Chapter 360 - Fish Out the Mastermind

    Chapter 360 - Fish Out the Mastermind


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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng pressed his hand over the gory wound on his arm. His eyes went bloodshot, staring fixedly at Liu Bing Bing like a panther!

    Qin Feng was exasperated, knowing that this woman was really trying to kill him!


    Liu Bing Bing's attack missed its target. Qin Feng somehow outflanked her and appeared behind her. He raised his large hand and smacked her big bubble butt.

    The spank produced a clear, loud sound, and her butt was resilient!

    "Ah ah ah! Qin Feng, You... go to hell!"

    Liu Bing Bing was so angry that her hair stood on end. Her expression was hideous and vile, just like a she-demon!

    She stopped abruptly, spun her body around, and sent yet another kick at Qin Feng!


    Qin Feng leaned aside and dodged her attack without much effort. He smacked her butt once again!

    "Die now!"

    Smack smack!

    "Wu wu! Qin Feng, how dare you treat me like that?! You're going down with me today!"

    Smack smack smack!

    Liu Bing Bing was so resentful that she burst into tears. She realized Qin Feng had violated her, and she was no match for him. And now, he smacked her butt to further humiliate her. Filled with embarrassment, she wanted to jump off a building and die!

    "Foolish woman! You wish to kill me?" Qin Feng took the advantage of Liu Bing Bing's distraction and pulled her into his arms.

    He grabbed her neck with his large hands. He just needed to exert some pressure, and he could kill her!

    "What do you want? Kill me now if you can!" Liu Bing Bing was startled by Qin Feng's ice-cold, dense murderous intent. She suddenly came to her senses.

    "I won't kill you. I want you to be my servant! Follow me obediently and faithfully forever!"

    "Never!" Liu Bing Bing struggled with all her might. It was just that her strength was much less than Qin Feng's, so she couldn't break free from his arms.


    Another spank landed. Liu Bing Bing was so embarrassed that her face flushed as red as a ripe tomato. "Why does this wild man love my butt so much?" she wondered to herself.

    "Next time, I'll punish you like this if you ever bicker with me, or disobey my order... Don't you forget, I have the Spirit Snake Whip with me all the time!"

    Liu Bing Bing remembered that Qin Feng had lashed her a couple of times with his Spirit Snake Whip when they were pursuing that human-smuggling ring at South Bay Pier. She'd rather die than taste that feeling again!

    Under Qin Feng's abuse, Liu Bing Bing tilted her head to a side, refusing to speak. The aura on her body was becoming colder and colder!

    Qin Feng felt sorry for Liu Bing Bing. After all, this young lady had become his woman, so he had to treat her dearly.

    However, he remembered his mission to make Liu Bing Bing docile and obedient. Aside from that, from his years of experience of being a Seducer Sage, he knew that he had to be harsh with a fiery girl like Liu Bing Bing.

    If you were weaker than her, she'd pay no heed to you! On the other hand, only if you were harsh on her would she look up to you and fall in love with you!

    "Bing Bing! Let's get dressed first!" Qin Feng handed Liu Bing Bing's clothing to her.

    After glaring at Qin Feng, Liu Bing Bing took her clothes and went to a corner to put them on.

    Liu Bing Bing strided over to the door after she'd dressed, preparing to leave. This was because she knew she couldn't kill Qin Feng alone. Hence, she wanted to find her squad and have them team up with her to bring Qin Feng down!

    "Bing Bing, please wait for a moment. I've something to tell you!" Qin Feng hastily blocked Liu Bing Bing.

    Liu Bing Bing hugged herself, not wanting to speak with him. When she remembered that her chastity, which she'd protected for 25 years, had been snatched by Qin Feng, she couldn't hold back any longer, and tears rolled down her cheek!

    Liu Bing Bing's tears prickled Qin Feng's heart. He extended his arm and hugged Liu Bing Bing. Then, he pulled out his cell phone, and played the recording!

    Liu Bing Bing's countenance changed dramatically when she heard the recording. Extremely astounded, she immediately grabbed Qin Feng's cell phone, and listened carefully!

    Liu Bing Bing stopped the recording after a minute, stunned at herself. How could I utter such macabre, gory sounds?!

    "What is this?" Liu Bing Bing relaxed slightly. However, she still had an ice-cold aura around her body.

    "Do you know about the Verdant Sect?" asked Qin Feng.

    "The Verdant Sect?" Liu Bing Bing furrowed her brows deeply. Then, she added, "China has three doors and five sects, and the Verdant Sect is one of them.

    "According to legend, the Verdant Sect is the remnant of the Song Dynasty's Beggar Sect. The Verdant Sect is China's largest sect, has many disciples, and is extremely powerful.... Why would you ask about them all of the sudden?" Liu Bing Bing detected something was fishy.

    "The mastermind of the human-smuggling ring is connected to the Verdant Sect. By the way, the drug they used on you is one of the Verdant Sect's seven wonder drugs-the peripatetic powder. You'd have burst and died if nobody had intercouse with you!"

    Myriads of expressions flashed across Liu Bing Bing's face. Her pair of clear pretty eyes glowed as she peered at Qin Feng and asked, "So you did that to me to save my life?"

    Meeting Liu Bing Bing's serious and chilly gaze, Qin Feng said earnestly, "One reason was because I had to save you. Another reason was because I like you. So I'm slightly thrilled by your proactive approach!"

    Qin Feng didn't lie to Liu Bing Bing. He'd treated Liu Bing Bing as his woman, and he would never lie to his woman.

    Liu Bing Bing gazed at Qin Feng with a troubled face. After a good while, the murderous intent lingering within her vanished. Then, she gave Qin Feng a cold stare and asked, "Did you capture Li Shao Jie?

    "And my subordinates, did you save them?"

    Liu Bing Bing threw a truckload of questions at Qin Feng, stunning him. His brain went blank with only one name clear in his mind!

    Li Shao Jie?

    Acropolis University had Four Young Masters: Qin Feng, Yu Wen Xiang, Hua Ming, and Li Shao Jie!

    Yu Wen Xiang had drooled at Ling Bei Bei's gracefulness, and Qin Feng pummeled him to death in a hotel. Hua Ming had showed up at the resort, planning to use Bai Qing to kill Qin Feng by having her drug him. In the end, he escaped. Now, Qin Feng's third brother, Qin Hua, had eliminated the Hua family in Sky City.

    There were only two young masters left among the Four Young Masters. Qin Feng never expected that the big bug behind this human-smuggling ring was none other than Li Shao Jie!

    Qin Feng's thoughts raced. He linked up all the threads, and formed a line. Suddenly, he got it all through his mind!

    That explained why he'd felt the voice of that man in black was familiar when he got on the boat to capture people at South Bay Pier. So it had been Li Shao Jie!

    Everybody here addressed the boss behind this Feng Yun Fun City as Young Master Li. On top of that, Li Shao Jie came from Yunhai City. After Qin Feng considered all the information, he was certain that the mastermind was Li Shao Jie!

    "Ding... Congratulations, Host Qin Feng, for clearing the main mission of the chain mission "Feng Yun Fun City Crisis." Host Qin Feng has figured out the shadow gun of Feng Yun Fun City. The system will reward Host Qin Feng 1,000 Hedonist Points." The system beeped Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng slowly recovered from his amazement. He then remembered that this chain mission has four side missions with it. The time limit was one week, and the quest would fail if he failed to accomplish any of the missions. The penalty of not completing the quest was the deduction of 6,000 Hedonist Points from him, or the random deletion of one of his Spiritual Equipment or skill books!

    "Little Pig, why hasn't the 1st side mission been cleared yet?" Qin Feng wondered.

    The 1st side mission was to rescue Liu Bing Bing. I've saved Liu Bing Bing, so why isn't it considered complete yet?

    "Master, Liu Bing Bing still is not entirely safe. The mission is considered done only when she leaves this Fun City!" said Little Pig.

    Qin Feng raised his brows as he understood Little Pig's meaning. He knew Li Shao Jie must have noticed his presence. So now was the most dangerous time for Liu Bing Bing and him.

    "Little Pig, I want the talisman of clairvoyance!"

    "Purchase granted!"

    Qin Feng used 50 Hedonist Points and purchased a talisman of clairvoyance. He muttered to evoke the talisman of clairvoyance. The concrete wall before him once again disappeared, and his field of vision became extremely wide!

    Liu Bing Bing looked at Qin Feng, who'd zoned out for a good length of time, and couldn't contain herself anymore. She asked, "Qin Feng, what's wrong?"

    Qin Feng spun his head around and was so frightened that he almost screamed. Liu Bing Bing became translucent in his eyes and he could see her naked body. Although he'd just tasted this fiery young lady, when Qin Feng saw her body again, he almost couldn't hold back and nearly pounced on her.

    "Shh! Keep quiet!"

    Qin Feng's complexion changed dramatically. He covered Liu Bing Bing's mouth with his hand to keep her voice down.

    He darted a glance at the doorway. He noticed four men clad in green robes standing behind the door. They were carefully drilling a hole through the wall and then injected a gas into the room through a thin, tiny tube.

    Although Qin Feng couldn't see the gas, he was sure that it was the Verdant Sect's special knockout drug!

    The knockout drug had no effect on Qin Feng since he was wearing the Flying Dragon Armour, but Liu Bing Bing was another story. If she continued to stay in this room, she would be drugged and fall unconscious.

    When Qin Feng dragged her to the window, Liu Bing Bing looked nervously at him and asked, "Qin Feng, what is the situation now?"

    "I don't have time to explain now. Quick, climb out the window and head to that outermost window over there. Your men are in that room."

    After Qin Feng helped Liu Bing Bing to stabilize herself on the ledge outside the window, he suddenly bent down and kissed Liu Bing Bing's forehead. "Bing Bing, please be careful! After you reach that room, take your men and leave. No need to come back for me!"

    Liu Bing Bing's body quivered. Her cold expression melted!

    Although she had been holding a grudge against Qin Feng for mounting her not long ago, she shrugged it off after learning Qin Feng had done so to save her. In addition, this man's attitude changed a lot ever since he obtained her body. He was even willing to risk his life to stall their enemies and buy more time for her to escape. Seeing his heroic and utter fearless behavior, Liu Bing Bing felt her icebound heart throb.

    Liu Bing Bing looked at the gunshot wounds that she'd inflicted on Qin Feng's arm and thigh. She extended her lily-white hand and caressed Qin Feng's face. "You must come back to me alive! You have dominated my body, you snotty little brat. Don't think that I'll forgive you that easily!"

    "Sure, I will! I promise you... I'll be responsible for you!"

    Qin Feng smiled, and then he closed the curtain without waiting for Liu Bing Bing's refusal. Qin Feng believed that, with Liu Bing Bing's ability, she wouldn't fall from the 4th floor.

    He looked at the doorway once again. Those four disciples of the Verdant Sect had stopped injecting the poisonous gas, preparing to barge into the room.


    The room door was shoved open. Four people in green robes entered the room one after another.

    The four of them were extremely cautious. They hastily dispersed to the four corners of the room after entry, and stared implacably at Qin Feng, who was in the center.

    One of the men in green furrowed his brows slightly. Then, he reported to Young Master Li through a bug, "Young Master Li, there was only a man in the room!"

    "Bring him over. After that, send someone to check outside the window!"

    Qin Feng kept his eyes closed along the way. Thanks to the talisman of clairvoyance, he could see his surroundings clearly.

    At this moment, Liu Bing Bing had snuck into the room that held her subordinates, and then led them back out through the window. Meanwhile, that Li Shao Jie seemed to be awaiting his arrival in a monitor room.

    After that, Qin Feng looked over to the 3rd floor. Up to now, he still couldn't figure out the use of the 3rd floor! He still had a side mission that required him to investigate the true nature of Feng Yun Fun City!

    Since he was on the 4th floor now, he could see the situation in the 3rd floor clearly.

    The 3rd floor was like a private hospital, it was partitioned into many smaller rooms. Each and every room was well equipped with many advanced medical devices. Most of the rooms were vacant. But operations were going on at several rooms in the innermost part.

    To his surprise, they were disemboweling humans!
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