Chapter 336 - Seeing the Yin-Yang Elders Again

    Chapter 336 - Seeing the Yin-Yang Elders Again

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "They're here! They really came!" The elder looked that the two men in black standing before him, and his eyes filled with disappointment!

    Su Qiu Yue guessed their identities from their appearance. Deep within her lovely eyes, there was a hint of helplessness. On the other hand, Su Xia Tian was clueless about the situation. Qin Feng conceived the plan, but no one told Su Xia Tian, because they were worried that the stubborn lass wouldn't be able to control her anger and that she'd run up to their enemies to gloat!

    "Hey! Who are you two? How dare you come kill my grandpa? You must be tired of living!" Su Xia Tian scowled with her hands on her hips. She appeared so comical that Qin Feng wanted to laugh!

    The expression of the second man in black that came in changed dramatically. He still didn't know that the other intruder had the same motive as him. When he looked over the other person's body, the man in black smiled evilly. He knew who the other person was!

    "Su Hai, Su Ming, stop hiding. I knew that it was you two evil creatures a long time ago. I didn't want to take action previously to give you an opportunity for a fresh start, but not only did you not change, you wanted to harm me time and time again. Now you're even acting personally?" As Su Hao Nan spoke, even he didn't know how what he was feeling!

    The two men in black trembled slightly, then removed their masks. The first to enter had been Su Hai, who now stood by the door. The second to enter had been Su Ming, who currently stood by the elder's bedside!

    Since they'd been discovered, they were much more relaxed!

    Su Ming's expression was malicious as he glared at Su Hao Nan and roared, "Give me an opportunity to start anew? How could you say that?

    "If you really gave us a chance, you should've given us the Head of Household position. Right from the start, you passed it to a girl and a cheat. You asked for it!"

    "Oh, Su Ming, Su Ming. Seems that you're still blinded by money! Do you think I really gave the position to Qiu Yue due to personal considerations? You two can't even compare to Qiu Yue in open-mindedness; if we're talking about character... you two have none to speak of; if we're talking about intelligence and capability, you both still lose to Qiu Yue...

    "Tell me, did I not give you opportunities, or did you not give yourselves a fighting chance?"

    Su Hao Nan sighed ruefully. "When Su Xun was still here, I passed the Head of Household position to him. However, good things never last. Su Xun and Wan'er died in a car accident. Now, what's wrong with passing the position to Su Xun's daughter?"

    Su Qiu Yue's lovely eyes couldn't help but redden as she thought about her parents!

    Su Xia Tian had just regained her senses because she hadn't known that these two men in black, who wanted to kill her grandfather, were her second and third uncles. She had known that her uncles were bad, but she hadn't thought they were this bad!

    "Beasts! Bastards! I can't believe I usually call you Second and Third Uncle. You even want to kill Grandpa? I'll kill you two bastards!"

    Su Xia Tian lost control: she waved her small pink fists and rushed at Su Ming. Su Ming grabbed Su Xia Tian and pulled her into his arms. A sharp vegetable knife was pressed tightly to her pale neck!

    "Stupid girl, if you f*cking mess around, I'll slit your throat!" Su Ming spoke coldly toward Su Xia Tian. The sharp knife drew blood!

    "Su Ming, you bastard! Move that knife away right now. Xia Tian's parents died early; she's pitiful enough. How can you not just let her off?" Su Hao Nan became frantic. He would rather die than see the two girls suffer!

    "Haha! Hahaha!" Su Ming suddenly laughed maniacally, and his eyes become bloodshot. He was like a fierce beast. "That bastard Su Xun died well! Death can't even wipe out his crimes! Say, why didn't he check the brakes before driving? Otherwise, he wouldn't have died... He was smart his whole life, but a fool during this one instance!"

    Su Ming went a bit crazy and he said a bunch of nonsensical things!

    However, when Su Qiu Yue and Su Hao Nan heard these words, their expressions changed dramatically!

    "You deliberately killed my parents, didn't you? You did something to my father's car brakes!" Su Qiu Yue never felt such violent emotion before. She began to tremble uncontrollably, and tears streamed from her eyes!

    "That's right! Your father took my spot as Head of Household, so it was only natural for me to kill him... Right! The idiot behind me knew as well. At the time, we colluded to get rid of your father!" Su Ming smiled more and more crazily and the vegetable knife in his hand trembled!

    The knife was extremely sharp, and several cuts appeared on Su Xia Tian's neck. Small drops of blood trickled down!

    Su Xia Tian seemed not to feel the pain. She didn't even furrow her eyebrows. Her head was filled with Su Ming's demonic laughter and memories of her parents' smiling faces from her childhood!

    "So it was you! So you murdered my parents! I'll kill you!" Su Xia Tian suddenly went crazy. She cared nothing for the sharp vegetable knife on her neck. She shoved Su Ming away and kicked him desperately!

    "You a**, I'll stab you to death first!" Su Ming's expression became cold, and he slashed the vegetable knife at Su Xia Tian's lovely face!

    Since the elder and the two sisters had to die today, there was no way Su Ming would hold back!

    "Little Sis, be careful!"

    "Xia Tian, run!"

    When Su Hao Nan and Su Qiu Yue saw the sharp vegetable knife nearing Su Xia Tian's large eyes, they almost fainted in fright! A black shadow flashed past. Qin Feng grabbed Su Xia Tian's small waist with one arm, then turned and kicked Su Ming in the stomach!


    This kick was ruthless, sending Su Ming into the air. He crashed heavily into a row of bookshelves, which all came tumbling down!

    "You two heartless bastards. We don't need the elder to lift a finger today. I'll teach you two a lesson on behalf of Qiu Yue and Xia Tian!"

    Qin Feng didn't hold back when kicking. With a slight shove, he pushed Su Xia Tian toward the elder and Su Qiu Yue, then, arrived before Su Hai. A single palm strike sent Su Hai into the air as well. Su Hai fell right beside Su Ming.


    Su Hai had just landed when Qin Feng appeared before him again and stomped on his shin. With a "ka-cha," Su Hai's shin snapped into pieces. Su Hai howled in pain incessantly.

    "You're not a kid anymore, why are you using a vegetable knife to scare Little Sister Xia Tian? Do you want to die?"

    Qin Feng lifted Su Ming and slapped him twice!

    "Rather than sleeping during the wee hours of the morning, you've come to kill the elder-are you sick?"

    After the two slaps, Qin Feng kicked twice. His leg strength was not like normal people's, and when his kicks connected, blood gushed out of Su Ming's mouth!

    "And you! You've snuck into the room as well, but not only are you too afraid to kill the man, you don't even have the guts to capture either of the girls. You're not even as good as that a**hole!" Qin Feng alternated his attacks between the two.

    When he saw that Su Ming was almost knocked unconscious, he tossed him to the side to let him breathe. Then, he lifted Su Hai and treated him to a flurry of punches and kicks!

    Su Hao Nan and the sisters were awestruck by Qin Feng's dominance and strength. In particular, the two sisters looked fawningly at Qin Feng. They thought to themselves, "If that man could be mine alone, then I would never have to worry about being mistreated by anyone ever again!"

    Qin Feng was attacking happily, while the sisters and elder watched, venting their anger, when two gusts of ill wind wafted in. Qin Feng's eyes narrowed, and he tossed the two men on the floor behind him.

    "Everyone, be careful!" Right after tossing the men, he arrived by the elder and sisters with a tap of his foot. He shielded them and looked toward the doorway in alarm!


    The four mahogany sliding doors of the room were shoved open, and an enormous qi flow sent the doors flying in the air. Even Su Ming and Su Hai, whom Qin Feng had tossed in that direction, were sent flying back with the doors.

    The violent wind swept up a cloud of dust, obscuring the view of the doorway. When the dust cleared, two old men appeared in the room!

    They wore black robes, and straw hats hid their faces. A strange herbal smell wafted from their bodies, and their figures were stooped, forming strange shapes.

    Su Ming and Su Hai lay at their feet, but when they saw the two elders, they jumped up with glee. These two were the people backing them!

    "It's you two!" Qin Feng's expression stiffened. A formidable enemy had arrived!

    He knew these two people. They were the Yin-Yang Elders he'd met while wakeboarding when he took Bai Qing to her class reunion at the mountain resort.

    At the time, these elders wanted Qin Feng to give up the Hundred Year Blood Lotus, and they tried to kill Qin Feng. If Black Turtle hadn't appeared and attacked the two men afterwards, and forced them to run away, Qin Feng wouldn't have survived!

    At this time, Qin Feng had broken through to Stage Four External abilities and Stage Three Inner Qi. But faced the two elders again, he still wasn't confident of winning! These two were unfathomable experts. Qin Feng still had trouble determining the extent of their abilities!

    "Qin Feng, it's been a while. You're going to die today!" The Yin-Yang Elders looked at Qin Feng and gave him strange smiles.

    The last time they met at the mountain resort, their skin had been corroded by Black Turtle's Venom Bubbles, and they'd also sustained internal injuries. They had to retreat into seclusion to recover and just as they emerged from their seclusion, they encountered Qin Feng again. They were absolutely elated!

    When enemies meet, they see red!

    Qin Feng saw red-but not the red of anger, the red of nervousness!

    He knew he was still no match for one of the Yin-Yang Elders, much less the two of them together. As such, he came to terms with his fate. He only hoped that he could stall for time to allow the beautiful sisters and the Su elder to escape!
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