Chapter 356 - Capture Qin Feng Alive!

    Chapter 356 - Capture Qin Feng Alive!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Extremely embarrassed, Hua Yan broke out in a cold sweat! Those onlookers became restless; some of them even whistled at her!

    "No! I-I can't!" After hesitating for a brief moment, Hua Yan suddenly pushed Qin Feng away. She still couldn't nerve herself up to do this kind of thing!

    Qin Feng gleefully gazed at Hua Yan's mellow back. Soon after, he looked the security guards and said, "Anyone of you wants to touch?"

    A trace of disgust flitted across the faces of two of the bulky security guards. They shilly-shallied for a moment and waved their hands. Then, they yelled, "Let it be! Let it be! Since we've searched you thoroughly, you've proven your innocence. Everybody, back to your game!"

    After everybody left, the security guard who had led Qin Feng in ran to him with a smile on his face. "Mister Qin! It's all just a misunderstanding. I'm sorry for all the troubles we caused you, and we sincerely hope for your forgiveness!"

    Qin Feng was his patron, so he had to do justice to Qin Feng. As long as Qin Feng returned and spent, he could earn ample commissions!

    "Did you finish calculating my chips?" Qin Feng had returned to the table he'd gambled at just now.

    "Mister Qin! You've won a total of 26,020,000 in chips! Do you want to convert it to cash, or do you want to play other games?" asked the dealer as he looked at Qin Feng.

    "Yan Yan! Come over here!" Qin Feng crooked his finger at Hua Yan, who was standing not far from him.

    Hua Yan looked warily at Qin Feng. They'd finished the game, and Qin Feng had earned quite a sum. Could it be this person wants to have a one-night-stand with me?

    "Mister Qin! W-What's the matter?" Hua Yan came to Qin Feng's side cautiously.

    Seeing this lass was so afraid of himself, Qin Feng pulled her into his arms and cracked a laugh, "Yan Yan! I'm not a tiger. Why are you so afraid of me?

    "Oh yeah! I have a gun. Could it be you are afraid of my gun?" Qin Feng snickered, sniffing Hua Yan's body fragrance.

    He didn't plan on touching this woman. But he noticed that Hua Yan was different from the other hostesses. Qin Feng couldn't help but tease her!

    "You... You let go of me!" Hua Yan struggled with all her might. This person is too blatant!

    Qin Feng held Hua Yan with one arm. Then, he used his other arm to grab a handful of chips, unzip Hua Yan's qipao collar, and stuff all the chips into her qipao.

    Hua Yan was a bosomy woman, and she had a deep cleavage. Those chips fell into the cleavage and fit in it just fine!

    "Ah ah! What are you doing? Release me!" Hua Yan screamed, annoyed. When had she been humiliated like this before?

    "Little girl, you don't belong here. Take the money and leave!" Qin Feng suddenly let go.


    And he smacked Hua Yan's ample bottom before continuing, "Consider this your tip!"

    Hua Yan was embarrassed and angry, her face flashing green and purple. She then spun her body around and took her leave!

    It was just that when she passed by Qin Feng, Hua Yan's expression suddenly changed. She flicked her lily-white hand lightly, and a strange thing fell onto Qin Feng's body.

    Hua Yan ran all the way to the locker room, where she hastily took off her revealing qipao and changed into her usual clean tracksuit.

    She then coiled her long hair into a plait, and washed away her makeup with water. Soon enough, a fresh, pure, and attractive girl appeared in the mirror. She waved her little pink fists at the mirror, pouted her mouth high like a willful, lovely little girl, and muttered, "You bastard Qin, acting so high and mighty just because you own a few more pennies... Now you're cursed by my Gu poison of love; just you wait for your demise!" [TN: Gu poison - Gu "" poison "" was a venom-based poison associated with the culture of South China, particularly Nanyue. Gu poison was prepared by sealing various kind of venomous creatures such as centipede, scorpion, and snake inside a closed jar, where they devoured one another and concentrated their toxin into a single survivor. Gu was widely used in black magic practices such as manipulating sex partners, creating diseases, and causing death.]

    At this moment, Qin Feng had already converted all his chips into cash, which was stored in his member card. He also requested the security guard to upgrade his silver card into a gold card. This time, Qin Feng could finally go to the 2nd floor and have a closer look.

    He constantly checked the time as he walked toward the flight of stairs. Qin Feng realized that he was running out of time. It had been 20 minutes since he activated the talisman of clairvoyance. So now, the talisman of clairvoyance would last for only another 10 minutes! "I need to hurry," Qin Feng mumbled in his heart.

    Feng Yun Fun City, 4th floor, a private luxury room. A debonair and personable young man stood before a floor bed. At his feet lay a woman, a graceful and defiant woman.

    "It's you!" Liu Bing Bing peered at the man standing in front of her, her shining eyes blazing anger, like two torches. Not even she could have imagined that the mastermind behind the human-smuggling ring was him!

    "Director Liu seems surprised! But I'm not surprised to see you here!" The man squatted down. He glued his nose to Liu Bing Bing's breasts and took a deep breath. Then, he exclaimed, "Director Liu, you smell so good!"

    "F*ck off!" Liu Bing Bing's hands and feet were tied with rope. She opened her eyes wide and yelled at him, "Did you place a mole in my team? So you already knew that I came over here with my team?!"

    Liu Bing Bing was an experienced police officer. Her mind was quick, so she figured it all out very quickly!

    "Well, well. It seems like Director Liu doesn't fail your title as the deputy director of Acropolis City's Northern Region Sub-bureau. You're indeed a clever girl. But you are too late!" the man sneered.

    It wasn't because he received a tip-off about Liu Bing Bing's raiding operation; up to now, he still didn't know his men had sold him out. At present, he didn't feel pleased that he'd caught Liu Bing Bing; he was merely faking his triumphant look!

    He hated Liu Bing Bing, hated Qin Feng. Because of their alliance, Liu Bing Bing and Qin Feng had ravaged his family business and almost dragged him down. He longed to kill these two people!

    "Release me right now! If you dare lay a finger on me, the Liu family in the provincial capital will chase you down with all its might!" Liu Bing Bing's body emanated a glacial aura. She was a woman from an aristocratic family; she would never lower her head, maintaining an arrogant manner instead, even though she was in dire straits!


    The man gave Liu Bing Bing a huge slap in the face. He loathed Liu Bing Bing's haughty demeanor.

    He spat on the floor, licked his lips, and guffawed blatantly. "Haha! The Liu family? I'm so scared! I'm just afraid that after you die, their efforts to search for your murderer will prove futile. They don't even know who killed you! So, what should I be afraid of? What can you do to me? What can the Liu family do to me?

    "You think too highly of yourself, b*tch! I'm now going to strip off your clothes and do you. I want to see what right you have to be so arrogant!"

    The man's eyes become bloodshot. He then pounced on Liu Bing Bing like a wild beast. Frightened, Liu Bing Bing turned pale; she struggled for all she was worth, trying to break free!


    The door to the room was suddenly opened!

    The man stopped abruptly, his eyes filled with murderous intent. "Who the f*ck gave you permission to disturb me?!"

    "Young Master Li, something bad has happened!" Young Master Li's menacing aura startled the man who entered the room so badly that his whole body quivered. Because he realized he had interrupted Young Master Li's wonderful moment!

    "Say it fast. If you can't, then f*ck off!"

    "Qin Feng is here!"

    Qin Feng is here?

    Young Master Li trembled instinctively after he heard his underling's report!

    He knew Liu Bing Bing had led a team to raid his base, but he hadn't known Qin Feng was here too! When did this little brat come? Why does he know Liu Bing Bing is here, in Feng Yun Fun City?

    "Hmph! Just you wait. You will never be able to escape from Qin Feng!" Excitement flickered in Liu Bing Bing's eyes. Her expression turned chilly as she stared at Young Master Li.


    Young Master Li backhanded Liu Bing Bing in the face. Then, he roared, "F*cking b*tch! Let me capture your wild man first, and do you in front of him!"

    Young Master Li left the room. He followed his underling to another enclosed room, which was the surveillance room of Feng Yun Fun City. Large monitor screens on the wall allowed them to see the whole Feng Yun Fun City from here!

    Pointing at one of the screens, his underling said, "Young Master Li! That little brat has gone up to the 2nd floor. Should I lead a team and capture him now?"

    The man's gaze fell on the screen; every breath Qin Feng took, every movement Qin Feng made was laid bare under his nose. The man stared fixedly at Qin Feng like a serpent sighting its prey. He pinched the corner of a table hard.

    A "bang" echoed in the room!

    The man had crushed the corner of that solid wood table!

    "Haha! Yes! Of course we have to capture him!" the man suddenly bellowed uncontrollably. "Have Custodian Qing lead a team to go after him. Inform Custodian Qing that I want him alive!"


    Qin Feng arrived at the 2nd floor under the security guard's lead. Just like what he had seen a little while ago, the 2nd floor was a large city of footbaths. When Qin Feng arrived, a pageant of women in qipaos came forward, welcoming him with smiles!

    "Mister Qin! We have many beauties in this floor! We can even book young Chinese models for you. If you want a first-tier or second-tier celebrity, then you're required to inform me in advance, and we'll help arrange it. However, the price will certainly be much more expensive!"

    Pretending to listen to the security guard, Qin Feng hastily gazed upward!

    Since he was now on the 2nd floor, so he could see much more clearly. Everything in the 3rd floor became pellucid before his eyes!

    The 3rd floor was partitioned into many rooms. Each room was small, only 20 square meters long, and was equipped with a single bed, plus a few medical devices. The rooms had a hospital ward vibe.

    What are these? The function of the 3rd floor roused Qin Feng's curiosity. After that, he hastily looked over to the 4th floor.

    The 4th floor was small; it only had a few rooms, which were decorated like offices. However, Qin Feng could see only half of the 4th floor from the 2nd floor. The other half was still blurry!

    Found them! Qin Feng's eyes suddenly brimmed with light. This was because he had found Liu Bing Bing's subordinates detained in a room. However, he still hadn't located Liu Bing Bing's figure!

    "Mister Qin! Can you tell me which models or celebrities you're interested in?" With the security guard's voice resounding in his ear, Qin Feng hastily withdrew his gaze.

    "Hehe! I have taken a liking to a big shot. I'm just not sure whether can you invite her to come over!"

    "We can assure you, Mister Qin, that we can invite almost 90% of the celebrities in China! Everything is fine as long as Mister Qin can pay the price!" The security guard fawned on Qin Feng.

    "Even Miss Rao Shi Man?" Qin Feng asked a probing question!

    "Ahem ahem... You aim high, Mister Qin. Unfortunately, we still can't get our hands on Miss Rao Shi Man. Many people have nominated her, but no matter how many times we contact her manager, even with a price as high as five million yuan a night, we never get any reply from that lass!"

    Although Qin Feng knew Rao Shi Man wasn't a slut, hearing the security guard's words made him inexplicably happy in his heart!

    "Then just give me any woman!" Qin Feng waved his hand indifferently.

    He hadn't come to enjoy himself. He planned to stall the security guard first, and examine the 4th floor thoroughly after he went into a private room later on!

    Soon after, the security guard returned with a beauty. "Mister Qin, this is Li Li! The ace among the aces! She is gorgeous, tall, and excellent in bed! I'm certain that she can serve Mister Qin well, and Mister Qin will be very satisfied!"

    Qin Feng goggled at Li Li. With a frivolous expression, he swiftly pulled her into his arms. Then, he looked at the security guard and asked, "Oh yeah! What do we have in the 3rd floor? I might go there to have some fun after I've played enough with this girl!"
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