Chapter 362 - Whats Going On behind the Scene

    Chapter 362 - What's Going On behind the Scene

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Damn it. Where are you?! F*cking remove the pillowcase on my head right now!"

    Li Shao Jie waited for a long time, but that person made no sign of obeying. Fuming with anger, he yelled roundly, "Did I injure my back? Why does it hurt so much?!"

    Li Shao Jie's shouts snapped Zhang Tian Hua back to his senses. He wobbled to Li Shao Jie and carefully untied the pillowcase on Li Shao Jie's head.

    "Young Master Li... are, are you alright?"

    "Doctor Zhang? Why are you here?" After seeing Zhang Tian Hua, Li Shao Jie tensed. "W-What have you done to me?" he asked.

    "Please stop moving, Young Master Li. Your... Your wound hasn't been sewn yet. I'll now give you a painkiller and a hemostatic agent. Don't worry. You'll be fine!"

    Zhang Tian Hua was still confused. Young Master Li had me come over to disembowel him? Is he out of his mind?

    Li Shao Jie suddenly realized what had happened. He blew his top and raved at Zhang Tian Hua, "F*ck! Did you just cut me? How dare you cut me? Are you asking to die?!"

    Quivering in fear from head to toe, Zhang Tian Hua hastily explained, "Young Master Li, i-it was Little Cheng who dragged me here, saying that you've arranged a VIP for me to operate on in this room. A-And, you were the only one lying on the bed after I came in. I didn't dare to remove the pillowcase on your head, so I just sliced you up!"

    Zhang Tian Hua's explanation weakened every muscle in Li Shao Jie's body; he wanted to die. "Hurry and sew up my wound.... Put back everything that you extracted. You'll be responsible if anything happens to me!"

    Li Shao Jie had a good grasp of the whole situation: it was all Qin Feng's trick. That brat swapped himself with me!

    Suddenly, Li Shao Jie panicked. He got up, regardless of the excruciating pain in his body, and asked, "Where is Qin Feng? Where the hell did he go?"

    Zhang Tian Hua instantly went limp when he heard the name "Qin Feng." He would tremble in fear every time he heard the name after his brutal beating by Qin Feng at First Hospital.

    "Young Master Li, p-please don't tell me that the person you want me to slice up is Qin Feng? That Qin Feng from Acropolis City?"

    Li Shao Jie didn't answer Zhang Tian Hua's question. Zhang Tian Hua already knew the answer without Li Shao Jie telling him.

    Their gazes fell on the window. Their eyes filled with terror. This was because the focal point of their discussion-Qin Feng-was grinning at them from outside the window!

    "Seems like both of you missed me very much! Very well, then I shall keep you two company for the time being!" With a light tap of his foot, Qin Feng entered the room.

    Not giving Zhang Tian Hua a chance to escape, Qin Feng appeared before Zhang Tian Hua with a big stride and lifted him up single-handedly. Then, he tossed him, sending him flying into the air like a chick!

    "What, what do you want?" Seeing Qin Feng closing in, step by step, Li Shao Jie was so scared that his kidney almost exploded. He'd lost a kidney; he couldn't afford to lose the other one now!

    "Is this your thing? It's so disgusting!" Qin Feng glanced at the kidney on the steel plate. He picked up a scalpel, walked a few steps back, and took aim at it.

    "Please don't..." Realizing Qin Feng's intention, Li Shao Jie quickly yelled!

    Unfortunately, he was too late. Before he could finish speaking, the scalpel in Qin Feng's hand had flown forward like a dart, and pierced his kidney precisely.

    A "bang" echoed; his kidney was reduced to a pool of blood!

    Li Shao Jie seemed to hear his heart break. From now on, he'd be a man with a single kidney!

    "How do you feel? Exciting right?" Qin Feng walked to Li Shao Jie's side, and said mirthfully, "You abducted those innocent people and disemboweled them here. I'm certain that you never experienced their suffering. So now, I'll give you a chance to taste their terror. Please don't thank me; I get conceited easily!"

    Li Shao Jie choked on his breath and blacked out due to excess blood loss!

    Seeing the unconscious Li Shao Jie, Qin Feng shook his head and sighed. "What a wimp!" he murmured in his heart. Then, he looked over at Zhang Tian Hua, who was hiding in the corner!

    Zhang Tian Hua felt like he faced a venomous snake. Qin Feng's baleful gaze sent chills down his spine, causing his body to tremble in fear, and he peed!

    "Doctor Zhang, long time no see!" With a beaming face, Qin Feng walked up to Zhang Tian Hua.

    "B-Big Brother Qin! Please... Please spare my life!" Zhang Tian Hua's voice quavered.

    "Please allow some distance between us. I'm neither your big brother, nor am I related to you!"

    Zhang Tian Hua almost fainted when he heard Qin Feng still in the mood to joke around.

    "Weren't you sitting in jail in Acropolis City's Northern Region Sub-bureau? How come you're here?" asked Qin Feng.

    "Y-Young Master Li saw that I'm a doctor, so he asked his people to bail me out of jail. After that, they brought me here to disembowel these people!" Zhang Tian Hua answered Qin Feng's question openly and guilelessly, without any lies!

    "Where are these guys come from?"

    "I heard they were orphans or foreign workers..."

    "Why would you disembowel them?"

    "They will sell those organs on the black market after I extract them."

    A glint of murderous intent flashed in Qin Feng's eyes. Li Shao Jie had gone overboard; not even Qin Feng could stand it.

    "Ding... Congratulations, Host Qin Feng, for completing the 3rd side mission of the chain mission Fun City's Crisis. You have successfully found out what's going on behind the scenes in Fun City. The system rewards Host Qin Feng 500 Hedonist Points." The system beeped in Qin Feng's mind.

    Abduct the poor, take them secretly to Feng Yun Fun City, disembowel them, and sell their organs-this was what was going on at Li Shao Jie's base!

    "A bunch of scumbags. Dregs of society. Go to hell!"

    Strong murderous spirit suddenly surged in Qin Feng. He raised his leg and stomped at Zhang Tian Hua's chest, nailing him deep into the wall and crippling his body!

    After Zhang Tian Hua died, Qin Feng went up to Li Shao Jie with reddened eyes. But before he could touch him, the door to the room was suddenly opened. Little Cheng entered with four Verdant Sect disciples trailing behind him!

    "Qin Feng? You... Young Master Li is in danger. Quick, protect Young Master Li!" Little Cheng grasped the situation right away. He was scared to death in his heart. Could it be... that person whom Zhang Tian Hua sliced up is Young Master Li?!

    Those four disciples of the Verdant Sect were martial arts masters, and they'd already made their moves. Two threw punches at Qin Feng, while the other two used flying knives to cover their teammates!


    In less than a second, two Verdant Sect disciples arrived in front of Qin Feng. They raised their hands, and yellow smoke surged straight at Qin Feng's face. Shocked by the sudden attack, Qin Feng hastily retreated toward the window!

    The commotion roused Li Shao Jie. He shouted at the Verdant Sect disciples, "Retreat! Help me up now and retreat!"

    Abandoning the battle, two of them helped Li Shao Jie up and left with him. Meanwhile, the remaining two watched Qin Feng warily!

    Qin Feng didn't give chase; instead, he quickly glanced through the whole 4th floor with the help of the talisman of clairvoyance. He noticed a group of 30 people clad in green robes in a room on the 4th floor; all of them were probably Verdant Sect disciples. So he couldn't act recklessly.

    Who knew if there was another Stage 6 Inner Qi master like Qing Feng among those people? Qin Feng wasn't confident he could kill another Stage 6 Inner Qi master now!

    "Qin Feng! Are you alright?" After Li Shao Jie and his group left, Liu Bing Bing and her squad rushed into the room.

    Qin Feng had expected this young lady to leave without him. When he saw she'd returned to him at the risk of her own life, a surge of warmth welled up in Qin Feng's heart. Then, he pulled Liu Bing Bing into his arms and said, "I'm fine!"

    Qin Feng hugged Liu Bing Bing tightly, startling her subordinates. They all gaped, their mouths hanging wide open, and stared blankly at Qin Feng and Liu Bing Bing!

    She was Director Liu, a frosty, prideful, and despotic iceberg beauty. How could this little brat hug her? Was he looking for death?!

    They waited, and waited-and nothing happened. Extremely stunned, they realized their fiery Director Liu had turned into another person. She snuggled against Qin Feng's chest meekly without making a racket, like a tamed little kitty!

    "Stinking brat! Have you had enough? My men are watching at us!" Liu Bing Bing gave Qin Feng's lower back a hard pinch.

    It wasn't that she wasn't angry, it was because she was afraid that this little brat might smack her butt if she pushed him away. She would rather die than allow her subordinates to see such an embarrassing sight!

    "Then I'll hug you when nobody is around!" Qin Feng released Liu Bing Bing, smiling.

    Liu Bing Bing tidied her clothes, reverting to her usual icy cold manner, and peered at Qin Feng. "Where is Li Shao Jie?"

    "He escaped!"

    "Escaped? How could you allow him to escape?" Liu Bing Bing stared angrily at Qin Feng.

    "Because he's guarded by many martial art masters. If I tried to keep him, I might have died!"

    Liu Bing Bing's heart clenched, throbbing with pain when she heard Qin Feng had risked death. Then, she said softly, "Well, let's search the area for any accomplices and victims!"

    Liu Bing Bing and Qin Feng walked in the front with a squad of fully armed cops trailing behind them!

    The talisman of clairvoyance was still in effect. Hence, he could see the situation in all the rooms on the 4th floor clearly!

    "There are two accomplices in the leftmost room. Be careful!"

    "Room 408 has a group of victims. Hurry up and rescue them!"

    "There is nothing in that room. No need to enter."


    Qin Feng stood in the hall and looked forth and back, while giving them orders!

    At first, none of them spared Qin Feng a glance. They all thought in their hearts, "Do you think you can see through walls?"

    However, after Qin Feng got it right in succession, Liu Bing Bing's subordinates started to change their attitude. As soon as Qin Feng gave an order, they would rush forward to either capture the villains or rescue the victims!

    Liu Bing Bing stood next to Qin Feng, puzzled. Like Qin Feng, she looked around, and she could see nothing aside from blocks of tightly packed concrete wall.

    "Qin Feng, how do you do that?" Liu Bing Bing couldn't contain her curiosity and asked!

    "You want to know?" With a grin from ear to ear, Qin Feng looked at Liu Bing Bing and said, "Give me a kiss right here first. Then I'll tell you!"

    When Liu Bing Bing saw Qin Feng point at his lips, she champed with rage and glared at Qin Feng. "Say it, or shut it! I don't f*cking care!"

    Qin Feng didn't tell her about the talisman of clairvoyance as he knew Liu Bing Bing wouldn't believe him!

    Liu Bing Bing noticed that Qin Feng was loath to reveal his secret to her. Seething with anger, she stormed away and went to rescue the other victims. She murmured in her heart, "What a shameless rascal! He abused me and dominated me, how could he still keep a secret from me? He is so mean!"
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