four Talents' spokesperson.

    When they saw so many people gathered in the Su mansion's parlor, they were so frightened that their legs trembled!

    Zhao Yue Sheng suspected that Su Xia Tian tricked them. This she-devil wouldn't have called everyone over to the Su household to play the recording, would she? If this was really the case, Zhao Yue Sheng suspected they wouldn't be able to walk out of the mansion's doors alive!

    "W-We came here today mainly to submit a request... We Four Talents are here as representatives of our family clans to request that you pass the Head of Household position to Miss Su Qiu Yue. From here on out, our four family clans will stand behind Su Qiu Yue and give our all to follow her lead!"

    Surrender? These Four Talents are here to surrender to the Su family? To surrender to Su Qiu Yue?

    Zhao Yue Sheng had just finished speaking, but the Su family members couldn't hide their shock, and a wave of discussion arose.

    Su Ming and Su Hai were still standing, and their expressions changed continuously. They were utterly stunned, looking as though their souls had left their bodies!

    Ever since the Su elder fell ill, the two sent people to shadow Su Qiu Yue's every move. When did she join hands with the Four Talents? This was completely impossible!

    Seeing that his two sons were stunned, Su Hao Nan laughed coldly. "Now, you know how far you are from Qiu Yue, right?

    "Qiu Yue was able to gather these four large families and make them work closely with the Su household. Which of you two can do this? Now I'm going to make Su Qiu Yue my successor and the new Head of Household. What do you have to say in opposition to this?"

    Su Ming and Su Hai had no counter because they were so stunned that they couldn't say anything!

    "Elder, you still seem to have some family matters to deliberate, so we four will take our leave!" The Four Talents didn't dare linger in the Su home for too long. They were still confused!

    Qin Feng used the four of them as pawns to help support Su Qiu Yue. Now that they had fulfilled their purpose, Su Hao Nan didn't keep them. He waved his hand and sent them away!

    After the Four Talents left, the Su parlor was left in a frigid atmosphere. Su Ming and Su Hai sat back down with horrendous expressions!

    "Now that Su Ming and Su Hai have no objections, Su Qiu Yue is the new Head of Household. I'm very gratified at the results!" Su Hao Nan had Su Qiu Yue stand.

    He removed a jade ring from his injured hand and placed it in Su Qiu Yue's hand. "Qiu Yue, starting from today, I'm abdicating. In the future, the Su family will be in your hands. This ring is a family heirloom passed down from your ancestors. Take good care of it!"

    "In the future, all Su family members must heed your orders, no matter what, and cooperate with you in developing the Su family business. If you find someone with an errant heart, a Su family member that doesn't give their all for the family, then you have the right to evict them from the mansion. From then on, those people will have nothing to do with the Su family!"

    Though Su Hao Nan looked at Su Qiu Yue when he spoke, these words were for all Su family members present.

    "Head of Household Su Qiu Yue is mighty! Under Su Qiu Yue's lead, the Su family will prosper!"

    Someone already stood up to cheer for Su Qiu Yue. Then, more and more people got to their feet!

    Now, the Head of Household was set! They all quickly switched sides to the one with more power!

    It was survival of the fittest; no one wanted to be engulfed in the bloodshed of an internal war...
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