Chapter 346 - Who Is He?

    Chapter 346 - Who Is He?

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    The four of them sat around the table. Fang Xing and the other two didn't dare speak. Meanwhile, Qin Feng just enjoyed tea by himself after he took a seat, casting the three of them aside like air.

    The atmosphere dropped below zero; Fang Xing and the other two felt pressured and funked. Apparently, it was hard for descendants of small family clans like them to confront Qin Feng!

    "Thanks for the tea. You three have great taste!" Qin Feng stayed for more than ten minutes before swaggering away!

    He took a peek at Liang Yu after he returned to his table!

    "Brother Liang! How's everything going?"

    Liang Yu thought Qin Feng had purposely left to give him some private time with Zhao Ling Xian. He'd cast a grateful gaze at Qin Feng, but he was very soon disappointed. This was because after Qin Feng had left, Zhao Ling Xian never opened her eyes, enjoying a massage instead and paying him no mind. Zhao Ling Xian hadn't budged the slightest even though Liang Yu talked until his mouth was bruised!

    "You need to work harder, Brother Liang!" commented Qin Feng mirthfully.

    "Thanks for your encouragement, Brother Qin. I'll try my best to win Ling Xian's heart!" Liang Yu replied with a smile. He then glanced over at Fang Xing and asked, "Brother Qin, are they your friends? Why don't we invite them over? Don't worry, everything is on me today! The merrier, the better; don't you think so, Brother Qin?"

    Liang Yu thought Zhao Ling Xian was shy. He wanted to invigorate the atmosphere so that Zhao Ling Xian would be more open to him!

    "A bunch of fair-weather friends! I'm so pissed seeing them here!" Qin Feng glared at Fang Xing, grumbling.

    "Oh, is that so? What happened? Could it be that bunch of people infuriated Brother Qin?" An angry face instantly crawled on Liang Yu's face.

    "That's fine! Let them be! Brother Liang is not around Acropolis City much. Let's not talk about this! Moreover, we're not in the provincial capital, so we should avoid crossing these kind of people!" Qin Feng shrugged indifferently.

    Dumbfounded by Qin Feng's words, Zhao Ling Xian opened her eyes and glanced at the table in the corner. She then pondered, "Isn't Qin Feng the Number One Hedonist Young Master in Acropolis City? How can there be somebody whom he can't afford to offend?"

    Liang Yu had been observing Zhao Ling Xian's gracefulness, so her subtle action didn't escape his eyes. He noticed Zhao Ling Xian didn't like that group of people, either, from her frown. Liang Yu then thought to himself, "Finally, it's my turn to shine!"

    It was just the small Acropolis City. Was there anyone whom he, Liang Yu, couldn't afford to anger?

    "Brother Qin! What have those three stinking brats done to you? Tell me. I'll help you vent your spleen!" Liang Yu spoke with massive grandeur.

    "That's fine, that's fine! They're merely three wimpy kids!" Qin Feng waved his hands and continued, "Originally, I wanted to say hello to them. However, I just sat for a minute, and they started to set sights on Little Sister Ling Xian. They even asked what your relationship with her is!

    "So I just told them the truth. But that bunch of little bastards said you have huge bags under your eyes, and your steps are weak, you must be impotent, and you can't possibly satisfy Little Sister Ling Xian. They even said they want to replace you and play with her instead... Ai! Let's drink. It's just a bunch of snotty little brats bull**ting. Don't take it personally!"


    The loud sound of glass shattering broke the quiet clubhouse!

    Liang Yu smashed the wine glass. With a hideous expression, he barged toward Fang Xing and his friends!

    He drew the attention of the people in the clubhouse. All of them were dumbstruck when they saw this scene. Zhao Ling Xian, in particular, covered her alluring little lips and widened her big, beautiful eyes. She hadn't heard the words Qin Feng said to Liang Yu; she thought Liang Yu had an epileptic fit!

    Only Qin Feng sat in his place and watched this commotion calmly. He held a cup of tea and took a sip from it, waiting to see a great show!


    Liang Yu was fast. Soon after, he arrived at Fang Xing's table and toppled their little wooden table with a kick!

    There was a pot of freshly brewed, searing hot tea on top of the three's table. It was piping hot, and it scalded them, so that they yelped nonstop.

    "Darn it! What the f*ck are you doing?!"

    "Who the hell are you? You're so f*cking dead now!"

    "Young Master Zhang and Young Master Li, since it's Qin Feng's underling who took the initiative to mess around with us, let's get him together, and give this little brat some punishment!"

    Fang Xing shouted angrily, and the three of them pounced on Liang Yu together!

    Qin Feng was the First Hedonist Young Master in Acropolis City; he was always the boss and he would never be someone's underling! So, although Fang Xing and his two friends didn't know who Liang Yu was, since this fellow came together with Qin Feng, then he could only be Qin Feng's underling!

    The three of them were reluctant to provoke Qin Feng because they feared the Qin family. But since their opponent's underling picked a fight with them on his own, the three of them naturally wouldn't fear Liang Yu. They had the Sima family and Prince Wen backing them as well!


    Fang Xing rushed up first and threw a fist at Liang Yu's face!

    "You're merely a dog of Qin Feng's, you silly brat! How dare you act tough before us? I'm going to make sure you regret your foolish action today!" After throwing a punch, Fang Xing yelled barbarously, loud enough for everyone to hear!

    He did this deliberately because of Qin Feng! Hmph, do you really think you're such a bully, you little brat? I don't even need to see its owner if I want to punish somebody's dog!

    "F*ck! Do you really think we five small family clans are nothing? How dare you step on me? Your idiotic action is like bearding a lion in its den. I think the large families in Acropolis City should be reshuffled!" The second to rush forward was Zhang Hui. He was big and tall, and he flipped Liang Yu with a simple kick!

    Among Liang Yu's peers, only his second little brother, Liang Zheng Wei, was a martial arts genius; he'd achieved Stage Four Inner Qi at a very young age. On the other hand, Liang Yu and his third little brother, Liang Sheng, were normals: no martial arts background, understanding, or aptitude at all. Both of them were purely hedonist young masters!

    So now, when he was besieged by three people, Liang Yu couldn't do anything but writhe on the floor, enduring their furious attacks!

    "Qin Feng! What should we do? Is Liang Yu mad or something? Why did he proactively pick a fight with them?" Zhao Ling Xian was so frightened that she clung tightly to Qin Feng's arm. This Amethyst Dragon Palace belongs to the Sima family, and it's Qin Feng who brought Liang Yu here. Will Qin Feng get himself into trouble if the fight persists?

    "Should we stop them?"

    "Nevermind, let them be. That fellow, Liang Yu, rubs me the wrong way, and I've loathed him for a long time now. It's nice that somebody can finally help me vent my displeasure!" Qin Feng casually took a sip from his tea, as if he didn't notice what was happening over there!

    Seeing a perfectly composed Qin Feng, Zhao Ling Xian finally understood: obviously, this show was arranged by Qin Feng. Liang Yu, Fang Xing,and Fang Xing's friends, all of them were simply his pawns!

    "Qin Feng, control yourself, then. Don't join in!" Zhao Ling Xian didn't care for others' well-being as long as Qin Feng was fine!

    Qin Feng suddenly got to his feet and tidied Zhao Ling Xian's hair. "Don't worry. Let me show you the strength of your man!"

    As soon as he finished speaking, his body instantly vanished before Zhao Ling Xian's eyes. By the time she raised her head, she noticed that Qin Feng had joined the brawl!


    Sound arrived before Qin Feng!

    He delivered a kick at Fang Xing's face and destroyed his front teeth.

    "You three evil creatures, you have the nerve to bully this young master's buddy! You're all asking to die!"

    Qin Feng's voice was loud and clear; he didn't stop while speaking. He singlehandedly picked up Zhang Hui, who had been stomping on Liang Yu. That tall and sturdy Zhang Hui was now like a little chick in Qin Feng's hand.

    Qin Feng tossed Zhang Hui, sending him flying through the air to drop heavily on a tea table nearby. He even smashed the tea table into two!

    Ah ah ah!

    The public lounge was like a pot that suddenly exploded. Everyone was stunned by this fierce battle! Most importantly, those people involved in the fight were descendants of the five small family clans and the Number One Hedonist Young Master, Qin Feng!

    "I brought my good friend here to have a cup of tea, and I intended to have a nice chat with him. How dare the three of you insult my friend. On top of that, you even hit him! If I don't give you a tanning, I think you'll probably forget who owns this Acropolis City!"

    Qin Feng picked up Li Xing Liang, raised his arm, and gave Li Xing Liang some fine slaps. After a dozen of slaps, Li Xing Liang's originally handsome, white face had swollen up, blood-red and purplish, just like a ghost!


    Qin Feng tossed Li Xing Liang as well!

    "Brother Liang! Are you alright?!" Qin Feng hastily helped Liang Yu to his feet and continued with a worried expression, "You're too reckless. Why'd you go up to them all alone? You should've informed me earlier. I'm very good at hitting people!"

    Liang Yu had bruises all over his body. His face was swollen like a pig's head, and Qin Feng almost couldn't recognize him. That clean, white bathrobe was also full of footprints. He was as miserable as a beggar!

    "F*ck! How dare this group of kids lay their hands on me! They are dead, they are so dead!" Liang Yu was truly enraged. He held tightly to Qin Feng's arm and yelled, "Tell me, Brother Qin! Who are they? I'll now go back to the provincial capital and ask my people to destroy them!"

    Zhao Ling Xian had arrived at their side. She apparently realized Qin Feng's intention and took the initiative to answer Liang Yu's question before Qin Feng could. "Young Master Liang, these three are the fellows of the Fang family, the Zhang family, and the Li family. All of them are heirs of small family clans; I never imagined they'd have the guts to attack you. Are you alright?"

    Liang Yu was slightly stunned. He'd never expected that Zhao Ling Xian would care for him!

    He clapped his chest and yelled with lofty heroic spirit, "The Fang family, Li family, and Zhang family, right? Just you wait! I'll exterminate your whole family tonight!"

    Liang Yu's cockiness had drawn the attention of the people in the lounge. Almost everyone knew Fang Xing and his two friends, but not Liang Yu. They all cast puzzled looks at Liang Yu with a question in their minds: Why is this fellow still so arrogant even though he has been brutally beaten? Who is he?

    However, they soon realized that this person shouldn't be Qin Feng's underling since Qin Feng and Liang Yu addressed and treated each other like real brothers. A person who could be Qin Feng's brother, it seems he has some background as well!

    At this moment, Fang Xing and his two friends were still rolling on the floor, yelping in pain!

    However, their hearts were in much more pain than the physical pain in their bodies!

    The three of them weren't fools. They suddenly realized that Qin Feng had duped them! They'd thought all along that Liang Yu was Qin Feng's underling; they planned to step on Qin Feng by beating up his underling! But now, it seemed like they'd had it all wrong!

    "Young Master Fang! Something is wrong. What should we do now?" Enduring the pain in their bodies, Li Xing Liang and Zhang Hui went to Fang Xing's side.

    All of them were in a panic!

    "I think we've been set up! Let's retreat now and check out the identity of that person with our families' power. We must find out who he really is!"
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