Chapter 339 - The Moment of Life and Death!

    Chapter 339 - The Moment of Life and Death!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat


    The huge explosions didn't stop, one echoing after another!

    A dazzling crimson light emitted from the dark hurricane. The crimson light quickly dispersed into the wind after it merged with the hurricane, forming a blast of brilliant fire that illuminated the sky in an instant!

    At this moment, that hurricane turned into a fire whirl!

    The fire whirl ran amok. It swirled rapidly on the roof and headed toward the Yin-Yang Elders.

    This was the third time Qin Feng intimidated the two of them. They were so frightened they forgot to escape. Very soon, the fast-moving flames fell on their black robes and burned them up quickly.


    The Yin-Yang Elders were apparently carrying some kind of accelerant under their black robes. Flames erupted on their bodies. Both of them turned into pillars of fire burning several meters high, as if gasoline had been poured on their bodies!

    "F*ck, hurry up and release the Seven-Colored Moths. We will be killed by that damn thing!"

    The Yin-Yang Elders' screams shrilled from the fire whirl. It turned out they had dozens of the venomous moths under their black robes. Those moths were the trump cards that they used to attack. Last time, they had tried to melt Qin Feng and Black Turtle with the Seven-Colored Moths, but those moths were eventually reduced to ashes by the "Venom Bubble" spouted by Black Turtle.

    They'd never imagined that this time, these moths which they had gone through so much trouble to breed using poisonous blood, would be torched by Little Pig!

    "Qin Feng, I vow to take my revenge!"

    "Starting from now, you're the top enemy of our Poison Sect, little brat. Be afraid and wait for your death!"

    The Yin-Yang Elders' voices gradually faded away. Those disgusting moths covered the sky, forming a sky net and impeding the flames from spreading further. It successfully gained them enough time to escape!

    Moths darting into flame, the sky bespangled with red radiance!

    The sight under the night sky was spectacular and attractive-if only the surroundings weren't filled by a chokingly pungent stench!

    Qin Feng was tall and straight. He raised his head and saw those venomous moths burning; he was delighted!

    He remained unscathed; his hair fluttered elegantly in the wind. After Little Pig successfully spurted a large fireball when they were trapped inside the hurricane, Qin Feng then put Little Pig away and donned the Flying Dragon Armour to protect himself.

    The Flying Dragon Armour was made of winter iron, and high temperatures had little to no effect on it. Originally, Qin Feng worried that he might catch a cold because it was quite windy on the rooftop in the wee hours. Now that he was protected by the Flying Dragon Armour, and he felt the warmth of the flames engulf him, he no longer worried about this issue.

    "Why didn't those two geezers throw two chickens when they escaped? It would have been so great to have some roasted chicken after a battle, so that I could recover my strength!" Qin Feng realized that the Yin-Yang Elders had escaped. He grumbled and jumped into the compound from the rooftop.

    As soon as Qin Feng landed, his pupils contracted and he hurtled forward!

    Clatter clatter!

    Two kunai struck the spot where Qin Feng landed just now. If he had been slightly slower, these two kunai would've punctured his head!

    "Could it be those two geezers came back to deliver some roasted chicken to me?" Qin Feng hid in a dark corner, frowning.

    Qin Feng had used up all his tricks tonight and if the Yin-Yang Elders really had returned, he would probably die here. However, Qin Feng felt these attackers weren't those two geezers. This was because neither of them would use kunai!

    Suddenly, Qin Feng felt a strong burst of qi surging behind him. He didn't get a chance to look behind but sprang back into the compound!

    Six men in black and one in white suddenly appeared around Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng couldn't recognize them as all of them were masked. The man in the white then said in an icy tone:

    "Qin Feng! I've been waiting for this moment for too long. You'll be dead tonight!"

    "Who are you?" asked Qin Feng as he looked at the man in white, puzzled.

    Is this really my first time visiting Sky City? Why do I have so many enemies here?!

    "Hmph! You should've asked this when you killed my nephew! But now, you'll be asking yourself in front of the King of Hell!"

    The white man snorted coldly, and the six men in black charged at Qin Feng!

    Qin Feng noticed these six people were not that powerful from their paces and speeds. However, their motions were weird, and their movements were distinctly different from those of Chinese martial artists that Qin Feng met with before. Qin Feng was in a dire situation: his inner qi had been disrupted during his previous fight with the Yin-Yang Elders. So now, Qin Feng would have difficulty facing these six strange men simultaneously!

    Shroom shroom shroom!

    Those six people used kunai and tantō as weapons. Those kunai roamed freely in the sky and Qin Feng was slashed numerous times on his thighs and arms, despite his efforts to dodge them. Qin Feng was battered and exhausted, the skin and flesh on his thighs and arms were torn open, and fresh blood spurted out from his wounds, dying his clothes red.

    "Fool! You will be dead under my blade!" With a simple leap, the man in black who taunted Qin Feng arrived before Qin Feng's head. He played a few cool tricks with his tantō and slashed at Qin Feng's head.


    The tantō collided with the Winter Iron glove, releasing an ear-deafening jangle!

    The man in black was wondering when Qin Feng had put on the glove, but before he could regain his senses, Qin Feng had already thrown a punch to his gut.


    There was a loud bump. The man in black couldn't control himself and flew away like a kite with its line broken!

    "Darn it! So you're ninjas! You should've stayed in Japan and made films; instead, you came to China and messed around with me! You're really asking for death!"

    Qin Feng had figured out their identities, yet there was something he couldn't figure out: when had he offended these ninjas from Japan? He was slightly more handsome and talented than others, had a better background, was good at flirting with girls, and was surrounded by more beauties than others... To be honest, there was nothing to be jealous of!

    "Fool! Let's take him down together!"

    The faces of the five remaining black ninjas contorted after the disappearance of their team member!

    They changed their formation and dispersed in a hasty manner, switching their tantō for ninjatō at the same time. They ducked and wove around Qin Feng, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike!

    "Heiya!" Qin Feng hastily turned around when he heard a loud roar behind him. At the same time, an orange treasure sword appeared in his hand!

    Without any delay, he brandished the Truesteel Sword directly at the ninja. The Truesteel Sword sliced through steel like mud and presented an awe-inspiring grandeur. He directly bifurcated the ninja!

    Shroom shroom!

    He felt another two strong gusts of wind behind his back as soon as he brandished the Truesteel Sword. Qin Feng forcibly circulated qi and spun around to dodge the attacks. As soon as he avoided the kunai, another two ninjas emerged in front of him!

    These ninjas were like a suicide squad. They were willing to sacrifice themselves in order to achieve their goals.

    Qin Feng chopped a ninja, but at the same time, he was attacked on his shoulder!


    The slash was vengeful and left a bad gash on his arm. His skin and flesh were mutilated, blood gushing out from it. If Qin Feng hadn't leaned to one side in the nick of time, he might've lost his arm already.

    Luckily, a light rain washed away most of the blood. Otherwise, Qin Feng's appearance would have been even more horrifying!

    His spirit was weary and he'd exhausted his strength. He stooped and allowed the blood to stream down his body. His face was hideous and his eyes were bloodshot. He watched the remaining three ninjas warily.

    The three ninjas suffered some superficial wounds as well. They licked their ninjatō, which had been dipped in their own blood. After that, they held their ninjatō tightly and threw themselves at Qin Feng once again!

    This was what a suicide squad would do: never give their opponent a chance to take a breather!

    Shroom shroom shroom!

    The three of them simultaneously threw kunai at Qin Feng to restrict his movement. Qin Feng had used up his inner qi and his reaction was slow from excessive blood loss. He barely avoided four kunai but got hit by the last two in the shin and instep.

    The kunai impaled his instep and bones and dug deep into the ground. Qin Feng was in excruciating pain, so he just stood still and waited for the ninjas close in on him!

    Three ninjas jumped toward Qin Feng's head simultaneously, slashing from different directions!

    Each of them aimed their ninjatōs at Qin Feng's head. All of them practiced "Ittō-ryū;" either their attack would fail or they would successfully kill their target!

    Crackle crackle!

    The orange-colored Spirit Snake Whip struck like a lightning bolt!

    Those three ninjas were so frightened that their complexions changed drastically. Qin Feng startled them again and again and they started to wonder: Is this person Doraemon? How come he has so many weapons on him, and most importantly, those weapons are high-quality spiritual weapons! They were unsure where he drew the weapons from!


    The long whip fell on a person, the whip shadow containing dense inner qi, and he was sent flying. Then, he immediately disappeared into the stormy night!

    Crackle crackle!

    Qin Feng's second lash resounded!

    The sound of cutting wind produced when he brandished the whip was much smaller, and the strength wasn't as domineering as the first lash. However, he still managed to slam a ninja from the air to the ground.


    Two consecutive strikes sapped his energy. After the second lash, his back was slashed by a ninjatō!

    His suit and white shirt were torn apart. A deep, large wound appeared on his naturally snow-white skin, revealing the bones inside!

    Qin Feng felt a burning pain on his back. He knelt on the ground and gnashed his teeth to suppress the pain and kept himself awake!


    The ninja leaped into the air once again, attempting to deal the final blow. He threw two kunai at Qin Feng's shoulders and successfully knocked the Truesteel Blade and Spirit Snake Whip out of Qin Feng's hands.

    The ninjatō was raised over his head and it shimmered coldly under the moonlight!

    The blade strike was building up speed and detonated the air around it. This was a critical blow-it moved lightning-fast and arrived at Qin Feng's head as soon as it was raised!

    Qin Feng remained where he was. He had no power to parry the attack anymore!

    The rain was getting heavier. His blood was washed away by the rain and his wounds started bleeding again!

    Behind him, the air was rank with the stench of death. He knew he might be out of the game this time.

    Countless memories surged into his mind: Zhao Ling Xian, who used to follow him around when they were still small; fooling and teasing Little Sister Rao Shi Man at Lotus Lake; meeting up with Bai Qing in high school; flirting with Lin Bei Bei in class; the wonderful moment he had with Teacher Yun Xiao in the bathroom at Fei Tian Bar.

    Xu Ruo Rou, Li Yu Chen, Liu Bing Bing, the twins.

    And the divinely graceful Hua Xian Yue, whom he met at Devil Beast Mountain when he went to the mountain resort...
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