Chapter 381 - The Final Trump Card

    Chapter 381 - The Final Trump Card

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    Royal Group's Financial Development Department: main control room.

    Han Ying Ying rushed into the main control room and put her hands on Qin Feng shoulders. "Qin Feng, I've finish your bidding. This is the bank account number for the bogus corporation you requested."

    Qin Feng stopped his work and took account number Han Ying Ying provided to him. Immediately, he transferred all 500 million into the phony corporation.

    After transferring the money, the corner of Qin Feng's mouth curled into a devilish grin.

    "Little Liu, I have a new mission for you. Starting now, retrieve all of the Royal Group's shares at all costs. Don't worry, I have enough money for you."

    While Liu Fang was still in the midst of confusion, Qin Feng turned to Zhang Feng and said, "Little Zhang, you have a new mission too. I want you to dump all of the three consortia's shares."

    Zhang Feng, Liu Fang, and Han Ying Ying were perplexed by Qin Feng.

    They were all befuddled and could no longer catch up to Qin Feng's irregular thinking.

    Two days ago, Qin Feng ordered one of them to dump all of the Royal Group's shares while the other had to absorb the three consortia's shares at all costs. As such, his mismanagement and incompetency had brought an early demise to the Royal Group.

    Just when the Royal Group was on the very edge of bankruptcy, Qin Feng changed his tactics again. He was now starting to retrieve all of the Royal Group's junk stocks and abandon the three consortia's blue chips which hit the upper limit everyday!

    It was all thanks to Qin Feng's identity as the future successor of the Royal Group, he was not killed by Royal Group's thousand of raging employees yet.

    "Don't sit there in a trance! Hurry up and get moving!" Qin Feng grinned as he looked at the soulless duo.

    Once Liu Fang and Zhang Feng regained their senses, they opened their mouths to say something. However, they swallowed their objections and plunged themselves into doing Qin Feng's bidding.

    At the same time, bawling filled the whole Financial Development Department after they observed what was going on in the main control room. All the financial analysts were filled with rage and they almost destroyed their computers. They'd lost their final strand of hope for the Royal Group and all of them planned to resign and leave the company that same day.

    Meanwhile, in the main control room, Qin Feng, Liu Fang, and Zhang Feng calmly tapped away on a keyboard, focused on their own tasks.

    Time went by like a flash of lighting. In the blink of an eye, an hour passed.

    The Royal Group's shares were all junk stocks and nobody wanted them so it was easy for Liu Fang to retrieve them. Best of all, she retrieved them at a rock-bottom price.

    The three consortia's shares were blue chips and many people wanted to buy them. As such, Zhang Feng dumped the three consortia's shares owned by the Royal Group without a hitch. Within a short time, he sold more than half of it.

    Two hours passed.

    They had successfully retrieved more than 50% of the Royal Group's shares and were quickly obtaining more.

    In addition, Zhang Feng had dumped more than 30% of the three consortia's shares.

    Their series of actions triggered some subtle, undetectable changes. Just like the butterfly effect, a minute localized change had large effects elsewhere and, once it exploded, it would be an earth-shattering catastrophic moment!

    Those from Royal Group's Financial Development Department were not ordinary. Very soon, some of them had discovered an irregularity in the Royal Group's shares.

    "Something is not right! Oh my gosh, are you guys seeing this? Something is really wrong!"

    "I see it! Our Royal Group's shares are rising. Ever since our shares hit the lower limit and became junk stocks, it's a miracle that they keep rising now even though it's slow!"

    "It's not only us. I've been keeping an eye on the three consortia's shares and noticed that someone is blatantly dumping their shares. What stunned me the most is they are selling it at an all-time low which resulted in the three consortia's shares falling. The drop is minute, yet this is not a very good sign for them."

    Hope among the hopeless staff of the Financial Development Department was reignited.

    After listening to the explanations of some, the other financial analysts began to look into this heated financial war. A dozen of them sat around a computer, brainstorming and discussing this war. More and more problems and questions began to reveal themselves.

    Three hours passed.

    The staff from the Financial Development Department were bawling and yelling out of joy as if they had won a war!

    "Within an hour, our Royal Group's shares have skyrocketed 5%! This is a phenomenon which has never happened before!"

    "Hey, did you guys notice that there are a few mysterious big organizations vigorously absorbing the Royal Group's shares? Thanks to them, the individual clients have become restless and are injecting a mint of money to acquire the Royal Group's shares. This is the main reason for the revival of our Royal Group's shares. This is a miracle in the financial world!"

    "Due to the active involvement of other consortium dumping the shares of the three consortia which has confounded most small investors, all the small investors began to sell off the three consortia's shares causing their share price to take a nose dive and hit the same price as three days ago."

    This war should have ended with the utter defeat of the Royal Group.

    Hence, everyone was awe-struck by this explosive change in direction. It seemed to them that the financial war had just begun this moment.

    The staff of the Financial Development Department were not stupid. All of them simultaneously thought of a young man. It was that legendary young man who led the whole company to victory in this financial war which they thought had doomed the company.

    That young man was Qin Feng, the number one hedonist young master of Acropolis City, the rightful heir of the Royal Group!

    Everybody laughed and decried him in the beginning. As the course progressed and when the Royal Group started to go downhill, they started to harbor hatred towards him and despised him. However, as the situation became clearer, Qin Feng's formula seemed to take shape before everybody.

    His tactic was completely veiled, making it almost impossible for the opponent to put up an effective defense. At first, he gave some benefits to his opponent to let down their guard. Then, he struck back at the most critical moment and caught them off guard!

    "Young Master Qin, brilliant. What a brilliant move!" Zhang Feng's excitement had stolen his ability to speak. He was too overwhelmed by the result of Qin Feng's tactic which caused the share price of Royal Group to soar higher and higher.

    "Young Master Qin, I apologize for all those misunderstandings. Please don't blame me. I've been living in the financial world for more than a decade and this is by far the perfect tactic I've ever seen. It's completely unpredictable; not even I able was able to recognize the traps that Young Master Qin laid." Liu Fang praised Qin Feng nonstop.

    Even though Han Ying Ying had only a very basic foundation in stock trading, in seeing how the Royal Group underwent a near-death experience and then a resurrection, she knew that this must be Qin Feng's doing.

    Standing behind Qin Feng, Han Ying Ying stared at Qin Feng as if he was a monster.

    She stayed in the Qin Manor, worked in the Royal Group, and she spent almost her last twenty-four hours with Qin Feng. As she dug deeper into Qin Feng, she realized that this young man was nothing like the rumor and he harbored countless secrets in his body.

    Unlike everyone else, Han Ying Ying did not show any sign of excitement seeing the Royal Group's shares rise. Suddenly, she retreated from the main control room and made a call in a secluded corner.

    Five hours passed.

    Qin Feng had made his statement loud and clear earlier on: today was the day he retaliated and the day the real financial war began!

    The Royal Group's shares were soaring and it seemed that it would rise up even higher. Everybody regained their fighting spirit and worked together to help Qin Feng in conquering this financial war.

    Seeing situation under control again, Qin Feng cheerfully retreated from the main control room to make his call.

    "Ling Xian, help me to express my gratitude to Uncle Zhao. I've seen the Zhao Group has purchased a lot of Royal Group's shares and at the same time, sold a lot of the three consortia's shares!"

    "Never you mind, Qin Feng."

    "Bing Bing, do you miss me? I'll visit you after I finished my task... or, you can come to the Qin Manor at night. My bed is large enough for two adults!"

    "Go to hell!"

    "Qiu Yue, help me to express my gratitude to Grandpa and Little Sister Xia Tian. I miss you guys a lot!"

    "Sure, don't worry."

    "Shi Man, one day I'll go to the provincial capital to attend your music concert!"

    "Don't just give me a voice and nothing more. If you really come, I'll prepare a VIP seat for you!"

    This time, Yun Xiao's phone wasn't shut off;, it was a dead dial tone. Qin Feng raised his brows as he made a decision in his heart. He decided he must confirm his relationship with these women and settle down with them at the villas in Cloud City Hua Manor.

    The Royal Group was overflowing with happiness while the trio at the Amethyst Dragon Palace had a gloomy and cold expression on their faces.


    Li Shao Jia had a very short fuse. He smashed the wine glass in his hand to the floor and shattered the glass into countless shards, causing the red wine to flow onto the snow white carpet, staining it red. It had the vibe of a bloody scene.

    "F*ck! How is that possible? Hadn't we won already? How did that little brat do that? His actions are beyond common sense!"

    Sima Tu and Prince Wen had the same question on their mind as well. They couldn't fathom why things took a different course and became like this.

    The three of them were considered rookies in the financial world and they only had a very basic knowledge about the stock market. Thus, it was natural for them not able to see through Qin Feng's obscure tactic.

    All they knew was that within the past three hours, the Royal Group who was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy suddenly came back to life and its share price skyrocketed several folds. Meanwhile, the share price of the consortia keep falling and they lost millions of yuan in the span of just three hours!

    "Perhaps, the Royal Group was assisted by somebody who is very strong in trading stock. Anyway, I don't believe this is Qin Feng's doing!" Sima Tu gave his opinion after he pondered for a while.

    "It doesn't matter who's doing it now... Seems like we failed again!" Said Prince Wen powerlessly. He was a self-proclaimed a prodigy, quick-witted and resourceful. However, he realized that he had yet to defeat Qin Feng even once.

    Prince Wen was almost torn apart at the end of every battle in which he suffered defeat. Suddenly, a wicked, wretched, and sinister grin washed over Prince Wen's face, startling Sima Tu and Li Shao Jie.

    "Please allow me a moment to make a call my friends. We're not finished yet!"

    Li Shao Jie and Sima Tu were confounded by Prince Wen's actions. After both of them pondered a while, Sima Tu's eyes shone brilliantly as a thought crossed his mind.

    "Haha! Prince Wen never failed his name as the most talented young man of Jincheng City. Shrewd and quick-witted, he always planned a few steps ahead of his opponent and it seemed that he still had an ace up his sleeve. This might be the winning shot that could help us reverse the situation!"

    Li Shao Jia regained his senses as well. His angry face was now plastered with a sinister smile. He sneered, "Hah! I'm quite looking forward to Prince Wen's ace. This time, I guess Qin Feng would be so devastated that he will want to commit suicide after he finds out who the ace is!"

    Prince Wen returned holding his wooden fan while the duo were still discussing the next move.

    Without any sidestepping, both of them hastily asked, "Prince Wen, how was it?"

    Prince Wen smiled smugly and said, "The situation is very stable; just wait for the show. I'm sure you guys won't be disappointed!"
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