Chapter 353 - Beautiful Hua Yan

    Chapter 353 - Beautiful Hua Yan

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Cursing Little Pig in his heart, Qin Feng walked toward Feng Yun Fun City with a troubled expression!

    "Mister! Please show us your member card!" Two security guards blocked Qin Feng as soon as he reached the entrance.

    "Member card? This is my first time coming here; I don't have a member card!" Pretending to be an idiotic rich young master, Qin Feng then yelled rudely, "F*ck off, f*ck off! Get out of my way. Do you still want to do business?"

    The two security guards exchanged glances. Certain that Qin Feng was a dorky, rich young master, both of them nodded their heads at the same time. After that, one of them led Qin Feng inside.

    "Mister! Please follow me!"

    When they entered Fun City, the atmosphere inside was totally different. The hall was filled with a wide array of slot machines and packed with a vast crowd of people. The whirling and clanking of slot machines, the roaring and screaming of the masses constantly surged from the hall into his ears, startling Qin Feng!

    "Dear customer, what kind of game would you like to play?"

    Posing with sky-high heroic grandeur, Qin Feng held his head high and puffed out his chest, yelling, "I've come here to spend. Bring me somewhere I can spend all my money fast!"

    After hesitating for a bit, the security guard led Qin Feng to a big round table. There were four people sitting around table, playing "five-card stud," a game that was popular in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

    "Mister, I think this game should be very suitable for you! So now, you only need to top up 500,000 yuan once, and I can help you apply for a member card. The next time you come, you just need to show your member card to the security guards, and they'll let you in!"

    After Qin Feng took his seat, he casually threw a gold bank card to the security guard. Then, he said, "Help me load one million yuan. Half a million yuan is not enough for me to play!"

    "Sure, sure! Please wait a moment, mister!" The security guard took Qin Feng's gold bank card and left, smiling. Not only didn't he question Qin Feng's identity and intention, he was as happy as lark in his heart, fantasizing about how large a commission he would get from this deal!

    After the security guard left, Qin Feng hastily looked around!

    The 1st floor of Feng Yun Fun City was a big casino; poker, slot machines, roulette, everything was available from soup to nuts. The whole floor was a large open space, without any partitions. So Liu Bing Bing and her subordinates was obviously not detained on this floor.

    Qin Feng looked over to the stairs that was guarded by two tall and sturdy musclemen. He noticed a few people showing their ID cards before going upstairs. Qin Feng deduced that he couldn't access the upper levels now with his current member card!

    "Little Pig, didn't you mention before that you have the authority to release a few simple missions every month for me to earn Hedonist Points? You haven't released any yet this month!"

    Qin Feng began to communicate with Little Pig. He didn't have any Hedonist Points now, so it was rather tough to accomplish the chain mission "Fun City's Crisis!"

    "Ah, I almost forgot about it, Master. Yes, I can still issue one more simple mission for you!" replied Little Pig lazily, as if he had just woken up from his slumber!

    The corner of Qin Feng's mouth quirked vigorously. Only now did he regret not purchasing a cat or a dog as an NPC. "Why did I choose a pig that only knows how to eat and sleep?"

    "Ding... Mission from the Hedonist Sovereign System: spend 100,000 yuan in real life!

    "Mission time period: one day!

    "After host completes the mission successfully, host will be rewarded 100 Hedonist Points. If host fails to complete the mission, one million yuan will be deducted from host!"


    When Little Pig issued his mission, Qin Feng's lips quirked again in disbelief!

    "You stupid pig! Are you picking on me? Why would you issue a mission that rewards 100 Hedonist Points?! It's a waste of time doing this kind of mission!"

    "Master! Do you think the system is an idiot? Of course the system has to limit my rewards... Otherwise, I'd just issue you a simple mission that rewards you one billion Hedonist Points, and you can conquer the universe!"

    Little Pig squinted disdainfully at Qin Feng. Then, he scoffed, "Accept it or not! I'll revoke this mission!"

    Realizing Little Pig was recalling the mission, Qin Feng then laughed. "Hehe! I was just kidding!"


    "I'll take it as a compliment!"

    Without any sense of shame, Qin Feng pleaded with Little Pig to keep the mission. "One hundred Hedonist Points are still Hedonist Points!" he thought to himself.

    He had formulated a plan: he would purchase a talisman of clairvoyance as soon as he got 100 Hedonist Points. This way, he could locate Liu Bing Bing's whereabouts with ease, and rescue her in the shortest time!

    At this moment, that security guard returned to Qin Feng's side. "Mister Qin! Here are your bank card and member card!" He'd swiped Qin Feng's card, so he knew Qin Feng's family name!

    "Get a girl for me! It's so boring to play alone... Remember! I want the sexiest and most beautiful!" Without any inhibitions, Qin Feng asked the security guard to find him a girl.

    The mission issued by Little Pig was easy. Spending 100,000 yuan in real life was kid stuff for a hedonist young master like Qin Feng!

    Soon enough, the security guard returned with a tall beauty trailing behind him!

    The beauty wore a tight-fitting red halter qipao, leaving her shoulders bare and exposing her curvaceous body. She wore a pair of black high heels and a pair of black stockings on her slender long legs, smoking-hot and stimulating!

    "Mister Qin! This girl is a newcomer to Fun City; do you like her?" Realizing Qin Feng was a big spender, the security guard treated him solicitously.

    However, Qin Feng's main objective for invading Fun City was to rescue people and accomplish his quest. He looked briefly at the girl and nodded his head. "Oh, before I forget. What do you have upstairs? I might want to have a look if I'm bored of gambling!"

    The countenance of that security guard changed slightly. However, he soon pasted an apple-polish smile on his face and replied, "Very sorry, Mister Qin. The top three floors are only open to our gold members. You're only a normal silver member, so you don't have the right to use the facilities. But, rest assured, Mister Qin. You might have a chance to be promoted to a gold member after you play a few more times in our Fun City!"

    "What the hell? What's the fuss with all these rules and restrictions? Customers are always right. I came here for spending and I'm your customer. Don't you want to do business? What is a gold member, huh? Hurry up and get me a gold member card!" After scrutinizing the 1st floor, Qin Feng noticed there was no room where they could hold people. Hence, Liu Bing Bing and her subordinates had to be detained upstairs. I have to find a way to get upstairs today!

    "Mister Qin, you can't simply apply for a gold card. The only way to become our gold member is by upgrading... You need to load 10 million yuan into your silver card, and only then will you become a gold member!"

    With a discontented face, Qin Feng pulled out his gold bank card, and stared at the security guard. He yelled, "F*ck! You should've said it earlier! Here, load 10 million yuan into my silver card, and upgrade me to gold member now!"

    When the security guard saw that Qin Feng was eager to spend 10 million yuan without extra trouble, he smiled so broadly that he couldn't close his mouth.

    "Mister Qin, rules are rules. You can't simply load your card and upgrade to gold member! You have to win a total of 10 million yuan in one of our gaming tables on the 1st floor!"

    Qin Feng's face darkened. This Fun City was thorough and cautious!

    But because of this gimmick, they could lure the wealthy to pour good money after bad. You want to win 10 million yuan? It was like the Arabian Nights-impossible and preposterous. You couldn't possibly win unless you lost a few tens of millions!

    "Hey you! Convert all one million yuan in my card into chips!" After Qin Feng grasped the situation, he became lazy and he paid no mind to the security guard. He threw his platinum card at the croupier, and converted all his money into chips.

    Tossing some of the chips on the table to the beauty beside him, Qin Feng looked at her and asked, "What is your name?"

    After hesitating for a bit, the beauty replied, "Yan Yan!"

    "This 100,000 is yours! Consider it your tip today for keeping me company!"

    Hua Yan's clear-as-stars beautiful eyes constricted. Today was her first day part-timing at Fun City, and she'd heard that she could earn a lot from here. This was because some of the prideful customers would give thousands or millions as tips. However, when she saw Qin Feng give her 100,000 yuan without the slightest apprehension, she was still stunned!

    When Qin Feng realized the mission hadn't been accomplished yet, he scoffed at Hua Yan, "Don't look at me like an idiot! Hurry up and take it!"

    Only now did Qin Feng take in this woman's appearance. He realized this woman was actually a beauty!

    It was just that this woman wore a skimpy dress, and had put on heavy makeup. Moreover, she worked in a murky atmosphere like Fun City, so there was be a high probability of her being a female ghost once she removed her makeup. Hence, Qin Feng was totally not interested in her!

    "Ah? I-I don't want so much. Ten thousand is enough for me!" After Hua Yan came to her senses, she carefully took a 10,000 chip from the pile of chips.

    Seeing her action, Qin Feng was so infuriated that he almost laughed!

    As a hedonist young master himself, Qin Feng had seen too many of these hostesses. Most of them only wanted you to give them more gratuity; he'd never seen a hostess who didn't want a 100,000 tip!

    "Are you nuts? I'll never take back what I've given! Are you looking down on me?!" Qin Feng yelled at Hua Yan like an arrogant idler.

    Startled by Qin Feng, Hua Yan took two steps back, staring nervously at him!

    "H-How about we have another beauty serve you, mister. I-I don't want your tips anymore!" Hua Yan was frightened. She'd heard that some of the women in this Fun City were willing to sleep with their customers to make more money.

    Now, Qin Feng gave her 100,000 yuan. She was baffled. "Could it be this person think I'm a slut?"

    "Are you asking for death, you b*tch! I've taken a liking for you. Where do you want to go now?!" Flaming with anger, Qin Feng almost vomited blood. He then thought to himself, "I must've gotten off on the wrong foot today. Why can't I accomplish even a simple mission like this?"

    He pulled Hua Yan into his arms, and murmured in her ear, "Hurry up and take the money. Today, you only need to sit on my lap and play five-card studs with me. I won't do anything to you!"

    This was the first time Hua Yan had any close contact with a man, so she panicked. But when she was about to resist and shout, Qin Feng's words wafted past her ear and calmed her down.

    If she could get 100,000 yuan after keeping him company while he played a few card games, then it was still within Hua Yan's range of tolerance. Hua Yan was impoverished, and Qin Feng was about her age; on top of that, he was handsome and tall. She felt he was a hundred times better than those corpulent middle-aged men!

    After hesitating for a while, Hua Yan clenched her teeth and replied, "Please honor your words and do what you said! If you want anything else, I'll never say yes!"

    "It's my call! Okay, okay, just keep the money!"

    As he spoke, Qin Feng pushed 100,000 chips to Hua Yan. This time, Hua Yan didn't refuse; she put all the chips into her purse.

    "Ding... Congratulations, Host Qin Feng. You have accomplished the mission: spend 100,000 yuan in real life. You've been rewarded 100 Hedonist Points!"

    The system notification resounded in Qin Feng's head. Qin Feng was slightly thrilled. He hastily spent 50 Hedonist Points to purchase a talisman of clairvoyance!

    Qin Feng had used this plaything during the time he investigated Feng Tian Hua at Royal Hotel. The effect would last half an hour, and it was quite useful!
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