Chapter 347 - Liu Bing Bings in Trouble!

    Chapter 347 - Liu Bing Bing's in Trouble!

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Fang Xing and his two friends cast fiendish glares at Qin Feng and Liang Yu and hastily ran away. Of course Qin Feng wouldn't stop them. On the other hand, Liang Yu wanted to stop them and beat them down, but unfortunately, he didn't have the strength to do it!

    "I'm truly sorry about that, Brother Liang! I intended to have a good time with you at the Amethyst Dragon Palace. I had no idea we would meet those three little bragging bastards here and have our wonderful experience ruined. Are you really okay?" After they came out from the Amethyst Dragon Palace, Qin Feng earnestly asked about Liang Yu's condition.

    "How about we bring you to hospital for a checkup? Otherwise, Ling Xian and I will worry about you!"

    Enduring his pain, Liang Yu waved his hand and gave them a faint smile. "You shouldn't blame yourself, Brother Qin! I'm not going to a hospital, either. I'm going back to the provincial capital now. I want to destroy those three rascals with the power of the Liang family!"

    Liang Yu leaned to one side and looked at Zhao Ling Xian. "Ling Xian, I'm sorry for all the fuss! I should get going now. I will come for you after I've settled this problem!"

    Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian saw Liang Yu off. After he'd left, Qin Feng flagged down a cab and took Zhao Ling Xian back to her villa! Zhao Da Hai wasn't at home at the moment, so Zhao Ling Xian led Qin Feng to her own room. After she shut the door, she hastily dragged Qin Feng to her bed!

    "Qin Feng! What happened tonight? Did you deliberately set up those three people from the five small family clans and Liang Yu?" Zhao Ling Xian had been holding back. So once they got home, she couldn't restrain herself anymore and blurted out all her suspicions to Qin Feng!

    "Yes, it was me! I pulled a trick on both sides, so they'd fight!" Qin Feng didn't have to keep it a secret from Zhao Ling Xian.

    Frowning, Zhao Ling Xian then asked again, "Why did you want to do that? You've enough enemies; why do you still want to make more of them?"

    "It isn't me who's looking for trouble! It's trouble who proactively looking for me!" With a bitter smile, Qin Feng shook his head.

    "Since the Hao and the Zhou families have vacated their positions in the Four Major Families, we need new powers to fill in the two empty slots. As for now, the most capable and promising families are the five small family clans. Each of them has been busy plotting behind the scenes, preparing to make their move!"

    After Sima Tu and Prince Wen made an alliance, both of them had been causing the Qin family a lot of trouble. On the face of it, Qin Feng seemed to be in the dark, continuing his idle life, but actually, he was clear about this in his mind!

    Every day, he would analyze the current situation in his brain and formulate the best way to counter his opponent's moves. He faked ignorance, but in reality, he was secretly planning an unexpected counterattack on Sima Tu and Prince Wen!

    His enemies had been setting up traps; Qin Feng could only counter every move!

    Now, you attack me mercilessly. When I am strong and fully fledged, can all of you endure this young master's relentless and vengeful lethal attack?

    Qin Feng patiently analyzed that night's situation for Zhao Ling Xian. "I could've gone to the Royal Clubhouse. Why should I trouble myself and bring Liang Yu to the Amethyst Dragon Palace? This is because I want to borrow the power of the Liang family, and I want to show Sima Tu that I'm very close to Liang Yu!

    "Originally, I planned to startle Sima Tu and his alliance. I wanted them to know we, the Qin family, are not cowards and they shouldn't simply offend us. Plus, we have our own alliance as well... However, after I saw those three little bastards, I changed my mind!

    "Before, that trio wouldn't go to the Amethyst Dragon Palace and they would voluntarily hail me once they saw me! But tonight, they were inside the Amethyst Dragon Palace and they had already noticed me as soon as I walked into the place. But they didn't take the initiative to fawn on me, throwing resentful gazes at me from time to time instead!"

    "The three of them are suspicious!" Soon enough, Zhao Ling Xian had gotten a grasp of Qin Feng's meaning!

    Nodding, Qin Feng then continued to explain, "That's what I was thinking. So I went up to them! I sat with them for roughly ten minutes, but they didn't utter a word or talk with me. And from this I knew that they were indeed hiding something from me, so they were afraid of me!"

    "Could it be they want to make you their enemy, and use you as their stepping stone?" exclaimed Zhao Ling Xian. How bold these five small family clans are!

    "Yes, it's possible! But I know the three of them aren't that daring. I'm pretty sure someone is backing them!" Qin Feng sighed lightly. "I discovered this, so I changed my tactic in the nick of time!

    "I used Liang Yu to confront them and completely shatter their plan. I believe Liang Yu should have arrived at the Liang family by now. Tonight will be a stormy night. These three pawns won't cause further trouble for me anymore!"

    Zhao Ling Xian understood everything after Qin Feng's explanation!

    As a woman, she'd paid no attention to those open fights and veiled struggles among the aristocratic families. Now only did she understand how dangerous those were!

    A slight carelessness might result in a total wipe-out of the whole family...

    "Qin Feng! You mustn't die!" Zhao Ling Xian suddenly hugged Qin Feng tightly. Only now did she understand Qin Feng's difficulties.

    Before, she only saw the side of Qin Feng that was an unruly dandy, frivolous and perverted. She'd never known he was actually a cautious person, wise and calm!


    The atmosphere in the parlors of the Fang family, the Li family, and the Zhang family were grave!

    The elders of three families convened emergency family meetings. All the core family members assembled and the atmosphere was glacial!

    Fang Xing, Li Xing Liang, and Zhao Hui knelt in the parlor of their respective homes, receiving the fury of their elders!

    They had discovered the origin of the other person involved now: he was the first grandson of the Liang family in the provincial capital, Liang Yu!

    "Unfilial! Vile spawn!" Fang Xing's grandpa was seething with anger, his sunken eyes bulging!

    "How dare you conceal from the family that Sima Tu asked you to frame the Qin family? Are you stirring up a rebellion, you rascal?!

    "Do you think it's that easy for those Four Major Families to get to their current position? Each and every one of them is a vicious and greedy demon who will devour you whole! Why do you think Sima Tu refused to approach me, the Head of Household, and talked with you instead? You're merely a pawn for him, a worthless cannon fodder. Are you aware of that, you rascal?! You're dragging the whole family down!"

    Elder Fang was so angry that he trembled nonstop. He then added, "Do you really think that, with that cheap trick of yours, you can defeat and conquer the Qin family? Did you forget how Hao Yun died, and how the Hao family has fallen? Do you think it is that easy to lead the Zhou family by their noses? That old fart Zhou Ming is extremely astute, a sly old fox! Don't tell me you really think that he's suffering from Alzheimer's and that's why he decided to step down from the Four Major Families? If he hadn't had done that, the Zhou family would be like the Hao family, completely vanished and gone from Acropolis City!

    "The people from the Qin family just used the very tip of their actual strength, and they demolished two large families! We are only one of the five small family clans, and you want to wade through this muddy water? Fool! You're such a simpleton!"

    "Dad! Things are urgent now. The people from the Liang family have asked for our explanation. Let's think of a countermeasure first!" Fang Xing's dad stepped forward and mercilessly stomped on his own child twice.

    Fang Xing wasn't sure how many stomps he'd received since arriving home. He felt he might be dead anytime, sooner or later, if they continued to trample on him!

    Elder Fang fell silent. After a few seconds, he then said resolutely, "Send this little brat overseas. Tonight! He must go tonight!

    "As for the Liang family, let's try to settle it with money!"


    Zhang Hui and Li Xing Liang shared the same fate as Fang Xing: they were both inundated with their elders' admonishments, and the elders of both families also decided to send them overseas and settle this incident with money!

    In the wee hours, the trio reunited at Acropolis City's international airport!

    A few hours ago, the three of them had talked cheerfully and wittily in the Amethyst Dragon Palace, with aggressive and grand ambition, fantasizing that they could elevate their own family to the level of the Four Major Families! But now, they were all dispirited and bruised, and they were in no mood to greet each other!


    In a luxury private room at the Amethyst Dragon Palace, Prince Wen furiously threw a bottle of '82 Lafite at the wall, shattering it!

    Red wine splashed all over the floor, and streamed like human blood. He'd simply thrown away and wasted a hundred thousand yuan!

    Soon after, a strange smile appeared on Prince Wen's face. "Interesting! This is interesting! Not only didn't Qin Feng and Liang Yu engage in a death match, but they've become a pair of good brothers!

    "Prince Sima, do you think even God is helping that little brat?"

    Sima Tu's face sank slightly. This time, the two of them had enticed Fang Xing and his two friends to deal with Qin Feng. They had never imagined that Qin Feng would already overturn their plan before they could carry it out! What stunned them the most was that the person who helped Qin Feng was none other than Liang Yu!

    Both of them knew Qin Feng inside-out. And they were certain that Liang Sheng and Liang Zheng Wei from the Liang family died under Qin Feng's hand. They couldn't fathom why this Liang Yu hadn't unleashed the power of the Liang family and declared war on the Qin family, and instead sided with Qin Feng and even stepped out for him! Is this person nuts or is his brain full of grass?

    "Haha! Indeed, it's interesting... But playing is interesting only when everyone is capable!" Sima Tu's glacial expression faded away. He then added mirthfully, "If Qin Feng was as stupid as Fang Xing's trio, then we'll have no sense of achievement after we defeat him!"

    "Prince Sima is right! We have too many pawns, and we might overlook some if we don't clear some out first!"

    "Seems like Prince Wen has another new idea!" Sima Tu's smile grew even broader!

    "Yes, I do! This is a big step, and if we ever succeed, Qin Feng might be in real trouble! To be honest, this power isn't any weaker than the Golden Assassin Crew!" The corner of Prince Wen's mouth curled. He then added, "I heard not long ago that Liu Bing Bing has a human trafficking group in custody. According to my informer in the bureau, those people have laid it all out!"

    "Those people have a great power behind them. And fortunately, I'm an acquaintance of their backer. Since my friend is in trouble now, how could I cross my arms and stand aside? I already texted him a minute ago. I told him: Liu Bing Bing is leading a team to raid his base. So now, let's sit back, relax, and enjoy our show!"

    Sima Tu's eyes shone brightly after he heard Prince Wen's plan. He smiled wickedly and said, "Prince Wen should send another message to Qin Feng!"

    Prince Wen waved the cell phone in his hand, and said, "I just sent it. Do you want to see it, Prince Sima?"

    Sima Tu took the cell phone!

    "Liu Bing Bing is in trouble! She is now at Yunhai City, Heping Town, and she needs immediate support!"

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