Chapter 343 - Liang Yus Invitation

    Chapter 343 - Liang Yu's Invitation

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Yunhai City, Heping Town!

    This was a beautiful little town, and it was Bai Qing's hometown!

    After leaving the mountain resort with Qin Feng, Bai Qing had quit her managerial position at Royal Hotel and gone home to find the answer in her heart!

    She'd been home for almost two months, and every day, she sat in bed in a daze, staring out the window at the blue sky and white clouds. Her head was filled with images of Qin Feng!

    If you miss someone, if you don't think about them during the day, you think about them at night...

    "Qing Qing, bad news! Bad news... your little brother was kidnapped!" Mother Bai rushed into Bai Qing's room, so worried that tears streamed out of her eyes.

    Bai Qing immediately collected herself, jumped out of bed, and supported her mother. Then, she furrowed her brows and asked, "Ma, what happened? What did that brat Bai Xiu do this time?"

    Bai Qing had a little brother named Bai Xiu. He was 17, the rebellious age. Every few days, he was either in a fight or causing trouble somewhere.

    "This time, he didn't get in a fight or a relationship; this time, it's big. Something big has happened!" Mother Bai wailed, "Your dad just got a call from someone who said they were from Feng Yun Fun City. They said your little brother lost a couple hundred thousand and wants us to bring the money in exchange for him!"

    Bai Qing's expression changed dramatically. Everyone in Heping Town knew of Feng Yun Fun City; it was the largest casino in town. It was established over 10 years ago, so in order for them to exist for so long, there had to be someone huge backing them.

    There were often reports of various people from various households in town that lost their family fortunes overnight at the Feng Yun Fun City. But Bai Xiu's so young. How did he end up at that kind of place? And he lost a couple hundred thousand?

    "Ma! Don't worry! We'll first go gauge the situation in Fun City. After understanding it, then we'll decide!" Luckily, Bai Qing was someone who had worked in a big city for a good number of years, so she was shrewder and looked at the big picture. At this time, she began to comfort her mother.

    "Your dad rushed over after receiving the call. Let's wait at home for news from him!" Mother Bai slowly calmed down as well!


    Acropolis City's Qin Manor:

    It was like New Year's in Qin Manor. The servants rushed about, and the women surrounded the sofa in the parlor with great joy. Qin Huang read the newspaper with a broad smile on his face.

    Because Qin Feng suddenly returned!

    Qin Feng left for Sky City without saying goodbye, and he was gone for five days!

    In the beginning, Qin Huang and Su Ruo Rou didn't care about waiting for him because every month he would hang out somewhere for a couple of days and not come home. However, after the third day passed and Qin Feng still hadn't come home, everyone began calling him. Yet the third day was when Qin Feng was injured heavily and fell unconscious for three days. His phone also shut down after the battery ran down, so he couldn't be contacted!

    With the memory of the assassination attempt at the opening ceremony of the Cloud City Hua Manor phase two fresh in their minds, Qin Huang, Xu Ruo Rou, and even Han Ying Ying were worried to death. They were deeply afraid that Qin Feng had gotten into some sort of accident!

    Now, Qin Feng was finally home! And he was just as vulgar and sloppy as before!

    "Qin Feng, where did you go during these past few days?" Xu Ruo Rou and Han Ying Ying surrounded Qin Feng, standing on either side of him.

    Xu Ruo Rou peeled grapes and fed them to Qin Feng while grumbling and pouting at Qin Feng.

    "You missed me, didn't you, Little Sister Ruo Rou? How about I go to your room tonight and tell you all about my fantastical experiences these past days?" Qin Feng grinned at Xu Ruo Rou.

    "I don't want to do that!"

    Xu Ruo Rou harrumphed adorably and covertly slapped Qin Feng's hand from her thigh. His hand was about to go into her shorts. How spiteful!

    "Qin Feng! The next time you go out, tell Chairman Qin. Otherwise, everyone will be worried to death!" Han Ying Ying straightened the crinkled corner of Qin Feng's shirt and coincidentally saw some of the wounds on his back. Her lovely eyes narrowed, and she hesitated briefly, but said nothing!

    "Big Sister Ying Ying, I was wrong for worrying everyone. I'll make sure not to do so in the future!" Qin Feng casually opened his arms and wrapped one arm around each beauty.

    Xu Ruo Rou became shy. She lowered her head and didn't resist. Han Ying Ying's expression flashed with hatred, but she didn't break free of Qin Feng's arm, either.


    Just then, Qin Huang looked up and saw the scene before him. The sight made him spit out his tea. He stared at Qin Feng and said in a low voice, "The food is ready. Come eat!"

    Qin Huang's words allowed the two women to escape Qin Feng's arms. They walked hand in hand to the table and sat down.

    The meal was warm because of Qin Feng's sudden reappearance. Everyone who had been worried and hadn't eaten properly for three days now ate with gusto. They talked and laughed energetically.

    After the meal, Xu Ruo Rou and Han Ying Ying went to work. Since Qin Feng's injuries weren't completely healed, he rested in bed.

    He'd been unconscious for the past couple of days, and his phone shut off due to insufficient power. He now turned on his phone, and notifications of various texts and calls popped up!

    Qin Feng glanced over them. A lot of them were calls from Xu Ruo Rou, Han Ying Ying, and Qin Huang, and some were calls from women whom he had pretty good relationships with. Rao Shi Man also texted him to tell him she arrived safely in the capital. However, the most missed calls were from the fiery Liu Bing Bing.

    In the span of three days, the woman called him 123 times!

    "Is this woman crazy? She isn't feeling lonely, empty, and cold, is she?" Qin Feng smiled evilly and immediately called Liu Bing Bing back.

    He received a system notification: "Sorry, the phone you called is currently off!"

    Qin Feng called again, and it was the same message!

    "This fiery lass didn't block my number, did she? What a petty woman!" Qin Feng pouted and tossed his phone to the side.

    Not long after, his phone rang! He thought it was Liu Bing Bing returning his call, but it was actually an unfamiliar number!

    Qin Feng answered, "Who is it?"

    "Prince Qin, it's me, Brother Liang Yu!" A laugh came from the other line.

    Qin Feng immediately sat up. Why did Liang Yu call me so suddenly? Is he with Zhao Ling Xian? Zhao Ling Xian won't slowly fall for this bastard, will she?

    Once Qin Feng thought of Zhao Ling Xian with Liang Yu, his heart ached. Now that Ling Xian accepted the Liang family's proposal, Qin Feng had to destroy the Liang family and take his woman back as soon as possible!

    "Oho, so it's Brother Liang! What's with the sudden call?" Qin Feng quickly collected himself and laughed along with Liang Yu.

    "Brother Qin, I came to Acropolis from the capital. Last time, you said to find you when I came to Acropolis and you'd give me a tour!

    "Haha! You can't take it back!" Liang Yu laughed.

    Qin Feng's expression stiffened. This bastard really came to Acropolis? Is he here to meet Ling Xian? Or is it that this brat can't wait anymore and wants to rape Ling Xian?

    "What do you mean by taking it back? Where are you, Brother Liang? I'll look for you straight away!" said Qin Feng hastily.

    "I'm at Ling Xian's house. Do you want to come over? Uncle Zhao isn't here; it's just us of the younger generation!"

    "Wait for me! I'm coming right now!"

    Qin Feng ended the call, changed, and flew out the door. After discovering that Uncle Zhao wasn't home and that only Liang Yu and Zhao Ling Xian were in the Zhao villa, he was so anxious that his heart was about to combust!

    He rushed over on the 28" bicycle, and the bike moved so fast that it seemed as though it was about to fly!

    After arriving at the Zhao villa, the 28" bicycle didn't stop. Qin Feng leapt off the bike and was about to run into the villa when he suddenly halted in his steps.

    Zhao Ling Xian and Liang Yu were strolling by the pond outside the villa. Liang Yu smiled and joked while Zhao Ling Xian had her head down as if she were counting the rocks on the ground!

    "Brother Qin, you're here!" Liang Yu raised his head and immediately saw Qin Feng. He was so happy that he almost jumped!

    Zhao Ling Xian, whose head was lowered the whole time, lifted her head slightly and peeked at Qin Feng. When she saw Qin Feng's anxious expression, a slight warmth surged within her, and the corners of her lips lifted slightly.

    It seems that this stinking brat still cares a bit about me!

    "Brother Liang, after not seeing you for so long, you seem to have become increasingly handsome and distinguished!" Qin Feng walked toward them and exchanged formalities with Liang Yu. Then, he pulled Zhao Ling Xian into his embrace. "Haha! And my Little Sister Ling Xian keeps becoming more and more beautiful and fresh!"

    The last time Liang Yu came to the Zhao family to propose, Qin Feng reached an agreement with Liang Yu!

    Qin Feng backed out of competing for Zhao Ling Xian, and Liang Yu went home to convince the Liang family not to start a war with the Qin family!

    Thus, Qin Feng appeared today as Zhao Ling Xian's older brother, and Liang Yu wasn't mad even though Qin Feng hugged Zhao Ling Xian in front of him!

    He was a rich young master, so he knew very well that a hedonistic young master like Qin Feng wouldn't ruin his entire family for one woman!

    "What are you doing? Let go of me this instant!" Zhao Ling Xian angrily broke free from Qin Feng. Though she felt a lot better after last time's proposal, she didn't completely forgive Qin Feng for his emotional sluggishness, so how could she let Qin Feng hug her?

    Qin Feng released Zhao Ling Xian. As Acropolis City's Seducer Sage, he'd learned about female scents in middle school. He hugged Zhao Ling Xian to smell her. The pure virgin fragrance still lingered, so Qin Feng felt reassured.

    "Haha! Look at this girl, after growing up, she doesn't know her brother anymore. When she was little, she wanted me with her even when taking a bath!" Qin Feng chuckled as he spoke to Liang Yu.

    "Every girl becomes shy after growing up; don't take offense, Brother Qin!" Liang Yu laughed as well.

    He'd invited Qin Feng to break the ice!

    Before Qin Feng came, Zhao Ling Xian didn't even say a word to Liang Yu. She merely strolled through the garden with him, so Liang Yu felt really anxious.

    He came to Acropolis so suddenly to develop his relationship with Zhao Ling Xian. It would be best if he could take her body as soon as possible. Liang Yu began to feel restless in regard to such an exquisite fiancée.

    "Little Sister Ling Xian, is Uncle Zhao not home?" Qin Feng spoke while giving Liang Yu a pointed look.

    Liang Yu immediately understood, and smiled excitedly. "Father-in-law Zhao went to work; only we three are in the house. What should we do?"

    "What do you want to do, Brother Liang?" Qin Feng smiled at Liang Yu.

    Liang Yu was so excited that he almost said that he wanted to do Zhao Ling Xian, but he controlled himself. "Why don't we play some games?"

    Liang Yu suggested playing a game because a game would warm up the atmosphere. As they played, maybe he could use the opportunity to touch Zhao Ling Xiang's hands or her waist!

    If we have physical contact during the day, then won't we go straight to bed at night?

    Liang Yu was extremely grateful for Qin Feng, and felt that it was a really good idea to invite him!

    "Let's play hide-and-seek. Why don't two people hide while one person seeks?" suggested Qin Feng.

    This was Zhao Ling Xian's favorite game when she was little. At the time, Zhao Da Hai and Qin Huang were busy with work all day, so Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian stuck together and often played hide-and-seek to pass the time.

    Every time Zhao Ling Xian hid, Qin Feng found her right away. But when Qin Feng hid, Qin Feng would only come out to comfort Zhao Ling Xian when she began crying because she couldn't find him.
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