Chapter 384 - The Real Han Ying Ying

    Chapter 384 - The Real Han Ying Ying

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    Qin Huang was perplexed by Qin Feng's baffling phone call.

    Nevertheless, he still went to check on the phony corporation's bank account balance. He was stunned when he saw the balance.

    The Royal Group had successfully overcome the financial crisis. Not only did they not suffer any loss, they even obtained 500 million yuan of shares from the three consortia. After that, Qin Feng had transferred all of shares along with the 60% shares from the Royal Group into that phony corporation's account. Now, the shares had completely evaporated and all that was left behind was an empty shell.


    Qin Huang smelled a rat. He quickly pulled out his cell phone and called Uncle Fu.

    Five minutes later, Uncle Fu arrived at Qin Huang's room and reported grimly, "Master, Miss Han is gone. She took all of her belongings. I'm guessing she has run away."


    Out of his anger, Qin Huang smacked the solid wood chair hard, shattering it in the process.

    Qin Huang had treated Han Ying Ying like his own daughter. He nurtured her with great attention and care, hoping she would be a great help to Qin Feng in the future or the very least, she would be a capable woman should she ever leave the Qin family. Qin Huang never imagined that he would be one day be betrayed by her.

    "Unbelievable. She's our Qin family's femme fatale!" Qin Huang's complexion was morose and haggard. He could not accept the fact that he was betrayed by one of his closest family friends.

    He fell back to his chair as if he had lost his vigor. After he calmed his muddled mind, he picked up his cell phone and called his son.

    "Dad, did Han Ying Ying escaped with the shares?" Qin Feng had already anticipated the outcome seeing how long his dad took to return his call.

    "Feng'er, are you in trouble? Come back to Qin Manor now and we'll figure out together how to settle this problem." Qin Huan's eyes twitched as an awful premonition suddenly arose in Qin Huang's heart.

    "I'm pursued by somebody so I can't go back now. Let Uncle Fu protect you and don't worry about me. I'll be fine!"

    Qin Feng threw his phone away once he hung up.

    He had no idea how the martial artists from the Martial World could locate him, so he had to discard anything that could expose his whereabout.

    He escaped from the Royal Club because he wanted to lure the martial artists away. Qin Feng didn't want to give them any chance to hurt innocent people. Xu Ruo Rou, Liu Wen Jing, and all the staff from the Royal Group were in the Royal Club while his dad, Uncle Fu, and his house servants were at the Qin Manor.

    Qin Feng cared for them greatly. He would rather shouldered this crisis all by himself than allow the people he cared about to be injured.

    "Ding... Congratulations Host Qin Feng for clearing the mission: assist the Royal Group in overcoming the financial crisis and fish out the prime movers behind this tragedy. The system will reward Host Qin Feng 3,000 Hedonist Points."


    Notification of the system had confirmed to Qin Feng that Han Ying Ying was indeed the prime mover behind this financial crisis.

    How dare you betray me, Han Ying Ying. I must've been blind to have trusted you! yelled Qin Feng in his heart.

    If Han Ying Ying appeared before Qin Feng right now, he swore that he would tear apart her shirt and torment her to death!

    Qin Feng could still sense the presence of the three martial artists. His raised his brows while looking at the system. He noticed he now had 6,950 Hedonist Points left.

    Now he only wanted to reach 10,000 Hedonist Points and purchase the Swords of Dugu technique. This was probably the best way to take his strength to a whole new level.

    Nevertheless, Qin Feng still had an ace up his sleeve: Ximen Chui Xue who resided in the Elysium of Heroes. However, Qin Feng could not summon Ximen Chui Xue unless the situation called for it. He did not know how strong Ximen Chui Xue would be when he summoned him on earth and how much strength would remain under the corrosion of the earth's magnetic field.

    He bolted along the way and ten minutes passed.

    Qin Feng had withdrawn himself from the bustling downtown and arrived in a suburban area. In front of him was the Coiling Snake Mountain where he had raced at before. Qin Feng realized that this place was not fit for battle as it was too desolated and uninhabited.

    "I must find somewhere much more suitable for me to fight." Qin Feng's mind raced as he spoke.

    Very soon, he pointed his finger at the Mountain Resort opposite Coiling Snake Mountain.

    The Mountain Resort was one of the Royal Group's estates which excelled in the tourism sector. Previously, Qin Feng had brought Bai Qing to attend her school gathering at there and it was also the place where he first met the Yin Yang Elders. His Black Turtle still resided in the Song River.

    Above the Song River was the Devil Beast Mountain where he made an acquaintance with the fairy Hua Xian Yue and had faced off with the ferocious Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar. Before he left Devil Beast Mountain, he had successfully fused two battle pets: Glacial Snow Mastiff and Flaming Golden Falcon.

    He missed them a lot.

    Suddenly, a light bulb went off in his mind. That's right! I'll lure the martial artists into the Devil Beast Mountain above the Mountain Resort. The Devil Beast Mountain is loaded with many ferocious beasts and traps, I'm certain that they won't be able to come out alive after they enter the mountain!

    After he had picked his battlefield, Qin Feng made haste and ran toward the Mountain Resort.


    The Amethyst Dragon Palace.

    Qin Ye, Sima Tu, and Li Shao Jie sat around a table.

    All of them were filled with happiness, guzzling down glasses after glasses of wine, savoring the joy of victory.

    "Haha! What a beautiful move, Prince Wen. That moron Qin Feng thought he had earned a mint from us but in the end, that money, along with his Royal Group's shares has returned to us!

    "Haha! He really has paid a double cost!" said Li Shao Jia as he grinned from ear to ear.

    "It's like a roller coaster ride working with you, Prince Wen. It was a wonderful match." Suma Tu and Qin Ye downed another glass of wine.

    Qin Ye smiled faintly as he said indifferently, "Even though the Royal Group won the financial war, but I guess they would rather let the Royal Group go bankrupt. Since we now own 60% of their shares we're the legal owner of the Royal Group and that Qin Huang has to work for us! Haha, once a person who stood above the masses, he has plummeted down to be the servant of others. That feeling is so unbearable that not even I, let alone that Qin Huang, can handle it!"

    Qin Ye's words tickled Sima Tu and Li Shao Jie so much so they broke out into a fit of brazen laughter.

    Then, he added, "I received the news that first batch of martial artists from the Martial World have snuck into Acropolis City. The Southern Divine Dragon Fist successor Zhang Jin, the Northern Shadow Kick's disciple Huang Bie Zi, and the Broadsword Wielder Li Kuai Shou engaged Qin Feng 20 minutes ago. Although they failed to kill him, both sides have sustained heavy injuries after their standoff. Right now, Qin Feng is fleeing in disarray from them, not even daring to go back to his own home.

    "This time, I'm sure he will die in a secluded corner!"

    Three of them toasted their success while fantasizing about the end of Qin Feng.

    Unexpectedly, a woman bolted into the Amethyst Dragon Palace, attracting the trio's attention.

    "Haha, here comes our heroine! Ying Ying, come have a seat with us!"

    Han Ying Ying was dressed in a fiery red qipao that revealed her coke bottle shaped body. Her qipao had a high slit that reached her lower thigh and when she walked, her beautiful long legs would slip out as they made a bid for freedom. The sight was so erotic and alluring that the trio's eyes were glued to her legs.

    Her face held no emotion and when she took a seat, a surge of fragrance filled the parlor.

    "Don't call me Ying Ying. Our relationship is no more than a business relationship." Han Ying Ying parried him coldly.

    They all were familiar with Han Ying Ying's background and they knew how powerful she was, so they hastily withdrew their gazes seeing she was seething with anger.

    "Haha, we've seized a total victory and we should joyfully celebrate our success. Why does Miss Han have to be a killjoy?" said Qin Ye as he handed a glass of wine to Han Ying Ying.

    Han Ying Ying did not take the glass of wine. Instead, she looked at Qin Ye and said, "Our partnership is over and I've fulfilled my part. For now, I should get 20% of the Royal Group's shares and 5% of the shares from each of your corporations. However..."

    "Yes, it is." Qin Ye cut her short. Then, he said while smiling faintly, "Don't you worry about the shares, Miss Han. We'll fulfill our promise tomorrow."

    "That's not what I meant." Han Ying Ying replied emotionlessly. "I don't want 15% of your corporations. I want the entire 60% of the Royal Group's shares."

    Three of them were stunned by Han Ying Ying.

    Qin Ye fell silent for a moment and then asked, "What do you mean by this, Miss Han?"

    "I mean that literally. I hated Qin Feng, so I want to take over his family's property and see him begging for living for the rest of his life!"

    Han Ying Ying had yet again confounded Qin Ye, Li Shao Jie, and Sima Tu. Once they regained their senses, they all laughed. "Haha! Legend has said a woman is the most vicious being on the earth, so this is true!"

    "A pretty girl is the deadliest and perfect weapon to kill a man. I swear I won't touch any beautiful ladies anymore." Sima Tu shook his head.

    "Marvelous!" Li Shao Jie applauded.

    Han Ying Ying had formed a pact with Qin Ye long ago. Their alliance could date back to the first time Han Ying Ying came to Acropolis City, when she first met Qin Feng at the banquet of the rich and powerful, Han Ying Ying approached him with purpose.

    The elders in the Han family in Jincheng City were officials and had only just stepped into the business world starting with Han Ying Ying. She was a capable young lady, had ethereal beautiful features, and had a mind comparable to a genius. Due to her sharp-wit and sagacity, she led the Han Corporation to flourish in the business world.

    Nevertheless, her Han Corporation was still kind of lackluster compared to the Royal Group and other prime leaders of the industry. Their strong, firm foundation and wide network were something Han Ying Ying could not surpass in a short time.

    Han Ying Ying was a cold and prideful woman; she would not allow other people to step above her. As such, she decided to further enhance the Han Corporation to another level. After doing some research, she set her eye on Qin Feng at Acropolis City.

    Qin Feng was a notorious hedonistic young master, best known for his lasciviousness and his stupidity. Han Ying Ying had a specific set of skills to deal with this kind of hedonistic young master so after she made a pact with Qin Ye, she started to approach Qin Feng.

    Initially, Han Ying Ying did not harbor any feelings toward Qin Feng. In fact, from the bottom of her heart, she loathed and was disgusted by this kind of incompetent hedonistic master. As such, she did not feel any remorse when cooperating with Qin Ye to bring down the Royal Group.

    However, the more she got to know Qin Feng, Han Ying Ying realized the rumors about him were falsified. Qin Feng had too many secrets. His indomitable power, his great wisdom...

    Han Ying Ying had taken a liking toward Qin Feng within two months. Although it wasn't strong, she truly loved him. Han Ying Ying never experienced this kind of feeling toward other men and she was bewildered by it. As such, she hesitated again and again. Nevertheless, she chose to betray Qin Feng at the very last moment.

    She had finally accomplished her long-awaited goal and successfully in taking down the Royal Group. She could finally make the Han Corporation catapult higher to the top... But, Han Ying Ying did not feel happy or excited.

    In fact, she was sad; a surge of shame and unease began to well up within her heart, suffocating her in the process.

    She forcibly suppressed her guilt as she knew that there was no turning back. There was no medicine to cure this feeling of regret and no time travel machine to reverse her actions. What was done was done and she could only keep moving forward.

    All she could do now was retrieve all of the Royal Group's shares. She knew that the Royal Group might really become history should the Royal Group ever fall into the hands of Qin Ye, Sima Tu, and Li Shao Jie.

    She didn't want that to happen.

    "Miss Han, according to our agreement, you will get 20% of Royal Group's shares and 5% from each of the corporations behind us. Now that you suddenly want to claim all 60% of Royal Group's shares as your own, don't you think that your request is kind of unreasonable, Miss Han?"

    Qin Ye looked at Han Ying Ying before he finished laughing.

    Maintaining a cold expression, Han Ying Ying continued, "I don't want your shares. I'll use 300 million to purchase the remainder of the Royal Group's shares... Is that a deal?"

    Three of them fell silent for a moment before simultaneously replying, "Excellent. Miss Han is indeed a magnanimous person.

    "Then, it is a deal!"

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