Chapter 337 - Activate! Vajra Esotery!

    Chapter 337 - Activate! Vajra Esotery!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Why are you still standing here, Qin Feng? Hurry up and teach those two traitors a lesson! And these two freaky geezers over here, I hate them. Help me slap their faces until I can't recognize them!" Su Xia Tian's savage and bossy voice rang out right when Qin Feng was about to urge them to leave!

    Qin Feng spun his head around and looked at this empress, the corner of his mouth twitching vigorously. After that, he yelled at Su Hao Nan, "Elder, bring the twins with you and run, now!"

    Su Xia Tian was willful, but Su Qiu Yue and Su Hao Nan were calm and collected. Their hearts sank when they heard Qin Feng's request. After hesitating for a moment, Su Hao Nan hugged the twin sisters and gazed at Qin Feng. "Let's leave our fate to God! We won't leave without you!

    "We wouldn't ask to be born on the same day, but we should die together on the same day! After all, we're family!"

    Suddenly, the Yin-Yang Elders sneered, "Haha! It's so touching-so touching that tears are falling from our eyes!" At the same time, the faces of Su Ming and Su Hai, who stood beside them, were clouded with confusion.

    The brothers exchanged glances, spun aside, and looked at their respective mentors. They asked a silly question simultaneously. "Master, could it be the two of you know each other?"

    "Could it be the two of you know each other?"


    The Yin-Yang Elders were thrilled to bits by their question!

    They laughed for a brief moment before looking at Su Hai and Su Ming. "Of course we know each other. Our relationship is as close as brothers! He is Elder Yin, and I'm Elder Yang!

    "We belong to the Poison Sect and the two of us are the guardians of the Poison Sect. The name of the Poison Sect has spread far and wide in the martial arts world. We're famous for our prowess in developing various kinds of strange poisons and miracle drugs used for breaking through when cultivating martial arts... Since the Su family has its roots in the pharmaceutical field, we set our sights on the Su family and approached you two idiots!

    "Six months ago, we learned that the family heirloom of your Su family is the rare Hundred Year Blood Lotus. So I got close to you and my junior proposed himself to your little brother, Su Hai. We approached you two as different entities, enticed you two to harm that stupid geezer concurrently and help you to take over the Su family's business!

    "Do you understand now? You're merely a pawn; no matter who eventually became the Head of Household, you would be tied to us and become our puppet to control the Su family... It's just that both of you are such disappointments. Anyway, we have a new target now-these two charming beauties can be our prisoners!

    "Since you now understand, then die!"


    Yin Elder and Yang Elder extended their hands and clutched Su Hai's and Su Ming's necks and snapped their necks with little to no effort!

    Their death was tragic: their eyes bulged and their mouths gaped wide; their visages were vile. They died with unfinished business!

    "Haha! It's your turn now, Qin Feng!"

    "Last time, you ridiculed and toyed us like stupid bastards at the ocean. I'm going to see what kind of trick you can pull off now!"

    As soon as the Yin-Yang Elders finished speaking, they thrust their palms at Qin Feng at the same time. Two persons, two palm strikes, one aimed at the left and one aimed at the right!

    Looking like two dead twigs, those palms were dark and full of wrinkles. Naturally, those palms were harmless. But Qin Feng suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of crisis before they could reach him!


    Two palms landed precisely on Qin Feng's pecs, and the collision released a loud explosion!

    Qin Feng wanted to evade their attacks but his opponents were too fast. He hadn't reacted yet when their strikes landed on him. By the time he looked at the Yin-Yang Elders again, they'd returned to the doorway as if they'd never moved at all!


    Somebody spewed blood. However, it wasn't Qin Feng but the Yin-Yang Elders!

    They even lifted the black veils covering their faces to glare fixedly at Qin Feng, their eyes reminiscent of sinister serpents. Their disfigured faces, which crawled with countless wrinkles like burn scars, were hideous!

    They never expected Qin Feng to be able to withstand their strikes and still remain unscathed!

    Besides, what is the thunderous qi bursting from his body? What is this little brat's actual strength?

    The Yin-Yang Elders' hearts were filled with questions, but so was Qin Feng's. He was even more confused than they were!

    He felt death the moment he was struck and he thought he'd died already. He never imagined a stream of qi would suddenly spurt from his body and repel Yin Elder's and Yang Elder's attacks!

    The qi was frantic and barbarous, even Qin Feng was startled by it. He pondered within himself, "When did I become this powerful?"

    "Rest assured, Master. That qi was triggered by the Vajra Esotery!" Little Pig's voice suddenly echoed.

    The Vajra Esotery! That Sovereign grade skill that Qin Feng acquired not long ago!

    Even now, Qin Feng still hadn't figure out how to use the skill. However, it seemed that it was a supreme passive defensive skill!

    "The Vajra Esotery is a passive defensive Sovereign grade skill. When Master's life is in great danger, the Vajra Esotery will be triggered passively to protect Master from any attack!"

    "T-That's so cool! It feels like I'm cheating... By the way, does this mean I'm immortal now?!" Qin Feng was so excited that he almost screamed!

    When he realized he was indestructible, he wasn't afraid of those two old birds anymore. He swaggered toward the Yin-Yang Elders with his head high and chest puffed out. As he was about to taunt them, Little Pig's voice resounded once again.

    "Actually Master, it's not cheating. The Vajra Esotery has a buffering period. The Vajra Esotery consumes a large amount of inner qi every time it's activated. So Master's inner qi is rock-bottom now, and I think Master will need to rest a few months before you can trigger the Vajra Esotery again!"

    "In other words, these two monsters can easily whack me with a single palm?"

    "I presume a finger is more than enough to retire Master from the fight!"

    Qin Feng quickly retreated before he arrived in front of the Yin-Yang Elders!

    "Rascal! You faked your strength last time?" The Yin-Yang Elders stared viciously at Qin Feng.

    They were startled by Qin Feng's action. They thought this rascal rushed at them because he was going to kill them! They didn't dare make a move since their inner qi had been disrupted by the Vajra Esotery!

    "Hahaha! You just realized it? Isn't it a little bit too late now?" Qin Feng suddenly burst into laughter!

    He noticed that these two geezers were frightened by him!

    "Didn't you want to kill me tonight? Come at me now! I'm standing right at here! I'm going to see whether you can lay a finger on me!" Faking composure, Qin Feng jeered at the duo.

    The Yin-Yang Elders looked at each other and shook their heads. They didn't have the guts to strike a second time!

    "What do you want?" The atmosphere was awkward. The Yin-Yang Elders then took the initiative to negotiate with Qin Feng. "You're not related to the Su family whatsoever. Is it worth it to offend the Poison Sect merely for two women?

    "If you leave now, we, the Poison Sect, will just take it as if nothing has happened. The grudges between us will be wiped off the slate. In addition, we'll send you a handsome gift once everything is done. What do you think?"

    This suggestion was enticing to Qin Feng.

    He would probably die if he stayed here. On the other hand, if he retreated now, not only wouldn't he have to die but he would be rewarded handsomely as well!

    Qin Feng fell silent. Countless expressions flashed across the faces of Su Hao Nan and Su Qiu Yue, who stood behind him!

    Both of them were highly intelligent. They'd already realized that Qin Feng's situation was dire and that Qin Feng was actually afraid of those two geezers. This was because Qin Feng clenched the fist behind his back so tightly that his veins bulged, and this obviously wasn't something a confident person would do!

    Both of them became nervous. They weren't sure whether Qin Feng would betray them at this critical moment. Even Su Hao Nan's own sons wanted to kill him; it was natural for an outsider like Qin Feng to betray them!

    "Hmph! In your dreams, you two stinking geezers!" Su Xia Tian suddenly walked forward and clung to Qin Feng's arm. This was the first time she willingly held Qin Feng's arm.

    "Qin Feng is part of our Su family. You're trying to harm the Su family. Qin Feng won't go easy on you!" Acting like a spoiled child, Su Xia Tian rubbed herself against Qin Feng's arm and urged, "Qin Feng, hurry up and teach them a lesson for me!"

    "Move aside, you wimpy kid!" Qin Feng pushed Su Xia Tian to the floor and laughed maniacally!

    "Haha! Do you think I really came to help your Su family? I merely wanted to take over your Su family's business and dominate you twins!

    "And you two geezers, get your ass out before I waste you! You wish to dispatch me with a gift? Hmph, you underestimate my ambitions!"

    Qin Feng acted too suddenly; not even Su Hao Nan and Su Qiu Yue could keep up with his quick mind. However, Su Qiu Yue soon recovered her senses and hastily helped her sister to her feet. She then glowered at Qin Feng. "You're a beast, a monster! My eyes must have been blind to believe in a dreg of society like you!"

    "Evil! This is sin!" Su Hao Nan hugged Su Xia Tian in his arms and stroked her head.

    Su Xia Tian was stupefied. She couldn't accept the fact that Qin Feng had pushed her down... Why did he have to push me down? How can he have the heart to push me down?

    "Don't cry, Sis. A scumbag like him isn't worth shedding tears for!"

    "Xia Tian, Grandpa judged wrong earlier; this fellow isn't good enough for you! Don't be sad, Xia Tian. Let's go. Let's run away right now!"

    Su Qiu Yue and Su Hao Nan took the soulless Su Xia Tian and ran away!

    Qin Feng stood with his hands clasped behind his back, while the Yin-Yang Elders stood at the door with their backs stooped!

    Three of them stared at one another, the atmosphere fraught with tension! Nobody cared about Su Hao Nan and the twin sisters, who had run out. Qin Feng let out a long sigh of relief after the threesome had escaped!

    "Those twin sisters and the elder have been scared away by me. Why don't you leave now, you old fools?"

    "We must take over the Su family. We hope that brother could do us a favor!"

    "That means we don't have to talk anymore?"

    "It depends entirely on you. If you say we have nothing to discuss, then we two geezers won't mind fighting with you!"

    "If that's the case, let's go outside to fight, then! The area is wide and you can still escape!" As soon as Qin Feng was done speaking, he strode outside with his hands clasped behind his back.

    His head was high and his paces were spirited and measured. He ignored his hair tousled by the night wind, and he had the aura of an otherworldly master, majestic and boundless!

    "F*ck! I am not going to play with you two anymore! I'm getting out of here!"
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