Chapter 359 - Three Doors and Five Sects

    Chapter 359 - Three Doors and Five Sects

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Liu Bing Bing was acting strange, and the way she treated him was too different. Stunned, Qin Feng kept his hands suspended in mid-air, not daring to lower them!

    He was afraid that this fiery young lady would pick up her pistol and shoot him if he put his arms on her back!

    "Qin Feng! Hurry... Hurry and hug me tight!" Opening her mouth slightly, Liu Bing Bing blew air into Qin Feng's ear!

    Liu Bing Bing's voice was tender as water, and her body was scorching hot like a small stove. Qin Feng almost melted from the contact!

    "Director Liu, why don't you just beat me up? Please don't torture me anymore. I'm so scared!" Qin Feng hastily pushed Liu Bing Bing away. Then, he eyed the room quickly. "Could it be you've set up pinhole cameras in the room to record a video of me molesting you, so you can sue me for rape?!"

    Just when Qin Feng finished speaking, he was stunned!

    He really did discover a pinhole camera at a corner of the ceiling. Moreover, it wasn't only one. He found there were two more pinhole cameras, installed at the window and doorway, respectively, providing 360-degree coverage of the room with no dead zones!

    Whoosh whoosh!

    The Spirit Snake Whip danced wildly in the air, shattering two pinhole cameras simultaneously. Then, Qin Feng grumbled, "Director Liu, in any case, we're partners. How can you entrap me? You're too..."

    As Qin Feng was speaking, Liu Bing Bing threw her sweet-scented, soft body into his arms, cutting him short. "Hey, hey! You, you stay away from me!

    "Director Liu, stop playing around! I've destroyed all the pinhole cameras, so you won't be... Hey! I'm very serious now. Don't touch my pecs, and please take your hands out of my pants... Don't crowd me anymore. I'm close to the edge!"


    "F*ck...!" In the surveillance room, Young Master Li wasn't sure how many times he bashed the screen.

    "How can he discover those pinhole cameras? Since when has Qin Feng been so vigilant? He can even pinpoint the locations of those tiny cameras! How the f*ck are we going carry out our plan, then? Our efforts were all in vain!"

    Young Master Li was vexed. He was so angry that his teeth quivered!

    He hadn't tasted Liu Bing Bing yet, and he gave her to Qin Feng! I'm such a fool!

    "Relax, Young Master Li. Why don't we wait a little longer?" That underling hastily comforted Young Master Li.

    "Director Liu is a stout-hearted woman. Even though we failed to get video evidence, she won't spare him easily after she realizes Qin Feng has violated her. I can assure Young Master Li that we're about to trigger a conflict between the Liu and the Qin families!"

    After a little gentle persuasion, the underling managed to pacify angry Young Master L!

    He'd secretly investigated Qin Feng long time ago. He learned from the information that Liu Bing Bing and Qin Feng had a tense relationship, and they would quarrel every time they met each other. There were times when Liu Bing Bing was so fired up that she almost pulled out her gun to shoot Qin Feng.

    So if Qin Feng really did Liu Bing Bing, she wouldn't forgive him, and she would surely hunt him down!

    "Young Master Li, Young Master Li! Please listen. The bug is still operating; we can still keep track of the situation inside the room!" The underling ran up to Young Master Li, capering madly with joy!

    He switched on the speaker, and the voices of Qin Feng and Liu Bing Bing came through loud and clear. Young Master Li's face relaxed slightly. Then, he stared at the underling, and yelled, "Save the recording!"


    Qin Feng hoped he could die now!

    Before he obtained the Hedonist Sovereign System, he would bed three women daily. After he gained the system, he didn't even have a chance to hook up with a lady in 30 days!

    Now there was a smoking-hot beauty chasing him around the room, pleading for him to mount her. But he didn't have the guts to do so. Qin Feng was almost tormented to death by his burning desire!

    "Qin Feng... Don't run. P-Please hug me!" They were playing cat-and-mouse in the room. Liu Bing Bing had taken off her jacket and shirt, and now she was stripping off her white undershirt.

    "Master, I suspect Liu Bing Bing was drugged!" The voice of Little Pig resounded in Qin Feng's mind.

    Like a drowning man clutching at straws, Qin Feng hastily asked Little Pig, "What poison? Hurry up and cure her. This woman is crazy. She's freaking me out just by being near me!"

    "Master, this poison is possibly the 'peripatetic powder,' one of the seven wonder drugs of the Verdant Sect-it's an exclusive formula with no known antidote." Little Pig then added while wagging his head, "The poison gas that Qing Feng previously used in Master's room is one of their seven wonder drugs too!"

    "What the hell is this Verdant Sect?"

    "China has 'three doors and five sects,' and the Verdant Sect is one of them!" said Little Pig.

    Qin Feng still couldn't grasp what Little Pig was saying. Since he was in dire straits now, he didn't have time to listen to Little Pig's explanation. So, he hastily asked, "Can't we cure this crazy young lady?

    "We can't allow her to continue this forever!"

    "The peripatetic powder is a potent aphrodisiac. The only way to detoxify this poison is to go with the flow, allow the victim to have sex with a man. After that, that person will be cured of the poison!"

    What a sinister, nasty drug. Qin Feng had the urge to fish out the person in the Verdant Sect who developed the drug-and asked a few boxes from him!

    The corner of his mouth curled into a devilish grin. In that case, he could only swallow his pride and help Liu Bing Bing cure the poison!

    "Master! You can't mount Liu Bing Bing now!" Little Pig spoke again.

    Qin Feng's filthy thought was seen through by a piglet. Embarrassed, he countered, "When did I say I wanted to mount her? Don't simply cook up false charges against me, you piglet!

    "By the way... Why can't I mount her?"

    Little Pig cast a snobbish look at Qin Feng. He then said, "This is because, Master, you've been poisoned as well!"

    Qin Feng's countenance changed slightly. He asked, "I'm poisoned with the peripatetic powder?"

    "Not the peripatetic powder, but a type of Gu love poison developed by the Miao ethnic group of southwest China!"

    Qin Feng was even more confused. He had never gone to Yunnan, so how could he have been poisoned with that thing?

    "Master, do you still remember the beautiful Hua Yan, who kept you company when you were playing cards? She cursed you with the Gu poison of love when she left!"

    During that time, Qin Feng had been too focused on converting his chips, in order to rescue Liu Bing Bing, that he hadn't noticed that woman's actions. When he learned that woman dared to curse him, Qin Feng regretted that he hadn't punished her!

    "What is Gu love poison? How can it affect me?" asked Qin Feng, raising his brows.

    "The Gu love poison is a kind of Gu poison. It requires the breeder to raise it since childhood. Normally, they raise the Gu poison in pairs. So, when they plant one of the Gu poison into another person's body, the victim and the culprit have to devote themselves to each other. They can't fall in love with somebody else; otherwise, the Gu poison will gnaw its host's flesh and blood from the inside out!"

    Little Pig's explanation sent chills up Qin Feng's back. This Gu love poison was such an insidious thing. If it weren't for Little Pig stopping his attempt to mount Liu Bing Bing just now, Qin Feng might've died!

    "What a b*tch. She'd better not appear before me again!" Qin Feng cursed Hua Yan. After that, he asked Little Pig, "Then, how can I neutralize this Gu poison?"

    "Well, Master is a Stage 3 Inner Qi expert now, and that Gu poison entered Master's body not long ago. Hence, Master, you just need to circulate qi around your body to force it out!"

    Without any hesitation, Qin Feng hastily circulated qi around his body to expel the Gu poison from his body!

    Soon enough, he noticed a living thing wriggling in his arm. Without any delay, he quickly transferred qi into his arm and succeeded in forcing the Gu poison out of his body shortly after!

    "Master, I suggest you not kill the Gu poison now. Hua Yan must be able to sense if the Gu poison is dead... Besides, Hua Yan can no longer affect you after the Gu poison has been removed from your body. Conversely, if she has an affair and falls in love with another man, she will be bitten by the Gu poison in her body!" said Little Pig.

    Qin Feng hastily halted his attempt to kill the Gu poison. He searched around and dropped the Gu poison into an empty bottle, and then put it in the system.

    "You're such a bad girl. Either you follow this young master for the rest of your life, and allow me to bully and humiliate you, or you'll be consumed and devoured by the Gu poison!" Qin Feng cracked a devilish grin.

    In the midst of Qin Feng and Little Pig's conversation, Liu Bing Bing had stripped off all her clothes.

    Her hair was messy, and her expression was hazy and distant. Even her snow-white skin was blushing red. Qin Feng looked over after he returned to the present and was instantly stupefied by her looks!

    How could anyone imagine that the cold and prideful ice queen would exhibit a charming and captivating side? If the people who knew her witnessed this sight, their mouths would gape so wide that they could swallow their entire fist!

    "Hot! I'm so hot! Qin Feng, touch me please!" The instant Qin Feng lost track of his thoughts, Liu Bing Bing threw herself at him.

    Now, he had a grasp of Liu Bing Bing's situation. However, he was very vexed at doing this kind of thing.

    "Master! You have 10 minutes left. After 10 minutes, Liu Bing Bing will die if the poison in her body still hasn't been cured!" Little Pig notified Qin Feng.

    Liu Bing Bing's body was becoming searing hot. Her skin had turned bright red; portions were even starting to turn purplish. Obviously, the poison was spreading fast. Qin Feng looked at Liu Bing Bing, who was close to passing out, and gritted his teeth. He pushed the recording button on his cell phone!

    "Bing Bing, do you want me to hug you?"

    "Hug me now, faster!" Liu Bing Bing said impatiently.

    "Then, what you want me to do?" Qin Feng embraced Liu Bing Bing.

    "What to do, what to do... I'm so hot!"

    Qin Feng's cell phone was recording. Since Liu Bing Bing volunteered herself, Qin Feng had to satisfy her desire!


    In the surveillance room, Young Master Li became restless and peevish. His body heated up, and his blood boiled as he listened to the undulating groaning and moaning from the speaker. He couldn't help fantasizing about Liu Bing Bing's prideful body and her ethereal, cold face.

    If it weren't for his underling beside him, Young Master Li might have taken off his trousers!

    The voices from the speaker became fiercer, as opposed to Young Master Li's ice-cold countenance. "F*ck! Qin Feng gets all the fun parts!"

    He wasn't sure how many times he'd cursed Qin Feng within these 10 minutes. He scolded Qin Feng's ancestors for 18 generations, and scolded them again in reverse order!

    "Young Master Li... I-I still have another plan!" The underling licked his lips, as he was distracted by the sounds as well.

    "Let's talk next door!" Young Master Li waved his hand, and two of them went to the adjoining room.

    They locked the door, and the room was quiet. Young Master Li and the underling let out long sighs of relief!

    "Young Master Li, since Qin Feng has gotten Director Liu, she won't let him off lightly after she awakens. The Qin family is going to fall because this little brat has taken a wrong step!

    "However, since Qin Feng could kill Custodian Qing Feng, he is quite skilled. I'm afraid that Director Liu is no match for him!"

    The underling's analysis calmed Young Master Li down. Under normal circumstances, he was a vicious and ruthless person, shrewd and insightful. It was just that the sudden appearance of Qin Feng today had upset his mind, and thrown him off his game.

    "Clearly, Liu Bing Bing is not Qin Feng's opponent. Qin Feng might even kill Liu Bing Bing to hush up the incident! I mustn't let our efforts go to waste!" Soon enough, Young Master Li had figured out the likelihood of happening after he reconstituted his composure.

    He sat on the couch, immersed in deep thought. His brain raced, and suddenly his eyes gleamed!

    "Hurry up and look for a disciple from the Verdant Sect. Have them lurk around Qin Feng's room, and inject knockout drug into his room. We'll decide what to do after Qin Feng is unconscious!"

    The underling looked at Young Master Li's devilish grin, and knew that Young Master Li had it all planned now. He hastily retreated to do his bidding!


    Qin Feng groaned like a beast!

    He wasn't sure how long it had been since he hooked up with a woman. Now that he'd come across a perfect woman like Liu Bing Bing, he almost exploded!

    Liu Bing Bing was feeling feeble; Qin Feng nearly sent her flying. Qin Feng held her lightly in his arms. Seeing the purple color starting to recede from Liu Bing Bing's skin and the gradual reappearance of her usual bright and snow-white complexion, he was clear that the "peripatetic powder" had been completely neutralized!

    "Qin Feng... You, you are here?" Liu Bing Bing was lying in Qin Feng's arms. Her long, fine eyelashes fluttered slightly. Her usually icy exquisite face was now blushing in red.

    Liu Bing Bing opened her eyes, and she was stunned!

    "Qin Feng, just in time! Did you catch those people? You haven't allowed them to escape, right? Can you believe it? I never imagine that he is the mastermind all along!" Liu Bing Bing regained her usual self very fast. She anxiously clung to Qin Feng's arm.

    Just as she was about to get up and pull Qin Feng to arrest those people, Liu Bing Bing suddenly squatted down and covered her body!

    "Ah ah ah!"

    An deafening enraged shriek resounded in the room. The intensity was so extreme that it reached supersonic. Dust even fell from the ceiling to the floor!

    "Qin Feng... W-What have you done to me? Why am I naked? Why... are you naked as well? Ah ah!"

    Liu Bing Bing couldn't accept the situation. She turned into a mad lioness!

    A deathly chill exploded from her body. She charged toward the floor and picked up her trousers. She pulled out her pistol from her belt, and shot at Qin Feng eight times with absolutely no scruples!

    Bang bang bang bang!

    Bang bang bang bang!

    Liu Bing Bing didn't stop even when she finished up all eight bullets. She continued to pull the trigger like madwoman, causing the emptied pistol to click nonstop.

    Qin Feng had been guarding against Liu Bing Bing. In the instant she picked up her pistol, he'd stretched his legs and ran frantically around the room. It was just that he still couldn't evade all the bullets at such a close range with his current strength.

    He was shot in the thigh and arm!

    "Brute! I must demolish you today!" Liu Bing Bing threw away her pistol. Without putting on her clothes, she delivered a strong kick at Qin Feng!
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