Chapter 382 - Qin Ye

    Chapter 382 - Qin Ye

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    The Royal Club.

    Even though the Royal Club was closed for the night, it was bustling.

    Tonight was the celebration party for the Royal Group. All the staff from the Royal Group gathered to commemorate their victory in the financial war.

    "Young Master Qin!"

    "Young Master Qin, you're so handsome tonight. My heart melts just by looking at you!"

    Standing at the main entrance, Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou personally welcomed all the incoming guests. Most of them graciously greeted Qin Feng while some of the female staff brazenly flirted with Qin Feng without paying any heed to Xu Ruo Rou, who stood beside Qin Feng.

    Xu Ruo Rou did not mind their actions. She was content simply standing beside Qin Feng to welcome everybody.

    "Please, help yourselves. There is plenty of good food to eat and entertaining games to play. Enjoy yourselves to your heart content. Chairman Qin will pay for everything tonight!"

    Everybody was overjoyed and seethed with excitement the instant Qin Feng finished talking. The interior of the Royal Club was packed with an innumerable crowd, giving a festive feel that was as lively and as happening as the New Year Celebration.

    Qin Feng was delighted seeing all of the Royal Group's staff finally open up and thoroughly enjoy themselves after getting ravished by tension and misery over the past few war ridden days. A question suddenly crossed his mind as he turned to Xu Ruo Rou and asked, "Ruo Rou, where is Ying Ying? Has she arrived yet?"

    "Big Sister Ying Ying have me to inform you that she's too tired to join the celebration tonight so she went back to Qin Manor to rest. She wants you to have fun with the staff and asked me to tell you not to worry about her," replied Xu Ruo Rou.

    For the past three days, Xu Ruo Rou and Han Ying Ying had kept Qin Feng company as he worked to overcome the financial crisis. As such, Qin Feng knew that these two young ladies were dog-tired considering they always fell asleep on a table.

    "Qin... Young Master Qin." A familiar voice suddenly sounded out.

    Out of curiosity, Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou simultaneously looked over and noticed Li Yu Chen dressed in a black silk qipao walking toward them.

    "Welcome, Yu Chen." Qin Feng's gaze fell on Li Yu Chen and he was stunned by her tight-fitted qipao that revealed her curvaceous and well-toned shape. He almost failed to resist and nearly stepped forward to grab her.

    "Good evening, Young Master Qin. I'll go ahead inside." Li Yu Chen coldly replied to Qin Feng.

    After learning Qin Feng's true identity, Li Yu Chen was filled with rage and disappointment as she felt she ridiculed and used by Qin Feng like a little toy. She even felt she was merely an entertaining tool to satisfy his wicked sense of humor.

    "Big Sister Yu Chen, why don't you join us in welcoming the guests?" Xu Ruo Rou pulled Li Yu Chen over.

    Shaking her head, Li Yu Chen held a bitter smile and declined Xu Ruo Rou's invitation. "I think I'd better stay out of it. I'm just a normal girl of low origin. I don't want to make a fool of myself and I don't want others to laugh at me." While she was speaking, she shot a few icy glares at Qin Feng.

    How could Qin Feng not understand Li Yu Chen's innuendo? A smug smile crossed his face and he wrapped his arm around Li Yu Chen's waist, disregarding her protest. Concurrently, he pulled Xu Ruo Rou into his arms.

    With two drop-dead gorgeous beauties in his embrace, Qin Feng strolled into the clubhouse.

    "Dear fellow colleagues, please allow me to take this opportunity to extend my warmest welcome to you all. Tonight, the Royal Club will be open only for you. But first, let me brief you all on what we have here. The Royal Club is a four-story clubhouse and each and every floor is equipped with a wide array of entertainment amenities. I'm sure that everyone here will have a wonderful time. Please enjoy yourselves to the fullest on this night which is specially prepared by Chairman Qin and myself to express our gratitude for your efforts in overcoming this financial crisis. Without all of you, we'd never have been able to make it through. Without further adieu, I now declare the beginning of our celebration party! Everybody, enjoy yourselves!"

    Qin Feng emceed the celebration party with Li Yu Chen and Xu Ruo Rou in his arms.

    When the staff of Royal Group saw how the two deadliest beauties in the company glued themselves to Qin Feng's body and recalled his immense family wealth and powerful background, all of them envied Qin Feng for his charmed life.

    The party had begun. Everybody split into a few groups to enjoy the activities. Qin Feng brought the two young ladies to the KTV room on the 3rd floor. When they arrived, they noticed that the KTV room was already occupied by the Sales Department staff.

    "Wow, it's Young Master Qin and Manager Li! Even our Goddess of Sales, Little Sister Ruo Rou has come!"

    "Everybody, let's give them a loud round of applause to welcome them!"

    All three of them were popular in the Sales Department. Their arrival at the KTV room caused a hubbub.

    Initially, these people were afraid of Qin Feng when they first learned his true identity. They were afraid that they would be fired should they unintentionally offended Qin Feng. However, all of them had a different view of him after this financial war.

    Although he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, his wonderful innate skill and powerful strength dwarfed his charmed life and successfully subdued the hearts of the entire Royal Group, making them sincerely respect him from the bottom of their heart.

    The entrance of the trio heated the atmosphere in the KTV room. Xu Ruo Rou refused to sing in front of so many people, so she kept Qin Feng by her side to block further invitations. Meanwhile, as the manager of the Sales Department, Li Yu Chen couldn't turn down their offer. Without any options, she had no choice but to sing a song for them.

    Her song of choice was old, but a classic one.

    Between her elegant retro black qipao and melodious voice, it seemed to them that she was narrating the history and vicissitude of an era. As if they had traveled back in time, she brought them back to their youth and evoked wonderful, sentimental memories.

    Overwhelmed by the melodious song, Xu Ruo Rou's eyes flooded with countless emotions no one could understand.

    Suddenly, she spun herself around, settled onto Qin Feng's lap, and kissed Qin Feng.

    While kissing him, her exquisite hands began to grope Qin Feng's body without a second thought.

    Qin Feng was slightly stunned by her aberrant action. He swept his gaze across the room and realized many people were staring at them in astonishment. As such, he pushed Xu Ruo Rou away slightly and asked, "Everybody is looking at you. Are you not embarrassed?"

    Once again, Xu Ruo Rou pressed hard on Qin Feng's shoulders and said resolutely, "I'm not scared. I want to show to everybody that I, Xu Ruo Rou, am Qin Feng's woman! Qin Feng, I want you to mount me right here, right now!"

    Even though he knew Xu Ruo Rou had become stronger, this kind of change was totally unexpected. With his mind spaced out, Qin Feng stared blankly at this pure and cute little beauty that was sitting on his lap as if this was the first time he saw Xu Ruo Rou.

    Under the dimmed lights, he noticed that Xu Ruo Rou was alluring and charming, causing Qin Feng's heart to race.

    Without hesitation, he hugged Xu Ruo Rou and purred in her ear. "Not here, my dear. But I've got a nice place for us to enjoy one another to our hearts' content."

    Listening to Qin Feng's husky and deep voice, Xu Ruo Rou's face turned red as she buried her face in Qin Feng's arms, allowing him to carry her in his arms. When Qin Feng arrived at the restroom in the KTV room, his cell phone rang.

    "Ruo Rou, please go inside first. I need to take this call." Qin Feng's face fell when he saw the caller ID.

    Xu Ruo Rou nodded her head obediently. After she kissed Qin Feng, she bashfully went into the restroom.

    Qin Feng retreated from the KTV room to a landing to picked up the call.

    "Uncle Fu, what happened?" Qin Feng's expression was grave. Uncle Fu would not call him unless something serious had happened.

    "Young Master Qin, I know who is the lord behind those three traitors!"

    "Who is it? What did they say," Qin Feng hastily asked him as he was awakened by Uncle Fu's statement.

    Qin Feng had apprehended Feng Xiang and his buddies and sent them to Uncle Fu to extract from them the name of their lord. However, these three stayed tight-lipped and refused to rat out their lord. Uncle Fu had used many tricks and finally broke them, successfully making them open their mouths.

    "They work for Prince Wen in Jincheng City. Prince Wen has also made an alliance with Acropolis City's Sima family and the Li family of Yun Hai City."

    Uncle Fu paused for a moment before he heaved a heavy sigh and continued, "According to my research, there is only one Prince Wen in Jincheng City. He is your cousin, Qin Ye."

    Qin Feng's brain went blank.

    He had long suspected that Qin Ye was the real culprit behind this series of tragedies. It was just that he refused to accept the truth because of a phrase Qin Huang told him when Qin Ye visited them: all in all, we're family.

    Because of his father, Qin Feng let it go and did not pursue Qin Ye anymore. Now the reality of it struck him hard like a train. Qin Feng could only accept the truth.

    "We grow from the same root. Why should we hurt each other in such a rush?" sighed Qin Feng. Although he was disappointed by the outcome, his eyes were filled with determination.

    No matter who his opponent was, he had to pay for what he did. This was Qin Feng's doctrine of problem-solving.

    "Does Dad know this?"

    "Master Qin already knows about this."

    "Good. I'll be heading back after I finish here."

    Qin Feng hung up. His heart flooded with all sorts of emotions.

    Suddenly, he realized a severe problem. The system had not yet notified him of clearance of the mission about the financial war. He should've accomplished it already.

    He had successfully helped the Royal Group in overcoming the financial meltdown and identified the culprits behind this incident as the Sima family, the Li family, and Qin Ye.

    Unless... There is someone who I have yet to discover?

    Qin Feng's expression became grimmer and grimmer as a beautiful young lady suddenly flitted across his train of thought. He never suspected her, but every time he vigilantly called back... Considering everything she had done recently, he indeed had found that her actions were fishy.

    He hastily pulled out his cell phone and called Qin Huang. Just before he could get through on the call, Qin Feng's expression suddenly blanched in fear.

    An icy, cold stench of death was closing in fast on him. Three men clad in nocturnal clothing jostled their way through the crowd and charged at him.


    WIthout giving Qin Feng a chance to catch his breath, one of the men brandished his broadsword glittering in cold radiance towards Qin Feng's head.

    Qin Feng hastily circulated his inner qi around his body and dodged the man's assault. Simultaneously, he waved his fist toward the other man who was charging at his left side.


    The orange colored Winter Iron Glove with Thunder Tiger First released a mighty and boundless power. The man in black was just too nimble, Qin Feng missed his target and his attack rammed into the wall of the landing, leaving a large crater on the concrete wall.

    The trio then positioned themselves at the landing's exit, blocking Qin Feng's only escape route.

    At the same time, their gazes all fell on Qin Feng's glove and their eyes instantly flooded with the desire to possess it.

    "The rumor is true! This fellow indeed has an Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment. What great luck that I'm good in the art of boxing. This Orange Grade Glove is mine!"

    The man who dodged Qin Feng's attack once again threw himself at Qin Feng. He was Zhang Jin, the successor of Southern Divine Dragon Fist Sect.

    He was a relatively reputable martial artist in the Martial World and well known for his Divine Dragon Fist that reached the acme of perfection.


    Unfazed by his attack, Qin Feng released all of his power and took Zhang Jin's Divine Dragon Fist head on.

    Divine Dragon Fist and Thunder Tiger Fist. Both were indestructible and matchless in fighting technique, highly destructive, and possessed a strong and fearsome aura that could make ordinary people tremble in fear.

    The collision of their attack resulted in a loud explosion causing the dust to fall from the top of the wall to the ground.


    After both of them had finished casting their attack, they returned to their original positions. Qin Feng forcibly suppressed his storming blood qi and stood firmly on the ground. On the other hand, the successor of the Southern Divine Dragon Fist Zhang Jin spit out a mouthful of blood.

    WIth a wretched look, he stared at Qin Feng in disbelief and said while suppressing his storming inner qi, "How can this be? You're still so young and yet you have reached Stage 6 external strength?

    "And, what kind of fighting technique did you use just now? It's not inferior to my Southern Divine Dragon Fist. It seems that you hold more than just three Orange Grade Spiritual Equipments, little brat."
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