Chapter 350 - I Wont Give You Face, Then

    Chapter 350 - I Won't Give You Face, Then

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Manager Chang hastily went to a corner and answered the phone. After a few minutes, he returned to Director Zhang's side!

    "Manager Chang! How was it?" Director Zhang asked nervously.

    He was worried since they had caused a scene!

    "That was a call from Big Brother, and they'd come to a conclusion!"

    "What did Young Master Li say?"

    A trace of a sinister grin flitted across Manager Chang's face. A dagger suddenly appeared in his hand, and he thrust it into Director Zhang's heart. Then, he said, "Young Master Li asked you to die!"



    Director Zhang goggled at Manager Zhang in total disbelief, his face distorted and grotesque in a violent expression of anger!

    Before he could finish speaking, Manager Chang pulled the dagger out of his heart. Thick, fresh blood jetted from the wound. Director Zhang's head leaned to one side as he died. His eyes bulged, and he died with remaining grievances!

    Before, he had loyally and devotedly served Young Master Li-saw, heard, and obeyed every one of his orders. He'd never imagined he would be killed by Young Master Li one day!

    "Not only you! All your men can't escape their fate!" Manager Chang pushed him lightly, and Director Zhang fell to the floor.

    Coincidentally, Officer Wu returned with those hooligans trailing behind him. When he saw Director Zhang lying in a pool of blood, his countenance changed drastically as he understood everything!

    "Don't let that brat get away! Kill him along with the others from the station... Leave those police who captured us. Young Master Li wants to see them!"

    Before Officer Wu could escape, he was caught by those hooligans. All of them delivered kick after kick at him and trampled him to death!

    After half an hour!

    Manager Chang and his underlings had finished their task. Meanwhile, Liu Bing Bing and her subordinates remained unconscious; they were thrown into a van by a dozen hooligans. After that, they all rushed back to Feng Yun Fun City!

    "Drive faster! Young Master Li has been waiting for us in Fun City!"


    Bai Qing brought her dad and her little brother back to their home. Mother Bai, who had been waiting anxiously in the house, couldn't hold back her tears anymore and cried copiously!

    She had been nervous and fidgety since she got home, afraid that something might happen to her daughter. Seeing the time pass, minute by minute, with her family still nowhere to be seen, Mother Bai almost called the police!

    "My old man, my son! Are you alright? How could those bastards casually beat you two up? Qing Qing, go and get the first-aid kit. Let's tend to their wounds!"

    The family finally reunited; all sorts of feelings and emotions welled up in their hearts!

    Mother Bai was both upset and happy. She was so agitated she couldn't speak well!

    Bai Yang then pulled his partner's hand and had her sit on a bench. As he comforted Mother Bai, he lectured Bai Xiu!

    Bai Xiu realized he had committed a big mistake. He lowered his head dispiritedly, not daring to utter a syllable!

    "That's enough, Dad! It wasn't Bai Xiu's fault after all. Both of you, sit down now. Let me tend to your wounds!" said Bai Qing as she carried a shabby, wooden first-aid kit into the room.

    "Qing Qing, what are your little brother thinking? Why would he go to a questionable place like Feng Yun Fun City?" Exasperated with Bai Xiu, Mother Bai glared furiously at her son.

    As Bai Qing tended the wounds on Bai Xiu's face, she said softly, "Little Brother told me everything on our way back home. Yesterday was his friend's birthday, so his friend wanted to bring him to explore Feng Yun Fun City. So, this brat went with him! When they went inside, they were instantly marked by those hooligans. Those people intentionally enticed them to play the gambling machines. They were having so much fun that they had no clue they had already lost several hundred thousand yuan. After that, somebody from Feng Yun Fun City called Dad and ask him to ransom Little Brother!"

    "Stupid son. Look at what you've done! What kind of friends have you gotten involved with? I warn you, don't you ever go out with them again!" Mother Bai scoffed at Bai Xiu, smacking his head.

    Bai Xiu grimaced with pain, but he didn't dare make a sound!

    "Eh? Qing Qing, how did you come out, then? Don't tell me you really gave them the money?" Mother Bai suddenly shouted.

    "Chill, Mom! Don't be so jumpy!" Bai Qing was startled by her mom. After she had calmed down, she said, "We got out safely because a group of cops suddenly raided them, and shut down Fun City!"

    Mother Bai's eyes glowed. She applauded, "Good! Very good! Shutting down a bloody atrocity that offends heaven like that place is long overdue!

    "Good! Excellent! Today is our big day! Qing Qing, later you go and buy some veggies from the market! We are going to celebrate!"

    "Mom! I'll handle it! Let Sister tend to Dad's wounds!" Since his own wounds had been cleaned, Bai Xiu then hastily stood up and proactively claimed the task for himself.

    Mother Bai pulled two hundred yuan from her purse and gave it to her son. She said, "You stinking brat! You still know what shame is, huh... Be sure to hurry back as soon as you're done with the grocery!"

    After Bai Xiu got the money, he quickly ran out of the house. He was embarrassed since he'd committed a huge mistake this time. His dad got injured and his sister almost encountered a mishap. If he continued to stay in the house and listen to Mother Bai's nag, he would be so anxious that he'd want to dig a hole and hid himself in it!

    There was a general market near his house. Although he was a little rebellious, he was actually a good boy. He'd learned how to do the grocery and to cook when he was young. After wandering for a while in the general market, Bai Xiu had bought two bags full of ingredients and he headed home!


    A van suddenly stopped at the general market's main entrance. Around six to seven hoodlums jumped from the van.

    In the van's passenger seat, Manager Chang ordered his underlings with a frosty expression, "Hurry up and get the Bai family for me! I believe it's that b*tch who called the police!"

    "Don't worry, Big Brother Chang. We'll head back to Fun City once we have them!"

    The van sped off once again after stopping for a while. In the meantime, those seven hoodlums strutted toward the Bai family's house. Suddenly, somebody in their group bawled:

    "Big Brother Yun! Look at that lad! He is the son of the Bai family!"

    The other six people looked back simultaneously, then turned their heads forward. At this moment, Bai Xiu was walking from the general market with two large bags of groceries in his hands. He noticed those seven hoodlums, two of whom he knew! They were the ones who'd imprisoned him and beaten him up in Fun City!


    Bai Xiu murmured within himself. He stretched his legs and sprinted as fast as he could toward his house!

    How could those seven hoodlums let him go? All of them hastily chased after him!

    "Motherf*cker! Stop it right there!"

    "F*ck! This young bastard runs so fast! I swear I'll f*cking break your legs once I catch you!"

    It would be foolish and suicidal to stop now. Bai Xiu wasn't an idiot, so he ran with all his might! However, after running for a while, he was dog-tired from carrying two large bags of groceries! Bai Xiu was reluctant to throw them away since he bought them with money!

    "Stinking brat! I dare you to run again!"

    Bai Xiu was distracted for a moment, and he was kicked in his back. He was merely a junior high school child, so he was sent sprawling on the ground!

    His wounds opened. Bai Xiu was in so much pain that he shivered!

    "Leave this wimpy kid to Tiger and me! The five of you, go to the Bai family's house and get that beauty and those two old farts! Let's meet up here afterward!" Big Brother Yun cocked his eyes at the five men behind him. Those five quickly went toward the Bai family's house.

    After he gave his order, Big Brother Yun and another skinny man surrounded Bai Xiu. He stomped mercilessly on Bai Xiu's thigh!


    Bai Xiu shrieked in pain. He stared at the duo icily. What a bunch of f*cking beasts!

    "Run! Why don't you run now?! I dare you to run again!" yelled Big Brother Yun. "Hoh! You still have the nerve to glare at me?! You snotty little brat, you really have a death wish!"

    Big Brother Yun sent another kick at Bai Xiu's gut. Bai Xiu was in so much pain that he rolled back and forth on the ground.

    "Scallywag! Your beautiful sister is on her way here now. Later, I'll show you how to f*ck a woman, right in front of you. Better watch it closely, scoundrel!"


    Two hoodlums guffawed brazenly. Bai Xiu's face was contorted as if he was a demon who'd crawled out of hell!


    He spat the bloody mucus stuck in his throat at Big Brother Yun's face.

    "Scumbags! If you dare to f*cking lay your dirty, grubby paws on my sister, I'll fight it out with you!"

    "Damn it! How dare you spit at me! I'll stab you to death!"

    Fuming with anger, Big Brother Yun wiped off the bloody mucus on his face, and pulled out a dagger from his waist. Without any scruples, he thrust the dagger directly at Bai Xiu's stomach!


    Big Brother Yun looked stupefied. This was because somebody was holding his arms and he couldn't move forward!

    "He is just a kid. No need to be so serious to him. Can you give me face, and let him go?"

    Big Brother Yun turned his head around and looked at the young fellow who had snuck up on him. He gritted his teeth and said, "Mind your own business! Go as far as you can. Otherwise, I'll stab you as well!"

    Seeing somebody finally helping him, Bai Xiu was so happy that he exclaimed "Big Brother! Save me!"

    Qin Feng cast a gentle smile at Bai Xiu before turning back to Big Brother Yun. Then, he said, "So, you're not willing to give me face?"

    Big Brother Yun stared at Qin Feng as if Qin Feng was an idiot, and yelled, "F*ck! Who do you think you are? Why should I give you face? How much does your face cost?

    "Get your ass off here, fast!"

    Qin Feng did not get angry; he merely exerted a strong force with the hand that was holding Big Brother Yun's arm!


    An excruciating pain spread through Big Brother Yun's body. He realized his arm had been broken by this lad!

    "Argh! L-Let go, f*cking let go of me!"

    "Big Brother Yun, what's wrong? What happened?" Seeing his big brother suddenly scream, the other hoodlum looked at Big Brother Yun in astonishment.

    "Shoot! This snothead broke my arm! Tiger, hurry up and kill him!"

    Tiger was slightly stunned. However, he regained his senses soon after, pulled out a dagger, and stabbed at Qin Feng!

    However, he was still baffled. When did this little brat break Big Brother Yun's arm? Why didn't I see anything?


    Qin Feng halted Tiger's attack without breaking a sweat. He grabbed Tiger's arm precisely, then exerted some pressure, crushing Tiger's bone directly and causing Tiger's dagger to fall to the ground!

    Tiger sent out a piercing cry of pain. He finally knew how Qin Feng had broken Big Brother Yun's arm! This brat is born with divine power!

    Seeing that the tide had turned against him, Big Brother Yun cast away his cockiness and begged for Qin Feng's mercy. "B-Big Brother... c-can you give this little brother face and let us go?"

    Qin Feng shook his head, grinning. He replied, "Since you refused to give me face, I don't need to give you face, either! Isn't that fair enough?"

    Seeing Qin Feng's devilish grin, a bad premonition suddenly arose within Big Brother Yun and Tiger!

    Bang bang!

    Qin Feng delivered two kicks consecutively, and sent both hoodlums flying into the air!
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