Chapter 378 - I Have Not Had Enough Fun!

    Chapter 378 - I Have Not Had Enough Fun!

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    Two highly-skilled financial analysts followed Han Ying Ying into the room.

    After getting Qin Feng the two financial analysts, Han Ying Ying didn't go out but remained in the room. She too had some fundamental knowledge about stock trading and wanted to know how proficient Qin Feng was in financial operations.

    "Young Master Qin!" The two skilled analysts greeted Qin Feng with honor as they entered the room.

    Although both of them paid homage to Qin Feng, their eyes, however, flitted with imperceptible contempt. When the whole Royal Group learned that Qin Feng was Qin Huang's son, they all showed him great respect outwardly when in fact they all disdained him very much.

    No one could blame them. After all, it was Qin Feng who tarnished his own name, making him an infamous womanizer who had the vice of shuffling and indulging himself in all sorts of women.

    "What are your names?" Asked Qin Feng while his fingers deftly danced around on the keyboard without decreasing their momentum.

    Seeing Qin Feng's hand speed and his proficiency in financial operation, the two highly-skilled financial analysts were astonished and stared at him in awe. They never expected this so-called hedonistic young master to actually be very good with finances!

    "My name is Zhang Feng!"

    "I'm Liu Fang!"

    "You two, take a seat here and wait for my order. I'll call you two Little Zhang and Little Fang." Qin Feng commanded them.

    Around forty years old, both of the male and female financial analysts had struggled in the world of finance for more than a decade and, with their experience, they should be Qin Feng's senior.

    When they were called Little Liu and Little Zhang by Qin Feng, they both were extremely displeased. However, even though they were unhappy with it, they couldn't do anything but follow his order since Qin Feng was their young master.

    Besides, they wanted to see how Qin Feng was going to lead them to emerge victorious in this financial war.

    "Little Liu, starting now, sell all of our shares at the lowest price possible!

    "Little Zhang, buy the shares of the three consortia. Pay no heed to the price, just boost it up as much as possible!" Qin Feng gave his orders as soon as both of them sat down.

    His orders not only startled Liu Fang and Zhang Feng, but even Han Ying Ying who was standing nearby was stunned.

    Han Ying Ying was a rookie in the financial world, but even she knew that, at this moment, they should purchase all of the scattered Royal Group's shares at a reduced price and try to push the share price higher. Purchasing the three consortia shares at higher price now was considered taboo as the Royal Group didn't have much money left at all!

    However, Qin Feng's way of working was completely contrary to the traditional way. He'd chosen a riskier way; a way that could bring destruction to the Royal Group at a faster pace.

    "Personal Assistant Han, this is..."

    Liu Fang and Zhang Feng didn't follow Qin Feng's order and looked at Han Ying Ying with a troubled expression instead.

    They couldn't challenge Qin Feng, nor did they dare act recklessly as a question raised in their minds. What if the Royal Group has really fallen apart? Who will be responsible for the downfall?

    "Qin Feng..." Han Ying Ying placed her hands on Qin Feng's shoulders trying to persuade him.

    Suddenly, Qin Feng growled, "Just do what I have ordered, morons! Do you expect me to give every detail and particular of my plan when we're way behind on time? This is my dad's legacy and I'm his sole heir. If the company really has to close down, I'm the one who will suffer the most damage and loss!

    "If even I, the only heir of the Royal Group, is not worried about that, what are you guys afraid of? Don't pussyfoot around and do as I say!"

    Han Ying Ying had yet to see a violently outraged Qin Feng. Startled by him, Han Ying Ying hastily withdrew her hands from his shoulders. She yelled at Liu Fang and Zhang Feng:

    "Just follow what Young Master Qin has ordered... In the Royal Group, his position is equal to Chairman Qin; his order is absolute and no one should ever question his actions. Why do you two hesitate?"

    Since they were left with no other choice, they did what had been asked. After all, this wasn't their company. If this hedonistic young master wished to destroy his dad's work, all they had to do was help him to speed up the process!

    As part of the backbone of the Royal Group, the ability of Zhang Feng and Liu Fang mustn't be belittled. They followed every one of Qin Feng's orders, speedily dumping and purchasing all sorts of shares while Qin Feng took control of the main panel. Very soon, the two of them had gathered and sold a huge chunk of shares.

    In the midst of this intense battle, Han Ying Ying retreated from the room and reported everything that happened to Qin Huang.

    Although Qin Huang wasn't clear of his son's intention, he still trusted him and allow Qin Fent to take control of everything.

    Every staff member in the Financial Development Department sighed and wailed in despair. All of them were Qin Feng's helpers and had been following Qin Feng's pace to control the stock market. Not only did they realized Qin Feng's tactics was risky, they also realized he had staked everything belonging to the Royal Group on this financial war; the whole Royal Group might gone because of one misstep!

    One hour passed!

    Three hours passed!

    The day ebbed away in the blink of an eye.

    More than 12 hours had passed since Qin Feng first sat in front of the computer. He did not eat, drink, nor stop to use the bathroom. He widened his glassy eyes and stared at the screen, keeping an eye on the volatility of the stock market. His hands never stopped moving swiftly across the keyboard and showed no sign of fatigue.

    All of the staff in the Financial Development Department had gone home. Meanwhile, passing out from their fatigue, Liu Fang and Zhang Feng laid prone on the table, falling into a deep slumber. There were times when Han Ying Ying entered the room, wanted to ask Qin Feng to take some rest; however, she was taken aback by Qin Feng's concentration and cold demeanor and forwent her intention.

    "Qin Feng, do you want to eat some food, or have a drink?" Han Ying Ying had summoned Xu Ruo Rou.

    She felt that if there was anyone who could move Qin Feng, it was Xu Ruo Rou.

    She was right. After hearing to Xu Ruo Rou's feeble and soft voice, Qin Feng stopped. He had been tapping away at the computer without a break for more than 12 hours; his hands would not stop trembling when he finally stopped.

    "Ruo Ruo, it is now 2AM. Why haven't you gone to bed yet?" Qin Feng cast an angry glare at Xu Ruo Rou.

    Seeing his twitching hands, Xu Ruo Rou's eyes reddened as she plunged herself into Qin Feng's arms, dissolving into tears.

    "Qin Feng, I beg you to take a short break. I'll feed you food and drink, and massage your hands. Okay?" Xu Ruo Rou said with a choked voice.

    Qin Feng wiped the tears from her face and settled her on his lap before saying, "You prepared this?"

    Seeing Qin Feng finally decided to rest, Xu Ruo Rou instantly turned her tears into laughter. She carefully fetched her lunch box and brought it to Qin Feng. She opened the lunch box, revealing the steaming hot rice and a heart shape decorated by various kinds of food ingredients.

    "This was prepared by me. Eat it while it's hot!"

    While Xu Ruo Rou fed Qin Feng, he fondled Xu Ruo Rou's body without regard to anyone. Xu Ruo Rou opened her legs wider or straightened her back so that Qin Feng could grope her better.

    After he had rested enough, Qin Feng resumed his work.

    Xu Ruo Rou and Han Ying Ying finally relaxed after Qin Feng took his dinner. Both young ladies then slept on a chair outside of the Financial Development Department.

    "Young Master Qin?"

    "What is the time now, Young Master Qin?"

    Liu Fang and Zhang Feng slept on the table for the night. After waking from their slumber, they saw Qin Feng was still working tirelessly in front of the computer. Stunned by his industriousness, both of them began to develop a different perspective of this young master.

    They felt this hedonistic young master was quite handsome and charming when he was working.

    "It's seven in the morning now. Clean yourselves up, have some breakfast, and come to help me afterward." said Qin Feng emotionlessly.

    Both of them hastily went off to grab their breakfast. After they finished, they bought Qin Feng a cup of soya and some buns.

    "Thank you!" said Qin Feng.

    Liu Fang and Zhang Feng were floored by Qin Feng's courtesy, they never thought a lofty rich young master like him would be so modest. Qin Feng's attitude had successfully purged the prejudiced feeling in their heart when they saw Qin Feng wasn't really like the rumors.

    "Today will be another uphill battle. Both of you, stay alert!" Qin Feng added.

    Both of them felt warmth surge in their heart and were inspired by Qin Feng. They removed their coats and sat in front of the computer, prepared to stand and retreat with Qin Feng. Yesterday, they refused to submit to Qin Feng so they didn't give it their all. Now, they decided it was time for them to use their best effort to fight together with Qin Feng!

    A new day arrived. The market opened.

    Undoubtedly due to Qin Feng's series of kamikaze actions, the shares price of the Royal Group plummeted down the canyon and sold at a rock-bottom price within 30 minutes!

    More and more people frantically started to dump Royal Group's shares. The stock market became extremely volatile as the shares of Royal Group became junk bond and no longer had the ability to made a comeback.

    At the same time, the shares of the three consortia skyrocketed and reached their peak.

    Everything was going as Qin Feng expected and all the financial analysts in the Royal Group shared the same view as well. There were times when Liu Fang and Zhang Feng wanted to stop Qin Feng from continuing with his plan or stop him to ask about his true intention; however, both of them suppressed to their fears and forwent their intention to stop Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng sold most of Royal Group's own shares at a low price and purchased the shares of the three consortia in high price. This indeed was a way to earn money as this was what individual clients would normally did.

    However, Qin Feng was not an individual client; he represented the dominant Royal Group. How was there any possibility the Royal Group would survive if he sold all of the Royal Group's shares?

    "Young Master Qin, I'm running out of funding so I can't purchase shares from the three consortia anymore." Zhang Feng said dispiritedly.

    "Young Master Qin, we almost sold all of Royal Group's shares. If we continue like this, then the Royal Group will..."

    Qin Feng cut Liu Fang short and commanded, "Sell it, don't stop!"

    Afterwards, he looked at Zhang Feng and asked, "How many shares of the three consortia do we own now?"

    "I utilized all sorts of channels and tunnels to purchase the shares and now we have around 20% of their shares. I've done my best."

    Qin Feng nodded his head in satisfaction. Then, he continued, "Good job, Little Zhang. What percent do you think you can reach if I give you another 200 billion in assets?"

    Zhang Feng was entirely dumbfounded by Qin Feng's question. Does this Young Master Qin really want to destroy the Royal Group? He pondered for a while before answering him, "I can purchase another 20%!"

    "Then keep going with what you are working now. The funding will arrive in no less than three hours. By then, I want you to purchase 45% of their shares. Can you do it?"

    "No problem!" Zhang Feng assured Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng stopped and returned to the Financial Development Department after he finished giving his orders.

    The whole Financial Development Department looked at him with disdain. Until tonight, the Royal Group always held its ground. But now, the Royal Group was considered dead meat after being squandered by Qin Feng.

    "Chairman Qin, I want another 200 million!"

    Qin Feng ignored their gaze and walked straight to Qin Huang. Then, he slapped a grin on his face and said, "I still have had not enough fun!"
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