Chapter 338 - So Im That Amazing

    Chapter 338 - So I'm That Amazing

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng was like a noble and capable person when he left. He was calm and confident!

    Right after he stepped out the door, he instantly and completely changed. He ran outside with all his might. He'd said he wanted to fight in the courtyard because it was convenient to escape from. But it wasn't to make it convenient for the two elders to escape, but for Qin Feng to escape!

    "F*ck, we've fallen into a trap!"

    "That crafty bastard, get him!"

    The Yin-Yang Elders were nervous and fearful; then in the next second, they became extremely angry! If their ages were added together, they would be well over 100 years old, yet they were manipulated by a mere 20-year-old. If this got out to the martial arts community, the Yin-Yang Elders' reputations would be greatly affected.

    However, on further thought, the Yin-Yang Elders concluded that the Poison Sect's reputation was actually long gone.

    "Stinking brat, since you have the guts to play around, you aren't going anywhere today!"

    The Yin-Yang Elders moved at the same speed, and they flanked Qin Feng on both sides. They aimed strikes in Qin Feng's direction. The distinct, intense air of death was so oppressive that Qin Feng couldn't breathe!


    Qin Feng immediately removed his Flying Dragon Armour and employed all the speed he possessed. He leapt like a rocket onto a rooftop a few meters high.

    Tap tap!

    Qin Feng's leading foot had just landed when the Yin-Yang Elders appeared right at his tail!

    The three were separated by a bit of space as they stood on the tiles of the rooftop. Qin Feng stood in the middle with the Yin-Yang Elders at his right and left staring at him. A waning crescent moon was in the sky, and the strong wind ruffled Qin Feng's hair and the Yin-Yang Elders' black robes!

    "What beautiful scenery. Why don't we admire the moon, recite poetry, and become sworn brothers tonight?" said Qin Feng suddenly to the Yin-Yang Elders.

    The serious atmosphere was immediately shattered, and the Yin-Yang Elders almost went crazy!

    "Frivolous little kid, no matter what you say, you're dying today!"

    "Watch my strike!"

    The Yin-Yang Elders had gotten a grasp on Qin Feng's bullsh*tting abilities at the mountain resort. He could talk a dead person back to life; he could enrage an inner qi expert badly enough to provoke self-inflicted internal injuries.

    The two elders refused to partake in Qin Feng's nonsense, and they each struck at him again!

    Whoosh whoosh!

    This time, the Yin-Yang Elders' positions changed continuously!

    They moved mysteriously quick and made the surrounding wind surge. Qin Feng could only see two ghostly images flitting back and forth before his eyes, but he couldn't accurately determine their positions.

    The air of danger intensified all around. Qin Feng know that an attack was soon to come. He now experienced the great strength of the Yin-Yang Elders. He had no opportunity to counterattack!

    Life is like rape. If you can't counterattack, then you try to enjoy it! [TN: Disclaimer: This is translated from the original text and does not reflect the views of the translators, editor, or Gravity Tales.]

    At this time, Qin Feng felt this was worse than getting raped. Even if he didn't counterattack, he couldn't enjoy it!

    Whoosh whoosh!

    The instant the air of bloodlust appeared, Qin Feng suddenly moved!

    He didn't know where the Yin-Yang Elders were, so he ran around at random on the roof. Qin Feng's arms and legs moved constantly as he tossed out "wind blades" that sliced through the air and produced ear-splitting sounds. Though they were not powerful, the effects were startling!


    Qin Feng had tossed maybe tens of wind blades when two sounds of flesh being sliced were suddenly heard.

    The Yin-Yang Elders could be seen once again, and they appeared before Qin Feng in their original positions, as if they had never moved. However, their bodies each had a clear gash.

    One elder had a gash on his chest, and the other had a gash on his thigh. Blood streamed out of the wounds, and the black robes were dyed red, yet the Yin-Yang Elders just allowed the blood to flow. They even forgot about the pain. They stared at Qin Feng with eyes like venomous snakes, and their expressions were filled with shock.

    The second time! This was the second time tonight Qin Feng intimidated the Yin-Yang Elders!

    Earlier, the "Vajra Esotery" scared them, and now, the "Wind Blade" technique made them feel at a loss!

    "W-What stage have you achieved? What martial skills do you practice? How can you injure someone without touching them?"

    The Yin-Yang Elders asked a flurry of questions in one breath, dumbfounding Qin Feng!

    Didn't I just use the "Wind Blade" technique? Was it that frightening? Plus, this Wind Blade Technique could only achieve its full potential after Qin Fen reached Stage Four Inner Qi; he was still at Stage Three Inner Qi, causing the Wind Blade technique to be far less powerful. It could only cause slight injuries to things close by; it was only able to scrape the Yin-Yang Elders a bit. It absolutely couldn't kill them!

    "Master, you know too little of the world beyond the common one!" Little Pig said, "Do you know what kind of visual impact the 'Wind Blade' technique has on inner qi cultivators, and the psychological blow it imparts?

    "Inner qi cultivators can't kill people through qi concentration unless they use an instrument or a spiritual weapon. If no weapons are used, killing people without touching them is a mythical inner qi stage!

    "Also, the 'Wind Blade' technique is a rare Earth level skill; that's why it's so strong. It can allow Master to kill people using inner qi!"

    Previously, Qin Feng never cultivated nor encountered that many martial artists. He wasn't very familiar with this small community. Now that Little Pig told him these things, he then knew how amazing he currently was!

    The four Orange grade spiritual equipment he currently possessed were common in Qin Feng's eyes, and it could be bought or fused in the System at a price Qin Feng could accept. However, Orange grade spiritual equipment were coveted treasures that were violently contested over by martial artists in China.

    The Yellow grade techniques Qin Feng had were also coveted treasures. If the Hedonist Sovereign System's Wind Blade technique and the Vajra Esotery were revealed to the rest of the world, the martial community would be thrown into chaos, and there would be lots of bloodshed!

    "Impossible, this is impossible! How could you 'kill someone by concentrating qi'? You're still an inner qi cultivator!"

    "There are nine stages of inner qi, and after reaching stage nine, there is still half a step to achieve mastery of inner qi and allow someone to kill through qi concentration. Inner Qi Masters are rare in China!"

    The Yin-Yang Elders had yet to completely regain their senses. Qin Feng's Wind Blade technique was too powerful; the two inner qi experts suddenly felt like wimpy brats.

    Qin Feng can kill by condensing qi. Has he stepped into the half-step of inner qi realization? Then he's a Stage Nine Inner Qi expert? However, the Yin-Yang Elders didn't believe he was.

    They exchanged blows with Qin Feng, and they found that his inner qi was insufficient, his qi was mediocre. At most, he was at Stage Four Inner Qi. Also, though he used a mythical technique of condensing qi, his qi was too weak, so there was no chance of him killing anyone with it. Other than causing minor injuries, it wasn't all that useful!

    "I know, you're afraid of suffering an internal injury, and you can't use your qi completely right now. You're an invalid!"

    "Since you're sick, we'll kill you!" The Yin-Yang Elders quickly analyzed the results.

    Qin Feng currently had internal injuries, so it was a great opportunity to kill him. The Yin-Yang Elders no longer hesitated. They were even more vigilant toward Qin Feng, and they fought with Qin Feng with all their might!

    Qin Feng felt wronged. After the Yin-Yang Elders gave their all, they completely changed, plunging Qin Feng into even greater despair!

    The two old men were so powerful that their abilities were unfathomable. They had just been warming up earlier. Now, when they moved, Qin Feng couldn't even see their shadows.

    The Yin-Yang Elders ran around Qin Feng in one direction and a singular speed. They were so fast, they looked like two violent gusts of wind, and they moved more and more rapidly. The wind became increasingly violent.

    The gale wrapped around Qin Feng, trapping him within it!

    A stormy sea takes shape; and the gale looked like a wave taking shape. If someone looked at the roof from the courtyard, they would see a mini tornado on the roof becoming larger and larger!

    "Qin Feng! I let you get away a long time ago, but you insisted on fighting with me! Now even death won't erase your crimes!"

    "Hahaha! I've killed experts that can kill by condensing qi. That'll let me show off in the martial community!"

    The Yin-Yang Elders' voices passed through the hurricane. Qin Feng noticed that the eye of the hurricane was becoming smaller and smaller. Very soon, he would be swept up in the hurricane, and he would get his bones crushed by the violent qi flow!

    He couldn't rush out or evade it; it was like he was waiting to die!

    "These two old geezers, they're too much!" During this time of danger, Little Pig suddenly jumped onto Qin Feng's shoulder. He said with an arrogant expression, "Let them have a taste of the strength of my fireball!"


    Little Pig put on airs, yet he only sneezed!

    Qin Feng suddenly remembered that Little Pig was a battle pet that could spit fire! Last time, when Liang Sheng blocked Qin Feng with his car and got killed, Little Pig incinerated the corpse with a fireball, leaving nothing in its wake!

    A-choo, a-choo, a-choo!

    Little Pig was currently still a cute pet. He could produce one fireball a month, and needed to recharge before he could use it again. Also, he didn't want to use it in just any scenario.

    Qin Feng watched as the hurricane closed in around him, but Little Pig still hadn't spit out a fireball. Qin Feng began to feel nervous...

    "Haha! Die!"

    The Yin-Yang Elders' laughter resounded. In the dark night and cold winds, their laughter was like that of the devil from Hell.

    The two of them suddenly burst out with energy, and their palms shot forward, sending the hurricane toward Qin Feng to turn him into dust!


    Two fists made impact, and an enormous sound came from the qi hurricane!

    This sound was as startling as thunder and lightning, and a scalding hot qi came from it. The qi shot out, scaring the Yin-Yang Elders. Their expressions changed dramatically, and they immediately stopped attacking and retreated instead!
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