Chapter 358 - A Tyrannical Punch!

    Chapter 358 - A Tyrannical Punch!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Just when Qing Feng dodged his attack, Qin Feng's eyes glowed. Without wasting any time, he hurled the Truesteel Sword at Qing Feng!


    The Truesteel Sword successfully kept Qing Feng at bay, forcing him to recoil again and again. However, this wasn't Qin Feng's killing move. Lightning flashed, thunder rolled in the air. A long whip radiating an orange color morphed into dozens of whip shadows!

    Bang bang bang!

    Myriads of whip shadows overlapped, layer upon layer, and rained down on Qing Feng, who emptied his inner qi to evade the wind blades and then the Truesteel Sword. Hence, he didn't have enough time to condense his qi again to parry the attack this time. As a result, several whip shadows smashed on his body simultaneously. His green robe was shredded, and he looked like a miserable beggar!

    "How could that be? How could you harm me?" Seemingly unaffected by his grave injuries, Qing Feng stared at Qin Feng with his pair of bloodshot eyes. "What are those piercing gales you sent at me? Why do they feel so dangerous?"

    Qing Feng had too many questions in his mind!

    Qin Feng is merely a Stage 3 Inner Qi martial artist. How can he condense qi to kill people? If they aren't condensed qi that kills people, then what are those three wind blades?

    And... where did the long orange whip in his hand come from? What kind of monster is he?

    Qin Feng scoffed. He didn't answer Qing Feng's question. That wind blade skill was a false bomb; it looked impressive, but actually it was worthless. Put more bluntly, it was only conjured killing intent; however, it couldn't kill an Inner Qi master!

    Qing Feng was frightened by the wind blades, just like the Yin-Yang Elders had been. All of them had the timing and strength to kill Qin Feng, but at the crucial moment, they were too afraid to make their move!

    "Ask King Yama yourself!"

    Qin Feng didn't dare treat a Stage 6 Inner Qi master lightly. Without giving Qing Feng a chance to catch his breath, Qin Feng switched to his Winter Iron Glove and rammed it at Qing Feng's chest!

    Qing Feng burst into gales of laughter. With a hideous look, he said, "Haha! You're merely a worthless Stage 3 Inner Qi stinking brat, do you really think you can kill me?! You should be satisfied if you could hurt..."


    Qing Feng choked on a mouthful of blood!


    Qing Feng heard his heart crumbling. It shattered into smithereens!

    He glared at Qin Feng with his pair of serpent eyes, unwilling to accept the truth that he was dying. "Why? How can you release a 700kg punch?!"

    After Qing Feng finished his question, his head tilted to the side, and he died!

    The final punch Qin Feng had delivered was indeed barbarous. He'd paired the Winter Iron Glove with the Intermediate Level Thunder Tiger Fists, and blasted Qing Feng away with 800kg strength!

    With this indescribably powerful strength, Qin Feng had sent Qing Feng slamming deep into the wall, disrupting his inner qi, rupturing his meridians, and crushing his heart! So, Qing Feng died!

    "There is always a faster gun! You can't be too arrogant!"

    Looking at the lifeless Qing Feng, Qin Feng fell into deep silence. His victory was a narrow one. If it weren't for this young man's pride and overconfidence, Qin Feng probably wouldn't have been able to kill the Stage 6 Inner Qi master!


    In the surveillance room at the 4th floor. Young Master Li got to his feet once again and smashed the screen showing Qin Feng's room to pieces!

    His eyes went bloodshot; he was in a towering rage, and he almost vomited blood!

    "Impossible! It is impossible for this rascal to kill Qing Feng! He's a Stage 6 Inner Qi master!"

    Young Master Li was thrown into despair. Was this the Qin Feng that he knew?

    Although he was aware that Qin Feng had been hiding his true strength, deliberately pretending to be a hedonist young master in front of everybody to lull his enemies into a false sense of security, Young Master Li was still awestruck by Qin Feng's series of ineffable feats!

    Truesteel Sword, Winter Iron Glove, Spirit Snake Whip!

    Even though he didn't know the names of those Spiritual Weapons, he was certain that each and every one of those weapons was an Orange Level Spiritual Equipment! If the news of Acropolis City having three Orange Level Spiritual Equipment spread across the nation, those people from the martial arts world would go crazy and rush over to Acropolis City to plunder them!

    And the last punch Qin Feng delivered, how could Qin Feng kill Qing Feng in one strike? How strong did he have to be to pull off such a feat? What was Qin Feng's actual strength?

    A spate of questions churned nonstop in Young Master Li's head. His brain almost exploded!

    "Young Master Li! Custodian Qing Feng... is dead!" One of his underlings ran into the room in a panic.

    When he saw the smashed screen in the surveillance room, he realized that Young Master Li had already known about it!

    "F*ck! I don't believe that Qin Feng will raze this place... It took me years of expenditure to get this place on the right track!

    "Retreat!" Even though he was reluctant, Young Master Li clenched his teeth and made his decision! "Inform those core members that we'll evacuate immediately, and return to Yunhai City!"

    Qin Feng was too powerful. He even killed Custodian Qing Feng, his strongest man. Those small fries wouldn't be able to put up any resistance worth mentioning!

    After hesitating for a moment, his underling said, "Young Master Li... I have a plan. Do you want to hear it?"

    "Say it. Fast!"

    "Isn't that deputy of Acropolis City's Northern Region Sub-bureau, Director Liu, in our hands now? She came from the Liu family in the provincial capital, staunch, faithful, and unchanging..."

    Young Master Li smacked his underling's head, glowering. "F*cking stop beating around the bush. Get to the point! I'll be long dead if you continue at your snail pace!"

    The underling hastily reorganized his thoughts, and said sharply, "Director Liu has a powerful background, and she values her chastity very much. If Qin Feng were to violate her, I'm sure Director Liu will be so angry that she will wage war against Qin Feng, and both of them will fight each other to the death!"

    Young Master Li's eyes glowed. He fell silent and pondered the suggestion for a moment. Then, he said, "Liu Bing Bing is Qin Feng's acquaintance. So he possibly knows her very well. Do you think Qin Feng is so dumb that he will voluntarily violate Liu Bing Bing?"

    "Of course not. Has Young Master Li forgotten about those Verdant Sect disciples? They always bring along all sorts of medicines and drugs. I'm certain that they have aphrodisiacs as well... So the plan is like this: first, we drug Director Liu; second, we lure Qin Feng into Director Liu's room. And then, bingo! We're done!

    "After that, we record it on video, and send the video anonymously to the Liu family in the provincial capital. Frankly speaking, does Young Master Li think the Qin family can still survive under the full assault of the Liu family?"

    Young Master Li hated Qin Feng. So he thought he could give it a try! If a gorgeous beauty like Liu Bing Bing was drugged and she threw herself into somebody's arms, not to mention Qin Feng, Young Master Li believed that not even he himself would be able to resist Liu Bing Bing's inducement!

    "Fine! We'll do what you proposed. Now, go to get an aphrodisiac from the people of the Verdant Sect, and ask somebody to lure Qin Feng upstairs... At the same time, carry on with the evacuation plan. If things do go awry, retreat immediately to Yunhai City!"


    Qin Feng had just eliminated Qing Feng, and Li Li was awakened by the loud commotion. When she saw Qing Feng's badly mutilated body sunk deep into the wall, she let out a shriek and passed out again!

    The situation had changed. Qin Feng was racking his brain!

    The battle just now had caused a huge commotion, and Qin Feng was certain that the people in Feng Yun Fun City must've noticed it. He had only two choices now: one, escape immediately; two, storm the top floor and rescue Liu Bing Bing and the other hostages!

    At last, Qin Feng decided to stay. With this, not only would he not fail his mission, but most importantly, he would regret it forever if he left Liu Bing Bing behind!

    Qin Feng had agreed to cooperate with Liu Bing Bing to investigate this human-smuggling ring. Since Liu Bing Bing and her squad were in grave danger now, how could he bear to run away by himself?!

    Qin Feng sprinted fast. Like a gust of breeze, he soon arrived at the top floor!

    He quickly scrutinized the rooms on this floor. However, the effect of the talisman of clairvoyance had lapsed, so he could only see blocks of reinforced concrete wall rather than the situation inside the rooms!

    "Who are you, you little brat? This floor isn't for you to wander around. Unauthorized people are prohibited from entering!"

    "Get lost now!"

    Four muscle men suddenly appeared, standing like a huge wall in front of Qin Feng!

    Qin Feng was running out of time. Without any hesitation, he thrust his fist at those four!


    These four were ordinary people. Qin Feng sent two people soaring into the air with a punch!

    Before the remaining two's fists could reach Qin Feng, he had already sent two kicks at them, and completely whacked them out of the fight!

    "Liu Bing Bing, where are you?!" Since he had caused a racket, Qin Feng didn't care anymore. He started yelling Liu Bing Bing's name!

    "Who's there? We are the cops from Acropolis City's Northern Region Sub-bureau. Director Liu is our deputy!" The voice of one of Liu Bing Bing's subordinates wafted out from one of the rooms. Qin Feng hastily went up to open the door, but he realized the door had been locked!

    He kicked the door. F*ck! They even installed a high-class blast-proof door!

    Then, Qin Feng yelled at the blast-proof door, "I can't open the door! Where is your Director Liu?"

    "Director Liu was taken away by them half an hour ago. We aren't sure where is she now... Are you a friend of Director Liu, young lad? Then, can you please call the Northern Region Sub-bureau and ask for assistance?!"

    Since none of them knew Liu Bing Bing's whereabouts, Qin Feng had no choice but to search room by room. Ask for help from the Northern Region Sub-bureau now? I'm afraid that by the time they arrive, they'll be cleaning up our bodies instead of rescuing us!

    "Qin Feng... I-I'm here!" Liu Bing Bing's weak, faint voice suddenly came from the innermost room!

    Qin Feng ran up to the door, leaped into the air, and stamped his feet on it!


    He released 750kg strength and kicked the door open! Baffled, Qin Feng then thought to himself, "That easy?" However, when he saw Liu Bing Bing lying on the floor with her hands and legs tied up, he shrugged off his suspicions and quickly went to untie her!

    "Are you alright, Director Liu? Why didn't you inform me earlier and wait for me? Am I not trustworthy enough?" Qin Feng carefully released Liu Bing Bing. He feared that as soon as she was free, this fiery young lady would give him an uppercut and a balls-crushing kick and destroy his manhood!

    She hadn't given him a call? She'd been so anxious that she had crazily called him 123 times in succession. Now her hands and legs were tied, and there was a clear handprint on her exquisite, icy face!

    She is the prideful and cold Director Liu. How can you all treat her like this?

    "Director Liu... D-Don't hit me! Although I... I'm late, I did come in the end. If you really want to punish me, in the name of our relationship, don't hit me in the face. And, please have mercy on me!"

    Qin Feng was right! This young lady threw herself at him once he untied her!

    But in the next second, Qin Feng was stunned, unable to comprehend the current situation!

    Liu Bing Bing didn't turn into a she-demon and treat him to a feast of punches. Instead, she hugged him tightly!

    It was the first time this fiery young lady took the initiative to hug Qin Feng. Their positions were kind of ambiguous and melodious and moving!

    "Qin Feng! H-Hold me tight, please!"

    Liu Bing Bing's voice was as tender as water. She almost scared Qin Feng to death as soon as she spoke!
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