Chapter 341 - This Time, Ill Stand and Fall with You!

    Chapter 341 - This Time, I'll Stand and Fall with You!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Haha! You've finally awakened, Qin Feng! You had me worried sick!" Su Hao Nan and Su Qiu Yue waited for a moment at the doorway. After they ascertained that the commotion inside the room had stopped, they then opened the door and entered the room.

    Qin Feng had just had his bandages changed recently, so he rested on the bed with his eyes closed. Meanwhile, Su Xia Tian held an iPad and sat beside Qin Feng, playing video games.

    "Ah! Grandpa, Big Sister, you've come!" Su Xia Tian was startled by their sudden arrival.

    She hastily jumped up from the bed and trotted over to her grandpa and big sister and clung to their arms. She was extremely embarrassed so she lowered her head, refusing to show them her blushing face.

    Did Grandpa and Big Sister see me lying in bed, shoulder to shoulder, with Qin Feng?

    "Xia Tian, you've done a great job of taking care of Qin Feng these few days!" Su Hao Nan understood a girl's little fantasy; he didn't burst her bubble, stroking her head instead.

    Su Qiu Yue cast a smile at her little sister as well. Then, she gazed at Qin Feng who was lying on the bed. When she noticed his complexion had improved, her worried heart finally relaxed!

    "Elder, Miss Qiu Yue!" Qin Feng hailed two of them!

    "It's ok, it's ok! You stay put; just lie in bed and rest. We'll be family before long. No need to be so courteous with us!" Su Hao Nan hastily cut short Qin Feng's attempt to get out of bed.

    Su Xia Tian's face became as red as a ripe tomato. Of course she knew what her grandpa meant. Before, she would have grumbled a bit if her grandpa and her sister tried matchmaking Qin Feng and her. But after the life-and-death fight three days ago, she wouldn't refute her grandpa now but exhibited a shy emotion, as if she was Qin Feng's woman!

    "Xia Tian, Qin Feng's medicine should be ready by now. Can you bring it over?" Su Qiu Yue prompted her sister.


    Lowering her head, Su Xia Tian answered coquettishly. Although she was willful, she was actually smart. She knew her big sister was intentionally sending her away because her big sister and her grandpa wanted to discuss the marriage between Qin Feng and her!

    After Su Xia Tian had left, Su Qiu Yue went to stand by the bedside. She nodded at Su Hao Nan and he looked at Qin Feng with a beaming face. "Qin Feng! You're our Su family's benefactor!

    "I learned of your family background from Qiu Yue. So you're the only heir of the Qin family, the largest family clan in Acropolis City! I don't have anything else that I can offer to you in gratitude. I can only entrust my precious granddaughter to you. I wish you a blissful life with Xia Tian!

    "I've seen too many filthy, dirty conspiracies from this internal strife. One should bear the consequences of one's own deeds, so Su Ming and Su Hai deserved to die. The other family members of the Su family were startled by their deaths and submitted themselves loyally to Qiu Yue's dignity. Moreover, the Su family is getting back on track under Qiu Yue's leadership... And since you've gotten hold of a secret of the four large families of Sky City, they are now helping Qiu Yue to develop the Su family. The internal strife has finally come to an end. The Su family can turn the page and become better and better. I believe in Qiu Yue's ability and her moral standing!"

    "Rest assured, Elder. The Su family will soar even higher into the sky and flourish under Miss Qiu Yue's lead!" Qin Feng nodded his head. He'd known Su Qiu Yue for quite some time, so he knew Su Qiu Yue was a gifted beauty!

    A trace of excitement flashed in Su Qiu Yue's eyes at Qin Feng's praise. She lowered her head slightly to mask her blushing face.

    Su Hao Nan was feeling chipper. He said, "You're right! Qiu Yue and Xia Tian are my prides! Both of them are fine women!

    "I'm getting old, and I don't want to involve myself in the Su family's affairs anymore. I've even set up my will: I divided the Su family's properties into two-I'll give one part to Qiu Yue and the other part to Xia Tian... Dear Qin Feng, I know you're not covetous of our Su family's property. I can tell from what I've seen that you really love Xia Tian because you treat her dearly!

    "So, don't blame me for tarnishing the relationship between Xia Tian and you with money and gold. I truly want to give half of the Su family's business to you! You deserve this!"

    Su Hao Nan smiled at Qin Feng, but Qin Feng had the urge to cry!

    He really wanted to hug Su Hao Nan's legs and yell, "Elder, you're wrong about me. I really came for your Su family's business! I beg you to give the whole family business to me. Why are you so stingy, giving me only half of it?"

    Qin Feng checked the Hedonist Sovereign System once he'd awakened. He noticed that the quest about Su Qiu Yue, "take down the Sky City Su family's business," hadn't been accomplished yet. He finally understood now-he had to capture both Qiu Yue and Xia Tian, only then would he have taken down the whole Su family business!

    "Elder! You are right! You know me so well!"

    Qin Feng looked at Su Hao Nan and said earnestly, "I'm not interested in your Su family's business. I lent Miss Qiu Yue a hand, regardless of my life and death, because she is my friend!

    "Elder, I have something to discuss with you!"

    "Speak!" Su Hao Nan was excited!

    "I don't want the other half of the Su family's business. Actually, I'm attracted to Miss Qiu Yue. How about you betroth both Xia Tian and Qiu Yue..."

    "Ahem ahem! I'm old and my hearing isn't that good! I can't hear what are you saying. That's fine, that's fine. I'm going back to my room now to rest!"

    Su Hao Nan played deaf-mute and ran away. He realized he was old and he couldn't fathom the vision of love that youngsters had nowadays. How could Qin Feng make such a shameless request? What stunned him the most was that his dignified, glorious granddaughter Qiu Yue didn't oppose Qin Feng's request!

    Su Hao Nan thought Qin Feng was a shameless fellow. This man wouldn't settle for half of the Su family business. Although he'd said he didn't want anything, in reality, he wanted the entire business of the Su family!

    There were only Qin Feng and Su Qiu Yue left in the room. After some time had passed, Su Qiu Yue took the initiative to speak. "Qin Feng, you scared Grandpa!"

    "I can see that. I even enraged the elder until he becomes deaf!" Qin Feng pouted.


    Su Qiu Yue was tickled pink by Qin Feng. Her smile could topple a nation and overrun a city, and Qin Feng couldn't resist taking a few peeks!

    "Grandpa is old. He can't accept something like this. Please don't take it personally!" Su Qiu Yue suddenly sat beside Qin Feng. A wave of fragrance surged toward Qin Feng's face.

    She just sat with her back facing Qin Feng, so he didn't notice the blush on her face.

    How could a smart person like Qin Feng not understand Su Qiu Yue's implication? He suddenly bear hugged her from behind. "Qiu Yue, that means you agree with my suggestion?"

    Su Qiu Yue was totally shocked. "This Qin Feng is too bold!

    We're still in Xia Tian's room. What if my sister suddenly returns and sees this?"

    She wiggled and broke free from Qin Feng's embrace. She spun around and looked at Qin Feng fondly. "Then, can you vow to treat both of us sincerely forever?"

    Qin Feng was slightly stunned. The phrase "a woman's IQ becomes zero once she is in love" was true! How could Su Qiu Yue utter such naive and foolish words?

    "I won't give too many promises. I'll prove myself with my actions!" Qin Feng raised his head 45 degrees and gazed at the sun outside of the window, posing as a gentle-as-water pretty boy.

    He was the Seducer Sage, and this was his best answer! He could imagine the scene where Su Qiu Yue was so touched that she'd weep a bucket and throw herself into his arms, snuggling and acting cute!

    "That's fine! I'll continue to observe you, then!" Su Qiu Yue suddenly stood up after some time.

    She resumed to her usual dignified demeanor. The blush on her face receded and she looked at Qin Feng indifferently. "Second Uncle's and Third Uncle's corpses were gone after Grandpa and I rushed to the back garden that night. Even the Yin-Yang Elders had left, and you were the only one left on the ground. What actually happened?"

    Su Qiu Yue's mind was too quick. Qin Feng couldn't follow her pace!

    He planned to hold an exploratory discussion with Su Qiu Yue about how to capture both Xia Tian and her. However, when he saw Su Qiu Yue's stern and glacial expression, Qin Feng had no other choice but to forcibly swallow those words of love!

    "I'm not sure where your second and third uncle had gone. After I defeated the Yin-Yang Elders, another group of black-clothed ninjas from Japan suddenly appeared before me. After that, when I was almost killed by those ninjas, a woman came to my rescue... Oh yeah, where is that woman?"

    Qin Feng's countenance suddenly became serious. He thought back to the scene of that night: he had been saved by that woman before she knocked him unconscious.

    "A woman?" Su Qiu Yue frowned. "There was no woman when we arrived. Nobody was there... Maybe that woman carried away the corpses to destroy the evidence!"

    "That woman isn't the backup from your Su family?" Qin Feng was even more puzzled.

    "No, she's not!" Su Qiu Yue affirmed. "How does she looks like? Can you describe her physical characteristics? I can use the power of the Su family to help you look for her!"

    After Qin Feng thought very hard for a moment, he realized the woman's face was blurry; neither her physical stature nor her height were clear in his mind.

    "Let's forget about it! I'll investigate it myself!" Qin Feng shook his head.

    "I heard you said all those black-clothed ninjas came from Japan?" Su Qiu Yue didn't continue pursuing the topic of that woman; she asked about the identity of those black-clothed ninjas instead.

    "Do you know who sent them?"

    "Although I can't be certain of it, they probably came from the Wei family in the provincial capital. They came to the Su family to look for you half a month ago; however, I ignored them and fended them off. Apparently, they didn't give up and sent someone to lurk around the Su family. So when you came to the Su family this time, they ambushed you!" Su Qiu Yue analyzed.

    Qin Feng suddenly thought of Wei Xiao Lei. He then asked, "The Wei family of the provincial capital? The family behind Wei Xiao Lei, whom I killed at Coiled Snake Mountain?"

    Su Qiu Yue nodded. She then added, "Not only the Wei family, even the William family is looking for you! That family's actual strength is much more mysterious than the Wei family's. The William family is an old American family with superpower that has produced many great talents. It's just that the family is based in America, far from China, so they haven't made any moves yet.

    "However, this time the Wei family has discovered your true identity. I'm certain they will make an alliance with the William family to take you down!"

    Su Qiu Yue suddenly gazed fondly at Qin Feng. "Qin Feng, you've sacrificed too much to protect the Su family. Now that I'm the Head of Household of the Su family, should they try to harm you, I'll unleash the full power of the Su family to fight along with you... this time, I'll stand and fall with you!"
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