Chapter 376 - I wont back down

    Chapter 376 - I won't back down

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    Qin Feng didn't stay long in Fei Tian Bar. After he gave Long-hair and his two brothers the detailed plan, he returned to the Royal Group on his 28" bicycle. He preferred his classic, shabby bicycle to the stylish Lamborghini Murcielago anyway.

    The Royal Group was facing a major financial crisis. First and foremost was the poor sales performance in Cloud City Hua Manor Phase 2 due to the tragedy.

    Following this, a few consortia in Yun Province made an alliance and started to brazenly beat down all of the sectors in which the Royal Group was involved.

    Qin Feng suspected something very shady was going on behind the scenes and that it was responsible for this series of incidents. Although he seldom came to the office and always neglected his duties, he had detected these problems a while ago.

    It seemed to Qin Feng that the mastermind was getting edgy. This time he deliberately arranged a thorough and far-reaching composition and attempted to scoop up the Qin family's power and financial resources in one swoop!

    As soon as Qin Feng entered the Sales Department, he summoned Xu Ruo Rou. "Ruo Rou, please follow me to my office."

    After they entered his office, Qin Feng wrapped himself around Xu Ruo Rou and began to grope her body without the slightest scruples.

    The Sales Department was now Qin Feng's world. Wang Chao and Lin Shuai had been left in prison after they set up Xu Ruo Rou. The sudden disappearance of both had roused the people in the Sales Department, causing them to become vigilant. Even though no one said so, all of them were certain that this must be Qin Feng's doing.

    When they thought of Manager Li habitually going easy on Qin Feng, Chairman Qin's personal assistant always looking for him, and of Qin Feng's attitude in the office, Qin Feng's powerful background began to materialize before everybody. Hence, nobody dared to look for trouble with Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou now!

    Qin Feng stopped after he had had enough. He was afraid that he might set Xu Ruo Rou on the table in this office and mount her if he continued like this. Qin Feng dared to blatantly take her for granted because he loved her and he knew that she felt the same about him.

    Concurrently, he felt that she wasn't ready to advance their relationship to another stage. Thus, he stopped before going too far so that he would not make it difficult for Xu Ruo Rou.

    "Qin Feng, you're becoming famous!" Xu Ruo Rou purred as she was aroused by Qin Feng.

    "What makes you say so?" asked Qin Feng as he rearranged Xu Ruo Rou's disheveled clothes and scruffy hair.

    While Xu Ruo Rou was enjoying Qin Feng's service, she said, "I saw you on a video site. You performed Little Sister Shi Man's most famous song with a beautiful little girl on the stage!" Xu Ruo Rou mischievously stuck out her tongue and continued, "I even saw Little Sister Shi Man has commented on Weibo. It seems to me that she is giving you a warning!"

    Qin Feng tousled Xu Ruo Rou's hair before wrapping her tightly in his arms. His embrace was so tight that it suffocated Xu Ruo Rou.

    "Even Shi Man is jealous. What about Ruo Rou? What's your opinion on the video?"

    "Me? I'm fine with it. Hmm... frankly speaking, I feel nothing at all." replied Xu Ruo Rou as an intense sadness flitted across her eyes. She felt that it was more than enough to be able to enjoy Qin Feng's cuddle. There were times when she felt that she didn't deserve him as he was too good and she would never be able to catch up to him.

    "Really? You feel nothing?" Qin Feng was dissatisfied with her answer. He groped her body even harder.

    "I, I'm a little jealous as well. But I don't mind it!" Xu Ruo Rou hastily modified her previous remark.


    The door to the office was suddenly shoved open and Li Yu Chen, donned in a tight-fitting uniform with black pantyhose, entered the office.

    Her expression turned cold when she saw the cuddling duo.

    "Manager Li... I... excuse me!" Xu Ruo Rou hastily jumped out of Qin Feng's arms and escaped like a startled little rabbit.

    Although Xu Ruo Rou had become stronger, she was still the same feeble and frail little girl before Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng was rather unaffected. He wore a beaming smile and said to Li Yu Chen, "Is there anything on Manager Li's mind for Manager Li to personally come looking for me? Why don't we shut the door first before starting our conversation?"

    Originally, Li Yu Chen planned to have a short conversation with Qin Feng, but her good mood vanished into thin air after she saw him feeling up Xu Ruo Rou.

    Li Yu Chen had regarded Qin Feng as her sole life partner after Qin Feng impersonated Young Master Qin to helped her fool her parents. However, this young man was too unreliable. Her heart wavered as she was unsure that could she entrust her life to his hands.

    "Personal Assistant Han is looking for you. She demanded you meet her upstairs now!" Li Yu Chen stormed away in anger after she finished Personal Assistant Han's bidding.

    Under normal circumstances, Han Ying Ying would not summon him. With a sense of foreboding, Qin Feng hastily went upstairs.

    The top floor of the Royal Group was home to the general manager of each department, including Chairman Qin. All of them were in a meeting inside the conference room while Han Ying Ying stood outside. When she saw Qin Feng, she quickly approached him with a worried look.

    "What's going on?" asked Qin Feng.

    "This morning, somebody attacked our company causing our shares to take a nose dive within three hours of the market opening. Following this, the Financial Development Department discovered that this vicious attack began with three large groups in the Yun Province, namely the Sima family's Sima Group, Yunhai City's Li family's Ming Yang Group, and Jincheng City's Ma family's Wan Hua Group."

    Qin Feng raised his brows and asked, "Ma family of Jincheng City? Who they are?"

    Han Ying Ying came from the Han family, one of the four largest in Jincheng City, so she more or less knew some of the families there. She frowned deeply and said, "The Ma family is merely a noteless small family clan in Jincheng City. Even Yu Wen Xiang, the Yu family that you annihilated, is much stronger than this Ma family!"

    After listening to Han Ying Ying's explanation, Qin Feng lowered his head and fell into deep thought. At length, he raised his head and said determinedly, "In this case, someone is backing the Ma family!"

    "Chairman Qin and I share the same thought as well."

    After Han Ying Ying briefed Qin Feng on the problems facing the company, both of them entered the conference room.

    Qin Feng's mind raced wildly as he contemplated who might be the prime sponsor of this incident.

    It was normal for the Sima family and Li family from Yunhai City to attack him since they were his nemesis so he crossed them off the list. As for the figure behind the Ma family, Qin Feng had a hunch that the Ma family benefactor might be the true culprit who had been undermining the Qin family all along!

    Most of the people in the conference room were shocked to see Qin Feng.

    All of them were central figures of the Royal Group. They never knew that a mere group leader from the sales department could join them in such an important meeting.

    Standing on a podium, Qin Huang keeps stressing the cause and consequences of this financial crisis and how they should work together to overcome this set back. Before he ended the meeting, he finally disclosed Qin Feng's true identity. "I guess everyone here is confused seeing this young man joining us for this meeting. Let me introduce him to all of you. He's my son, Qin Feng."


    Qin Huang really dropped a bombshell on the central figures of the Royal Group with his announcement. A lively and animated discussion immediately arose. This young man is Chairman Qin's son? The Number One Hedonist Young Master of Acropolis City, Qin Feng?!

    The expressions of the top executives were even more shocked than when they learned the company was facing a major financial crisis.

    "Fine, that's it! Everybody, get back to your positions and hold your ground! The Royal Group is now facing a great crisis that has never happened before and we must stick together to combat the effects! It's an uphill battle, but we have to win this no matter what!" Qin Huang's voice was loud and reverberated. His order was absolute.

    The emergency meeting ended with Qin Feng's identity being exposed.

    One after another, all of them left the conference room, leaving only Qin Huang, Qin Feng, and Han Ying Ying in the conference room.

    "Ying Ying, do you have any idea who is behind the Ma family?" The three of them sat around the table after Qin Huang shut the door.

    "No, I have no idea who is it." Han Ying Ying disheartedly shook her head before adding, "I've looked into the Ma group and found out that their assets have skyrocketed more than 10 times within the last three months. The origin of the money could not be traced and all their industries showed no significant rise in profit. Apparently, somebody has secretly injected funds into their company via a legal channel so it's almost impossible for me to track them!"

    Qin Huang had expected this result so he was calm. Suddenly, he turned to Qin Feng and said, "Feng'er, this is by far the most serious issue the Royal Group has been forced to contend with. I've ordered Uncle Fu to arrange for you and him to seek out Elder Qin in the Qin family at the provincial capital. You'll stay with the Qin family until I solve everything here!"

    How it possible that Qin Huang couldn't see through the attack while Qin Feng noticed it? The prime backer was preparing to make a big move.

    It would be a gruesome battle and Qin Huang had no confidence in winning it. After deep and thorough consideration, he finally decided to send Qin Feng off to the Qin family in the provincial capital. It was a decision of huge cost. To Elder Qin, it might mean that Qin Feng had voluntarily given up his chance to compete for the next Head of Household which would take place in nine months.

    Nevertheless, this was the only and probably the best way to protect Qin Feng.

    Even though they remained in a good relationship on the surface, Qin Huang had long ago grew suspicious of Elder Qin. If they really were in cahoots, then this possibly was the best way to neutralize their ambush.

    "I'm not going." Qin Feng said in a sedate voice.

    "Qin Feng..." Seeing he didn't want to follow his plan, Qin Huang fumed, but before he could dress down Qin Feng, Qin Feng rose to his feet.

    His eyes were slightly reddened and he stared determinedly into Qin Huang's.

    "Dad, where do you want me to go? The Qin family in the provincial capital? Do you think that they really are my family? A place for me to seek for refuge? I don't know the people there, and I've never seen Second Uncle nor grandpa more than twice. Now that you even suspect that they might the culprit, how do you expect me to face them? Should I shed crocodile tears and play the happy family with them?

    "Now is the moment to do or die for the Qin family of Acropolis City. You want me to be a coward and run away from my responsibilities and see you fight the war all alone without any support. In the worst case scenario, to see you die on the battlefield?

    "I'm already a 22-year-old young man. Maybe I'm still a kid in Dad's eyes, but I've grown up... I can be your right-hand man and you no longer need to fight the battle alone. I've lost my mom and, if I lose my dad again, how am I going to continue to live?

    "I would rather die fighting alongside you like a warrior than drift through life without any purpose. Dad, since when have we ever been afraid of participating in a war?"

    Anyone who saw Qin Feng at this moment would never relate him to the Number One Hedonist Young Master of Acropolis City.

    Qin Feng had turned a new leaf within three months after obtaining the Hedonist Sovereign system and the changes were significant enough for people to notice.

    Qin Huang's lips trembled as he tried hard not to let his tears fall from his eyes. Meanwhile, Han Ying Ying had already dissolved into tears.

    The atmosphere in the spacious conference room stiffened. At long last, Qin Huang suddenly smacked the table and yelled with heart and soul, "This is my f*cking son!"
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