Chapter 345 - Bring a Rich Young Master as the Chauffeur

    Chapter 345 - Bring a Rich Young Master as the Chauffeur

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Liang Yu was in the midst of his imaginations, smiling so much that he couldn't close his mouth. Just then, Zhao Ling Xian's icy voice was like a bucket of cold water falling on his head. "I'm not playing anymore! I've waited for so long that I don't want to play anymore!"

    "Ling Xian, you really don't want to play anymore? I already thought of a couple of good places to hide in. I'm sure they'll make you unexpectedly happy!" Liang Yu's heart clenched, and he looked anxiously at Zhao Ling Xian.

    He had just had such a hard time running around the villa like an idiot just for this moment. How can we not play at her say-so? Where had the basic trust between humans gone?

    "I'm not playing anymore. I don't want to play anymore!" Zhao Ling Xian huffed, pouting. There was no way she was hiding with Liang Yu!

    "Brother Liang! I can only help you so much. You were too dumb. My hands are tied!" Qin Feng immediately pulled Liang Yu aside and whispered to him, "You know Ling Xian's temper. This girl's been spoiled since she was young and has a princess mentality. Now, that mentality is surfacing. We can only do everything she says. Otherwise, she'll hate you forever!"

    When Liang Yu heard how serious the situation was, he immediately looked at Qin Feng with gratitude. "Brother Qin! Good thing I called you here. Otherwise, I would have definitely stepped on a mine. I'll definitely remember your kindness. When Zhao Ling Xian and I finish the deed, I'll be sure to thank Brother Qin again!"

    A murderous look flitted through Qin Feng's eyes. Then, he smiled and said, "Alright! Let's not play hide-and-seek. You'll still have opportunities to strike when we do other things!"

    "Okay! I'll follow your plans, Brother Qin. In the future, whenever I come to Acropolis looking for Ling Xian, I'll be sure to call Brother Qin. I hope you don't find me an annoyance then!"

    "Haha! Of course I won't!" Qin Feng laughed as he and Liang Yu returned to where Zhao Ling Xian was. This girl was still pretending to be mad!

    "Ling Xian, let's not play hide-and-seek anymore. What do you want to do? I'll do it with you!" Liang Yu attempted to curry favor with Zhao Ling Xian.

    Zhao Ling Xian ignored Liang Yu. Her large, lively eyes were glued to Qin Feng as she awaited his opinion!

    "I don't think there's anything fun to play in the house. Since it's rare for Brother Liang to come to Acropolis, why don't we go out for a walk?" Qin Feng smiled at Zhao Ling Xian. He knew that this girl had been staying in the mansion all day ever since he'd dropped out of school. If she didn't go outside, this goddess would soon become a geeky homebody!

    "Okay! Then let's go for a walk!" No matter what Qin Feng said, Liang Yu would be the first to approve it.

    Zhao Ling Xian was moved. She really wanted to go for a walk with Qin Feng. The last time they went for a walk was 800 years ago-Zhao Ling Xian could barely remember it!

    "Whatever!" Zhao Ling Xian continued to maintain an expression of nonchalance.

    The three people decided to take a walk. Liang Yu drove his Land Rover and was the chauffeur. Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian sat in the back shoulder-to-shoulder. Qin Feng was dishonest. He purposely placed his hand on a spot that couldn't be seen in the rearview mirror, and secretly rubbed Zhao Ling Xian's smooth calves. Zhao Ling Xian's entire body felt tingly and hot. She wanted to make a noise, but she didn't dare do so. The ride made her go crazy from stifling herself.

    Liang Yu focused on driving and didn't notice anything. After getting out of the car, he even groveled and opened the doors for Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian and helped them out of the car. He was acting like a lackey!

    "You're horrible!" When Liang Yu wasn't paying attention, Zhao Ling Xian pinched Qin Feng's waist. She felt that Liang Yu was too stupid!

    "This idiot is happy doing all of this; I didn't force him to do it. Treat him like air. Today, we're on a date!" Qin Feng quickly slapped Zhao Ling Xian's perky behind, and she blushed profusely.

    Qin Feng openly hugged Zhao Ling Xian as they walked. It looked like the sibling love between a brother and sister. Liang Yu followed the two of them. Not only was he not angry, he even chatted with them while laughing!

    That afternoon, Zhao Ling Xian bought a lot of clothes and bags. Liang Yu wanted to pay, but Qin Feng convinced him not to. He naturally wouldn't let another man buy things for his woman!

    "Young Master Qin! Welcome!" The three of them had just arrived at the entrance of a luxurious building when two beautiful women greeted them.

    Qin Feng hugged Zhao Ling Xian and looked at Liang Yu with a smile. "Brother Liang, walking for an entire afternoon is really tiring. Let's sit in the Amethyst Dragon Palace. This is Acropolis's most exclusive private club; it fits perfectly with Brother Liang's identity!"

    "Haha! Brother Qin, you're too polite. We're like brothers, so any place of entertainment is the same!"

    Following the beautiful women's guidance, the three people went into separate changing rooms and changed their clothes!

    Originally, Qin Feng wanted to book a private room, but he worried that Zhao Ling Xian would feel awkward, unaccustomed to it, so he brought them to the public entertainment room!

    The public entertainment room was extremely classy as well. After all, the people that frequented the Amethyst Dragon Palace were all rich and powerful. The large public lounge was decorated like the palace of the Dragon King. The floor was made of glass, and little fish frolicked beneath it. There were also crystal pillars all around that glimmered under the colorful lights.

    There weren't a lot of people in the lounge. Groups of two and three were gathered at different tables chatting and drinking tea.

    The three of them chose a quiet corner to sit in. They ate while enjoying a massage from beautiful masseuses.

    "Ling Xian, you must be tired today. Lie down and let the little beauty massage you. The masseuses in the Amethyst Dragon Palace are the best!" Qin Feng smiled while placing a cherry tomato in Zhao Ling Xian's mouth.

    Zhao Ling Xian's expression fell slightly, and she looked at Qin Feng unhappily.

    She naturally knew of the Amethyst Dragon Palace. This was the Hao family's territory. It was probably managed by the Sima family now. This was a high-end club that the rich came to for entertainment. It was rumored that shady business dealings unsuitable for children took place here. Qin Feng seemed to be a regular at the Amethyst Dragon Palace, and this made Zhao Ling Xian unhappy!

    However, Zhao Ling Xian's anger soon dissipated, and this anger became concern for Qin Feng!

    She was a smart girl, and she knew that Qin Feng had a bad relationship with the Sima family. So why did he suddenly want to come here? From Zhao Ling Xian's perspective, it made more sense to go to the Royal Clubhouse!


    "Qin Feng is here!"

    In another corner of the public lounge, three young men with unordinary auras sat together!

    The three appeared to be drinking tea and chatting, but their gazes flitted toward Qin Feng's area from time to time.

    There were all rich young masters of Acropolis, three of the eldest grandsons of five small family clans!

    "That little beauty with Qin Feng is the heiress of the Hai Medical Group, right?" The man wearing the blue pajamas spoke indifferently. This was the eldest grandson of the Fang family!

    "That's right! This lass is ranked one of the most beautiful in Acropolis. Who would have thought that she'd fall for that player Qin Feng? What a pity!" Zhang Hui, who wore a purple nightshirt complained while sipping some tea.

    "Do we want to make a move today?" Li Xing Liang held a go piece and looked at the other two while ruminating.

    The other two furrowed their brows and fell quiet. After a while, Fang Xing said, "Though Prince Sima and Prince Wen have clearly teamed up, and they purposely came to talk to us and tell us to team up and deal with Qin Feng, the Qin family isn't something we want to offend. It would be illogical if we take the initiative to provoke Qin Feng!

    "Currently, the power dynamics in Acropolis are changing. Of the Four Major Families in Acropolis, the Hao family has been demolished and the Zhou family announced their withdrawal from those ranks. Everyone is eyeing these two empty spots covetously, and all our families want to climb up to fill those spots. However, if we're not careful, we'll fall apart and become cannon fodder in this war... We should be careful!"

    Zhang Hui and Li Xing Liang nodded at Fang Xing's analysis.

    A week ago, Prince Wen and Sima Tu formed an alliance. After doing so, they began mobilizing various powers to covertly attack the Qin family! The two did a lot of things in the background, but these powers became restless. They monitored the development of the situation while waiting for an opportunity to strike!

    If they were too hasty, then they might be reduced to cannon fodder and their families destroyed. But if they were too slow, then they'd lose their chance and hand it to another family clan!

    Fang Xing and the other two suddenly fell quiet. Everyone was deep in thought, and no one knew what the other was thinking.

    "Oh? If it isn't Young Master Fang, Young Master Li, and Young Master Zhang! You don't come here often!" The three of them suddenly heard Qin Feng's voice beside their ears. They were so shocked that they almost jumped!

    It was true that they usually didn't frequent the Amethyst Dragon Palace. After all, when Hao Yun and Zhou Kai were still around, the Amethyst Dragon Palace was where Acropolis City's Four Princes would gather. With the Four Princes present, how could the other young masters dare come? If they came, they would only be suppressed be the Four Princes. And they might even have to smilingly become their lackeys. Who would willingly humiliate themselves this way?

    But it was different now. Two of the Four Major Families vacated their seats, and the three of them formed a pact with Sima Tu. Recently, they'd been going to the Amethyst Dragon Palace practically every day. They wanted to bask in the feeling of being princes. It was like if they came a sufficient number of times, they'd be able to take the vacancies in the Four Major Families of Acropolis.

    These people used to dream every day that they could become one of the Four Princes of Acropolis!

    "Oh! So it's Prince Qin!"

    "When did you get here, Prince Qin? How is it that none of us noticed?"

    "It really is our honor seeing Prince Qin in the flesh at the Amethyst Dragon Palace!"

    The three of them quickly regained their senses and stood to greet Qin Feng. It was not evident that they wanted to harm Qin Feng!

    "Oh, what 'Prince Qin'? That's just a name some bored people came up with. I prefer people calling me 'Young Master Qin.' I'm merely of the same status as you three young masters!"

    Before the three of them could speak, Qin Feng presumptuously sat at the table as if he were in his own house. He wasn't overly polite in the slightest!

    "Hm? Why aren't you sitting? Am I not welcome?"

    "Haha! Of course not. We're just overwhelmed that Prince Qin doesn't deem us beneath him!" Fang Xing gave the other two a pointed look. The three people laughed and sat with Qin Feng!
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