Chapter 361 - Did I Just Cut Young Master Li?

    Chapter 361 - Did I Just Cut Young Master Li?

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Pretending to be unconscious, Qin Feng looked around the 3rd floor. He was almost jumped when he saw the operations on the 3rd floor!

    He couldn't tell whether the patients were alive or dead; they were all naked. Doctors in white coats were holding scalpels and extracting the patients' innards, aided by nurses. These people didn't even give the patients hemostatic, causing fresh blood to stain the beds in red and form pools on the floor!

    Qin Feng exclaimed in his heart when his gaze fell on the face of one doctor in a white coat. "It's him!"

    The man wore gold-rimmed glasses, and was around 30 years old. He was none other than Zhang Tian Hua, the attending doctor of Lin Bei Bei at First Hospital!

    Previously, Qin Feng had brutally pummelled Zhang Tian Hua and sent him to jail after he discovered Zhang Tian Hua's attempt to rape Lin Bei Bei. By rights, he should be sitting in jail right now, so how could he be here?

    Qin Feng's mind was flooded with questions. He had a vague grasp of the true nature of Feng Yun Fun City. The real business of this Feng Yun Fun City was neither the casino on the 1st floor nor the city of footbaths on the 2nd floor. It was these strange operating rooms on the 3rd floor!

    The four disciples of the Verdant Sect had moved Qin Feng to another room as he analyzed the situation. Inside the room, Li Shao Jie was seated in a couch, tasting wine. His underling stood beside him.

    "Young Master Li, here he is!"

    Li Shao Jie got to his feet. He looked at Qin Feng and guffawed brazenly. "Haha! You bastard who ruined my hard work! Watch my kick!"

    Qin Feng endured the pain inflicted by Li Shao Jie while murmured in his heart, "Just you wait. After I've figured out the ins and outs of the 3rd floor, I swear I'll trample you to death!"

    "It's really such a shame to give a beauty like Liu Bing Bing to you, you rascal!" Young Master Li tired after kicking Qin Feng a few times, so he stopped. Suddenly, he remembered something and looked at the four Verdant Sect disciples. "Where is that woman? Hurry and look for her out the window. Don't let her slip away!"

    After the Verdant Sect disciples had left, Young Master Li's underling then stepped forward. With a grin on his face, he fawned over him. "You're such a genius, Young Master Li. You just showed the tips of your prowess, and you've successfully knocked this brat out!"

    At the brown-nosing of his underling, Li Shao Jie was in seventh heaven. With a triumphant expression, he said, "Drag this brat over to the 3rd floor.... F*ck, you dare mess with me. I'm going to disembowel you today, extract all your innards, and sell them off!"

    Li Shao Jie's plan was wicked. He'd used a knockout drug on Qin Feng and planned to have him disemboweled on the 3rd floor. After Qin Feng's death, he would send the recording anonymously to the Liu family at the provincial capital, and pull the Qin family down.

    Soon enough, Qin Feng was brought to the 3rd floor!

    Li Shao Jie looked at Qin Feng glowingly, as he yelled happily at his underling, "Have Doctor Zhang come over now!"

    With a troubled face, his underling said, "Young Master Li, Doctor Zhang is operating right now. I'm afraid..."

    Li Shao Jie cut him short coldly. "Order him to drop whatever he's doing, and come over here right now!" The underling immediately retreated to do his bidding!

    At this moment, Qin Feng was lying on a small bed. Meanwhile, Li Shao Jie stood beside the bed. With a meaningful grin, he looked at Qin Feng.

    "The head of Acropolis City's Four Young Masters? The First Young Master of Acropolis City? And you even called yourself the first hedonist young master? Pooh! I believe it'd be much better if you're known as the first underpants under the heavens!

    "I didn't look for trouble with you, and you have the guts to fiddle around with me? You really have a death wish, little brat!

    "Look at your face.... Aiyo, you still have the nerve to stare at me. Stand up now, stand up and punch me now if you can.... You can't move right now. Just you wait for me to slaughter you!"

    Suddenly, Li Shao Jie froze. He seemed to remember something, and stared at Qin Feng in disbelief. "What the f*ck! Weren't you drugged? How can you still open your eyes? Are you a zombie?!"

    "Zombie? I think not!" Scoffing, Qin Feng suddenly got up.

    Extremely startled, Li Shao Jie jumped a step back!

    "F*ck! You didn't fall unconscious? Impossible... Weren't you drugged with the Verdant Sect's knockout drug? How can you still be awake?"

    Li Shao Jie was dismayed and horrified by Qin Feng. Knowing that this person killed Custodian Qing Feng with a punch, Li Shao Jie accepted that he himself was no match for him. As such, he instantly stretched his legs and ran toward the door!

    How could Qin Feng let him pass so easily? He raised his fist, and thrust it straight at Li Shao Jie!


    Qin Feng was lightning-fast. Without any time to block the attack, Li Shao Jie was sent flying directly into the air and slammed into the wall!

    "You are such a flea-bitten little brat. This is the first time I've seen somebody make such a cheap request... You want me to punch you? What a coincidence, I like punching people very much!"

    Qin Feng still held a grudge over the dozen kicks he'd received from Li Shao Jie. So he decided that now was the time to get his revenge.

    He arrived in front of Li Shao Jie after a couple of strides and lifted Li Shao Jie up into the air by grabbing his hair!


    Li Shao Jie felt like his scalp had been torn off; he was in so much pain that he let out a piercing cry!

    Qin Feng stuck a piece of cloth into his mouth to silence him. After that, he gave Li Shao Jie's face a few fine slaps!

    Slap slap slap!

    His hand rose, and fell without pause!

    The slaps echoed in quick succession, and they had a rhythm of their own!

    Li Shao Jie's naturally snow-white, handsome face was now swollen, black and blue. Not even his mother would recognize him!

    "Wu wu!"

    Li Shao Jie yelped in pain. But he could only mumble some muffled sounds because of the cloth in his mouth!

    "Why would you divide the 3rd floor into so many rooms, brat? What are you planning to do with so many doctors to perform your surgeries?" asked Qin Feng as he glared icily at Li Shao Jie.

    Li Shao Jie had never expected Qin Feng to discover what was happening in the 3rd floor. Startled, he even forgot the pain of his body and goggled at Qin Feng.

    "You little brat, did you slaughter all the slaves here?" Qin Feng added.

    Before Qin Feng could remove the cloth in Li Shao Jie's mouth to listen to his answer, the patter of hurried footsteps outside drifted to his ears!

    "Little Cheng, what's the rush? I'm right in the middle of extracting that lad's kidney. Where are you bringing me?"

    "Leave that person, Doctor Zhang.Young Master Li is searching for you. He wants you to disembowel another person!"

    The voices of Zhang Tian Hua and that underling came from outside the door. Li Shao Jie struggled for all he was worth to plead for help. On the other hand, Qin Feng gripped Li Shao Jie's neck tight; his mind was racing wildly!

    "Ah! I got it. Weren't you the little brat who wanted to disembowel me? You should be my scapegoat instead and enjoy the feast, then!"

    Qin Feng's eyes glowed. He stripped Li Shao Jie, and swapped their attire. After that, Qin Feng knocked him out, threw him on the bed, and wrapped his head in a pillowcase!

    "Young Master, Doctor Zhang is here!" The door was opened. Meanwhile, Qin Feng had already hidden outside the window.

    "Where is Young Master Li, Little Cheng?" asked Zhang Tian Hua after he looked around the room. There was only a man lying on the bed, and Young Master Li was nowhere to be seen.

    Little Cheng had grown suspicious as well. Then, he looked over to Li Shao Jie, who was lying on the bed. After he ascertained from the man's attire that that man was Qin Feng, he then pointed to "Qin Feng" and said, "Doctor Zhang, he's the one. Go on and slice him up. I'll head outside to search for Young Master Li!"

    The process of disemboweling a human was too bloody; Little Cheng couldn't stand the stench of blood and hastily withdraw from the room. He even helped Zhang Tian Hua shut the door.

    Zhang Tian Hua came to the side of "Qin Feng" with a steel plate full of surgical tools in his hands. Then, he started stripping off the clothes of "Qin Feng."

    "This man should be a big shot since he's masked." Zhang Tian Hua had noticed that this man's face was covered; however, he didn't unwrap the pillowcase. On his first day working here, he'd been warned that some of his patients were influential people. They masked themselves to keep their identity a secret. Hence, Zhang Tian Hua didn't have the guts to poke his nose into Young Master Li's affairs.

    Zhang Tian Hua had been the director of neurology at First Hospital. He normally would perform delicate brain surgery. Minor surgery like extracting kidneys and other organs was child's play for him.

    He took a scalpel from the steel plate, and sprayed disinfectant at Li Shao Jie's waist. Without applying any hemostatic agent or painkillers, he started to slice him up!


    The sharp blade fell and opened up a large incision at Li Shao Jie's waist as easily as cutting tofu. Fresh, thick blood jetted out, revealing a kidney inside!

    With little to no effort, Zhang Tian Hua enlarged the incision, and took out a kidney!

    Zhang Tian Hua had been told by Little Cheng that he had to extract all the useful innards of this man. Hence, Zhang Tian Hua raised his scalpel again, preparing to extract the other kidney.


    Li Shao Jie suddenly opened his eyes, awakened by the excruciating pain!


    A cold object suddenly stabbed deep into his wound, causing Li Shao Jie to let out a piercing shriek!

    Zhang Tian Hua was so startled that he jumped. His hand quivered and left a large laceration on Li Shao Jie's back!

    Ow ow ow!

    "F*ck! Who is cutting me? Are you asking to die?!" Li Shao Jie screamed nonstop.

    Baffled, Zhang Tian Hua stood aside, not knowing what to do. This person is wearing a mask. Should I lift it up? This person sounds so familiar. Who is he?

    "Can't you hear what I'm saying? Hurry up and remove the pillowcase from my head! Am I bleeding? F*cking stop the bleeding now!"

    Li Shao Jie wanted to cry out loud. He realized his head was shrouded by a pillowcase and he couldn't remove it. Besides, he felt somebody was cutting him. Could it be Qin Feng?

    Zhang Tian Hua couldn't restrain himself anymore and asked, "Who, who are you?"

    Li Shao Jie recognized that the voice wasn't Qin Feng's. He hastily yelled, "F*ck! I'm Young Master Li, the boss of Feng Yun Fun City!"


    Zhang Tian Hua dropped his scalpel to the floor in fright. His breath became hurried and brief... He realized he had sliced Young Master Li!
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