Chapter 383 - Compelled

    Chapter 383 - Compelled

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    Zhang Jin's words knocked other the two men in black back to their senses.

    All of them knew that the fighting technique used by Qin Feng was of a Yellow Grade skill. Normally, this kind of supreme level skill would only appear in the large sects and those grandmasters abstained from passing on this kind of skill to an outsider. Anyone who cultivated and mastered this type of fighting technique would transcend to a whole new level and he would become a dominating entity in the Martial World, unchallenged by his peers.

    With only three Orange Grade Spiritual Equipments, Qin Feng was able to make the people in Martial World fly into a frenzy. Now they realized that he not only had three Orange Grade Spiritual Equipments in his hands, but the fighting technique he practiced was of the Yellow Grade. They were instantly consumed by their jealousy and morphed into green-eyed monsters, staring fixedly at Qin Feng like a pack of hungry wolves.

    "We can't belittle this fellow. He is a Stage 6 external strength expert and we probably won't be able to defeat him if we fight him one-on-one. Since we're all here, let's kill him together, split his treasures, and get what we want!" Zhang Jin, who clashed with Qin Feng first, proposed this suggestion. In fact, he was the only one among the three who had taken up arms against Qin Feng and even he was shaken by Qin Feng's matchless strength.


    "I'm fine with that!"

    The three of them soon reached a consensus. When they looked at Qin Feng again, the aura on their body got denser and stronger than before.

    Raising his brows, Qin Feng's brain was racing as many questions roamed in his head.

    He did not know these three people before him. However, Qin Feng deduced from their conversation that the three of them might be the ones from the Martial World and he knew that it might have something to do with the "Martial World Disturbance" mission released by the system. Could it be... they came for my spiritual equipment and my skill books?

    But, how did they know I have Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment and skill books?

    "Young man, Northern Fighting Technique and Southern Fighting Technique are sworn enemies and the practitioners of both styles are destined to have a duel once they encounter each other. Since you practiced the External Fighting Technique, I shall let you taste the power of the Shadow Kick of the Northern Sect!" A middle-aged man among the three let out a loud cry and threw himself at Qin Feng.

    He, Huang Bie Zi, was the successor of the Northern Shadow Kick Technique.

    He was lame in one leg; usually, he stood on one leg while holding his other leg in mid-air. It was hard to believe that a person like him was a master martial artist that honed his leg fighting technique to the point of perfection.

    With the Shadow Kick, the airstream surrounding them vibrated vigorously.

    A fearsome wind sound echoed and cut through the air as layer upon layer of astral leg shadows fancily danced madly before Qin Feng.


    Seeing the leg shadows about to land on his head, Qin Feng quickly waved his hand and an orange colored whip containing thunder and lighting appeared as he drew his Orange Grade Spirit Snake Whip. He swung the whip and showered it down onto the myriad of illusionary leg shadows.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Qin Feng released his Stage 3 inner qi, morphing his Spirit Snake Whip into layers and layers of whipping shadows. The whipping shadows were far more intense than Huang Bie Zi's leg shadows and sent Huang Bie Zi flying when the shadows collided.

    "Orange Grade Spiritual Whip... The rumor is true! This is the second Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment!"

    Zhang Jin and the man with the broadsword ignored the injured Huang Bie Zi and set their gaze on Qin Feng's Spirit Snake Whip instead. They gulped a few times.

    "What are you two doing? Go get him... Let me get this straight; I practice a leg technique and this spirit whip matches my attacking style very well, so this spirit whip will be mine!"

    Southern Sect Zhang Jin set his mind on obtaining Qin Feng's Winter Iron Glove while the Northern Sect Huang Bie Zi had settled on his Spirit Snake Whip. Seeing his companions had made their choice, the man with broadsword became a little bit edgier. He released a loud cry of rage and lunged with his glittering cold, radiant broadsword at Qin Feng.

    This menacing broadsword was obviously a White Grade Spiritual Weapon.

    "Broadsword wielder of the Martial World, Li Kuai Shou is here! Boy, your life will end here today!"

    Li Kuai Shou waved the broadsword in his hand so fast that the cumbersome sword blurred before Qin Feng's eyes, drawing a flurry of blades in the air.

    The flurry formed a torrent of blade shadows in great momentum and triggered the airstream surrounding them, causing the air to vibrate. The relentless blade shadows then hailed down on Qin Feng.

    "Chaotic Sword Dance!"

    Li Kuai Shou used his strongest move and planned to end Qin Feng's life in this strike.

    Frowning deeply, Qin Feng did not dare to dismiss Li Kuai Shou and the barrage of blade shadows. He hastily put away his Spirit Snake Whip and summoned an orange colored long sword.

    The longsword spun at an extreme speed. Orange colored sword qi waltzed gracefully in the air.

    "Basic Sword Style!"

    The collision of broadsword and longsword was catastrophic. Dozens of sword qi clashed with the flurry of the blade shadows, releasing an ear-deafening and jarring sound.

    The walls were hit by the sword qi and blade shadows and were left with streaks of deep and narrow marks. Even the wooden staircase couldn't escape its fate and broke into pieces before it slammed onto the ground.



    The landing was too small for Qin Feng's and Li Kuai Shou's attacks. Both of them had little space to dodge and were sent flying by one other's attack.

    Both of them spit out a few mouthfuls of blood. Panting, Qin Feng balanced himself on the ground with his sword.

    Li Kuai Shou used his broadsword to support his muscular body as well. His eyes were filled with joy as they locked onto Qin Feng's Truesteel Sword.

    "Haha, this is the 3rd Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment. I love long sword. I'm getting tired of playing broadsword every day; it's time for a change!"

    Qin Feng sat above the staircase while the trio stood under the staircase.

    Both sides looked at each other with their eyes filled with cold murderous intent.

    Li Kuai Shou and his companions were shocked; the three originally thought this was a hoax. They never imagined that Qin Feng indeed owned three Orange Grade Spiritual Equipments. Therefore, when they saw Qin Feng pull out three Orange Grade Spiritual Equipments one after another, they believed the rumors.

    The three of them just t couldn't understand it. Even though Qin Feng was a prodigy that cultivated both internal and external strength, he was only a cultivator with Stage 6 external strength and Stage 4 inner qi. There were plenty of martial artists with his level of strength in the Martial World and his achievement was considered noteless amongst the martial artists.

    Besides, there were dozens of master martial artists who were far stronger than Qin Feng who couldn't even get a White Grade Spiritual Equipment, let alone one of the Orange Grade Spiritual Equipments that Qin Feng possessed.

    "Qin Feng? Why are you sitting there? Is that a sword in your hand? Suddenly, Li Yu Chen walked toward Qin Feng.

    She came especially for Qin Feng. This was her decision after she thought long and hard. She must make their absurd relationship clear.

    "F*ck off! Don't come near to me!" Qin Feng suddenly growled at Li Yu Chen.

    The three martial artists were hiding behind the landing. Qin Feng was certain that the three of them would killed Li Yu Chen without a second thought once she walked into their kill zone.

    Qin Feng sat above the staircase. His back was still bleeding.

    Stunned, Li Yu Chen was taken aback by Qin Feng's vulgarity. She stood five meters away from the landing and stared blankly at Qin Feng with her dewy eyes.

    Li Yu Chen thought the wind had meddled with her hearing; she did not believe what she had heard. Her body trembled when she spoke. "What, what are you saying?"

    "I ask you to f*ck off, b*tch!"

    Suddenly, Qin Feng let out a fit of brazen laughter, "Haha! I know what you came for; you want to discuss the relationship between you and me, am I right? Are you insane?! Do you have any idea who am I? I'm the first young master of Acropolis City, Qin Huang's only born son, the rightful heir of the Royal Group. Who are you, young lady? You're just a country bumpkin from a village!

    "An over-aged woman left on the shelf, bereft any attractiveness and you think that you are worthy enough to be my, the great Qin Feng, partner? Please forget about it... Hurry up and f*ck off!"

    Completely shattered, Li Yu Chen couldn't hold them back anymore and large beads of crystal clear tears glided down her check. She did not know why Qin Feng had changed so much.

    Didn't he praise my hometown as beautiful and say the air there is fresh when we went back to Qinshui Town? Didn't he display a polite demeanor and not put on the air of a hedonistic young master when he saw my poverty-ridden house and meet my aged parents?

    Why has everything changed so suddenly? Is this your doing? Is this your way of showing your wicked sense of humor to a pathetic person? Just because you're Young Master Qin you think you can play with other people's hearts? What's good about you aside from your charmed life? How can you casually look down on other people?!

    Li Yu Chen felt her sky crumble, killing her speech.

    She took a few steps backward. Tears blurred her eyesight, but she still could see a vague figure of Qin Feng. She gnashed on her teeth and looked at Qin Feng for the very last time. This time, however, her eyes were filled with coldness and hatred. Starting from this moment, she hated Qin Feng. Her hatred toward Qin Feng was so great that she wanted to rush forward and kill him now.

    She said nothing and spun around, running towards the crowd and vanished among the sea of people.

    Qin Feng's heart finally dropped. He had no other option otherwise Li Yu Chen would have walked towards him and, at that time, would become a dead body.

    "Tsk tsk tsk, I was thinking of taking that young lady as my hostage. I did not know you were such a heartless bastard. I should kill you today as an enforcer executing justice on behalf of Heaven!"

    Zhang Jing and his two companions walked forward after Li Yu Chen had left. They were recuperating their inner qi and were almost back to full health.

    "I don't know you and you guys go on a killing spree just to snatch away my spiritual equipments and skill books. You are not noble people to begin with. What is the point of putting up a high-and-mighty facade before me now?"

    With a hideous expression, Qin Feng suddenly roared, "Go to hell!"


    Spirit Snake Whip suddenly descended from the sky.

    The orange colored whip sent out layer upon layer of overlapping shadows carrying a dense inner qi and was slammed at the trio.

    The three of them were startled by Qin Feng's attack and they hastily retreated. Just when they had taken a few steps, they realized the whip shadows that filled the whole sky had vanished along with Qin Feng.

    "That fellow is gone!"

    "F*ck, We fell into that brat's trap!" Zhang Jin returned to his senses first.

    "Go get him! He must have gone through the window," Huang Bie Zi yelled coldly.

    The three of them arrived at the window, saw that Qin Feng had just landed, and he ran toward the bustling crowd. He soon vanished amongst the sea of people.

    "F*ck! We can't attack him in public!"

    The trio's faces sank upon seeing the street filled with cars and people.

    They martial artist from the Martial World had made a pact with the nation. They were forbidden from settling their disputes in public and once they interrupted the life of an ordinary person, they would be pursued and punished by the "Dragon Gate."

    "Let's follow him. He's injured and I don't believe that we won't find another chance to kill him!"

    Once again, the three of them reached a consensus. They then jumped from the 3rd floor and scattered amongst the sea of people, tracking Qin Feng.

    "Little Pig, purchase two Elementary Golden Sore Medicines for me!" said Qin Feng while he jostled through the crowd. He covered a laceration on his chest with his hand to prevent the blood from flowing out.

    "Little Pig, how many Hedonist Points do I have left?"

    "Master, you have 3,950 Hedonist Points left after you purchased the Elementary Golden Sore Medicine."

    Qin Feng knew that the mission "Martial World Disturbance" must be very dangerous after meeting with Zhang Jing, Wang Bie Zi, and Li Kuai Shou. He was certain that more and more martial artists must be lurking around Acropolis City, awaiting their chance to hunt him down and snatch away his spiritual equipment and skill books.

    Qin Feng felt that he must improve his overall strength in the shortest possible time. However, with only 3,950 Hedonist Points, he realized that he couldn't purchase anything that was useful to him.

    "Tsk, Little Pig, help me to tend the wound on my back."

    Qin Feng took an Elementary Golden Sore Medicine and applied it to the wound on his pecs.

    After five minutes, Qin Feng's wounds healed fast.

    He hastily pulled out his cell phone and called Qin Huang as there was something he must verify.

    "Feng'er, have you finished your task?"

    "Dad, we're in trouble... Listen to me, you must go now to check the bank account balance of that phony corporation. And, find Han Ying Ying at once and restrain her!"
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