Chapter 365 - Sales Departments Party

    Chapter 365 - Sales Department's Party

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Royal Group, lobby of the Sales Department.

    Qin Feng seldom appeared at the company ever since he was promoted to group leader. Even if he really did come to work, he would rather play games or pull Xu Ruo Rou into his office to study her body.

    Wang Chao was very dissatisfied with Qin Feng's laziness. However, he couldn't do anything as Qin Feng's position was superior to his. What angered him the most was that Manager Li tended to go easy on Qin Feng. Even though she always bickered with Qin Feng, she never really punished him!

    "Ruo Rou! Why don't you come to my office today?" It was still working hours; however, Qin Feng leaned his body on Xu Ruo Rou's desk, teasing her without regard for others.

    "I... I'm not feeling well today!" Xu Ruo Rou darted a glance around at her colleagues and slapped away Qin Feng's large hand that was stroking her blushing face.

    "Aiya! Ruo Rou's not feeling well? Have you caught the flu or are you in heat?" Qin Feng pretended to be worried. Then, he squatted down and shoved himself under her table.

    Xu Ruo Rou was helpless against the large mouse-Qin Feng. She hastily closed her legs to prevent Qin Feng from peeping up her skirt. Champing with rage, she stomped her feet and said, "Quick, get up, Qin Feng! Everybody is looking at us!

    "And you're the one in heat. Don't simply cook up false charges against me!"

    Qin Feng got up after peeping at Xu Ruo Rou's thigh twice and stroking it three times. He put his hand on Xu Ruo Rou's forehead and said earnestly, "What I'm asking is: do you have a fever? I didn't say you're in heat or anything. Why don't you just concentrate on your work rather than entertaining dirty thoughts in your head!"

    Xu Ruo Rou was so angry that she wanted to bite Qin Feng to death. She stomped her feet in fury and said, "What you mean is I'm in heat! You... I hate you so much!"

    Qin Feng loved the cute yet unbending look of Xu Ruo Rou when she was on the verge of collapse after he teased her.

    He stroked Xu Ruo Rou's face again. Then, he patted her head and said grinning, "Okay! I should stop teasing our lovely Ruo Rou. I've other things to do tonight, so you go back with Chairman Qin later!"

    Qin Feng left the instant he finished speaking. He'd been spending his nights in Bai Qing's bed since her return!

    Looking at Qin Feng's back, Xu Ruo Rou felt something was missing in her heart!

    A girl in a relationship gets anxious easily. She eagerly hoped that Qin Feng would go away when he was beside her. Now that he really had gone, Xu Ruo Rou couldn't help but start to miss him!

    Wang Chao also followed Qin Feng with his eyes when Qin Feng left the office. However, unlike Xu Ruo Rou's expression that was full of tender feelings, his gaze was vile and resentful, filled with grudge!

    "Ruo Rou! Still busy?" Wang Chao walked up to Xu Ruo Rou's desk as soon as Qin Feng left.

    Xu Ruo Rou was absent-minded as she was thinking of Qin Feng. Wang Chao's sudden appearance startled her, so she jumped. "W-Wang Chao? Is there anything I can help you with?"

    When Xu Ruo Rou remembered Wang Chao was no longer her group leader and was the same level as her, she hastily recovered her composure and looked at Wang Chao with glassy eyes.

    Wang Chao was furious in his heart when he noticed her subtle changes. However, he still put on an ingratiating smile and replied, "Nothing much... It's just that the recent performance of the company has been bad, and our business model was downsized. As a result, everybody is pretty free lately, and we have nothing to do after we go home!

    "Manager Lin of the Financial Investment Department invited everybody to a party tonight. Ruo Rou, you're invited as well!"

    "I don't have time. You people enjoy yourselves!" Xu Ruo Rou paid no mind to Wang Chao and rejected his invitation coldly.

    Xu Ruo Rou's attitude had undergone a huge change under Qin Feng's tutelage. She was no longer the silly little girl who didn't know how to reject people or shout for help when she was in danger.

    She could even go as far as to bicker with Wang Chao or ignore him entirely!

    A faint chill flitted across Wang Chao eyes. He continued to persuade Xu Ruo Rou, "Don't be a killjoy, Ruo Rou! How can you not go when everybody else is going?"

    Lin Shuai had taken the initiative to invite all of them to a gathering because he was aiming at Xu Ruo Rou. Wang Chao was afraid that the gathering would be called off if she didn't show up at the party.

    "We in the Sales Department are nothing more than mere acquaintances of Manager Lin's Financial Investment Department. It'll be less awkward if I don't go!" Xu Ruo Rou said indifferently, lowering her head to focus on her desktop instead.

    "Manager Lin invited only the people from our Sales Department; he didn't invite anyone from the Financial Investment Department! Although Manager Lin is from the Financial Investment Department, he is a humble man, polite and down-to-earth. He loves to hang around with bottom-tier employees like us in the Sales Department! Moreover, the purpose of this gathering is to strengthen the bonds between everybody. Since all of us are going, Ruo Rou, you mustn't skip out!"

    "Big Brother Chao, we're getting off soon. I can't wait to go to the gathering!" The ass-kisser Little Zhang came forward. He chimed in with Wang Chao to persuade Xu Ruo Rou.

    Still, Xu Ruo Rou didn't want to go. While she was thinking how to decline Wang Chao's invitation, Wang Chao signaled Ma Rui. Taking her cue, Ma Rui then said:

    "Aiya! Ruo Rou! Don't be such a workaholic. I know you are the most hardworking and serious among us in the Sales Department... However, taking a break is for the long run. Since Manager Lin has invited us to a gathering, let's go together. Apart from that, I have very few female colleagues in the Sales Department; I'd be too embarrassed to go alone if you don't go with me!" Ma Rui walked over to Xu Ruo Rou and clung to her arm as if they were twin sisters.

    Ma Rui put Xu Ruo Rou in dilemma. This was because Xu Ruo Rou always saw her since Ma Rui's desk was right in front of Xu Ruo Rou's.

    "Then you people inform me when you're leaving!" Xu Ruo Rou agreed at last!

    Wang Chao was so excited that he almost yelled. He could no longer stay in the Sales Department, so he deliberately curried favor with Lin Shuai, hoping that he would give him a hand. Much to his delight, Lin Shuai had promised that if Wang Chao helped him get Xu Ruo Rou, then Lin Shuai would find Wang Chao a job in the Financial Investment Department, and allow him to slowly expand his career.

    Tonight was the day Wang Chao could overturn his destiny! He'd use every means to force Xu Ruo Rou to submit herself to Lin Shuai!

    The venue of the gathering was at Royal Club!

    As for why Lin Shuai picked Royal Club as gathering venue? This was because he was a pretentious prick. He wanted to show off his wealth!

    "Misters and misses, welcome to Royal Club! Do you have a reservation?" A beautiful ceremonial usherette greeted Lin Shuai and his group of 20 people.

    "I'm Lin Shuai, Mister Lin. I made a booking two hours ago!" Lin Shuai stood with his head high and chest out in front of everybody. His voice was loud and clear.

    After the beautiful ceremonial usherette confirmed his booking via a walkie-talkie, she then smiled and said, "Please follow me, Mister Lin. Your private room is on the 3rd floor!"

    The people from the Sales Department were Royal Group employees, so all of them knew that Royal Club was one of Chairman Qin's largest businesses. Unfortunately, the prices here were way too high, so most of them couldn't afford a visit. Hence, this was the first time for most of them to come here. As soon as they entered Royal Club, they were instantly dazzled by the lavish decor in the hall and chirped in excitement.

    Xu Ruo Rou had been here with Qin Feng before; she lowered her head and trailed the group!

    Lin Shuai supposedly invited the whole Sales Department, but when she noticed that no more than 20 people had come, she became a little fidgety. She wanted to leave, but she couldn't free herself with Ma Rui clinging tightly to her arm!

    Lin Shuai booked a large luxurious private room on the 3rd floor. The room was equipped with a hot spring pool, a gym with a lounge, and a KTV.

    This was the first time they enjoyed this kind of full-featured private room furnished with a wide array of facilities. They were so delighted that some of the men took off their shirts and charge at the hot spring pool once they entered the room!

    "Don't be too courteous, everybody! Everything is on me tonight. I just hope that we all have an enjoyable and unforgettable night!" After Lin Shuai greeted everybody, he walked straight up to Xu Ruo Rou's side.

    "Ruo Rou, don't you want to get into the hot spring with everybody? It's very comfortable. They have nibble fishes in the hot spring to massage your feet!" Lin Shuai wore a white suit, giving him the vibe of a knight in shining armor under the gleam of the lights.

    Xu Ruo Rou didn't like him. She bowed her head. "It's ok. You people go enjoy yourselves.... Also, it's better if you call me by my full name, Xu Ruo Rou!"

    "Hehe! Ruo Rou, you're too shy!" Lin Shuai ignored Xu Ruo Rou's admonition and continued to talk intimately. "Now that you've come all the way here, don't be so uptight. You need to balance your work and your life. You should work hard when you're at work, and let your hair down after you get off from work.... Come, let's enjoy the hot spring with everybody!"

    Lin Shuai extended his hand, wanting to grab Xu Ruo Rou's arm. Xu Ruo Rou hastily backed away, evading his hand. She said, "Well, lead the way; I'll follow behind you!"

    Embarrassed, Lin Shuai grinned and walked in front. His face instantly turned grim as soon as he turned around. However, when he thought that Xu Ruo Rou had come, and she would be his bedmate tonight, his mouth couldn't help but curl up a devilish grin.

    More than half of the people were bathing in the pool when they got there. Both male and female colleagues had taken off their clothes and sat in only their undershirts inside the pool. Since the hot spring pool had some healthy conditioners added, the pool water was dark blue in color, so it was hard to see through the water.

    "Ruo Rou, don't just stand there. Quick, jump in!"

    Everybody had entered the hot spring pool, except for Xu Ruo Rou, who was still standing beside the pool.

    "Don't worry. We're good people, and we merely see you as our friend! Don't act like we're cooking up a filthy plan on you!"

    Those male colleagues persuaded Xu Ruo Rou, one after another. After all, who was Xu Ruo Rou? She was the Deadliest Goddess in the Sales Department. This bunch of people always snuck peeks at her when they were at work. It was just that Xu Ruo Rou was always protected by Qin Feng, so they couldn't do anything to her.

    Now, this bunch of people was overjoyed that Qin Feng was absent; only Xu Ruo Rou was with them. They were all anticipating Xu Ruo Rou entering the hot spring pool in only her undershirt, revealing her perfectly carved body in front of them. Of course, they would be even more excited if Xu Ruo Rou came in naked!

    "I caught a cold recently, so I shouldn't play in the water. You all please enjoy yourselves, and don't bother about me!" Xu Ruo Rou couldn't nerve up herself to bathe with everybody in the pool. However, she wouldn't mind if these people were Qin Feng.

    These male colleagues cast lascivious gazes at her lower body when they heard she wasn't feeling well. Meanwhile, Lin Shuai furrowed his brows slightly. He thought to himself, "What should I do if she has her period?"

    Soon enough, Lin Shuai cracked an evil grin in his heart!

    Having a period is great. It'll be much thrilling with some blood!
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