Chapter 349 - Trapped

    Chapter 349 - Trapped

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Liu Bing Bing had learned of their base from the ear-stud guy, Brother Qiang. Hastily leading her team, she went to Heping Town in the night. After she'd reconnoitered that area for a night, she raided them today!

    She was baffled. She even started to ponder, "Is this divinely beautiful woman a retard? Or has her brain gone haywire after she almost got raped?

    "How could I know her mother?"

    "My mom didn't call you?" Bai Qing was measuring Liu Bing Bing as well. Although this woman is a drop-dead beauty, yet she is so cold and distant.

    "No, I did not receive any call from your mom! Officer Liu, bring this lady victim to rest. The remaining people, follow me!" Liu Bing Bing gestured at her subordinates.

    She was on a raiding operation; she still had to catch the other villains!

    Bai Qing took a peek at Liu Bing Bing's police badge and discovered that they didn't seem to be from the local police station. So they were not called by Mom.

    Bai Qing didn't follow Officer Liu to rest. She hurriedly trailed behind Liu Bing Bing as she still needed to search for her dad and her little brother!

    During the sweep of the dozen fully armed policemen, they successfully caught a great many criminals in the four-story Feng Yun Fun City. All the criminals were detained in the hall in the 1st floor, holding their heads down and squatting on the floor. There were 43 in total!

    Looking at the sheer number of people, Liu Bing Bing fell silent. After hesitating for a while, she then ordered her subordinates, "Contact the local police station, and request for some support!"

    Liu Bing Bing gave the order. All her subordinates hastily contacted the local police!

    At the same time, Bai Qing had found her dad and her little brother. Both of them had been detained in a small, dark room on the 4th floor, and they had bruises all over their bodies. Besides her dad and little brother, there were more than ten other victims imprisoned in the room. Bai Qing released them all!

    "Dad, Little Brother, are you alright?" Bai Qing helped both of them walk out from the cell.

    Bai Yang and Bai Xiu had been in this pitch-black room for a day and a night; they couldn't adapt to the bright light once they came out. Bai Yang covered his eyes and asked in a quavering voice, "Qing Qing, is that you?"

    "Dad! It's me!" Bai Qing was frightened. "What happened to your eyes?"

    "We're fine. It's just that we stayed in the room for such a long time, so we can't get used to the light outside. These bunch of brutes locked us up by force. They didn't give us food or water; they even attacked us! They are monsters!"

    Bai Yang suddenly came to his senses. He exclaimed, "Qing Qing, why are you here? You can't come to a place like this! Hurry up and get out!"

    "Dad! We're safe now. A group of police has raided this place, and they have taken control of this building!" Bai Qing's voice was choked with emotions.

    She still had post-traumatic stress. If it wasn't for Liu Bing Bing and her squad coming in the nick of time, she was afraid that she wouldn't have been able to keep her chastity. If things had really gone that far, she felt she wouldn't have had the face to show herself to Qin Feng anymore!

    After Bai Yang and Bai Xiu readjusted to the light intensity, both of them opened their eyes. Looking at the bright and beautiful sunlight and the familiar streets, countless emotions and feelings wafted through their hearts!

    "We've finally gotten out! It's great, it's too great!"

    "Fine, fine! Let's go home now. These two days were a nightmare!" Bai Yang helped his daughter and son wipe off their tears, patted their shoulders, and went with them back to their home...

    "How is everything going?" Liu Bing Bing was standing in the hall, working vigorously and speedily.

    A few of her subordinates stood beside her. They reported, "Director Liu, we've made contact with Director Zhang, the deputy of the local police station. He is on his way now!"

    Liu Bing Bing's brows frowned when she heard the name "Director Zhang." When they were arresting that rapist just now, he was shouting that name arrogantly!

    "Fine! We should wait here, then!" Liu Bing Bing shook her head to get the ridiculous thought out of her head.

    After they'd waited for more than ten minutes, five police cars arrived!

    A 40-year-old man alighted from the car first and hailed them, "Hey buddy, great work! By the way, who is your head?"

    After a couple of strides, Liu Bing Bing arrived in front of Director Zhang. With an icy tone, she introduced herself, "I'm the director of Acropolis City's Northern Region Sub-bureau, Liu Bing Bing. We're investigating a human-smuggling ring, and we found out that their base is in Heping Town. I hope that Director Zhang can cooperate with me!"

    Director Zhang secretly measured Liu Bing Bing. He never expected their head to be a woman. When he saw Liu Bing Bing's frosty, delicate face and smoking-hot body, Director Zhang habitually licked his lips.

    "Hehe! Of course, of course! We'll do our best to cooperate with Director Liu!"

    "We've caught 43 people this time, and closed down a large recreation center. That said, it's you who neglected your duty, Director Zhang!" Liu Bing Bing's voice was cold.

    She had always been a self-disciplined woman, going by the book and impartial. She criticized Director Zhang for his dereliction of duty!

    A trace of sinister intent flashed in Director Zhang's eyes. He grinned from ear to ear and said, "Yes, yes. Director Liu is right! Let's bring this bunch of hoodlums back to the police station first. Starting from now, I'll take care of this incident seriously!"

    After hesitating for a while, Liu Bing Bing gestured at her subordinates, "Withdraw now. Let's go to the local police station!"

    A line of seven police cars set out in a grandiose fashion, trailed by two vans of villains!

    In a van, Manager Chang stared at a cop beside him. "Little Wu, untie me now!"

    Little Wu immediately released Manager Chang!

    "Big Brother Chang! Sorry for the offense!"

    "F*ck! Is Director Zhang mad? Why did he have to arrest me? Don't force me to call my big brother now and get rid of you all!" Director Chang wasn't afraid of Little Wu, lecturing Little Wu like a little brother.

    "Please don't, Big Brother Chang! It's all a misunderstanding!" Little Wu hastily explained, "Those people who raided you came from outside the city. It has nothing to do with us!

    "They called Director Zhang and requested for assistance after they'd captured you. Director Zhang is now dealing with them. Don't worry. Everything will be fine as soon as we reach the station!"

    "Hmph! Now you're talking! Dispose of them immediately. Otherwise, if my big brother has to do it personally, be aware that you and your Director Zhang will be replaced!" Manager Chang sent a menacing glare at Little Wu.

    "And! Reserve that b*tch for me! How dare she arrest me?! I'm going to strip off her clothes and send her off to heaven!" Manager Chang suddenly added.

    The cars had been speeding the whole way, and they arrived at the local police station soon after!

    Following Director Zhang, Liu Bing Bing, along with her subordinates, led a group of villains into the police station.

    "Director Zhang, I'll have you jail these fellows. I need to report this incident to the higher-ups later on and await their decision!"

    "Rest assured, Director Liu. These guys won't be able to escape me!" Director Zhang assured Liu Bing Bing with a smile. "Officer Wu, inform the men in the station to lock them up. After that, get us some tea. Since Director Liu and her squad came all the way here, we should entertain them!"

    Officer Wu noticed Director Zhang's meaningful glance. He then quickly went off to do his bidding!

    A large number of inmates had been escorted by policemen from the station. Meanwhile, Director Liu and her troop rested in the lounge. Soon after, Officer Wu returned with freshly brewed tea. Liu Bing Bing and her squad were thirsty for water since they'd worked the whole day long. They didn't think too much and gulped the tea!

    "Director Liu, let me reserve a table at the Grand Hotel to celebrate your success!" Seeing that everybody had drunk the tea, Director Zhang giggled within his heart.

    Liu Bing Bing waved her hand, and replied icily, "It's our responsibility as police to arrest the villains. No need to be so fancy. We'll be heading back to Acropolis City after we've rested enough!"

    "Fine, fine! Rest well, then, Director Liu!"

    Director Zhang played his eyes at Officer Wu, and both of them retreated from the lounge!

    "How is it? Did you drug them?" Director Zhang pulled Officer Wu to a secluded corner after they came out from the lounge.

    "Yes, I did! I even doubled the dosage! All of them will be unconscious within 15 minutes!"

    Director Zhang nodded his head, satisfied. His expression suddenly became nervous. "How about Manager Chang? Was he still angry?"

    "He was. But then I explained everything to him along the way. I guess he has cooled down by now. However, he said he wants that female officer!"

    Director Zhang hesitated for a while; he then said, "Just give her to him. I can't handle it anyway. Have Manager Chang contact his backer to hush up this incident. They'll have full authority in handling it. We won't get in their way!"

    "Roger! I'll tell Manager Chang now." Officer Wu went to the cell to inform Manager Chang, whereas Director Zhang stayed in his own office.

    He waited for 20 minutes, and by the time he returned to the lounge, Liu Bing Bing and the crew she brought over were all lying on the table, fast asleep. Some of them even fell to the floor!

    Director Zhang immediately called Officer Wu. Soon enough, Officer Wu and Manager Chang rushed over!

    "F*ck! These motherf*ckers think they are so great? Dare to act wildly with me in Heping Town? Don't they know I own this place?" Fuming with anger, Manager Chang stomped heavily on a few people lying on the floor.

    He went to Liu Bing Bing's side again. Looking at Liu Bing Bing's divinely beautiful profile, he couldn't restrain himself and pounced on her, starting to rip off her clothes.

    "You musn't, Manager Chang!" Director Zhang hastily halted Manager Chang. The situation wasn't clear and he didn't want anything bad happening in his territory.

    "Let's wait for the order from your backer... If Manager Chang really wants this woman, you can bring her back to the base. And you can play to your heart's content!"

    Manager Chang was a person of no consequence, but his backer was terrifying. Since Director Zhang had spoken, Manager Chang had to give face to him. He waved his hand and yelled, "Alright, alright! Stop blabbing and order your men to release my brothers now. I still need to earn money. Do you know how much I've lost after these bastards closed down Fun City?!"

    "Officer Wu, release them now!"

    Not long after Officer Wu left, Manager Chang's cell phone rang. Seeing Manager Chang's grim countenance, Director Zhang knew that this call must be from his backer!

    He was afraid that person might have decided to settle this matter!
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