Chapter 385 - Devil Beast Mountain

    Chapter 385 - Devil Beast Mountain

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Nova1237

    The night was silent. The breeze was cold.

    Most of the people had fallen into a deep slumber after a rough day. However, this was only the beginning of Qin Feng's great escape plan.

    He ran all the way down from the Coiling Snake Mountain to the Mountain Resort. After that, he drove a speedboat towards Devil Beast Mountain.

    The nights at Devil Beast Mountain were extremely eerie. The intermittent roaring and growling of the beasts wafted from the mountain into Qin Feng's ears even though he was still far away.

    "Little Pig, where is Black Turtle," asked Qin Feng. He felt it was impossible for him to locate Black Turtle in this vast river.

    "Wait a sec. Here it is. According to the system, Black Turtle is 500 kilometers away from master." answered Little Pig

    The corner of Qin Feng's mouth twitched vigorously. Five hundred kilometers?! It would be too late even if Black Turtle made haste and came to me now. Li Kuai Shou and his two companions were closing in on him fast and it was only a matter of time before they would catch up to him!

    "Seems like entering Devil Beast Mountain is the only option I have left!" Qin Feng clenched his teeth as he made his decision. He accelerated the speedboat, raising a few waves, and went to Devil Beast Mountain at full speed.

    Zhang Jing and his two companions were sitting in a speedboat about 200 meters behind Qin Feng. "Where the f*ck is he going?"

    "Who cares? I don't think he can run any longer. Frankly, I think it's better if he ran toward the Song River. When he runs out of fuel, I want to see if he is going to jump into the river or submit to us obediently without putting up a fight," said Li Kuai Shou as he licked his broadsword with a wicked grin.

    After 20 minutes of rushing, Qin Feng anchored the speedboat beside Devil Beast Mountain and ducked into it without a second thought.

    "What the hell?! What is this place? These are... roars of beasts?" Zhang Jin and his two companions arrived soon after. Like Qin Feng, they anchored the speedboat beside Devil Beast Mountain, but they did not rush into it.

    "Could this mountain be the legendary Devil Beast Mountain? I don't believe it is here!" Huang Bie Zi's eyes shone brightly as if he had discovered a new continent.

    "Devil Beast Mountain? The valley that surged with spiritual essence, flourished with valuable medicinal herbs, and is roamed by the beasts?!" exclaimed Li Kuai Shou with a mix of emotions.

    If this mountain really was the Devil Beast Mountain, that meant they were stepping into an otherworldly zone which was beset with extreme dangers and temptations.

    At their current strength, they might never come out again if they entered.

    "I'm pretty sure this is the Devil Beast Mountain. Are we going in? If not, then that fellow is getting away," Huang Bie Zi anxiously shouted to his companions.

    "We're going in. Even that little brat had the guts to go in. What do we have to be afraid of? As long as we keep to the perimeter, I guess there won't be much of a problem for the three of us." Li Kuai Shou was unsure of what would be waiting for them inside the Devil Beast Mountain. He yelled loudly to brace himself.

    After hesitating for a quick moment, the three of them went into Devil Beast Mountain. The temptation of the three Orange Grade Spiritual Equipments and Yellow Grade Skill Book was too huge.

    After the trio went into Devil Beast Mountain, another speedboat carefully pulled in toward the shore. A few men in black secretly surveyed the surroundings before calling their lord.

    "Prince Wen, Qin Feng has gone into Devil Beast Mountain!"


    Qin Feng had come to the Devil Beast Mountain during the daytime before. Even though the sun was hanging high in the sky, the sky within Devil Beast Mountain remained dark and melancholy, as if it was shrouded in a dome of darkness. Hence, one could imagine how creepy and eerie it was at nighttime.

    The whole forest was filled with a chilling, ghastly breeze and long shadows of tall trees under the light of the moon. This was the perfect scene for a horror movie!

    The weather in Devil Beast Mountain was at its worst: bitterly cold with a wintry wind. Qin Feng only had on a short-sleeved shirt, causing him to shiver in the cold.


    He accidentally snapped a tree branch and a slight crisp sounded out.

    Immediately, Qin Feng lowered his body and vigilantly surveyed the surroundings.

    "He is there!"

    Li Kuai Shou and his two companions had already caught up to Qin Feng and they were about 20 meters away from him.

    Qin Feng quickly spurred his legs and sprinted toward the inner part of the forest. He kept running even though his body was torn by the sharp tree branches as he brushed past them.

    "Shadow Kick!"

    Suddenly, a strong gale roared behind Qin Feng. A silhouette leaped into the air and spun around before landing his kick.


    Qin Feng pulled out his Spirit Snake Whip without a second thought. He looked around and realized that the place he stood was a good spot for battle so he stopped running and faced off with the trio.

    "Phantom Whip Technique!"

    The night sky was brimming with beams of orange radiance. The Spirit Snake Whip released a deluge of whipping shadows moving in a cascade-like motion and rained down on Huang Bie Zi.


    The gust formed by the shadow kick was overpowered by the devastating whip shadows. The long whip pierced through the dense kick shadows and wrapped around Huang Bie Zi's waist, throwing him into the sky.

    "Brat, watch my blade!"

    "Our battle still remains undecided. Let's resume our fight!"

    After Huang Bie Zi was sent flying, Li Kuai Shou and Zhang Jin went forward simultaneously, commencing a pincer attack on Qin Feng.

    The broadsword in Li Kuai Shou's hand released a dismal, chilly aura and shot out flurry of blades into the air. Zhang Jin had not yet released his full strength during their first fight. Qin Feng was shocked that Zhang Jin could produce layers of fist energy waves just by waving his giant fists in the air!


    Qin Feng jumped 3 meters in the air, attempting to avoid the attack. To his dismay, his attempt was futile. The collision between the fist energy waves and the flurry of blades was too strong. It created thunderous currents and slammed Qin Fen into a nearby tree.

    Without giving him a chance to take a breath, Li Kuai Shou hastily sent forth an additional attack.

    The broadsword waltzed in the air and dozens of blades shot out in all directions.

    Clank! Clank! Clank!

    Qin Feng quickly went around the tree to dodge the attack. The blades landed on the hardened tree bark and released a loud jarring sound.

    He ran all the way up to the top of the tree. Then, Qin Feng released his Spirit Snake Whip again, creating a spherical formation of innumerable whip shadows. They swirled around Li Kuai Shou like a cloud before slamming into him from every possible angle and severely injuring him.

    "Shadow kick!"

    Another strong gust of wind surged at Qin Feng from the front. This attack was initiated by Huang Bie Zi who had recovered from his injuries. He was fully restored so his attack was far stronger and heavier than before. Qin Feng hastily brandished his Spirit Snake Whip around to neutralize Huang Bie Zi's relentless attack. Meanwhile, as Qin Feng was busy parrying Huang Bie Zi's attack, a fearsome wind sound echoed from behind.

    "Divine Dragon Fist!"

    Dozens of fist energy waves whizzed at Qin Feng at sonic speed. He did not have enough time to dodge it!

    If these three people fought with Qin Feng one-on-one, they would definitely not be difficult opponents. However, things were not in Qin Feng's favor when the three of them joined forces. They cornered him and Qin Feng was in a terrible fix facing three of them simultaneously.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    The fist energy waves landed on Qin Feng's back over and over again, causing him to vomit

    mouthfuls of blood every time a fist fell.

    Zhang Jin was a Stage 7 External Strength master and his fist power could reach up to 400 kg. If it wasn't for Qin Feng's Flying Dragon Armor, his organs might have been crushed by Zhang Jin already.


    Qin Feng fell to the ground after receiving five punches in the air.

    Li Kuai Shou and his two companions hastily descended and went to Qin Feng's side. Li Kuai Shou then placed his cold, glittering broadsword at Qin Feng's neck.

    "Give us your Orange Grade Spiritual Equipments and your skill book... If you follow our instruction obediently, we might let you go."

    Qin Feng covered his chest with his hand and spat out another two mouthfuls of blood. His restless inner qi was soothed a bit.

    He glanced around at his surroundings, desperately looking for an escape route. Suddenly, his eyes glowed as he found a Red Spirit Elixir Plant behind him.

    The shape of Red Spirit Elixir Plant was similar to a morning glory, as large as an adult palm, and red in color. It was a valuable medicinal herb plentiful in spiritual essence. Last time, when Qin Feng encountered the Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar on Devil Beast Mountain, he was able to turn the tables and successfully subdue the Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar only because he consumed this Red Spirit Elixir Plant.

    "You only want my spiritual equipments and my skill book? If I give them to you, will you let me go?"

    Qin Feng was stalling for time.

    "Of course we will. We have no enmity against you; it's natural for us not to kill you." The trio nodded their head.

    Qin Feng was tickled pink by them. These martial artists were the most pretentious people he had ever met. They all deliberately faked an awe-inspiring righteousness when in fact they were the most despicable people in the world. Qin Feng did not believe they would let him go after he handed his spiritual equipments and skill book to them since snatching other's spiritual equipment was not a glorious affair to begin with and would tarnish their reputation if the news ever got out.

    Only the dead couldn't testify.

    "Very well, I trust you." The moment Qin Feng finished speaking, he threw an object from his hand.

    The orange colored Truesteel Sword flew into the air and shot far out, drawing a perfect arc.

    "The treasured Orange Grade sword! I want it!" Li Kuai Shou's eyes shone brightly as he ran after the Truesteel Sword.

    Swoosh! Swoosh!

    Seeing Li Kuai Shou had gone after the Truesteel Sword, Qin Feng quickly threw the Winter Iron Glove and Spirit Snake Whip in two different directions.

    Following Li Kuai Shou's action, Huang Bie Zi and Zhang Jin both ran toward the spiritual equipment that they coveted.

    After the trio had left, Qin Feng hastily pulled himself together and went to the Red Spirit Elixir Plant. He had consumed this flower before so he knew how to uproot it.

    The Red Spirit Elixir Flower bloomed every ten years and it usually grew within the dense forest. It absorbed spiritual energy from the sun and the moon and gathered it into essence, storing the essence in its petals and stems. However, this spiritual plant was extremely fragile. Once it left the soil, it would wilt away immediately. The spiritual essence stored in its petals and stems would change and instantly leave the body, evaporating into the air.

    With extra care, Qin Feng softened the soil surrounding the Red Spirit Elixir Flower and cupped it and the soil in his hands.

    The bright red Red Spirit Elixir Flower released an alluring fragrance. This spiritual plant contained one of the best ingredients to concoct pills of immortality or reviving herbs. However, Qin Feng hadn't broken through Stage 4 so he couldn't concoct the pills of immortality yet. Plus, he had sustained heavy internal injuries and he was in a dire state. Without hesitation, he gulped down the whole Red Spirit Elixir Flower.


    He swallowed the Red Spirit Elixir Flower and a wild and barbarous spiritual qi immediately bursted within his body.

    This spiritual qi was the spiritual essence that the Red Spirit Elixir Flower amassed from the sun, the moon, the heaven, and the earth. After the spiritual qi was freed from the Red Spirit Elixir Flower, it ran wildly throughout Qin Feng's body like a stampede of horses galloping in the wild grasslands.

    Qin Feng quickly sat down and crossed his legs, circulating and directing the spiritual qi of the sun, the moon, the heaven, and the earth into his core and slowly merged them with his own inner qi.

    This was a sophisticated and slow process. It required the person to relax both spiritually and physically to condense qi and absorb the vast and dense spiritual qi of the sun, the moon, the heaven, and the earth.

    Qin Feng's body was filled with an insurmountable spiritual qi, replenishing his inner qi and speedily regenerating his battered body. Qin Feng even felt as though he could break into Stage 4 inner qi once he completely absorbed all the spiritual qi in the Red Spirit Elixir Flower.

    Stage 4 inner qi was the last barrier for an inner strength cultivator and Qin Feng's power would experience a manifold increase once he successfully broke through it.

    "Hahaha! This treasured sword is really such a good sword. It's far stronger than my 'Bise Sword!" Suddenly, Li Kuai Shou's laugh wafted into his ear. He had returned after retrieving the Truesteel Sword.
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