Chapter 357 - The Verdant Sect

    Chapter 357 - The Verdant Sect

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    The security guard was stunned; his expression changed slightly. However, he soon reverted to normal and said, "Mister Qin! Please enjoy yourself first! Let's leave the rest for later!"

    Qin Feng noticed the security guard's insincerity. Hence, Qin Feng didn't pursue the subject, as he was afraid he might blow his cover. He hugged that scantily dressed woman and went into a private room.

    He looked over to the 4th floor as soon as he entered the private room!

    "Young Master Qin! Let me help you to take your clothes off!" Anybody would have melted listening to Li Li's coquettish voice!

    Suddenly, Qin Feng felt a soft, warm body nestled in his arms. He withdrew his gaze, and threw that woman on the bed!

    Giggles! "You're so impatient, Young Master Qin. Originally, I planned to cavort with you in the bathtub first, and then perform a striptease for you!" said Li Li as she started taking off her qipao!

    Qin Feng swallowed hard at Li Li's humongous breasts. Since he still had work to do, he promptly suppressed the burning desire in his body, and said, "Put your clothes back on, and chat with me!"

    "Huh? Chat?" Stunned, Li Li halted her action. Ever since she started this job, Qin Feng was her first customer who asked her to chat with him right after they entered the room!

    "What do you want to talk about?"

    "Astronomy or geography, anything!" Qin Feng waved his hand nonchalantly. He was observing the situation in the 4th floor. However, he still couldn't see through that blurry part!

    "Young Master Qin, I... I don't know how!"

    Qin Feng suspected a hostess would have difficulty talking about astronomy and geography, so he said, "Then talk about the four arts. Zither, go, calligraphy, or painting, choose any one!"

    Li Li's face darkened. She thought to herself, "Is this person crazy?"

    "Young Master Qin, can we switch to another topic?"

    "Then tell me anecdotes of your customers!"

    "Sure, sure! I'm okay with this. I have a lot of funny stories!"

    Then, Qin Feng tried over and over again to see through the blurry spot on the 4th floor. Meanwhile, Li Li sat on the bed and talked about some of her customers' strange hobbies. However, this woman was too bold and uninhibited. Qin Feng felt he might turn into a beast sooner or later just by listening to her stories!

    Qin Feng's expression suddenly changed. He growled at Li Li, "Keep quiet!"

    Li Li felt an incredibly dense and powerful aura erupt from Qin Feng's body, causing her to blanch with fear. She felt that he had become a different person, and the suppression from his aura made her feel suffocated.

    On the other hand, Qin Feng furrowed his eyebrows deeply as he stood quietly by the door. He could hear someone closing in, loud and clear, although that person walked softly, almost without any sound. As that person's qi grew stronger and stronger, Qin Feng knew he was in trouble. That person wasn't ordinary!

    "Scream! Hurry!" Qin Feng suddenly yelled at Li Li.

    Dazed, Li Li was hadn't regained her senses yet!


    Qin Feng moved. He arrived at Li Li's side and slapped her bubble butt, saying, "Scream now! Scream 10 times louder than how you usually do!"

    Li Li finally came to her senses. Although she was still confused, she could only pretend to scream. Now, she was certain that Qin Feng was out of his mind!

    Gasping and moaning undulated through the room, in high and low cadences. Qin Feng, on the other hand, stood at one side coldly.

    Suddenly, a thin, tiny tube punctured the door, leaving a small perforation in it. Then, a wisp of colorless, tasteless gas drifted into the room.

    Soon after, Li Li stopped screaming; Qin Feng stopped pushing her as well. This was because that wisp of gas put this woman to sleep. So Qin Feng learned that this gas was clearly a kind of knockout drug!


    A loud sound echoed. The large, solid mahogany door was suddenly shoved open. The doorframe went flying into the air and fell on the bed!

    A man clad in a green robe walked into the room, holding with a wooden staff. He swiftly eyed the room with his pair of fierce, serpent eyes. When his gaze fell on Qin Feng, his pupils constricted!

    "You are still up?"

    "What do you think?" Qin Feng had been holding his breath, so he hadn't inhaled the gas.

    Seeing an unscathed Qin Feng standing neatly dressed at his original spot, Qing Feng knew that he had been tricked by the woman's cries in the room. [TN: Qin () Feng (), our main character. Qing () Feng (), the disciple of the Verdant Sect, a Stage 6 Inner Qi master.]

    However, he couldn't fathom why Qin Feng hadn't fallen unconscious. He said, "How is that possible? The drug I used is the Verdant Sect's special prescription. You can't avoid it by merely holding your breath since the gas can permeate the body through the skin. How did you resist it?"

    Qin Feng was stunned. He'd thought the knockout drug hadn't affected him because he held his breath. He never expected that the knockout drug was so powerful that it could be absorbed through the skin!

    "Master! You're wearing the Flying Dragon Armour, which is impenetrable. So, how can the poisonous gas seep into your body?" Little Pig's voice suddenly resounded in Qin Feng's brain, answering Qin Feng's doubts!

    "I can tell you the reason. But in return, you must answer one question from me too!" said Qin Feng as he looked at Qing Feng.

    "What question?"

    "What is the use of the 3rd floor in Feng Yun Fun City? Who are you? Do you know the mastermind behind this Feng Yun Fun City?"

    Qing Feng's expression sank. He glowered icily at Qin Feng. "That's three f*cking questions!"

    "Aw! You caught me. So what?" Qin Feng squinted his eyes, grinning from ear to ear!

    "Hmph! An impudent young lad. You're only a Stage 4 External Strength expert, and you dare to act cheeky in front of me? Watch my staff!"

    Qing Feng whirled his staff, throwing himself at Qin Feng. The person who made the first move had the upper hand. He knew that Qin Feng was a tough opponent from a single glance. So, he had to act fast!

    Qin Feng vigilantly watched Qing Feng's every movement with his dark pupils. Qing Feng tapped lightly with his feet and leaped above Qin Feng's head. With a piercing cold aura gushing out from his staff, he swung it down directly at Qin Feng's head!


    The staff clashed with Qin Feng's fist. Their qi collided in the air, sending a shock wave at the chandelier in the ceiling and causing it to shake nonstop.

    Qing Feng's attack turned Qin Feng's stomach. He almost spat out his innards. Qin Feng had never expected this man's attack to be so heavy. He'd exerted 600kg strength in a single powerful strike, forcing Qin Feng's feet to sink deep into the floor!

    A glint of light flitted across Qing Feng's eyes. He glued his gaze at Qin Feng's right fist!

    A glove flickering with orange light appeared out of nowhere. Seeing the essential qi lingering around the glove, Qing Feng was certain that this was a rare Spiritual Weapon!

    "You know your stuff well, young lad. I admit that I underestimated you. However, you're still too weak. Killing you is just as easy as squishing an ant!"

    Qing Feng got excited after he saw the Winter Iron Glove on Qin Feng's right hand. He'd never imagined that he could get an Orange Level Spiritual Weapon just by helping Young Master Li. What a lucky day!

    At the same time, Young Master Li, who was sitting in the surveillance room at the 4th floor suddenly got to his feet. When his gaze fell on Qin Feng's Winter Iron Glove, he murmured, "An Orange Level Spiritual Weapon. What a deep little fellow. He even has such a great item in his hands... Ahaha! Anyway, it'll be mine!"


    The wooden staff fell again, only to release a loud, jarring sound!

    Earlier on, the sight of the Winter Iron Glove had stunned Qing Feng. Now, he gaped yet again at the long sword radiating an orange color, which had appeared out of thin air, incapable of expressing himself. His vibe as an otherworldly master was long gone, appearing instead like an ignorant wimpy kid who had never seen the world!

    "Two Orange Level Spiritual Weapons... Haha! Nice sword! I like acting base!"

    Qing Feng regained his composure soon after. Originally, he'd planned to capture Qin Feng alive. But after seeing two Orange Level Spiritual Weapons appear one after another, he could no longer stay calm. He decided to use all his strength and kill Qin Feng!

    "Dog-beating Staff Technique!"

    Qing Feng leaped into the air again. This time, he exerted a much stronger, denser aura. His eyes went bloodshot; he gripped his wooden staff tightly, and thrashed it downward!

    He slashed through the air so fast he raised a whistle. Dozens of staff shadows converged into a small curtain, and crashed down on Qin Feng like a spread sky net!

    An inner qi expert! His internal strength is comparable to the Yin-Yang Elders! Qin Feng figured out that his opponent must be a Stage Six Internal expert from the qi around them!

    Qin Feng was currently only a Stage Four External expert with Stage Three Inner Qi. He had to escape if he ran into a Stage Six Inner Qi expert!

    However, both of them were now in an enclosed room. Qin Feng didn't have space to run!

    "Basic Sword Style!"

    He forcibly raised the Truesteel Sword, and brandished it nonstop above his head!

    One after another, sword strikes soared into the air, shooting out in all directions like flowers scattered by a heavenly maiden!

    Sword strikes collided constantly with staff shadows. The space between the two seemed to distort, and explosions echoed one after another in innumerable succession.


    Suddenly, Qin Feng trotted a few steps back, and spurt a mouthful of fresh blood!

    Qin Feng had tried with all his might, using his inner qi to ward off his opponent's attack. However, his effort was futile. He'd injured himself internally before he could parry for more than 10 moves!

    "Haha! What a shame, what a shame... I didn't expect you to be a prodigy who has cultivated both external and internal techniques. It's such a waste that you're only at Stage 3 Inner Qi and you're soon to meet your demise... You can only consider yourself unlucky for encountering me today!"

    Qing Feng had grown interested in Qin Feng. He realized this young lad had too many secrets, and he couldn't allow a prodigy like Qin Feng to live!

    A sudden burst of air surged from below Qing Feng's feet and gathered around his body. His green robe flapped loudly in the wind; even his long hair began to flutter in the airstream!

    "Young lad! Originally, Young Master Li wanted you alive. But now, I've changed my mind. If I allow a prodigy like you to remain in this world, sooner or later, you'll become a stumbling block for our Verdant Sect. So, die in peace!"

    Qing Feng was preparing his final move. His wooden staff whirled in front of his chest, forming an unbreakable wind barrier and drawing the airstream into the staff shadows. Qin Feng felt that he would be reduced to minced meat if this attack landed on him!

    His countenance became colder and colder. The stench of death was fast approaching!

    Carrying the strength of a thousand, the wooden staff crashed down mercilessly. Qin Feng felt like he was moving in slow motion; he didn't have time to put up a barrier, much less run away!

    "Since I'm dying, then I should take you with me!"

    Qin Feng bellowed ferociously. He suddenly took off the heavy Flying Dragon Armour, and became as light as swallow!

    He threw himself toward the overwhelming staff shadows. Qing Feng was stupefied; he didn't know what this little brat was trying to do!

    Shroom shroom shroom!

    Three powerful wind blades swept through the torn air. With lightning speed, they all flew toward Qing Feng's neck.

    Qing Feng's complexion changed dramatically. A cold shiver suddenly ran down his spine. Something invincible was flying toward him!

    "What the hell is that?!"

    Wind blades had no form or color. They were merely strong bursts of wind that could kill somebody in secret!

    Even Qing Feng, a Stage 6 Internal Qi expert, had to forcibly suspend his attack and quickly evade the ambush of the wind blades when he felt that ghastly cold air!
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