Chapter 377 - High Grade Financial Management Skill

    Chapter 377 - High Grade Financial Management Skill

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    Editor: Nova1237

    The frenzy and zealotry commenced by the attack of the three consortia in the Yun Province had left the Royal Group on the verge of financially crumbling.

    Since yesterday, the shares of Royal Group hit the lower down and from the moment the market opened this morning, the shares price was crashing yet again.

    The whole Royal Group was preoccupied with their own jobs, especially those from the Financial Development Department. Each and every one of them simultaneously controlled three computers, monitoring the volatility of the stock market and reacting once they detected any anomalies.

    However, in spite of their efforts, they were lacking manpower. More importantly, none of these stock brokers were good enough to turn the tables and recover the situation.


    Now that Qin Feng's identity was exposed, the whole Royal Group had to bow and scrape before him. For those from the Sales Department, the news hit them like a bomb. They were all astonished when they realized they had worked alongside Chairman Qin's son for two months.

    Meanwhile, when Li Yu Chen learned that Qin Feng was the real Young Master Qin, she became downcast. Sadness, shock, disappointment, and all sorts of negative emotions welled up in her heart causing her to avoid Qin Feng as she didn't know how to face this rich young master anymore.

    She lost her head and hastily buried her love toward Qin Feng deep inside her heart. As a mere sales department manager, how could she be worthy enough to be the partner of the sole heir of the largest family in Acropolis City? Li Yu Chen felt she was a clown; she produced nothing of merit, but was only a joke to entertain everybody.

    "Ying Ying, how was it?" Qin Feng had recently been staying in Han Ying Ying's office.

    He didn't know anything about the stock exchange so he could only learn about the company's situation through Han Ying Ying.

    Han Ying Ying had just returned from the Financial Development Department. Her expression was solemn as she said, "We hit the limit down again... this phenomenon has confounded many of the small investors and they all began to sell Royal Group shares causing our share price to drop even further.

    "Even though the stock brokers from our Financial Development Department are now endeavoring to prevent the share price from falling further, they can't last long as the three consortia keep on injecting funds into the stock market to suppress our shares. The worrying factor now is our capital is stretched thin facing three consortia simultaneously... I'm afraid that we can't hold it until tomorrow!"

    Qin Feng's complexion darkened after Han Ying Ying's explanation. He never expected that they were in such a dire state!

    The commercial world is like a battlefield; market competition is extremely cruel and, like nature, the strong prey upon the weak. Now Qin Feng realized this phrase was true!

    The Royal Group was the largest corporation in Acropolis City. Qin Feng couldn't accept that a large corporation like this could not overcome a financial meltdown and would declare bankruptcy in merely three days!

    He also knew that the Royal Group was his dad's baby and his father would surely collapse if his life's work went down the drain!

    "No, I can't allow this to happen! Little Pig, teach me. Please show me a way to rescue my company!" Qin Feng hastily communicated with Little Pig through telepathy.

    "Master, this is easy. Master just have to purchase the Financial Managing skill from the system and then Master can effortlessly pass through this financial crisis!"

    The system beeped to notify Qin Feng of a new mission as soon as Little Pig finished talking.

    "Ding... New mission from the Hedonist Sovereign System: assist the Royal Group in overcoming their financial crisis. Concurrently, fish out the prime mover behind this financial crisis!

    "Time period: 10 days.

    "The system will reward 3,000 Hedonist Points if Host Qin Feng succeeds in clearing the quest. At the same time, 6,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted and the system will completely curb Host Qin Feng's financial talents if the mission is failed."


    "Accept!" Qin Feng accepted the mission without hesitation.

    Following this, he activated the Hedonist Sovereign System and searched for the Financial Management skill.

    Elementary grade Financial Management skill. Cost: 500 Hedonist Points. After purchase, Host Qin Feng will have the basic knowledge of financial management.

    Intermediate grade Financial Management skill. Cost: 1,000 Hedonist Points. After purchase, Host Qin Feng will become an excellent financial analyst.

    High grade Financial Management skill. Cost: 2,000 Hedonist Points. After purchase, Host Qin Feng will become a legend in the financial world.

    Qin Feng purchased the High grade Financial Management skill without a second thought after skimming through the skill descriptions.

    All of the financial analysts that worked under Royal Group's Financial Development Department were highly skilled. Since not even one of them had the ability to turn the tide, it was natural for Qin Feng to choose a higher grade Financial Management skill.

    Following Qin Feng's order, 2,000 Hedonist Points vanished. Then, a vast amount of abstract messages surged and roamed wildly through Qin Feng's mind.

    A moment ago, he was a rookie in the financial world who knew nothing about finance. Within a second, he became the legendary grandmaster in the financial world!

    "Congratulations Host Qin Feng for purchasing High grade Financial Management skill." The system beeped as Qin Feng stormed toward the Financial Development Department.

    "Qin Feng!"

    "Young Master Qin!"

    Many staff members hailed Qin Feng as he entered the Financial Development Department while Han Ying Ying and Qin Huang walked right up to him. They couldn't fathom why Qin Feng suddenly came here.

    "Bring me to the main control panel!" Qin Feng hastily cut to the point and enlisted Han Ying Ying.

    With a troubled face, Han Ying Ying looked at Qin Feng before turning to Qin Huang, hoping to get an answer from him.

    "Bring him there," said Qin Huang. Han Ying Ying took Qin Feng to a separate room in the innermost part of the department.

    Inside the room, all of the computers were highly configured and equipped with a hundred-gigabit network. There were three first-rate financial analysts present. Their fingers danced nimbly on the keyboards. They were so focused on monitoring the stock market that Qin Feng's and Han Ying Ying's entrance went unnoticed.

    "Move aside!" Qin Feng pulled away the centermost financial analyst sitting in front of a computer.

    Feng Xiang was displeased by Qin Feng's action. He pointed to him and yelled, "What're you doing, little brat?!

    "Do you know that you've wasted millions of yuan from the company because of your inane action?!"

    "Manager Feng, please calm down. Let me do the introduction. This is Qin Feng, the son of Chairman Qin." Han Ying Ying hastily went up and introduced Qin Feng to Feng Xiang.

    When Qin Huang called an emergency meeting to discuss the financial difficulties facing by Royal Group, Feng Xiang and his buddy were not present since their negligence might cause the company to lose millions in capital. Hence, they did not know about Qin Feng's identity.

    As such, Feng Xiang was slightly stunned when he learned Qin Feng's identity. A disdainful and disgusted expression soon washed over his face as he spoke in an odd manner, "Personal Assistant Han, what do you mean by this?

    "I'm diligently working to help the Royal Group to overcome this financial crisis so why did you bring him in? Do you have any idea how much capital we have lost while we're talking? And if Chairman Qin blames us, who is responsible for the loss? You, me, or him?"

    Feng Xiang disliked Qin Feng. Apart from his charmed life, what good was Qin Feng? From his perspective, Qin Feng was merely a good-for-nothing hedonist young master who led a hedonistic and licentious life.

    Feng Xiang's words brought a ghastly expression to Han Ying Ying's face. However, what Feng Xiang said was undeniably true; Han Ying Ying couldn't counter him. Meanwhile, Qin Feng ignored Feng Xiang's condemnation and glued his glossy eyes to the monitor. His face was flooded with a myriad of expressions before he yelled to Han Ying Ying.

    "Ying Ying... Find someone and lock Feng Xiang up!"

    Stunned, Feng Xiang and Han Ying Ying cast a puzzled look at Qin Feng, unable to comprehend his meaning.

    Feng Xiang regained his composure first. He pointed to Qin Feng and glowered, "What did you say, you little brat? How dare you toy with me in this crucial time? Who do you think you are, huh? You're just Chairman Qin's son, how dare you act all high-and-mighty before me?! Get lost! If not, then I'm going to submit my resignation letter to Chairman Qin. I would like to see who has the capability to overcome this financial crisis!

    "I quit!"

    Feng Xiang blazed with fury at Qin Feng's accusation. He tossed his arms in the air as if he would leave at any moment.

    Han Ying Ying was in a dilemma. She then grabbed Qin Feng's arms and said, "Qin Feng, how about you wait for me in my office? I'll look for you if anything happens."

    "Ying Ying, hurry up and get the security guards over here now!" Time was of the essence and Qin Feng couldn't spare any to explain things to Han Ying Ying. He had no other choice but to yell at her.

    Han Ying Ying was startled by Qin Feng. She pondered for a minute and then ran outside to get the security guards.

    Only Qin Feng and the three first-class financial analysts remained in the room. Qin Feng turned to them and asked coldly, "Say it. Who do you work for? Who sent you here to attack the Royal Group from the inside?"

    Qin Feng's accusation had drained color from the trio's face.

    They all thought Qin Feng was an ignorant and naive hedonistic young master. They never imagined that he would discover their true identity before Chairman Qin did!

    Qin Feng had obtained the high grade Financial Management skill. He realized that something was fishy after he skimmed through the financial condition of the Royal Group.

    These three first-class financial analysts were not helping Royal Group at all; instead, they conspired with the three consortia, trying to bring down the Royal Group by collapsing its shares!

    Although the tactics and techniques used by the trio were extremely subtle, fine, and delicate, they failed to escape Qin Feng's eyes.

    "What are you saying? Are you mad or something?" Feng Xiang went ballistic and yelled at Qin Feng since the other two financial analysts were too afraid to speak.


    Qin Feng gave a huge slap to Feng Xiang's face before he bellowed back at him in a deep tone, "F*cking say it now!"

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing?" Han Ying Ying and Qin Huang were both flabbergasted at the sight before them.

    "Chairman Qin, your son is crazy and nothing but a nuisance to us! He tried to fiddle with my work in this crucial time and cook up false charges against me... I'm sorry Chairman Qin, I guess I can't help the Royal Group to overcome this financial crisis anymore. Please allow me to resign now."

    Feng Xiang get into a flap after Qin Feng blew his cover. Right now, he only wanted to get out of here fast.

    Besides that, with his considerably frail and feeble appearance, Qin Feng could send Feng Xiang's two front teeth flying with just a slap. As such, Feng Xiang feared that Qin Feng might snap his neck if he received another slap from him.

    "Dad, we're far behind on time so I'll just make it short... These three people were bribed. They are not helping us; they are actually in cahoots with the three consortia to bring down our company's shares."

    Qin Feng threw Feng Xiang to the floor and went to the main control panel.

    His slender hands that were prettier than women were now nimbly dancing madly on the keyboard. The speed and his proficiency were no worse than Feng Xiang's; in fact, Qin Feng was miles ahead of him. The showcase of his great proficiency startled the three financial analysts so much that their mouths fell wide open.

    "Feng'er, you know about finance?" Qin Huang's eyes glowed as he was exhilarated. He almost couldn't recognize Qin Feng anymore as a question rose in his heart. Is this still the son who spent the past 22 years with me?

    First, cultivating martial arts; second, mastering the art of calligraphy and piano skill; third, he destroyed a few large families across four cities of Yun Province all alone; now, a proficient financial management skill...

    "Dad, bring these people to Uncle Fu and have him extort from them who is their lord. And then find someone who is trustworthy to give me a hand!"

    Qin Feng didn't stop working with his hands while he talked to Qin Huang.

    Right now, Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying were still in the midst of a stunned state. Upon regaining their senses, Qin Huang hastily had a few security guards tie up Feng Xiang and his buddy. At the same time, Han Ying Ying went to find another financial analyst to assist Qin Feng.

    With Qin Feng, Qin Huang felt that they might be able to conquer this financial war...
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