Chapter 355 - The Prophet

    Chapter 355 - The Prophet

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Seeing that Baldy was riled up, Qin Feng was happy as a clam at high tide in his heart!

    This was the result he wanted. As long he got on everybody's nerves and caused them to lose their composure, it would be child's play for him to win 10 million yuan!

    "Aiyo! You're so cocky, Baldy! Are you asking for a fight? I came here to enjoy myself, not to fight with you! Dealer, can't you do something about him!" Qin Feng got up as well. He sent a glare at Baldy first, and then looked at the dealer.

    The dealer's countenance sank slightly. After that, he looked at Baldy and said in a stern manner, "Mister, please be silent and play the game. If you do not wish to continue, you may leave now!"

    Baldy gritted his teeth tightly and took his seat at last. He was in Heping Town, the territory of Young Master Li. He didn't have the guts to make a fuss here and bother him!

    Seeing that Baldy had sat down again, Hua Yan patted her towering breasts and let out a long sigh of relief. This Mister Qin is really a troublemaker!

    "Hehe! I knew it; you've got no balls! You're all talk and no action! Crush me with money if you can, and please win a round first before acting tough in front of me!" Qin Feng pouted as he spoke.

    "F*ck! I'll show you how rich I am! I swear to god, I'm going to smack you to death with money today!"

    Baldy was irked; he raised the ante, shoving 500,000 in chips into the pot, startling Gold-teeth Man!

    The 3rd card was distributed!

    Baldy had a six, an eight, and a king!

    Gold-teeth Man had a pair of aces, and a three!

    Qin Feng's cards were the smallest-a three, a five, and a six!

    Gold-teeth Man still had the biggest cards among the three. He laughed so much that he couldn't close his mouth!

    The pot on the table held more than 2 million in chips. At this rate, Gold-teeth Man could easily win a few million.

    Realizing he had a huge chance of winning, Gold-teeth Man pushed a pile of chips to the center and called, "500,000!"

    Baldy gritted his teeth, preparing to throw his cards this round!

    "Baldy! Your cards are obviously a lot better than Big Brother Yellow Teeth's!" Qin Feng yelled once again.

    The four people in front of Qin Feng glared at him sourly. They all thought in their hearts, "Baldy's cards are much better than Gold Teeth's? Is this young lad blind or something?"

    "Let me guess. Your pocket card should be a six, and your next card will be a six as well. A pair of sixes breaks the jinx, so you're getting a three of a kind... Wow, you're so lucky!

    "It'll be a pity if you throw the card away this time!" Qin Feng shook his head, sighing!

    On hearing Qin Feng, Baldy stopped and decided to keep his hand.

    During their previous game, Qin Feng had predicted that Gold-teeth Man would get three eights, and in the end, that man really got a three of a kind. Although everybody thought Qin Feng had gotten it right by blind luck, gamblers really did believe in this kind of unrealistic thing.

    Maybe Qin Feng was a prophet!

    "Damn it! Call, 500,000!" Baldy clenched his teeth and followed Gold-teeth Man.

    His action stunned Gold-teeth Man. Could it be Qin Feng really guessed it right?

    "Since the two brothers have called, how could I not follow? Call!" Qin Feng calmly pushed a large pile of chips forward and bluffed, "1 million!"

    The final card was distributed!

    Baldy was so excited that he almost shouted. He really did get a six!

    On the other hand, Big Brother Yellow Teeth was so angry that he almost flipped the table. This was because he got another four!

    "I told you, Baldy. Your card must be larger than that Yellow Teeth's! Your pocket card is a six, and I assume that Yellow Teeth's pocket card must be a ten! He can't possibly win against you!"

    As soon as Qin Feng finished speaking, Gold-teeth Man glowered at him. "Shut up, you snotty little brat!"

    Qin Feng did not get angry at all. He looked at Gold-teeth Man with a meaningful smile. "Big Brother Yellow Teeth, although you have the largest card now, but I assure you, you won't be able to win this game. I suggest you throw the card. Otherwise, you'll lose 1 million eventually!"

    "Hmph! I'd be a dead fool if I believe you!" Gold-teeth Man gritted his teeth and flung another 2 million chips into the pot.

    He had two aces in his hands, so he was the biggest among the three. He didn't believe that Baldy could perform a comeback and win the game!

    As for Qin Feng, they both ignored him. This was because nobody believed that Qin Feng could still win with such lousy cards!

    "F*ck! I don't care anymore! Little brat, I believe in you! I hope you're right this time!" After hesitating for a moment, Baldy followed and threw another 2 million chips into the pot.

    Qin Feng looked at that pile of chips, delighted. He hugged Hua Yan!


    Suddenly, Qin Feng kissed Hua Yan's delicate face. Then, he said, "You are really my lucky lady!"

    Hua Yan was gobsmacked; her body trembled in Qin Feng arms... This was the first time a man kissed her!

    After Qin Feng called, they had reached the most critical moment in this round!

    Gold-teeth Man didn't believe Qin Feng's nonsense. So he took the initiative and flipped his cards. It was a ten, just as Qin Feng had predicted!


    Looking at this ten, everybody sighed. Did Qin Feng get it right again this time?

    Baldy was shivering in excitement. He carefully flipped his pocket card, and when he saw the number six on that card, he instantly grabbed it and gave it a kiss! After that, he threw his pocket card on the table and exclaimed, "Hahaha! I have a three of a kind. I've won!

    "I've taken a liking to you, little brat! Let's write off all our grudges!" Baldy looked at Qin Feng in satisfaction. At the same time, he extended his arm and started to embrace the pile of chips.

    That pile of chips had roughly 20 million yuan; it was sufficient for him to spend for a long time!

    "Please be patient, Big Brother Baldy! I haven't flipped my card yet!" Qin Feng suddenly laughed. "Yes, I did mention before that your card must be larger than Yellow Teeth's. But there is something that I haven't tell you. That is, my card must be larger than yours!"


    The remaining people marveled in their hearts when Qin Feng finished speaking.

    Before, nobody believed his prophecy. But in the wake of Qin Feng's series of correct predictions, everybody became nervous, edgy, and restless! All of them then pondered in their hearts, "Could it be this person is cheating? He dares to cheat and act arrogantly under Young Master Li's eyes. Is he looking for death?"

    "Yan Yan! You're my goddess of luck tonight. I'll give you the chance to flip my pocket card!" Qin Feng patted Hua Yan's back. Her back was smooth and resilient, and it had a nice texture!

    Hua Yan wasn't in the mood to care about Qin Feng's harassment. The stakes of this game reached 20 million yuan. She didn't have the guts to flip Qin Feng's pocket card. What if he loses? Will this Mister Qin look for trouble with me?

    "Mister Qin! It's better if you flip it yourself!" Hua Yan looked at Qin Feng with a nervous expression.

    "Don't worry! I won't cause you any trouble even if I lose... Quick, flip it! I'll give you another 1 million yuan if I've won!"

    Hua Yan got excited. She then carefully walked to the table, extended her slender arm, gripped Qin Feng's pocket card tightly, and flipped it slowly!

    Everybody was holding their breath, focusing their gaze on Hua Yan's mellow jade hand. Even the dealer who distributed the cards couldn't resist and look over in curiosity!


    She set down the card, and it was a four of hearts!

    Everybody hastily looked back at Qin Feng's four other cards. The numbers chained up in a progression: three, four, five, six, seven; on top of that, all of them were hearts!

    "Holy crap! Straight flush!"

    "F*ck! It's too spooky!"

    "What luck! I don't want to play anymore! I will lose my bra if I continued to play with this guy!"


    Everybody whined. That rich lady and that foreign woman shook their heads and left. Yellow Teeth and Baldy, on the other hand, still stared blankly at Qin Feng's cards, unable to return to their senses!

    "Seems like I win again! Thank you for your commitment, brothers! Both of you continued to play with me even though you knew you're losing! You truly are my good brothers!" Qin Feng signaled Hua Yan with his eyes as he grinned at the duo. Taking her cue from Qin Feng, Hua Yan then hastily went up to the table and took all those chips.

    "Wait! I don't believe you have so much luck, you little brat! You must be cheating!" Before Hua Yan could put away the chips, Gold Teeth had barged forward angrily.

    Qin Feng glanced at the dealer, and realized that this person wouldn't stop Gold Teeth. Gold Teeth's fist was closing on Qin Feng's face!

    "Watch out!" Although Hua Yan didn't like Qin Feng, she couldn't help but warn him.


    A brittle sound echoed. Qin Feng had somehow grabbed Gold Teeth's huge fist. With a light twist, he broke Gold Teeth's arm. Gold Teeth was in so much pain that he fell to the floor and let out a piercing shriek!

    "What happened? How dare you making a fuss in Feng Yun Fun City?!" Four security guards had come over, and glared ferociously at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng darted a glance indifferently at the four. With a lofty demeanor, he yelled, "With which eyes of yours did you see me creating a disturbance? It's this rascal who lost the game, didn't admit his defeat, and acted shamelessly! All I've done is just teach him a lesson. You came at the right time. Hurry up and cast him out of Feng Yun Fun City!"

    "Right, I suspect you are a swindler. How dare you cheat in Young Master Li's domain! You're asking to die, you scallywag!"

    "Aiya! Where, when, or how did you see me cheat? Don't tell me you always act dumb after you lose money to others!"

    "Hmph! We'll find out after we search your body! Let me frisk you if you're really innocent!" Enduring excruciating pain, Yellow Teeth got to his feet and walked toward Qin Feng. Except he was pushed away by Qin Feng before he could get near him!

    "I warn you, don't casually come near me! I'm straight! Don't you have any filthy thoughts of me, you pervert!"

    Seeing Qin Feng's serious look, everybody's lips quirked vigorously!

    "Mister! In order to prove your innocence, please cooperate with us and let us check your body!" Two of the security guards walked over. Both of them looked at Qin Feng with grave expressions.

    Qin Feng raised his head and looked upward. He realized the images of the 3rd and 4th floors were still blurry. As so, he clapped his hands and said, "I'll allow you to search my body. But I don't want any man touching my body... Let her frisk me!"

    Qin Feng pointed at Hua Yan. The four security guards knew she was part of the personnel of Fun City, so they nodded their heads and agreed to Qin Feng's suggestion!

    "Yan Yan, come! Touch me!" Qin Feng looked at Hua Yan, beaming happily.

    Hua Yan reluctantly walked toward Qin Feng. She glared at him and started searching his body!

    She used her slender lily-white hands to grope through Qin Feng's clothes. After that, those security guards demanded that she stick her hands inside Qin Feng's clothes. It was natural for Qin Feng not to refuse; instead, he was actually enjoying it.

    Hua Yan gritted her teeth, and slid her hands along Qin Feng's upper torso. When her fingers touched Qin Feng's well-toned pecs and abs, she was so embarrassed that she shuddered.

    "Brothers, I didn't find anything suspicious!" Hua Yan pretended to be calm and quickly searched Qin Feng's body. Her face was blushing red by the time she finished frisking him.

    Everybody was watching when Hua Yan searched Qin Feng's body. They noticed that Qin Feng didn't hide any cards in his clothes. Frowning, those four security guards fell silent. After a few moments, they raised their heads and looked at Hua Yan.

    "No, we're not done yet. You haven't searched his lower part!"

    The atmosphere instantly turned agitated!

    Hua Yan was tall and gorgeous. Many people drooled on seeing her curvaceous and seductive body. Now, they were all anticipating the scene of this beauty frisking Qin Feng's lower part in public.

    "R-Really? I've searched through his trouser pockets and even his shoes. I'm certain that he's innocent!" Hua Yan said, exhibiting a troubled expression.

    Without any demur, Qin Feng pulled her into his arms. Then, he curled his lips, smiling wickedly. "Why is it unnecessary? You haven't search inside my trousers yet. Perhaps, I have something inside?"
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