Chapter 364 - End of Semester Party

    Chapter 364 - End of Semester Party

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    It was 11 pm by the time they arrived in Acropolis City. Qin Feng then took Bai Qing and Bai Xiu to a villa at Cloud City Hua Manor Phase 2.

    The Golden Assassin Crew assaulted the Cloud City Hua Manor Phase 2 during its opening ceremony. As a result, the sales dropped sharply and many of the villas remained untenanted. Hence, Qin Feng simply claimed one of the villas and settled Bai Qing and Bai Xiu here!

    "Wow! Brother-in-Law, you're so rich! This is my first time seeing a large house like this in real life. Normally, I could only see this kind of house on TV!" Bai Xiu had grown up and lived in Heping Town since he was a child. He was happy as lark now that he finally had a chance to experience the vigor and variety of a metropolis like Acropolis City!

    All of the villas here were grand residences, well decorated, fully furnished with various home appliances and furniture, and ready for moving in. It had been a rough day for Bai Xiu, so Bai Qing asked him to take a bath upstairs and have a rest first.

    After Bai Xiu went upstairs, Qin Feng and Bai Qing then snuggled on a couch in the parlor, watching TV. Bai Qing nestled in Qin Feng's arms, and peered at Qin Feng with her beautiful large eyes. For Bai Qing, their two-month separation felt as long as 20 years!

    "Qin Feng, thank you very much for your help this time!" Bai Qing purred in Qin Feng's ear.

    Qin Feng smacked Bai Qing's bubble butt. Then, he said, "We're a family. No need to be so courteous. Otherwise, I'll smack your butt as punishment!"

    Qin Feng's actions aroused Bai Qing. She remembered that Qin Feng hadn't had enough this morning on their way back from the police station since they'd been short on time. She then lowered her head, and started rubbing Qin Feng's pecs!

    "Bai Qing, go to rest first if you're tired. We've plenty of time after this." Qin Feng lifted Bai Qing, and gazed at her fondly.

    Bai Qing had already released Qin Feng's belt. She said, "I'm not tired. I want you now!"

    It was natural for Qin Feng not to reject her since Bai Qing offered herself. He then brought her upstairs. "We should avoid Bai Xiu. Let's go to your room and have some fun!"


    Acropolis City First Junior High School.

    Wearing a clean and white school uniform, Liu Xiao Jia rested her upper body on her desk, frowning deeply!

    It had been more than a month since she last saw Qin Feng, and she missed her Big Brother Feng very much!

    Recently, her school had organized an end-of-semester student party because the semester was almost over. Liu Xiao Jia wanted to join the party as well. But unfortunately, the theme for this party was Parent-and-Child, and every participant was required to present a performance with their parents.

    The only family member Liu Xiao Jia had was her big sister. However, her big sister was always busy with her part-time job, so Liu Xiao Jia was reluctant to ask her big sister to attend the party with her. On the other hand, she wanted to contact Qin Feng, and ask him if he could perform with her at the party. However, Liu Xiao Jia still couldn't steel herself to make the call!

    After all, she was afraid that Qin Feng would decline her invitation coldly!

    "Xiao Jia, how are you getting on with the end-of-semester party? You're our class literary committee member, and you have a good voice. I've heard that all the boys in our class are asking what you'll perform onstage!" Chen Mei Han tapped Liu Xiao Jia's shoulder, wrapped her arms around Liu Xiao Jia's body, and asked her gleefully.

    "I... I haven't decided yet!" Liu Xiao Jia pouted as if she was wronged.

    "Ah? The performance is on the day after tomorrow, and you still haven't decided what you'll perform? But I guess that's not a big deal for Xiao Jia. You just need to perform a few songs onstage and you can easily reap the hearts of all the boys in school!"

    Chen Mei Han rolled her big, round eyes, stuck out her tongue mischievously, and asked shyly, "Xiao Jia... is your uncle coming on that night?"

    Chen Mei Han's question cut Liu Xiao Jia to the quick. She couldn't contain herself and tears glided down her cheek!

    Chen Mei Han was taken aback by Liu Xiao Jia's reaction. She hastily caressed her head and comforted her. "Xiao Jia, are you alright? You seem upset and distraught lately. What's going on? Just tell us, and we'll help you to fix it!"

    "Mei Han! Wu wu! Uncle... Uncle doesn't want me anymore!" Liu Xiao Jia clung to Chen Mei Han's arm, weeping buckets.

    Liu Xiao Jia's answer gave Chen Mei Han a fright. Then, she asked, "When did that happen?"

    "It happened after our gathering last time. After Big Brother Feng drove me home, he told me that our age gap is too large, and asked me to study hard and not to look for him anymore!"

    Chen Mei Han frowned. She patted Liu Xiao Jia's back and said, "Ai! Your Big Brother Feng is truly a real man, hot and domineering. But he is right; the gap between you two is too large. However, girls like us can't help but fall in love with this kind of uncle. How can he be so heartless with you? ...Anyway, in my opinion, he's really a responsible man. This is because he made this decision for your own good!"

    "Why are you crying, Xiao Jia? Who bullied you? Tell me. I'll help you demolish him!" With an awe-inspiring prideful expression, Xu Xiao Bai came to Liu Xiao Jia's side.

    He was the class bully, rich and powerful. He yelled, and those boys in the class hastily lowered their heads, pretending to be busy so that they wouldn't suffer any unexpected calamity.

    "Go away! It's none of your business!" Liu Xiao Jia glared at Xu Xiao Bai.

    Ever since the last gathering, when Xu Xiao Bai exposed his cowardice and his filthy thoughts, Liu Xiao Jia and Chen Mei Han had been keeping their distance from him.

    "How can you say like that, Xiao Jia? I care a lot about you!" Xu Xiao Bai shamelessly and brazenly glued himself by Liu Xiao Jia's desk, refusing to go away.

    "Oh yeah, Xiao Jia! What have you prepared for the end-of-semester party? Your big sister must be so busy that she can't spare time for you. What if we work together on a performance? I'll invite my parents to cheer for us!"

    "No, I refuse!" Liu Xiao Jia furiously declined his offer.

    "Why? The prize for this end-of-semester party is very attractive; 1st place will get 15,000 in cash. However, the prize is none of my concern. It's just that if you team up with me on a performance, I can guarantee that the 1st prize will be ours. And I'll give you the prize once we win!" said Xu Xiao Bai heroically.

    Liu Xiao Jia was in a bad mood, and Xu Xiao Bai's pestering pushed her over the edge, so she shouted, "I'm not joining! Stop bothering me!"

    The classroom fell silent. Those boys, in particular, looked at Liu Xiao Jia with disappointment.

    All of them were anticipating that beautiful Liu Xiao Jia would sing a song or dance with a short skirt and colorful knee-high socks. How could she not participate?

    Everyone else believed that Liu Xiao Jia was not joining, but not Xu Xiao Bai! He thought Liu Xiao Jia had said that to drive him away because he ticked her off.

    "Hmph! You're so ungrateful, Liu Xiao Jia!" Xu Xiao Bai's countenance fell. He glared at Liu Xiao Jia and said, "Just you wait for your utter defeat at my hand since you're not willing to team up with me. This time, I will surely be the champion... You're getting a little bit above yourself, little girl. You're nothing but a whore in my eyes!"

    "Xu Xiao Bai, how can you say something like that?! I want you to apologize to Xiao Jia!" Chen Mei Han couldn't stand it anymore; she stood up and stared at Xu Xiao Bai angrily.

    Xu Xiao Bai harrumphed. "Hah! Why should I apologize to her? Who does she think she is?"

    Tears streamed down Liu Xiao Jia's cheek again. She thought to herself, "If Big Brother Feng didn't abandon me and kept in touch, how could this Xu Xiao Bai bully me? I didn't provoke him or talk to him, so how can he insult me like that?"

    "Xiao Jia is not a thing! She is the school belle of our First Junior High. On top of that, she can sing and dance very well. What about you? What talent do you have? No, you have nothing. You're just an incompetent scallywag! Get lost now! Xiao Jia and I don't want to see your face!" Chen Mei Han couldn't hold in her anger and bickered with Xu Xiao Bai!

    "Yo yo yo! Are you still a kindergartner? Such a crybaby. He merely gave you a piece of his mind, and you start crying. Do you think you're the heiress of Acropolis City's top millionaire, or a daughter of our national leader? Can't you be judged?"

    A woman dressed in hot pants and heavy makeup walked to them. She proactively threw herself into Xu Xiao Bai's arms. Then, she sneered, "You're the school belle of First Junior High? Hmph! I think it's you who praises your own pot!"

    "Liang Cai Qing! You're jealous that Xiao Jia is prettier than you! You're nothing compared to Xiao Jia!" Chen Mei Han struck back, glaring at Liang Cai Qing.

    Frankly speaking, Liang Cai Qing was a beauty in her own league. She was tall and well developed. However, she wasn't as good-looking as Liu Xiao Jia. Hence, she deliberately tried to cover up her weaknesses via heavy makeup. But to her dismay, all the boys in the school still favored Liu Xiao Jia more than her, and this was why she hated Liu Xiao Jia so much!

    "It's neither me nor you who can decide who the school belle is and who is more talented." Liang Cai Qing gritted her teeth and said, "Let's have a duel at the end-of-semester party. Whoever wins the 1st prize will be the Number One Beauty in Acropolis City's First Junior High!

    "Do you accept my challenge, Liu Xiao Jia?" Liang Cai Qing looked at Liu Xiao Jia, wondering whether would she take the bait.

    "Hmph! Why not? I accept your challenge on behalf of Xiao Jia!" Chen Mei Han took up Liang Cai Qing's gauntlet.

    "Haha! Fine then. Just you wait for your defeat!" Liang Cai Qing burst into laughter. She raised her head and winked at Xu Xiao Bai, and then she turned to Chen Mei Han and said, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you two that Xu Xiao Bai and I have decided to perform together. So, we hope that you people will put up a good fight. Otherwise, it'll be a one-sided battle, and we won't have any sense of achievement after we defeat you people!

    "Darling, let's get going now... Talking to wimpy kids like them will demean us!" Liang Cai Qing clung to Xu Xiao Bai and left.

    Before Xu Xiao Bai left, he couldn't restrain himself and looked over his shoulder at Liu Xiao Jia. He favored Liu Xiao Jia more. Unfortunately, this woman always rebuffed him, so he could only settle for the second best and pair up with Liang Cai Qing!

    "Tsk! What a pair of scums of the earth. They think too highly of themselves." After Chen Mei Han grumbled a bit, she clung to Liu Xiao Jia and said, "Xiao Jia, you must put up a good show this time. I want to see that slut make a fool of herself!"

    With tears swimming in her eyes, Liu Xiao Jia gazed at Chen Mei Han, and said dispiritedly, "Mei Han, I'm not joining the party the day after tomorrow."

    "What did you say? Why can't you join the party? I've helped you to accept the challenge!" exclaimed Chen Mei Han.

    "My big sister is too busy, and I don't want to bother her. The theme for the party is Parent-and-Child, and we're not allow to perform without parents. I don't have any other choice!" Liu Xiao Jia was hopeless.

    "How about your uncle? He is so handsome. I'm certain that you two will put up a good show!" Chen Mei Han yelled in excitement. However, her excitement was short-lived as she suddenly remembered Liu Xiao Jia's words earlier, and her face blanched with misery. "Xiao Jia, you really can't invite your uncle to come over?"

    "I don't know." Liu Xiao Jia shook her head. Then, she added, "But I don't want to bother him!"

    Both young ladies were caught in a deadlock. With worried frowns, they both rested their upper bodies on their desks, falling into deep despair!
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