Chapter 351 - Reunion

    Chapter 351 - Reunion

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    It was a piece of cake for Qin Feng to destroy these two hoodlums. He didn't even bother to look at them after he defeated them but instead went to help Bai Xiu to his feet!

    "Big Brother! Thank you for saving me! My name is Bai Xiu!" Bai Xiu greeted Qin Feng immediately once he was up, ignoring his dusty shirt.

    "Qin Feng!" Qin Feng took a glance at Bai Xiu. After noticing that most of his injuries were nothing serious, he then hurriedly added, "I still have other things to do. I need to go!"

    Qin Feng spun around, preparing to leave. He'd suddenly received an anonymous text message yesterday night. It said that Liu Bing Bing was in Heping Town and she was in trouble. So he'd rushed over to Heping Town. And now, he still needed to discover Liu Bing Bing's whereabouts!

    "Big Brother Feng! Please wait!" Bai Xiu suddenly halted Qin Feng.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Can... Can you go back with me? The other group of hoodlums went to my house to capture my parents and my sister! Can you please help us? Please, I beg you!"

    Bai Xiu looked at Qin Feng sincerely. When he remembered that the other five hoodlums had gone to his house, he was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof!

    After a brief thought, Qin Feng said, "Ok! Let's go to your home now! But you have to return the favor after I help you drive away those hoodlums!"

    Qin Feng agreed to help Bai Xiu because he was unfamiliar with Heping Town. So he thought it'd be better if he had a local to guide him.

    Bai Xiu headed home with Qin Feng. On the other side, a gang of people suddenly barged into Bai Qing's house!

    "Hahaha! Beautiful, we've come to do you!" Somebody kicked open the gate.

    The leader of the five was the security guard who had stopped Bai Qing and Mother Bai at Feng Yun Fun City. He'd seen Bai Qing before, so he knew how gorgeous Bai Qing was. He was eager to tear off this woman's shirt!

    "Who are you? How can you casually break into someone's house?" Bai Qing and her family rushed out of the house after hearing the commotion in their courtyard!

    "Shut up, geezer! Not only did I trespass into your home, I also want to capture all of you, and do your daughter!"

    "Brute! A bunch of beasts!" How could Bai Yang stand their provocation? He picked up a shovel near the door and charged at them. "Get out! Get out of my courtyard!"


    "Old Man!"

    Bai Qing and Mother Bai were startled by Bai Yang. Before they could stop him, those bastards had delivered kicks at Bai Yang already.

    "You half-witted geezer, how dare you attack us?! Let me send you to hell with a kick!"


    That hoodlum had absolutely no scruples; he sent a powerful kick at Bai Yang. Bai Yang was thrown to the ground. He rolled all the way to Bai Qing's feet and stopped.

    "Dad! Are you alright, Dad? Please don't scare me!" Tears immediately streamed down Bai Qing's cheek. She squatted on the ground to check her dad's condition.

    "You wretches! I'll fight it out with you!" Mother Bai's eyes reddened. She grabbed a rolling pin and threw herself at those hoodlums. Seeing her mother's action, Bai Qing turned pale. As she shouted her mother's name, she saw her mother fall to the ground with a slap from those bastards!

    "What do you want from us? Don't you touch my parents again!" Bai Qing's exquisite face was stained by tears. She stared icily at the five men.

    "Aiyo! Beautiful, don't cry!" My heart aches seeing you cry... We don't want to do anything, we only want to do you!" All of them looked at Bai Qing. This was the first time they'd seen such a fine woman in Heping Town.

    She was drop-dead gorgeous, as beautiful as those celebrities. Her figure was full and voluptuous, and her shirt might pop open at any moment!

    "Go away! Get out of my house... I'll call the police if you don't leave right now!" Bai Qing trembled with anger.

    She was still puzzled inside. "Didn't those cops take this group of hoodlums into custody? How come they released them so soon?"

    "B*tch! Since you're not happy with our suggestion, then we can only go with force! To be honest, we love doing it by force more!"

    All the five hoodlums had wicked, lascivious smiles on their face. One of them couldn't resist anymore and threw himself at Bai Qing. They were already thrilled to death when they saw Bai Qing's appearance, and now, all of them couldn't wait any longer to taste this beauty!

    "Sister! Let go of my sister! Argh, I'll kill you all!" Bai Xiu and Qin Feng arrived in the nick of time. When Bai Xiu saw the scene in his house courtyard, his eyes went bloodshot!


    As Bai Xiu was darting forward, he suddenly felt a strong gust of wind blow past him. He spun his head around to look behind and noticed that Big Brother Qin Feng, who had been standing behind him, was gone. When he looked forward again, he goggled so much that his eyes almost fell out of their sockets. This was because Qin Feng was already standing in front of his big sister, protecting her!

    "You swines! You've enraged this young master thoroughly! I should bring you to justice now!"

    Qin Feng was now very angry. He was very, very angry!

    When he saw Bai Qing through the crowd, he thought he was dreaming!

    He hadn't known Heping Town was Bai Qing's hometown! On top of that, he'd never imagined Bai Xiu, whom he'd rescued earlier, was Bai Qing's little brother!

    On seeing that his woman was now suffering and how she was almost violated by a bunch of swines, Qin Feng's heart throbbed with pain and remorse. He was so very angry right now that he almost exploded!

    "Stinking brat! Where the hell did you come from? Get out of here if you don't want to die!" The leader glowered at Qin Feng.


    Qin Feng threw a fist as soon as the person finished speaking!

    This was a punch filled with a barbarous, frantic aura. Qin Feng had put everything in this punch, with his 350kg arm strength. The air surrounding it exploded, emitting tiny blasts!

    The punch landed straight on the person's head-and crushed it directly!


    Several pillars of blood-brains mixture shot out in all directions!

    The other four hoodlums were flabbergasted by this horrible scene!

    "How dare you touch my woman? You're all asking to die!"

    Qin Feng hadn't vented his anger after he threw the punch. He spun his body around and kicked two of the men standing beside him. Tempestuous gales shrouded his leg, carrying an explosive airstream. His kicks then fell on the two's pecs, and they were sent flying a few meters away before they could react. Both of them were in so much pain that they almost spit out their innards!

    "Madness! This person is a lunatic! Quick, pick up the shovel and chop him down!"

    The last two men were astounded. One of them picked up a shovel while the other picked up a hoe, and both of them eyed Qin Feng warily, trying to anticipate his next moves.

    With a light tap of his foot, Qin Feng arrived at the two's side in an instant.

    He jabbed at a person's arm. That person felt like his arm had been detached. He released the shovel he held, dropping it into Qin Feng's hands.


    Qin Feng's arm rose, the shovel fell. Qin Feng severed their arms with the sharp edge of the shovel. After that, he sent yet another two kicks at them, causing them to slam into the corner of the wall and fall unconscious!

    The one-on-five battle had ended!

    Bai Qing and her family were stupefied. Qin Feng was so fast that they felt the battle had ended even before it began!

    Most importantly, among the four people standing in courtyard, only Bai Qing knew Qin Feng, while the others didn't know who Qin Feng was. When they saw an extremely cruel and ruthless young man suddenly appear in their courtyard, they were so afraid that they couldn't breathe!

    Who is he?

    "Qin Feng? Is that you?"

    While the trio was still in confusion, Bai Qing had already thrown herself into Qin Feng's arms and dissolved into tears.

    In these past two months after she left Acropolis City, she'd been thinking about Qin Feng around the clock while keeping her distance from him.

    There were times when she'd wanted to rush back to Qin Feng. As long as she could be with Qin Feng, she was willing to be his mistress!

    "Qing Qing! I apologize for all your sufferings!" The cruel and fierce expression on Qin Feng's face slowly receded. He gazed affectionately at Bai Qing, tidying her silky hair, which had been dishevelled by the wind.

    "Qin Feng, I missed you so much!" With Qin Feng suddenly appearing at this juncture, Bai Qing couldn't hold back her feelings anymore and divulged them to Qin Feng.

    "I've been trying to find you, but I was afraid I'd disturb you... Qing Qing, come back with me this time. I swear, I won't allow anybody to bully you anymore!"

    "Big Sister... W-Who is this?" Bai Xiu regained his senses first. It was he who'd brought Qin Feng back, but now, he had to ask his big sister about this person.

    Only now did Bai Qing realize her parents and her little brother had been watching them all this time. Her face suddenly turned red, and she gently pushed Qin Feng away. "Bai Xiu, this person... H-He is your brother-in-law, Qin Feng!"

    "M-My brother-in-law?" Bai Xiu exclaimed, appalled.

    Soon after, he screamed in excitement, "Wow! So I have an unbelievably powerful brother-in-law. Big Sister, why didn't you tell me earlier? If that's so, I'd have long since become the boss in my school!"

    "You stinking brat, what do you mean boss in school... Oh yeah! Quick, go help our dad!"

    Bai Xiu ran to help his dad up, while Qin Feng and Bai Qing helped Mother Bai.

    Both Father Bai and Mother Bai were still in shock. They stared warily at Qin Feng!

    Since when has our daughter had a boyfriend? But this person is kind of brutal. If Qing Qing has really married him, what will happen to our daughter if this fellow is prone to domestic violence? He can kill our daughter with one slap!

    "Bai Xiu, hurry up and bring Dad and Mom to rest in the house. Remember to tend to their wounds as well." Bai Qing sent her parents and her little brother away.

    She hastily dragged Qin Feng to one side. With a worried face, she asked, "Qin Feng, how about these people? Will you be okay?"

    Bai Qing looked around at her ruined courtyard. When she saw those battered and unconscious hoodlums, and a person who was probably on the verge of death, Bai Qing was so frightened that her face turned pale!

    "Don't worry. I'll clean it up later on!" Qin Feng pulled Bai Qing into his arms, sniffing her body fragrance. He then asked, "Who are they? How come they'd disturb you in broad daylight?"

    Bai Qing's complexion suddenly became grave. She told Qin Feng everything that happened around her these past few days. When she told him she was almost violated in Feng Yun Fun City and a beautiful female officer had come to her rescue, Qin Feng's dark pupils suddenly constricted!

    "Was that leading female officer very beautiful, with a smoking hot body and a glacial expression?"

    Bai Qing hastily nodded. "She is. I didn't even dare approach her during that time... Qin Feng, do you know her?"

    Qin Feng nodded. He was certain that the beautiful female officer Bai Qing mentioned was indeed Liu Bing Bing!

    However, this puzzled Qin Feng!

    The text message he'd received yesterday night came from an unknown caller ID. That person said that Liu Bing Bing was in trouble. However, according to Bai Qing, Liu Bing Bing had just arrived in Heping Town and raided Feng Yun Fun City this afternoon. Could it be that person was playing a joke on me?!

    Seeing Qin Feng suddenly stopped talking, Bai Qing asked softly, "Qin Feng, are you alright?"
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