Chapter 354 - Why Is There a Light Only Above His Head?

    Chapter 354 - Why Is There a Light Only Above His Head?

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Master! If you want to win 10 million yuan in the shortest time, I suggest you to try the low-level Lucky Potion!" suggested Little Pig.

    Qin Feng was familiar with Lucky Potion. Not long ago, when he advanced to Rank 5 Hedonist Mortal, Qin Feng had bought a bottle of Lucky Potion to play the lottery. As a result, he gained the Sovereign level skill: Vajra Esotery!

    "That potion requires 500 Hedonist Points. I don't have enough points to buy it now!" Qin Feng grumbled.

    "Yes, Lucky Potion costs 500 Hedonist Points. What I said was the low-level Lucky Potion! It costs only 50 Hedonist Points! Although the effect of a low-level Lucky Potion is 10 times weaker than Lucky Potion, it's more than enough for gambling!"

    Little Pig's suggestion was good. Since Qin Feng was now racing against time to rescue people, he used his remaining 50 Hedonist Points and bought a bottle of low-level Lucky Potion without any hesitation!

    A faint azure-colored potion appeared in Qin Feng's hand. When no one was paying attention to him, he quickly gulped the potion and activated the talisman of clairvoyance. At this moment, the dealer issued him his pocket card. Qin Feng looked over-and was so stunned that his eyeballs almost fell from their sockets!

    It wasn't because his card was bad; it was because he suddenly realized Yan Yan, who was sitting in his arms, was completely naked!

    Hua Yan's back was as mellow as jade, fair-skinned, smooth, and resilient. She had a slender and supple waist, and a long pair of straight legs. As for her magnificent breasts, Qin Feng didn't have the guts to look. This was because he was afraid blood would gush out from his nose!

    "Ah! You... How can you like this?" Noticing Qin Feng's reaction, Hua Yan was infuriated. She struggled and broke free of Qin Feng's arm, glaring him with a glacial expression.

    This person is too shameless. How can he use his thingy to poke me?!

    "Hehe! Beautiful, I'm sorry for my rudeness. I just can't control it!" Qin Feng replied, smiling awkwardly.

    Because of the talisman of clairvoyance, everybody became translucent before Qin Feng's eyes. After Qin Feng took a peek at Hua Yan's well-toned body, even he, a hedonist young master who had seen countless girls, became a little agitated!

    Hua Yan got angrier. She pouted disdainfully and stared at Qin Feng. If you can't control your thingy, then you'd better not be human!

    After this unexpected incident, Hua Yan didn't want to sit in Qin Feng's arms anymore, choosing to stand coldly beside Qin Feng instead.

    Since Qin Feng still had a mission to do, he paid no further heed to Hua Yan. Without wasting any time, he hastily looked upward with the talisman of clairvoyance!

    Those airtight reinforced concrete walls were now a transparent grid framework-and absolutely clear before Qin Feng's eyes!

    Qin Feng hurriedly looked around. Soon enough, he had a good grasp of Feng Yun Fun City's internal structure!

    This Fun City was a four-story building!

    The 1st floor was a casino. The 2nd floor was a city of footbaths. The 3rd floor was strange, partitioned into many enclosed rooms filled with several medical devices. Obviously, those weren't guest rooms. As for the 4th floor, it was beyond the range of the talisman of clairvoyance, so it became a little blurry.

    Qin Feng still couldn't find Liu Bing Bing after he looked around. Hence, he suspected that she might be detained on the 4th floor. Since the range of the talisman of clairvoyance was limited, Qin Feng would have to go to the 2nd or 3rd floor to get a better image!

    "Mister! It's your turn!"

    The dealer spoke urgently. Qin Feng quickly returned to his surroundings. The dealer had already distributed the 2nd card. Since his card was the biggest among the four, according to the rules, Qin Feng had the priority to call his wager first.

    "A king of hearts? I like it!" Qing Feng spoke in a slovenly manner. Then, he casually flung two chips and said, "100,000!"

    "Fudge! Are you insane?" The baldy sitting beside Qin Feng folded his cards, grumbling!

    It was only the first round, and Qin Feng called 100,000 yuan. He truly was a rich tyrant!

    "Nowadays youngsters really can't hold their horses. You're destined to lose everything here today; not even your underwear will be spared!" A rich lady folded her cards as well, throwing yet another scornful gaze at Qin Feng!

    "You have a lot of guts, young lad! Very well, this elder shall play with you!" A middle-aged man with a black cigar clamped between his lips laughed, exposing golden teeth. He called and casually flung 100,000 chips into the pot. He stroked his jade thumb ring, and sent a lustful gaze at Hua Yan.

    Hua Yan was startled and disgusted by his impudent wretched look and smile!

    Very soon, the dealer distributed their 3rd cards!

    Qin Feng got a queen of hearts. He was still the biggest this round!

    "Two hundred thousand!" Qin Feng pushed another 200,000 chips onto the table without any delay.

    Only the man with gold teeth had followed Qin Feng. He currently held a three and a six, so he was hesitating now, frowning his brows deeply while formulating his countermeasures!

    "Brother Yellow Teeth! Not calling this time?" Qin Feng mirthfully looked at his opponent.

    "F*ck! What the hell are you saying?" The man with gold teeth smacked the table and yelled, "Look at them clearly, son! These are gold, real gold! I inlaid my teeth with gold!"

    Hua Yan, who was standing beside Qin Feng, was tickled pink by him and laughed. However, she could only suppress her laughter because she was afraid of enraging the gold-teeth man.

    "Call! Two hundred thousand!" The gold-teeth man readily took the bait, and fell into Qin Feng's trap!

    The 3rd cards were distributed!

    Qin Feng got a jack of hearts. Meanwhile, the gold-teeth man got an eight!

    The other three players were wide-eyed, stunned. What a lucky man! He gets a connector! What stunned them the most was that Qin Feng's hand was double suited!

    The gold-teeth man had a three, a six, and an eight; on top of that, all the three cards he held had different suits. It was clear that he was losing the game!

    "Aiya! Looks like Big Brother Yellow Teeth has a big card in your hand! I guess your hole card is an eight. If you get another eight in the final round, you will get a three of a kind! Wow, it seems like you're lucky in making money!"

    Although Qin Feng seemed to be praising the man with gold teeth, everybody knew that Qin Feng was actually mocking him. On the other hand, Hua Yan, who had just recovered from the joke "Big Brother Yellow Teeth," was once again thrilled by Qin Feng and burst into a fit of laughter. She realized that Qin Feng was mouthy; he just couldn't play the game quietly!

    "I know I'm losing, but in order to befriend Big Brother Yellow Teeth, I've decided to raise my wager to 500,000 yuan!" Qin Feng added another 500,000 chips!

    The rest of the people squinted disdainfully at Qin Feng. It's obvious that you're winning this game. Do you think that Big Brother Gold Teeth is an idiot?

    "Madness! I don't want to be your friend!" The gold-teeth man didn't have the guts to follow anymore. He gave an excuse and folded!

    It was the final round. The dealer had given all of them a card each. This time, Qin Feng got a three. Meanwhile, the gold-teeth man really got another eight.

    The atmosphere became cold as everybody tensed up, focusing on Qin Feng flipping his pocket card. All of them looked at Qin Feng's pocket card, it was a five. The gold-teeth man couldn't help and turned over his pocket card as well. To his amazement, it was yet another eight!

    Three eights, Fa Fa Fa! [TN: The phonetic writing of number 8 (Ba) has the same pronunciation as  (Fa), which carries the meaning of wealth or fortune.]

    Qin Feng had guessed it right!

    "Aiya! Big Brother Yellow Teeth, how generous you are to allow me, this little brother, to win the game! You are so generous. I salute you! You're the kind of friend that one should have, a rich idiot!" Qin Feng said gleefully. He was amazed by the effect of the low-level Lucky Potion. He'd like a prophet in this 30 minutes!

    "Yan Yan! I'm so thirsty! Quick, take the money and buy me two glasses of juice!" Qin Feng shoved 100,000 chips at Hua Yan. "Keep the rest as your tip!"

    Hua Yan had just walked a few steps when she heard Qin Feng's words; she staggered and almost fell to the floor!

    Very soon, all of them had started the second game! After the first round, the other four players had gotten a grasp of Qin Feng.

    One should be able to tell with a single glance that this person was a rich and willful wastrel from an aristocratic family.

    The four of them were agitated, each of them itching to make their move. It was rare to see an idiotic, tactless rich young master around! All of them had decided that they must roll him up today!

    "Mister, you should speak first!"

    This time, Yellow Teeth had the best card, an ace of hearts!

    "Fifty thousand!" Yellow Teeth threw 50,000 into the pot in a grandiose manner!

    Normally, he would play five-card stud only in thousands, at most 10,000 or 20,000. But today, after meeting Qin Feng, Yellow Teeth had thrown caution to the winds and played with him!

    "Big Brother Yellow Teeth indeed is a rich guy! We should enjoy ourselves to the fullest while playing cards. I love playing card games with a person likes Big Brother Yellow Teeth!" Qin Feng grabbed 100,000 chips and threw it into the pot. "Raise!"

    The remaining three people's countenances sank. They wanted to scoop up Qin Feng's money; however, this person was too aggressive. Although the three of them had good cards in their hands, none of them had the guts to follow him!

    "Hmph! I don't believe you will win twice in a row, little brat! Call, 100,000 yuan!" The baldy gritted his teeth and followed Qin Feng.

    The remaining rich lady and a foreign woman folded!

    "Mister! Your fruit juice!" While the dealer was distributing cards, Hua Yan returned with two glasses of fruit juice and put them in front of Qin Feng along with the remaining 90,000 chips.

    Qin Feng shoved both chips and fruit juice to Hua Yan. "If I ask you to take it, then you should take it! Now, find a chair and sit beside me. Won't you get tired from standing all day long in high heels?!"

    Like a huge rock falling into water, Qin Feng's words made Hua Yan's thoughts run wild!

    She knew that the rich treated people like dogs. The rich would order hostesses like her, in particular, and toy with them like slaves. She never expected that a sickeningly rich young master like Qin Feng would have a soft spot.

    This was Hua Yan's first time wearing high heels; her feet were bruised. She carefully took a chair and sat beside Qin Feng, taking a sip from the fruit juice!

    The dealer had distributed the 2nd card. Qin Feng got a seven, the lowest among the four!

    That rich lady and the foreign woman who folded shook their heads and sighed. It seemed like Qin Feng had used up all his luck and would lose this round. They started to regret that they didn't follow!

    The gold-teeth man got another ace. "Haha! I got a pair of aces! Nice, nice!" He was so excited that he almost jumped. Then, he yelled arrogantly, "200,000 yuan!"

    The baldy had an eight and a king. He was hesitating whether should he fold or not!

    "Dealer! It's so unfair!" Qin Feng pulled Hua Yan into his arms. Then, he whined like a spoiled brat, "Why does that man have a light above him, while we don't?"

    Stunned by Qin Feng's words, everybody looked above the baldy. All of them then pondered, "There is no light above him. Moreover, does it really matter? The hall is already bright enough!"

    "Aiya! I'm sorry! It's the reflection on this baldy's head!"


    Hua Yan couldn't restrain herself anymore; she covered her mouth with her hand and giggled. Originally, she'd been rather disgusted when Qin Feng hugged her, but now, she laughed so much that she forgot that Qin Feng was holding her in his arms. She had to admit it: although this hedonist young master was frivolous, he was really funny!

    "F*ck! You're asking for death, you snotty brat!" Baldy's face darkened completely. He smacked the table and prepared to have a death match with Qin Feng!
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