Chapter 352 - Chain Mission

    Chapter 352 - Chain Mission

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng felt the whole business wasn't that simple. He hastily asked Bai Qing, "Qing Qing! Where did the beautiful female officer go after that?"

    After Bai Qing thought very hard for a moment, she then replied, "I'm not very sure about that. But I think I heard her ask her subordinates to contact the local police station and demand support!"

    Qin Feng asked some more information about Liu Bing Bing, and then both of them returned to the house.

    Bai Xiu had tended to his parents' wounds. It was a mercy that neither of them injured their muscles or bones, only suffering some superficial cuts!

    Mother Bai saw her daughter and Qin Feng enter the house, but when she asked Bai Qing about him, Bai Qing cut her short and left with Qin Feng.

    Both of them got into a black Benz. Qin Feng drove while Bai Qing gave him directions.

    On their way to the police station, Bai Qing asked Qin Feng about Liu Bing Bing out of curiosity. "Qin Feng, who is that female officer? Both of you know each other very well?"

    Ever since Qin Feng learned of Liu Bing Bing's whereabouts, he'd been fidgety. He even wanted to have a look at the police station. As Qin Feng's woman herself, it was impossible for Bai Qing not to get jealous!

    "She's Liu Bing Bing, the deputy director of Acropolis City's Northern Region Sub-bureau. I was arrested and jailed several times. It was she who helped me and released me!" Qin Feng noticed Bai Qing's jealousy, so he explained enough to prevent her imagination from running amok.

    Since Heping Town was a small village, they arrived at the police station shortly!

    Qin Feng and Bai Qing alighted from the car and were stunned by the sight before them!

    The police station was surrounded by a police cordon. The stench of blood pervaded the air, as if a great war had just taken place. Dozens of heavily armed cops maintained a perimeter, preventing everybody from getting near the place!

    "What happened, Qin Feng?" Bai Qing had never seen a big scene like this. "The police station was attacked?"

    "Let's go back to the car first!" Furrowing his brows deeply, Qin Feng hurriedly asked Bai Qing to get in the car. He then drove them to a deserted area.

    He pulled out his cell phone and texted Uncle Fu the ID number of a police officer he had snuck up on just now.

    Shortly after, Uncle Fu replied.

    "He is a police officer of Yunhai City! Young Master, where are you now? Do you need my assistance?"

    "No. Thank you, Uncle Fu!" After Qin Feng replied to Uncle Fu, he leaned back in the seat with a grave expression.

    He began to analyze the incident. Liu Bing Bing had just raided Fun City and brought those prisoners to the police station. Now, the police station was attacked, and in less than an hour, Yunhai City dispatched a large number of police to hush up the incident. In addition, according to Bai Qing, those hoodlums that appeared at her house were supposed to have been arrested and detained in jail!

    After Qin Feng tied all the threads together, the conspiracy behind this incident became clear to him. It was most likely that Liu Bing Bing and her team had been manipulated, and the mastermind probably came from Yunhai City. Most importantly, he must be somebody of consequence, with terrifying power!

    "Qin Feng, what has actually happened? I'm so scared!" Bai Qing held Qin Feng's big hand tightly. A single spark can start a huge blaze. She never imagined that simply by accompanying his friend to Fun City, her little brother had triggered a series of horrid incidents!

    Qin Feng noticed Bai Qing's body trembling in fear, so he pulled her into his arms, comforting her. "Don't worry! This has nothing to do with you. Director Liu and I are investigating a human-smuggling ring... And this group has a big bug backing them. I'm afraid they might have captured Director Liu and her team!

    "Director Liu is in great danger now. I need to save her!"

    Everything was now clear! No wonder Liu Bing Bing was crazy enough to give me 123 missed calls a few days ago. No wonder she would suddenly come to Heping Town...

    Bai Qing was even more worried!

    She suddenly hugged Qin Feng tightly, not wanting him to risk his life at Fun City.

    Not even Liu Bing Bing, who was the deputy director of Acropolis City's Northern Region Sub-bureau, could escape their clutches. She even had a team with her! So, how could Bai Qing feel at ease when Qin Feng decided to break into a dragon's pool and tiger's den, a dangerous spot like Fun City, all by himself?

    "Qin Feng! Please don't go! Let's contact the police at Acropolis City, and tell them the whole story. I believe they will find a way to handle it!" Bai Qing pressed herself against Qin Feng's chest, snuggling.

    Qin Feng frowned deeply. He shook his head and said resolutely, "No, we can't! If we did that, Director Liu will die!"

    "Then you will be..." Choking on sobs, Bai Qing couldn't finish her sentence.

    Although she'd learned in the resort that Qin Feng was a man of great ability, she had also seen the team led by Liu Bing Bing. Those were cops equipped with real guns! Even they had been captured. No matter how powerful Qin Feng was, there was no chance that Qin Feng could rescue Liu Bing Bing!

    "Don't worry, Bai Qing. I'll be fine!" Qin Feng patted Bai Qing's back. "Let me send you home first before I go to Fun City!"

    "No, I don't want to!" Bai Qing gripped Qin Feng firmly. She had only Qin Feng, so she had to be selfish.

    Qin Feng hugged Bai Qing with one arm, started the car, and turned the steering wheel. Seeing that the car had been started, Bai Qing became even edgier and more wired.

    Suddenly, she stripped off the chiffon sweater on her body, and clung tightly to Qin Feng's arm.

    "Qin Feng, I want you!"

    Bai Qing attempted to stall Qin Feng with a honey trap!

    Qin Feng took a peek at Bai Qing's buxom body, licked his lips, and focused on driving!

    "Bai Qing, put your clothes back on. You'll catch a cold!"

    "I refuse. I want you to kiss me!"

    Bai Qing was tenacious. She took the initiative and kissed Qin Feng's neck.

    As a young and vigorous hot-blooded tough guy, Qin Feng had a reaction. However, he fought back his desire, constantly speeding up to calm himself down!

    Seeing that the car was going faster and faster and that they would reach her home before long, Bai Qing burned with anxiety. She then flashed out her trump card.

    "Bai Qing..."

    Qin Feng was holding back so hard that his face flushed; his body was wet with sweat!

    "Qin Feng, please don't go!"

    Qin Feng was slightly angry. "You don't want to listen to the words of your man?"

    "I can't listen to you this time!" Bai Qing refused to back down.

    Qin Feng was angered. "I should give you some punishment, then!"


    The car was speeding fast and jiggled along the dirt road!

    The two of them hugged each other tightly. Qin Feng had been enjoying and at the same time driving!


    After an emergency brake, the car came to a stop. Concurrently, the two people let out loud cries to mark the end of their battle!

    "Bai Qing, I'll leave the car with you. Bring your parents and your little brother to the hospital now. Don't leave the hospital before I return... Here is a bank card for you. You can spend it on whatever you want!" Qin Feng had to go rescue Liu Bing Bing. So he asked Bai Qing to bring her family to the hospital as he was afraid those people might return.

    "Qin Feng, d-do you really have to go?" Bai Qing still hadn't recovered, gasping and looking at Qin Feng.

    Before he put on his own clothes, Qin Feng helped her dress up and set her back in the passenger seat.

    "I need to go now! Remember to do what I said!"

    Qin Feng alighted from the car. Bai Qing followed his figure with longing eyes. Sniffing Qin Feng's smell, which lingered in the car, Bai Qing prayed within herself, "Qin Feng, please don't die!"

    Feng Yun Fun City!

    Qin Feng trotted over to Feng Yun Fun City. He squatted outside the building, scouting and gathering information about Fun City!

    Fun City had been shut down by Liu Bing Bing, but now the gate was wide open and Fun City was doing business. The entrance swarmed with lots of customers bustling in and out, happening and lively!

    "Ding... Hedonist Sovereign System has released a chain mission: Fun City's Crisis!

    "Time period: one week.

    "If host completes all missions successfully, host will be rewarded 3,000 Hedonist Points. If host fails, 6,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted from host!"

    Qin Feng stayed outside for some time. As he was about to go inside to rescue Liu Bing Bing, the system beeped him within his brain!

    "Little Pig, what the hell is this chain mission?" This was the first time Qin Feng received a chain mission. But what stunned him the most was he had the choice of accepting or declining the mission, which had never happened before.

    "Master! For your information, a chain mission means Master will have to accomplish a main mission, and a few side missions. The advantage of a chain mission is that you can earn Hedonist Points much faster. However, the disadvantage is that the whole mission will be considered a failure if you don't accomplish any one of the side missions..."

    Looking at his rock-bottom Hedonist Points, Qin Feng gritted his teeth and accepted the mission!

    He coveted the Nine Swords of Dugu, a top-class Black level sword technique in the wuxia interface. Qin Feng was good in acting base-Oh no! He was good at swordplay. So if he could pair the top-class sword technique with his Truesteel Sword, Qin Feng was certain that he could chop down all the maggots under the heaven!

    "I accept the mission!"

    As soon as Qin Feng finished speaking, the system beeped in quick succession!

    Ding... Hedonist Sovereign System has released a chain mission: Fun City's Crisis!

    "Main mission: investigate the brain behind Feng Yun Fun City!

    "Time period: one week.

    "If host completes all missions successfully, host will be rewarded 1,000 Hedonist Points. If host fails, 5,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted from host!"


    Ding... Hedonist Sovereign System has released a chain mission: Fun City's Crisis!

    "Side mission 1: rescue Liu Bing Bing!

    "Side mission 2: destroy Feng Yun Fun City!

    "Side mission 3: find out what's going on behind the scenes in Feng Yun Fun City!

    "Side mission 4: rescue all the innocent people in Feng Yun Fun City!

    "Time period: one week.

    "If host accomplishes all missions successfully, host will be rewarded 500 Hedonist Points for each mission. If mission is a failure, 6,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted from host!"


    After listening to a long list of system notifications, Qin Feng felt like his head had swollen to twice its size. He was flabbergasted!

    He had never imagined a chain mission would have four side missions in it!

    Originally, Qin Feng only wanted to rescue Liu Bing Bing. Now he still need to investigate the internal operation of the Fun City and rescue all the innocent people. "This mission is so damn tough!" he murmured in his heart.

    "Little Pig, can I abandon this chain mission?" Qin Feng grumbled!

    Not even the whole elite squad led by Liu Bing Bing from Acropolis City stood a chance against Fun City. Qin Feng felt that he'd need to thank the heavens if he even succeeded in rescuing Liu Bing Bing with a single spear and horse. So now, he didn't have the confidence to destroy this Fun City. After all, the mastermind was too powerful! [TN: "single spear and horse" - single-handed, unaccompanied.]

    Incidentally, this place was Heping Town, not Acropolis City. So he couldn't simply act without thinking things through!

    "Of course you can!" Little Pig answered in an emotionless fashion.

    "Really? That's good! Then help me to abandon the quest!" This was the first time Qin Feng realized Little Pig was such a good pig!

    "Very well! Abandoning a mission is counted as a mission failure. So you will be punished accordingly!

    "Not only will 5,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted from you, Master, but in the case that Master doesn't have enough Hedonist Points, the system will randomly delete any spiritual weapon or skill books that Master currently possesses. So, the Sovereign level Vajra Esotery and the Earth level Wind Blade skill might be deleted!"
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