Chapter 380 - A Toast to Our Success

    Chapter 380 - A Toast to Our Success

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    "Qin Feng, how are you doing?" A soft and mellow voice wafted over from the other end of the line.

    Instantly, Qin Feng remembered the intimacy they had had in Fei Tian Bar's restroom.

    At length, Qin Feng finally snapped out of his recollection. He recomposed himself and organized his thoughts before saying, "Teacher Yun Xiao, long time no see. I missed you very much!"

    "I... I missed you too... I heard the news that the Royal Group is facing a financial meltdown. Give me your card number; I'll transfer some money to you."

    "Where did Teacher Yun Xiao get the money from," asked Qin Feng.

    "Qin Feng, the elders of the Yun family have found a new marriage partner for me. He is from the Sima family of the provincial capital. My wedding ceremony will be held in three months. As for the betrothal gift, the elders of my family have accepted it on my behalf. Then, they gave it all to me so I have a million now," Yun Xiao said cheerlessly.

    Qin Feng's heart was pained listening to Yun Xiao.

    "No, I don't want it to happen! I won't allow you to marry the other man! Teacher Yun Xiao, please wait for me. Within three months I'll go to the provincial capital and I swear I'll snatch you away from them. You're my woman; how can I let you marry another man?!" Qin Feng had devised a plan since Yun Xiao left Acropolis City.

    At the time, Qin Feng feared that Yun Xiao wasn't really in love with him. He thought she just wanted to give her first time to someone she knew.

    Nevertheless, Yun Xiao's call exposed her true feelings. If she did not love and care for him, why would she know and care that the Royal Group was facing difficulties in the first place?

    She was now in the provincial capital while the Royal Group was merely a conglomerate in Acropolis City and nothing notable in the vast provincial capital. Yun Xiao wouldn't learn about the news if she hadn't specifically looked into it.

    Yun Xiao was paying close attention to him. Even though she was physically with the Yun family in the provincial capital, her heart was with him!

    How could there be any chance that Qin Feng would let got of a woman like this? He swore he must give her a blissful life.

    Choking back her tears, Yun Xiao hardened her heart and said decisively, "Qin Feng, don't look for me and please forget about me!"

    Then, she hung up. When Qin Feng tried to call back, he could no longer get through.

    Yun Xiao dissolved into tears after she hung up. Although they weren't in the same city, they both gazed upon the same cruel and cold moon.

    "Please forgive me, Qin Feng. If I do not marry into the Sima family, without a backer my little brother, Yun Lei, will lose his chance to vie for the Head of Household. I can betray my whole family for the sake of my love, but I can't abandon my little brother. I can't be so selfish... So please forgive me, Qin Feng!"

    Yun Xiao murmured to herself while gazing at the moon.


    The phone calls last night had heightened Qin Feng's fighting spirit. He was ready for an all-out war.

    He knew that he wasn't fighting for himself, but for his dad. More importantly, he needed to put up a good fight for the women who cared greatly for him.

    "Young Master Qin, the market has been open for an hour and the shares of the Royal Group have fallen below its issue price. It has reached the point of declaring bankruptcy," exclaimed Liu Fang, who was tasked with dumping the Royal Group's shares, as she turned to Qin Feng.

    Following Qin Feng's method, she had anticipated the result. When her expectation became a reality, she realized that she wasn't afraid at all. Instead, she was kind of excited. She thought to herself, The Royal Group is at rock-bottom now. I think perhaps it is time for Young Master Qin to unleash his true strength.

    "Good job, Little Liu! I'll promote you to first-class financial analyst after we finish with this crisis," Qin Feng said excitedly.

    Qin Feng's words stupefied Liu Fang. She couldn't fathom why she still received praised from him even though she was assisting him in destroying his father's work.

    "Young Master Qin, I've successfully absorbed 47% of the shares of the three consortia with the 200 million!" reported Zhang Feng.

    "Good job, Little Zhang! You did not fail me. Afterwards, I'll personally promote both of you !"

    His plan was moving along smoothly. With the lump sum of funding Su Qiu Yue, Zhao Ling Xian, and Liu Bing Bing had injected into the Royal Group this morning, Qin Feng felt that his time had come. It was time for him to retaliate!

    He strolled out of the main control room and into Qin Huang's office.

    "Dad, I now have 500 million in my hands. I need a clean, no criminal record, bogus corporation to inject all of the funds into."

    Once again, both Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying marvelled at Qin Feng in disbelief. They were no longer able to catch up to his unpredictable mind.

    Plus, they couldn't comprehend where Qin Feng obtained 500 million. Not even Qin Huang could accumulate more than one hundred million in funds.

    "Feng'er, where did you get the money from," Qin Huang asked in astonishment.

    "Dad, we're running out of time. I'll explain everything to you later. Right now, quickly find me a clean, bogus corporation." Qin Feng grinned like a Cheshire cat as he replied to Qin Huang.

    "There are quite a few fictitious corporations under the Royal Group. I'll find one for you." Qin Huang did not pursue the topic further seeing Qin Feng would not elaborate right now. He hastily went to do Qin Feng's bidding.

    Qin Feng waved his hand and said, "No, dad. The corporation must not be under the name of the Royal Group, it must be from another company. A large corporation will be best. Please find me a large corporation and shift my shares into that company."

    "Most of Royal Group's business partners have been avoiding me ever since the Royal Group began to face its financial meltdown. It'll be tough to find a big corporation that will give us a hand now." Qin Huang gloomily shook his head.

    Suddenly, his gaze fell on Han Ying Ying as a plan crossed his mind. Then, he said excitedly, "Ying Ying, can we shift the corporation so that it's under your Han Corporation at Jincheng City?"

    Awakened by his dad's words, Qin Feng recalled Han Ying Ying's social status. The Han family was one of the four largest families in Jincheng City with a strong foundation and was well known throughout the Yun province.

    It would be a good start to use the Han Corporation to light up the battle. The Royal Group's partner must be trustworthy since Qin Feng planned to shift all his funds into the phony corporation.

    After pondering for a minute, Qin Feng raised his head and said resolutely, "Ying Ying, I'll leave it all up to you!"

    Han Ying Ying's face was mixture of expressions; nobody could tell what was she thinking. "Okay, I'll get right on it!"

    Everyone returned to their jobs after they received the new command.

    Qin Feng returned to the main control room. For now, he just had to wait for Han Ying Ying to transfer the corporation from the Royal Group to her Han Corporation. Then, he could inject his funding into the phony corporation. After that, it was show time!

    Acropolis City: Amethyst Dragon Palace.

    The Amethyst Dragon Palace was the high-end, ritziest club in Acropolis City which earned millions every day.

    However, over the past three days, the Amethyst Dragon Palace had been closed. Only three people were present inside.

    The trio was gathered in the spacious lobby. Each and everyone of them had a glass of wine in their hand, toasting their success.

    "Prince Wen, it was a fruitful plan. I just received a message saying that the Royal Group is going to declare bankruptcy soon. Now we only have to wait until they exhaust their financial resources and then destroying them will be as easy as killing an ant!" Sima Tu was wearing a white robe and his face held a triumphant expression.

    Donning a black robe, Prince Wen emptied his wine glass. Then, he patted the shoulder of a young man sitting beside him. "Let's not forget about Young Master Li's effort. If it wasn't for Young Master Li, it would be impossible for us to proceed to the next stage of our plan. This time, Qin Feng won't be able to escape his fate even if he's given wings!"

    These three young men were Prince Wen, Sima Tu, and Li Shao Jie.

    Li Shao Jie grinned wickedly. Ever since Qin Feng demolished his base at Heping Town, Li Shao Jia had retreated to Ning Hai City and had been holding a grudge against Qin Feng. He was resentful, hoping that one day he could get revenge on Qin Feng for destroying both his hard work and his kidney.

    As such, he had formulated plan after plan, trick after trick to kill Qin Feng, but to his dismay, he couldn't make up his mind to decide on a course of action. Finally, after he stayed home for three days, Li Shao Jie found a way to deal with Qin Feng.

    He had witnessed the fight between Qin Feng and Qing Feng at Feng Yun Fun City. He knew that Qin Feng now had three Orange Grade Spiritual Equipments in his hands. Hence, Li Shao Jie spread this news to stir up the martial artists. Much to his delight, the martial artists who had been concealing themselves in the prosperous metropolitan city became edgy and started to make their move.

    Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment was rare. Having one was sufficient to catapult a person's battle ability to another level. Now that Qin Feng had three of them, how could any martial artist not covet them?

    Martial artists from the four corners of the Yun province had snuck into Acropolis City and prepared to hunt down Qin Feng to snatch away his three Orange Grade Spiritual Equipments. Additionally, some of the powers from the provincial capital joined in this raid as well. The Martial World disturbance had begun!

    Prince Wen and his two buddies believed it was impossible for Qin Feng to escape with so many martial artists hunting him.

    The trio's finished their glasses of wine and their faces flushed red. They began chatting nonstop.

    "Seeing as how the Royal Group was a leading corporation in Acropolis City, I was anticipating them to hold their ground for at least a week against this financial breakdown. I never expected them to be destroyed and go down just in three days. Haha, even God is helping me!" Enjoying the beautiful and sweet feeling of revenge, Li Shao Jia laughed uncontrollably.

    Prince Wen waved the wooden fan in his hand and smiled, "It's not God that helped us. The Royal Group went down so fast because of one person.

    "Do you know who that person is? It's s Qin Feng himself!"

    Shocked, Sima Tu and Li Shao Jie couldn't believe it as they still didn't know what Qin Feng had done.

    "How is that possible? Is that little brat nuts or something?" Li Shao Jie's and Sima Tu's faces clouded with questions.

    Unlike Sima Tu and Li Shao Jie, Prince Wen knew everything all along thanks to his co-conspirators planted in the Royal Group. He plastered a smile and said indifferently, "According to the conspirator I implanted in the Royal Group, right now the Royal Group's Financial Development Department's head is none other than Qin Feng himself. He ordered all of the financial analysts to assist him in overcoming this financial war. However, his tactic of countering us is unusual. He brazenly dumped all of the Royal Group's shares at a record low price and simultaneously absorbed some of our company shares at a high price."

    "Haha! What a fool! He realized that he is unable to turn the tables and save the Royal Group so he decided to throw in the towel and try to earn a fortune from us as his pension?" Li Shao Jie burst into a fit of laughter.

    Puzzled by Qin Feng's action, Sima Tu fell silent for a bit before saying, "I agree with Young Master Li. It seems that this Qin Feng plans to make a fast buck and go AWOL."

    Prince Wen nodded his head in satisfaction and said proudly, "The Royal Group is doomed. I'm pretty sure that old sly fox Qin Huang has noticed it. Therefore, they planned to make a fast buck before running away!

    "We can't take over the Royal Group just yet. It's now overladen with debt and after the Royal Group declares bankruptcy, the banks and debtors will press them for repayment. Meanwhile, Qin Huang and Qin Feng will no longer be able to remain in Acropolis City. At that time, they will be like stray dogs running for their lives... If they can not gather enough money now, they might become wanderers and have to beg for a living."

    "Haha, a well-known and illustrious father and son who stand above the masses have become beggars and their promising company is bankrupt... Hahaha, I like this storyline. I've decided. I must remake this story into a movie. I'm sure it will be a huge box-office hit," Li Shao Jie yelled excitedly.

    Both Sima Tu and Prince Wen clapped their hands and applaud. They even decided to take part in Li Shao Jie's movie!
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